Apria Healthcare Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Apria Healthcare Corporate Office Headquarters
Apria Healthcare Group Inc.
26220 Enterprise Ct.
Lake Forest, California 92630
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-639-2000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-277-4288

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  1. To whom this may concern or give a sh_t. My husband broke his back in July 2010. He had 5 fusions and 2 rods in his back. Fast forward to January 2011 he was told he needed oxygen and was told Apria would deliver it. Well he waited and waited finally he drove to to local business and picked it up himself! Then he needed a sleep study and was told needed a C-pap machine once again was told Apria would contact him and set up a time. Once again no call he did try to call and never got a call back!!!! So once again he went and picked up his equipment carried to his vehicle and carried it all in our house. He was on a weight restriction and your company failed to do the job! We applied for patient financial services and received the letter Notification Letter (PFSN) We were approved 100% waiver of the financial obligations

    1. I to have had many problems with Aprias services and am now switching to a competitor.

    2. Who is he competitor?

    3. This is an absolutely horrible company. The concept of "customer service" is non-existent. This is an example of what people must experience in a third world or communist country. This is so un-American it's frightening. Since complaints are being made all over the country, the company culture starting from the top must be to not give a damn about the customer. If you can, get your medical supplies elsewhere. This company should not be in business.

  2. I have been an Apria oxygen patient/customer since Dec. 2003. During this time I have rented portable oxygen concentrators for travel several times. On June 29, 2013 I phoned Apria in Louisville, CO (720-922-4600)and made travel arrangements for a portable concentrator beginning July 22 through August 7. I would pick up & return the equipment to the local office as it is only a few miles from my residence. I spoke with Customer Service, not once but 3 times, over the next weeks concerning my travel & requesting a specific concentrator if available. Imagine my surprise when I arrived at the local Apria office to pick up the equipment on July 22 & was told they had no order for this equipment as I had failed to download & have my doctor fill out a certain required form. As I said, I have rented equipment for travel from Apria several times over the years & have never been required to have this form. I was informed by the local office that their policy had changed the first part of 2013 & this was now a requirement. Not once in all the times I spoke with their customer service was I informed about this new requirement nor was I told there was missing paperwork. The local Apria office had no portable concentrators on hand so I was forced to rent one from another business. This forced rental cost me $700 (I have the receipt). The business I rented the equipment from informed that since Apria's policy change their oxygen concentrator rental had tripled as more & more Apria patients were having the same issue I had. As this was less than 24 hrs before my flight to see my grandchildren, whom I hadn't seen in almost one full year, this caused a great deal of anxiety & stress as I scrambled to find, obtain a new prescription for & pick up the equipment necessary for my travel. The manager of the Louisville, CO office showed no consideration nor sympathy for my plight & I was more or less told "that's tough, too bad". Due to the astronomical expense I was forced to incur and the poor, uncaring treatment I received,I am now considering going with another oxygen provider for my needs. As a totally & permanently disabled person in poor health I have enough stress and your company just increased it greatly.

  3. We have also had nothing but problems with Apria - my husband uses a C-Pap due to sleep apnea - we have received letters and phone calls from 4 different branches - two in Illinois, one in Ohio and one in Kansas due to some billing issues that they created. It is ridiculous that a company this big doesn't have a network set up with their computers. Every time we talked with someone regarding the problems we were having we were told that it would be solved but then comes another phone call or letter as if we hadn't talked with anyone regarding the billing problems. Apria got the contract with medicare and unfortunately we had no choice but to do business with this company. The customer service is appalling and they treat the customers in such a condescending way because they think they have you because of the contract. They wanted us to sign a waiver stating that we would pay for the machine and when I said I wouldn't sign the papers - they said fine we will come and get the machine. We have found that there are two other companies that medicare will cover and we are giving our business to one of them - we did tell Apria that but they said it was our choice and it didn't seem to matter if they lost our business.

