Legal Shield Corporate Office Headquarters

Legal Shield Corporate Office Headquarters
Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.
One Pre-Paid Way
Ada, Oklahoma 74820 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-580-436-1234
Customer Service Number: 1-800-654-7757

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  1. I'm disappointed so far
    We signed up January 9 2016
    This is January 25 with no communication from legal shield. How are you supposed to sell this with no information or communication. You tell me

    1. Doug Hogsed:

      Sir: PLEASE call me ON 501-772-1313. I will be in Fire Chief's classes on Tues to Fri. this week ONLY FROM 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call me at night. That is my personal cell phone, & I will follow up with corporate, then get back to you.

      I'm so sorry you had this bad experience I WILL Follow up during my break when you call me. Then get back with you. No matter how late please call me.

      MY personal email is

      Randy B.

    2. Me and my husband are more than disappointed with Legal Shield. Been dealing with them for 4 years, 3 different attorneys that have done nothing for us. Spent over 7,000 and they literally have done nothing in 3 years time!! After the first attorney someone in Legal Shield referred us to another attorney that promised us the world and again, this one was worse, after 2 years did nothing, then he sent a letter after no correspondence with us at all, told us he left the firm and good luck!! We have nothing to show for it after all this time. But they did take our money!! It scary that we would pay a monthly fee for a service that when my husband needed legal representation recently did not even think of using Legal Shield because he doesn't trust any of them! This is suppose to help people to be able to afford good attorney's. As far as our experience, we have seen nothing but poor if not incompetent lawyers! I am ashamed to say I used Legal Shield!
      Sherry and Michael Schuessler
      Denver, CO

  2. My personal email is


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