Fifth Third Bank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Fifth Third Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Fifth Third Bancorp. - 5/3 Fifth Third Bank
38 Fountain Square Plaza
Cincinnati, Ohio 45263 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-513-5345300
Customer Service Number: 1-800-972-3030
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  1. engages in predatory repossession of vehicles if your late, with no notice of payments being late

  2. Number has changed to 800-972-3030

  3. I am flipping pissed off, I recieved a paycheck yesterday drawn on 5/3rd bank , so I went to 5/3rd to cash it only to be charged a fee to cash it, long and short of it is it cost me and not the account holder so I recieved less than I had comming (WTH)

  4. This Bank likes to peoples money and not process when the monies are due. Which in reality gives them extra monies to play with for a day and you figure if they do that with over 1,000 of pay checks they could make a lot of money in interest or stock monies.

    This a crook Bank if anyone has seen one.

  5. I see that this bank will not let you talk to any one in the Corp. Office which strikes me as being odd for I have been in business for over 50 some years and people have always been able to contact the Corp. Office and speak with a low level executive. This bank has built a wall around it Corp Officers to protect them, mikes me think they are criminals or something.

  6. They are criminals and something needs to be done about it. Charging you overdrafts when money is in bank then making excuses for charging. Thing Federal Banking Commission needs to hear
    the complaints. Sorry excuse for a bank.

  7. UST got a phone call ON SUNDAY MORNING AT 8:15 AM regarding my mortgagepayment that IS NOT OVERDUE TILL MONDAY. FUCK OFF

  8. I made a cash deposit at an ATM. which ate my $1000.00
    called the bank they issued a credit. Problem solved, yay 5/3 not as bad as I think..... NOT TRUE a month later I receive a letter saying claim DENIED. the ATM balanced thus we reversed the credit, and BTW you are now $980 over drawn
    FK OFF 5/3

  9. Don't worry, Fifth Third Bank is going to be in a lot of trouble here pretty soon.


  11. this happened to me as well I just spoke with a customer service supervisor name Tamera who stated she would refund half of my fees. what in the world is this!!!! I am following you and changing to PNC today! thanks for the tip

  12. I just received a letter from 5/3 telling me they had rolled over a CD and locked it in for another 60 months. They did this 3 days prior to my close date and AFTER I had temporarily moved the funds
    into another 5/3 checking account. Oh, yes, they gave me some double talk....apologized....but it is still stealing!!!! The letter was almost left unopened and was headed to my shredder as it appeared to be an advertisement. I want to be paid the "substantial interest penalty" they threatened!!!!!

  13. Started HSA account transfer to my credit union on December 12th. CU faxed application next day, according to 5/3 mandate that it had to be faxed. Still no transfer. Called yesterday and rep said they did not get it until 1/7/15 and it would be 6-8 weeks to process from that date. Really?

  14. I had a account with fifth third bank and was expecting a large sum of money.
    Your agent: Mr. Chris Williams
    investigated the transaction and found it was a fraudulent deal. He saved me from a large law suit and I'm grateful for his work.

    Thanks again, Clifford
    Case No. C1501466686

  15. Opened accounts with enough money to not be charged fees. the bank is still charging me. They try to stop this charge but alas it happened again this month.

  16. Complaint FTB 15-01-0029 1232
    Note to Corporate Headquarter and the Bank Protection Department of 5/3 Bank
    This a follow up to the complaint started on 1/28/2015 which thus far has proven to be even more of a disaster than the lack of services that initiated the complaint in the first place. Let us start from the beginning shall we?

    1. Let do a class action on 5/3


  17. 1. Account first opened up as a trust within a retail branch in March of 2014 for banking purposes.
    2. Client request services far beyond what the retail banking department has to offer.
    3. The Financial Center Manager (James Moretti) on site referred the client to a David Mistic.
    4. Client also notices that the bank charges a monthly service fee of $11.00 on retail accounts that do not exceed a minimum monthly balance.
    5. Client never receives proper referral to any individual within the institution to assist with setting up any business, commercial, or private accounts despite the fact that the instruments utilized to open up the initial account provide the evidence of a land Trust so enormous that there is no conventional means of determining it’s value.
    6. After much diligent research and being subjected to various internal banking spin tactics the complaint was finally launched on 1/28/2015.
    7. The Client would receive a call from a person named Brandy in the Office of the President the next day on 1/29/2015 marking the first time someone returned a call from the bank after getting no calls back from the Financial Center Manager (that being either James or his replacement and current FCM-Andrew Barker) and a Joey Latrell within the Private banking Department.
    8. It would not be until two weeks 2/13/2015 later that the client again would hear from Brandy who requested that Joey nor Andrew be contacted and that the client should only contact her to keep confusion to a minimum.
    9. The client made request for expedited services to be rendered due to matters of emergency that needed to be tended to by the Trust and that accommodations be arranged for business, private, commercial accounts that would be able to receive negotiable instruments on deposit drawing down from the massive trust presented by the client.
    10. Brandy not attempting to understand the client only had one conference call with three unidentified individuals within the commercial banking department and Andrew Barker to show for a whole week that was wasted which the client would find out on 2/20/2015 after hearing about the “criteria” necessary for a borrower on a letter of credit.