  4. Apria is by far the absolute WORST company in the world. My five-year-old son is terminally ill and requires a significant amount of medical supplies to live. My son has a gastrointestinal tube so we have suffered through using Cr(Apria) for the past four years. It's been a nightmare. Every month, without fail, our order is wrong. Something is always missing and it takes days or weeks to get what he needs. When I call customer service, the people are barely trained and no one can ever help me the first time. I always have to be transferred to a customer service specialist. Checks take 30 days to post to our account and in the mean time we were sent to collections! The straw that broke the camel's back was when I had to go through every single explanation of benefits form with a customer service specialist only to discover that Apria charged us for over $400 that our insurance had already paid them!!!! I am sure this how they are still in business. No one can read their itemized forms and they probably overcharge all their customers. They prey on the weakest of society and it is absolutely depraving. I had to fax in the proper paperwork to prove that they had already been paid. I absolutely hate this company and have now transferred all my son's medical supplies to companies with MUCH better customer service, so thankfully I will never have to use them again. I wish I could say the same for the rest of America. If you have them, run as fast as you can to find another company. It will save you valuable time and even more valuable cash.

  5. The Newark Delaware Office is the worst! The Office Manager (Jennifer) has a bad attitude, not friendly nor helpful. Before your purchase anything from this office, check their references.

    1. Can it be any worse than the Menlo Park, CA office???? Hold time to speak to anyone is a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes.......messages left are not answered....and "customer service"?// No one there knows the definition of 'service'. I wish I had read the reviews before I got my CPAP machine.

  6. BEWARE of Apria Healthcare. They are ripping people off left and right. I have a CPAP machine and they have billed my insurance company 5 times the cost of the actual machine. I have been given misinformation as to the length of the contract and have been recently told that WHEN YOU CHANGE INSURANCE COMPANIES, THEY START A NEW CONTRACT FOR THE RENTAL OF THE MACHINE.. so they get paid over and over again for the same machine.

    When you try to talk to people, they do not have a clue as to what they are speaking about and when you TRY to talk to someone in authority, they just transfer you until you get SO FED up, you just hang up.

    Good luck!

  7. I DO NOT recomend Apria. They are challenging to work with and thier call centers lack customer service skills. They DO NOT gather their facts before speaking and do not deliver on time.

  8. Apria is the worst company to do business with. They will let you go with out oxygen no problem. They don't make money on it now so they are leaving every one hang.

  9. My doctor, a fine pulmonologist, prescribed an O2 concentrator after 2 nights in a hospital sleep study.The rate of "desat" was shown to be 54%. The minimum rate is 88%. Apria has demanded additional information despite the hospital report having been sent to them 3 times by the doctor. Now they want an ABN because they either haven't provided the appropriate infomation to Medicare or haven't arranged to get it. Is this usual for Apria or just the Palm Beach Florida office?

  10. Lord, have the same experience with the Naperville, Illinois office. In all my years of using physician services, doctor offices, etc, Apria has been the most incompetent, most inept company I have ever had to work with. I called my ins company and begged them to switch me to a competitor.

  11. I have a C-PAP machine and they left out the tubing (key ingredient) when I re-ordered my supplies. I called the NJ office and they stated they would send the tubing. 11 days later still no tubing so I called them. Its still being "processed" they told me. Has not even been mailed yet!! I asked to speak to a supervisor and the "customer service (JOKE)' rep became extremely rude and refused to forward my call. She could not tell me when it was coming or give me an estimate on arrival. Nothing. They messed up my order and can't even take some very simple steps to correct the problem! The worst part is that THIS IS EQUIPMENT THAT KEEPS US HEALTHY. WE ARE NOT ORDERING CHIA PETS FROM WALMART-WE NEED THESE SUPPLIES!!! GET IT RIGHT!!! Incompetent -Horrible-Rude-Service.

  12. I have a trach and I got the same problems with the CINCINNATI office.thier customer service sucks so bad it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.Trying to get supplies is so hard they tell you what you want to hear and it never comes.Stephanie Gilmore is no help

  13. Apria is the worse company, we were stuck with them. They never answer the phone & when they do, they can't give an answer to your question. My husband died 4/22/14 and I am still waiting for them to pick up his equipment, they have a new excuse daily. today a get a robo call saying they will pick up the equipment Friday & if I am not home, I will be billed for additional charges, they did not say which Friday. I am dealing with a death, grief, funeral arrangements and have to deal with incompetent, stupid, rude, dumb people. I plan to file a complaint with medicare, someone needs to investigate this company.

