Dell Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Dell Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
One Dell Way
Round Rock, Texas 78682 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-289-3355
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-624-9896

Dell's Headquarters and Corporate offices are located in Texas near Austin. Dell is famous for selling computers direct to the consumer. Dell's products include PC desktops,laptops, servers, computer printers and tablet computers. Dell Computers is one of the premier tech companies in the world.

Their toll-free 800 customer service number is 1-877-492-8604 for Consumers. For business customers the number is 1-877-220-3355. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system, chat and help forums on their website.

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  1. The phone numbers get you the same automated response line as every other number, even the one listed on the BBB. Don’t bother.

  2. Trying to settle gift card issue promised. Dell is so hard to work with. Too many people. Usually have to talk to 5 or 6 people and still don't get answers. Person who sold me TV promised gift card. Rec'd notice of previous gift card that has already been used. Ready to pack up tv and computer system purchased recently. Feel I'm getting the run around.

  3. Promises, promises! Promised $189 gift card with TV purchase. Sales person still says it will happen but gift card dept. says no gift card attached. One super said it will arrive in my email by last Friday. Yesterday super said "I promise it will be in your email in 24 hours." NOT! I talked to returns who credited me $60 for inconvenience and said there is a gift card attached. Go figure. I will not only return TV but also computer and printer. I'm so done with Dell. Yesterday I was forwarded many times. On one transfer I talked to another customer who was, also, calling because he didn't receive his promised gift card. I've been on the phone hours today. Finally a super said he doesn't want me to call any other dept. I said sorry but I control who I call and when. How can they all have access to the same info but don't know what's going on. I tried BBB # too. Same recording. Maybe because the home office is in Lebanon. That's what the person in India told me today. Really!

  4. Dell needs to return phone calls and answer emails. Very unprofessional Customer Service. My company will stop our partnership with Dell in 2015.

  5. bunch of dumbass idiot India's

  6. Singapore agent - Unprofessional way of handling warranty issue, 3 different staffs confirmed that my warranty was 2+3 years but system did not update and promised by all 3 will update system but after 1 month still remains unchanged. When called again, another staff claimed the above three staffs have misunderstanding with my warranty issue it should be only 1 year?! So is either they are idiot or they are treating me like idiot. Conclusion - don't buy anymore dell products and informed all friends, relatives and anybody we know not to buy dell products.

  7. Hi! this is Shashi Bind Tripathi from India, a victim of the pathetic service rendered by DELL.
    With a heavy heart i have to write a long story with an unending pain and mental torture .I had purchased a Dell Inspirion 3148 model laptop on the 8th jan 2015 only after a few days the system started giving troubles .In the last week of january i called the technical support team on the toll free number and after performing some troubleshooting exercises they detected that the hard disc was faulty and needed to be replaced.Since i am into sales and a frequent traveller the dispatch of hard disc from Dell would be possible only in 4 to 5 days i informed them that i shall be stationed in Lucknow from the 15th of march for a period of 15 days .Hence the problem was not sorted at that time. On the 17 th of March I visited the service centre at Lucknow and handed over my system for the rectification of the problem.I was informed that the system would be ready in 3 days of time. But on the 6th day I was informed that the system was ready and I could take it back.Just within 15 minutes I received a call again from the service centre saying that the Hard Disc was replaced but the MOTHER BOARD was faulty and needs to be replaced.Over that the spare Mother Board was not available and it would take further 3 days to rectify the same.On the 24th when I called the service centre I was told that the Mother Board was not available any where since this is a new model and the mother board needs to be shipped from any other country .They were not able to specify any time frame for the same. Helpless I called the tech support team on the 24th and after a long 1 hour 57 minutes of rigrous con call with the service centre and the lady sitting at the tech support they derived a conclusion that my system again had a faulty HARD DISC to and it needed to be replaced once again as well with the Mother Board and the system would be ready by 27th and that I shall receive a call for the same. On the 27th nobody called and after I called the tech support team I was informed that still nothing has been done and it might get further delayed.No one from the entire crew of the dell team was able to give a specified date.I was left on my own.Calling up the tech support team again in the evening I was told that I would receive a call on 30th to tell the dates.But till the evening of 30th nobody called and when I called up I was treated unhumanlly saying that I should wait for the call from the ESCALATION TEAM which seemed to be placed above GOD since they cant be reached and they only can call at their liberty.Now 15 days have passed and the situation still remains the same.THE GOLDEN PARTS i.e.TWICE THE HARD DISC NEEDED A REPLACEMENT AND ONCE THE MOTHER BOARD IN LESS THAN 3 MONTHS OF SALES.I now demand A COMPLETE UNIT REPLACEMENT sinceI have gone through a lot of mental trauma because March being a very crucial month I was getting bombardments from my superiors for not able to put up my details.Cutting short this is the worst company I had ever seen in my entire carrier.You people have given me immense mental trouble.There is lot to be said but seeing to the UNETHICAL,UNPROFESSIONAL and UNHUMAN ATTITUDE of your company I am forced to take this to a court of law since your warranty terms specify the days for closing any complains and you people have crossed the same 4 times of the period specified and still nowhere to rectify the same.My service tag no. is 9DSYB12..My email id is

