Fifth Third Bank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Fifth Third Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Fifth Third Bancorp. - 5/3 Fifth Third Bank
38 Fountain Square Plaza
Cincinnati, Ohio 45263 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-513-5345300
Customer Service Number: 1-800-972-3030
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  1. engages in predatory repossession of vehicles if your late, with no notice of payments being late

  2. Number has changed to 800-972-3030

  3. I am flipping pissed off, I recieved a paycheck yesterday drawn on 5/3rd bank , so I went to 5/3rd to cash it only to be charged a fee to cash it, long and short of it is it cost me and not the account holder so I recieved less than I had comming (WTH)

  4. This Bank likes to peoples money and not process when the monies are due. Which in reality gives them extra monies to play with for a day and you figure if they do that with over 1,000 of pay checks they could make a lot of money in interest or stock monies.

    This a crook Bank if anyone has seen one.

  5. I see that this bank will not let you talk to any one in the Corp. Office which strikes me as being odd for I have been in business for over 50 some years and people have always been able to contact the Corp. Office and speak with a low level executive. This bank has built a wall around it Corp Officers to protect them, mikes me think they are criminals or something.

  6. They are criminals and something needs to be done about it. Charging you overdrafts when money is in bank then making excuses for charging. Thing Federal Banking Commission needs to hear
    the complaints. Sorry excuse for a bank.

  7. UST got a phone call ON SUNDAY MORNING AT 8:15 AM regarding my mortgagepayment that IS NOT OVERDUE TILL MONDAY. FUCK OFF

  8. I made a cash deposit at an ATM. which ate my $1000.00
    called the bank they issued a credit. Problem solved, yay 5/3 not as bad as I think..... NOT TRUE a month later I receive a letter saying claim DENIED. the ATM balanced thus we reversed the credit, and BTW you are now $980 over drawn
    FK OFF 5/3


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