  14. There is one common theme here -- Do NOT use Apria. We all need to write to our insurance companies and let them know what horrible service they provide. They obviously do not care because they are getting their money from our insurance companies. We to waited at home from 8:00AM this morning until 8:00PM this evening waiting for Apria to do a pick-up. We were told throughout the day they would be at our home. At 7:30PM I called the after hours number only to find out we were not even on the schedule. I asked how it could change from "they will be here" to "you are not on the schedule" -- "I do not know" was their response. This is the third time this has happened!!!

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  16. I was suppose to receive a wheelchair in Oct 2013 after I left re-hab, cause I could not walk. I NEVER recv'd the wheelchair till 2 weeks later. When it arrived it was the WRONG size and the driver argued with me, I had my physical therapist here & even he said it was the wrong size. Then it took another week to get the right wheelchair. It is sad when I couldn't even walk to get around my own home. Then they called me & said they were going to pick up the wheelchair in Feb 2014, I put the wheelchair outside my front door, like I was told. The driver pulled up got the wheelchair and loaded it in the truck. I saw the driver & my son was down the street he also saw the driver load the wheelchair in the truck. He tried to stop the driver as he pulled away but the driver kept driving away. NOW I am being billed for a wheelchair that I DO NOT have and they harass me on the phone & NOW they put me in Collections for something I DON'T HAVE..... I can NEVER get someone on the phone always on hold and then get dis-connected..I NEVER see such a company that can treat people that way....

  17. I have called and called billing department I asked them what was an adjustment charge on my bill the said I do not know then charge was 69 dollars hen they transferred me to another department and I called numerous times no answerer after45 minutes numerous times from Portland or



  19. Got a c-pap machine in Febuary after waiting for 2 weeks for them to obtain pre- auth from my insurance company. Come to find out weeks later they never obtained pre-auth, and decided to go ahead and bill my credit card without even contacting me first. After weeks of phone calls I finally got my money reimbursed after speaking to a branch manager who was very apologetic and helpful. You would think that this would be resolved, but no. After they got a temporary approval through appeals with the intent for them to get pre-auth prior to the approval end date, they once again did not. Again got a bill this time, they didn't charge my credit card, but I finally gave up and am trying to return the machine which is a whole other song and dance and still have yet to get them to come and get it. I am absolutely amazed that this is such a large company and they have people who have no clue what they are doing. When I initially called to ask why they charged my credit card the first time when it was their fault they didn't get pre-auth, I shouldn't have to tell them how to do their job or do it for them, the insurance company was calling them numerous times trying to get medical records which they weren't sending out,I was told that we are not refunding your money, if the insurance doesn't pay, we got pre-auth yet they couldn't give me an auth number and I had my insurance company on the other line that clearly said no they didn't. I even filed a formal complaint with my insurance company......I WOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER deal with this company again and have told anyone who would ever listen to do the same!!!

  20. THIS COMPANY SUCKS!! They do NOT care about their clients!!!!!

  21. In Dec 2014 my wife going through a sleep study had been prescribed a cpac machine by Dr Miranda and she was referred to your Company office here in Jackson 12/13 2014. Everything was explain to her by Mr Handel in the Jackson office. My wife completed the 21 consecutive use requirement and had her appointment follow up by her Doctor, on a letter dated 03/13/2014 we received letter from your company saying that documentation was lacking and that the in-person PAP re-evalution was needed. My wife then faxed this information to your office 949-5972959 as requested. It was a signed and dated by the doctor. We believe that someone in your employ screwed up the paper work or mishandled it in some way. At any rate the billing was denied and your billing charged my wife credit card for the equipment. My wife called several times and at length talked with them about this billing problem. Each of them told us that it was ok and that the paper work that they have clears the way for an adjustment back to our credit card for the charges. The next month another $99.20 was charged again and she called again at length the fix this ! My wife has noted that she talked to Chelsey on June 23rd and Mallorie on July 18th she was told that everything is there at Apria and is rebilling Medcare. She also told her that she was sending it to the claims department so we won't be billed again.
    I don't know how this has happened and who is to blame but was for a commitment to the customer I don't see any! It looks to me that your set up to over bill and misuse the system to make money at the expense of seniors. They are at the point of their lives that they can handle this kind of disservice the least. Same on your Company and its leadership.