  8. Because Dell has changed our Corporate Rep again and the new one is not in the office I have spent 2 hours trying to get a simple quote for spare parts. You have got to fix this. You call one number 800-848-6147 and it goes into some area that a customer doesn't need to be in. Then you call another number and it tells you your rep now handles spare parts and to call them...but mine isn't in the office?????? So then it says to call 800-999-3355 which puts you right back to where you started from. It's awful how can you expect not to get bad reviews? Just Sayin someone at Dell is not doing their job!!!

  9. I bought a Dell Laptop, after 9 months it stop working. I sent it back and the LED screen was replaced I was told originally that the hard drive had gone out and it was sent back to me (4/20/15). I have been on the phone with Dell Technical Support and they finally configured the windows 8 they put on it. I lost my Microsoft Office and cannot re-install, I cannot re-install my printer so I asked for a refund as this laptop still has a problem and I don't feel that having to buy new Microsoft Office or new printer is something that I should have to do if the laptop is now no longer compatible with whatever Dell did to the laptop to fix it. Customer service says as I bought this from Walmart not directly from them I can't get a refund and they also told me it was out of warranty (as I bought this in June 2014 my calculations for 1 year would take me to June 2015, however Technical support say September 2015, so now we know honesty is not a policy Dell live by). Dell was once a reputable company and their products reliable, unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case now!!

  10. Do not spend the money to buy an Alienware computer because they are junk. I paid nearly 5K for the piece of crap I got and the graphics cards failing so bad that it sizzles and smokes sending toxic smoke into the room. I also had this happen when the computer was turned off and only stopped when I got power cord and battery (which can't be removed in a hurry). I wonder would it have started a house fire if I was not in the room? Save your money and headaches buy a different brand.

  11. Dell the Absolute Worst Customer Service ever. Their products are pure JUNK and will never be purchased by my Company again. We will now go to MAC as their customer service is excellent. Dell does not care one bit about their customers or their issues or wasting 4 to 8 hours on phone calls to get no where.

  12. Alienware promised me a new laptop a month ago. Placed an order for me to have cancelled it yesterday !!!!!! DO NOT EVER buy from this company. It will be the most horrible experience you ever have. I bought this laptop now 7 months ago and it has never worked. They have not made good on any of their promises. It is the worst decision I have ever made. What a waste of $ 2,500 and I can not get ANY resolution. Alienware and DELL SUCK !!!!! Beware !!!! This company is a fraud !
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  13. purchased dell inspirion in November 2014, had minor problems, like mousepad,then even with MacAfee preinstalled , believed I got virus , pc just going nuts at times ,in july a banner scrolled across monitor screen saying my business was being hacked,then a person sitting at his pc flashed on my screen, the hacker proving to me he was real, so I lived with it, till 2 weeks ago and my premium ext.warrenty was going to run out so I called tech support, 1st tech in india worked on it for 4 hours then disconnected his remote control on my pc,hung up tried to open up apps and no apps would work,so called back 2nd tech redid everything 1st one did ,another 4 hours on the phone ,also from india,and if any of you are aware of how tech support scammers from india operate,well just search youtube for it, anyway , this tech would refute anything or any of my beliefs that I had about concerning my pc,then he found out my warrenty support was ending and persistently told me to give him my charge card number to purchase ext.warrenty, and only go through him and nobody else, I knew then ,this was a problem,didnt matter if he was working at dell,or not, he was going to scam me,told me to talk to team leader , team leader came on phone, asked if service was satisfactory,i just said yes, to end the call, then he put me back on the phone with tech,asking me for my number again ,and that his team leader would call me on Monday,?? I just got off the phone with him,just want to pressure me to give out card number,once again asking me how did I pay for pc through dell, I told him I would be interested in ext.warrenty if I could be billed on it, he said I had to use credit card or debit card ,pre paid card wouldn't work,thought ,why would I give my card number to tech support person, whos insisting I give them and only them my number, they really consider us stupid, I knew something was going to happen,gut feeling, so I said I would call financial services with dell to see if they could bill me, and the tech said his team manager would call me again on Monday I said fine ,got off phone and started rechecking pc, went to check on my windows updates and they were all gone, it said they have never been installed and I had over 200 on it,what did they do, now I have no updates no security updates ,completely vunerable now. tired of this now,so I closed everything put pc to sleep ,closed lid,next day sat down at pc,getting ready to open it up and I heard it come on,opening up to password unlock screen,they are in my pc right now, couldn't believe it, I waited a min, and opened the lid and they shut the pc off. next day I woke to the sound of pc starting up again,i opened up lid again and they shut it off again, then I received phone call from them ,said his name was timmy ,from india,really,said he'll call back , so in short be carefull, I can not trust them any more, i'm very sorry dell, but im forced to buy new pc now ,please stop letting this happen to us,i will try to contact corporate on this,.posted this on 11/19/15 please ,any suggestion's that could help wold be appreciated. thanks,

