Delta Faucets Corporate Office Headquarters

Delta Faucets Corporate Office Headquarters
Masco Corporation
21001 Van Born Road
Taylor, MI 48180 United States
Corporate Phone Number: 1-313-274-7400
Fax: 1-313-7924177
Customer Service Number: 1-800-345-3358
Email: Online Only

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  1. Offer retirement package for employees with 10 years and over 60.

  2. I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with Delta's Customer Service personnel. After 45 years in Industrial procurement it is difficult for me to understand how a supplier can reflect the incompetence that I have experienced in attempting to resolve a simple faucet problem. Rest assured that is a sad day when customer service is non-existent and Management apparently believes it is at it's best. I would caution any potential retail customer to consider avoiding Delta Products based on the level of customer service they provide.

    1. Totally agree. Delta is the worst company to deal with plus I have been on hold over 30 minutes.

  3. Have been calling the Delta Faucet company for several days. The company posted on the product that they are protecting product for life. My Delta 1600 model took a crap and now I am being given run around, managers don't want to honor the "life warranty" statement plus they are saying that it never happened.

    What kind of company are you if you cant keep your word and honor the promise that you made such as "life warranty". As a consumer I am holding you accountable for your promise and I would like to have your company to send me new updated Shower Faucet. You can't just say "Life Warranty" and think people will let you to forget or let it slide.

    That is the bad and horrible way to run the business. I am very sad that such respectful company treats their consumers this way.


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