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  1. i am very upset about what was said about people with autism most of them being criminals..that is sooo very wrong..i heard this on a broadcast from dec 16 sunday night...i am very insulted and so is my 15 year old autistic son,,you need to focus on what that monster was which was also split personality,sociopath and goth not the autism i want an on air apology for all autistic people in the world that were discriminated ,,i will no longer be watching your station because of this, and neither will my family and friends

  2. Bonnie Simpson,
    I am not happy about the change in scheduling that was done lately. I am not a fan of Megan Kelly and now she
    is on in the evening twice. The people that I care about and want to watch such as Sean Hannity and Greta have been moved to a later date just to accommodate Megan and Bill O'Riley. Out here on the Coast, Greta is on so late that I have to stay up past midnight to watch her show. At least give these people a time that we all can watch.
    I've been watching Fox for years and this is the first time that you really messed up!!
    Bonnie Simpson Valko

  3. Fox affiliates in Dothan and Troy Alabama SUCK!!! The station is constantly screwed up with either the sound cutting out or the picture messing up. I have Troy cable which also isn't that great but, when the stations picture and sound has been messing up for 3 days now it makes it quite obvious that there isn't anyone monitoring it at all. I lived in Florida for 40 years and never had such an issue as this. It happens constantly. The only time I have called the cable companies (previously Charter) and Troy is either for an outage twice and the rest of the time (too many to count) is to complain about TD's with the Fox station. And every time it was the Fox affiliates fault. It it becoming ridiculous. Something needs to be done. I'm paining for a service that I can't even watch. Not including football games the way fox puts the scores up on the screen they are cut off. The other stations don't seem to have this problem. Get your heads out of your butts and do something about it.

  4. I'm so upset with the Fox affiliate WDFX in Dothan Alabama. It is quite obvious that there is nobody qualified to fix the equipment at the station as it is constantly messing up. Either the picture is bad or the sound is bad or both at the same time. The last 5 days it has been a mess. When I contacted my cable provider they said they are getting a number of calls about it and have contacted Fox about the problem. This is stupid you can't watch anything on that station and it has been a mess for quite sometime. When I lived in Florida for 40 years we never had these issues. Montgomery station is also having the same issues. So either the equipment is outdated or the engineers don't have the necessary education and qualifications to fix the equipment which is always having issues. I really feel sorry for the advertisers. Also when Fox has football games you can never see all of the scores on the top of the screen. The other broadcasters don't seem to have this issue. Fox needs to get there head out of there butts and do something about this!!!!

  5. I am a frequent viewer of the Fox News on the internet and I would like to complain about the nauseating Nisson commercial that comes on with every video. Turn it off. Find something else for a commercial. I now go to other news sources just because of this ad. I like your conservative news channel except for this.

  6. My husband and I love your news station, but we are so sick and tired of this nauseating commercial with that woman "Alex" for My god, it plays a min of 2x in a row and frequently it is playing 4x in a row!!!! and for several months now. Because of this, I've started watching another news source called oneamerica, although I would rather watch your station. I feel like something very devious is going on, and I'm very turned off to your station at the moment.

  7. I have a couple of ideas for FOX news that could go a long way. The first is, making America with more integrity. The second, is stop talking about it, and always show the video of it. I know you do this already, I'm talking about all the time. Contact me for the first idea, and I will give you others I had.

    1. For some of those ideas, see

    2. As a Senior Citizen, Please request your Women commentators to talk a little slower. Some talk so fast, We have difficulty understanding their comments, I note the men usually speak at a slower pace !

      Roy Lange Bella Vista, AR

  8. Breaking News: As a loyal viewer of Fox News I would like your help. My daughter is a teacher at West Islip High School. There has been multiple bomb threats this past week and today she contacted me with the news another threat at school and Good Sams Hospital. A meeting was called this morning for all faculty before classes. Faculty was informed the threats were not from students but did not elaborate. Teachers were asked NOT to say anything to alarm community. What happened to "If you see some thing say something" As a parent this frustrates me to know our children could be in harms way. I would appreciate any investigating Fox News could do into this mater ASAP! Loyal viewer


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