  14. ordered x box on sale thur doorbuster special 299.99 on line price came up 469.99 and they will not give me the sale price. all they do is give you the run around and tell me it is now friday and that special is over. they list doorbuster specials then don't give you the price when ordered on time, no one was in yesterday to talk to called three time today and they put you on hold for over an hour . They must not want there customers to stay with them moving on

    1. They screwed all of us on Black Friday. Many of us ordered products that were at first delayed, then order cancelled without any notice. Told we could buy product at reg. price. This "cancellation" was due to a code saying our order was illegal-meaning the product ordered was not available. Please file a complaint on BBB & with the Federal Trade Commission. If enough of us act on being screwed like this, maybe these agencies will act on our behalf. As long as we allow the big corporations to do us like this, it will continue.

  15. Dell sucks! Several years ago I use to purchase computers from Dell. I thought Dell was the company! My teenage children at the time use to tell me not to purchase from them because the sell you a refurbished computer and you think you're getting new. I would not listen. Well November 30, 2015, I purchased a computer from Dell, for my 9 year old grandson, on my VCS credit card. I received an order number and price quote. I was so excited because I had been promising my grandson I was going to get him a computer. On December 1, 2015, while out having dinner, I received a call from my VCS credit card customer service stating they had to credit my credit card back because Dell called and said they did not have the computer in stock. I will not order from Dell again and I will spread the negatism about their company.

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  16. I'm trying to get refund on my os because they sent me the wrong one. It has turned into unbelievable results with no results. I told the guy I had windows 8 and he told me no I have windows 7 argued with him about it but would not send windows 8 so he sends me 7. I GUESS I'M the dumb ass because that's all I've been working with. I'll never do business with this company again. No USA phone #'s to contact all India and I don't care to talk with them. Dell don't care.

  17. Dell should name a special edition LapTop and call it A Dell computer by ADELE the Singer



    We have an alienware 15 computer-we financed it. After calling in to see about a repair (MY SON SPILLED TEA ON IT)-I was told the warranty ran out in February of this year. Why wasn't I notified so I could extend it? I financed so basicly we are paying for something that doesn't work. Called in today and was on the phone today getting switched from operator to operator-by the way I could barely understand any of the operators because they were foreign. One told me it would be $269--another told me it would be $430. I can't pay that. I should have some kind of warranty for as long as it is financed. I am not happy. Over the years we have bought several DELL computers and other items. We will NOT support DELL anymore if I can't get a satisfactory resolution to my problem...NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!

  20. I am located in the Uk and thinking of replacing my Desktop. I sent a few questions via email on the Dell website, on which it states that I would get a reply in a day. To date I have not received a reply. After 2/3 days I opened a chat on the Dell Website chatline to enquire why I had not received a reply and was told by Ravi Bellamkonda that it would take 5-7 days to get a reply. He gave me a phone number to ring (0844-444-4712). I asked him where he and the phone number were located to which he replied 'Uk based , this is Uk sales divison, and given customer care number is also UK number'. I phoned the number only to find that this was not the case, both he and the number were to an Indian call center. Apart from these issues, I found your website confusing and was cut off twice when trying to phone. This is not the customer support I would have expected from a company of your size. Needless to say, I will not be purchasing my replacement desktop from Dell.


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