  18. 11. Brandy would attempt to redirect the clients focus to the letter of credit criteria almost as if she was reading from a script before apologetically being forced to admit that she was in error by not even being receptive of the original request made with regards to the various banking services available.
    12. Making a second trip to the bank branch located downtown to drop off copies of instruments requested by Brandy for review to Andrew Barker the client took the time out to give Mr. Barker a brief overview of how to look the Trust up online as well as providing more information from the sealed Trust instrument on 2/23/2015.
    13. Due to the fact that so much time has been wasted the client noted that he would be counting the seconds not the minutes, hours, or days.
    14. The client would not receive any feedback whatsoever after dropping off the instruments until making contact with Ms. Lee Ferris, Vice President and Brandy’s direct superior in rank within the bank.
    15. Ms. Ferris position was that after the bank received the instruments that their immediate reaction was to refer all correspondence to the Bank Protection Department and that the likelihood of the bank rejecting the instruments and refusing any further business with the client is all but assured due to the “conservative” nature of the bank and the lack of comprehension of the bank pertaining to the nature of the Trust in question.
    16. This client wants to be clear that William Isaac, Kevin Hart, and any of the owners or other shakers and movers be prepared to deal with these matters in a court of competent jurisdiction personally and that is just one of the lawful remedies that will be employed by this client if the correspondence received on 3/2/2015 is not agreeable to the services that have been requested by said client.
    17. The lack of common courtesy, discrimination, and outright incompetence will not be tolerated and if it persists will be swiftly answered within all lawful or legal means or remedies available to this client.

    Sincerely and Diligently Yours,
    The Sheik

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  22. I am executor of a family member's estate. I closed the Fifth Third account; but was notified a few weeks later than I had an overdraft charge. The service rep. told me that the closed account was "automatically re-opened" to allow for the debit. And I am now charged with an overdraft fee.

  23. I received two separate letters regarding my delinquent auto loan. My attempts to contact them were FUTILE! Two different phone numbers; neither one worked. I looked up Corporate's number and spoke with a Chjuante (???) - (Claims it's pronounced Chante')
    After describing the reason for the call, she claims that she will transfer me to a "Loan Specialist"
    That was 12 minutes ago! I keep getting the obligatory "We apologize for the delay; please continue to hold for the next available agent"
    Now, after an additional 5 minutes, I'm going to hang up and try them back....don't go anywhere; I'll let you know how it all turns out.

    - csm06/30/2015

  24. So I call back and speak with a "Cam"... she explains that they are just in "Customer Service" and are not trained to handle loan inquiries... suggests that I give it a little while to call back, as the current "Wait Time" is 16 minutes; "AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!" (lol)
    Oh and BTW - the "Corporate Phone Number" listed at the top of this page is "NOT IN SERVICE" !!!
    Ugh! I hate banks...
    But come back tomorrow for an update on "As The Stomach Turns"

    - csm06/30/2015

  25. Like "magic", today those phone numbers that were useless yesterday are working today.
    I am on hold with a "Scott" right now (he's had me on hold for like 6 minutes)
    After explaining my situation, he tells me that the information on my warning letter is incorrect, and that I actually owe a lot more than what the letter tells me will bring me out of default.
    Still holding.... is this going to be another waste of my time?
    I am doing as they have asked and I am trying to communicate with them, but I don't think that I'm getting anywhere.
    Wow! He actually came back and told me that, although I will still be in default, he will make a note in my file that I am going to follow the instructions on the letter I received, and pay only what they are asking for.
    I am a little surprised that he wasn't difficult with me and actually seemed to understand my situation.
    I don't believe that our little communication will stop any of the phone calls I am continuously receiving at home, but at least I made the effort!
    Next time I attempt to obtain a car loan, I will not be be looking to Fifth / Third.

    - csm07/01/2015

  26. got screwed by fifth third bank....fees taken out of my debit card for non use.......bullshit for sure.....I ll never do business with fifth third again......could only get people from india to answer.......

  27. like the other guy said...........fuck off......

  28. 5th3rd really messed up our credit by telling us to short sale our old home after our new mortgage gets approved and it will fall under the federal forgiveness act?? 3 years later, we are trying to get an equity loan on the $100k equity we have, and they are telling me that because of the short sale, we don't qualify for any equity loan. Now I am sitting with a short sale on my credit history that dropped my score tremendously, and they offer no assistance on an equity loan. Worst company I have ever dealt with.

  29. Cashier's checks may not have expiration date but beware they are sent to the state by 5/3 illegally after a period of time that no one can tell you what that time is. SMH Sadddddddd!.

  30. 5/3 bank sells financial instruments that their employees are not trained to sell. They sell cashier's checks and give out incorrect information regarding expiration dates of the instrument.They also send funds to the state without verifying that they are indeed abandoned.Either this bank don't know or don't care about the rules. They violate laws and disrespect their customers!

  31. This has got to be one of the worst banks for customer service I have ever seen. From the drive in window to refinancing a mortgage it becomes obvious that this bank could care less about their customers.

  32. isn't there any governmental agency that can be involved into this beast of a bank and put it in it's place once and for all.

  33. This bank resemble some criminal. Their processing service charged and continue to charge me fee in which the contract state "Fee was waved".I spend over 5 hour on the phone with customer service, supervisor that acted as if they seen the issue but can't help because it was a different department. And when they final gave my money back(two week process)3 weeks later the same issue (mess) happen again. I will never use them as my primary bank or bank period. Once I get out of this contract. I'm leave them for good

  34. I am trying to complete a mortgage and has been 3 mo with constant delays, in underwriting for a week, no return of dailey calls


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