Ashley Stewart Corporate Office Headquarters

Ashley Stewart Corporate Office Headquarters
Ashley Stewart Ltd.
4 Margaret St.
London, W1W 8RF UK
Corporate Phone Number: +44-20-7580-9103
Fax Number: +44-20-7580-9104
Customer Service Number: +44-20-7580-9103

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  1. I went into the Ashley Stewart store on Broad and Glewwood Ave this weekend to return items and purchase new items. The manager of that store is African American. She is the rudest manager I have encounter in quite a while. She had the nastiest attitude and said a few smart comments to me. I left there and went to another store close to my house. I will never again EVER go to that store and that manager needs to be fired, you could tell she didn't want to be at work, but no need to take it out on the rest of us who come to Ashley Stewart looking for quality customer service.

  2. I'm very upset!!! I placed a order the day after Thanksgiving November 28,2014. I still have not received my package. What I'm I going to do for Christmas Gifts? I will NEVER order from Ashley Stewart again...

  3. order shoes from Ashley stewart. both shoes were different sizes had to return them at my own expense and they wouldn't credit my account for return shippin wont order from them again.

  4. I went to the Ashley stewart in Milwaukee wis 4051 n 56 street that was a bad this was a African American manager she was very rude I don't complain much put this is most of the time people is not please to go in the store I had reported this same manager be for I guess you don't listen to your customer. Put I close my account and will never shop there any more aim a actives in my city . I will get thing going if you all don't address this problem with this manager buy the way I am African American some action have to be done

  5. I am never shopping at Ashley Stewart at 7th ave 119 st. As I approached the cash register with three items in my hand to buy. She registrar took a phone call and left me there for 15 mins. I placed the items back and walked out of the store...UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! how rude. They don't train these girls in how to assist the public embarrassing,


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