  22. This company is the worst in the health care business, I started with them in 2000 they were ok back then I got my oxygen and repairs done but then after about 4 years things changed and was hard to get deliveries of oxygen and tubes in 2006 my machine broke down and I called and left messages and no replies never heard from them until this year 2014 in june when they sent me a letter saying I needed to be reevaluated and when I talked to them they looked it up and agreed it had been 7 years but promised things were better now and I wouldn't have any problems well guess what THEY LIED again They told me when they would be out date and time and they would never show until a day they weren't suppose to be there and I was at an appointment so finally I got a machine but 2 days later they called and said they had to pick up the machine and give me a new one plus bottles of portable oxygen because my insurance wouldn't take 2 invoices so they show up and the new invoice says pick up machine and leave bottles well I told them take it all back as they messed up this invoice well then last night when I was asleep they showed up and told me I have your equipment but you need to pay 30 dollars copay and I have never had a copay and told them no to take it back and have someone of importance call me from their office that delivered Well I called the number I was given and talked to a man back east and explained the problem he helped for a bit but today when I talked to him it was more of a the driver said this and you said that and they don't match up but the problem they have is my wife is always with me when I talk to people so I have someone that can tell them what exactly happened So now I guess I am without oxygen and they don't give a damn just as long as they get money to hell with if they live or die. Also was told that by my insurance guidelines they had to get it to me by the 30th of sept well the driver said that's not true its because if they get me my machines by the last day of the month they can rip off the insurance company by charging them for the whole month STAY AWAY from this COMPANY I also know people that work for them and they have told me their selves that the company is the worst and drivers take things and try and sell them on the side

  23. I'm sure glad it's not just me having problems with this so called company. On July 9, 2014 I was transferred from one company to this place..As of this date.10/23/2014. My insurance told me this was an approved, highly recommended supply company.. Well I've called a total of 15 times..( had to wait at 30 minutes each time) to see when they where going to bring my portable oxygen machine, so I can go places in public, and be able to breath.. I have only one lung due to lung cancer. and COPD.. My Dr. is beside himself trying to help me with this. I even turned them over to the BBB..but they never responded back to them. My husband took me to their Lake Charles, Louisiana office to talk to someone, well, guess what.. they didn't know anything at all.. couldn't even pull me up on her computer..Talk about some dumbasses.. geez.. So I'm still stuck at home with just my big concentrator..I would not recommend this so called company to anyone..

  24. Did someone deliberately set out to destroy Apria Health Care or was it accidental? The past 6 months have been a nightmare to get things done by phone with this company. I want some fat cat manager making mega bucks to call in and order equipment and oxygen---let's see how they like being put on hold for 20 minutes for each segment of a call because NO longer can you call in and talk to one person to get things----NO you have to wait 20 minutes just to get a "voice" then another 20 minutes or longer to get a delivery rescheduled and then another 20 minutes waiting to get CPAP supplies. This is ridiculous, the manager/managers of this phone fiasco need to be fired, they have no idea how to run a phone operation. Also to add salt to the wound you hear a recording "if this is an emergency hold on otherwise due to large volume of calla please try again later" Good luck with--trying again gets the same results. Honestly, check Apria on all sites, they are dragging the bottom of customer complaints.

  25. RUN as fast as you can... WORST customer service ever! In the past three days have spent over 2 1/2 hours on hold! To make hold worse, every 30 seconds they you are informed your call will be answered "in a moment".

    Waiting on a delivery of a hospital bed for my father. No window of time given - "might have an emergent oxygen delivery" and therefore can't give any kind of idea.

    I am not asking for the world here... just more than sometime today. I have been waiting since 8am this morning. It is now 6:46pm and still no bed, no call, no nothing. I spent 75 plus minutes waiting on hold just to informed the bed would still be delivered "today". I said "when, midnight???"

    RUN RUN RUN... Don't use this company if you can possibly avoid it!!

  26. Truly I recommend you RUN to another Company... they sent my account to a collection agency twice now and no one seems to know what one hand to the other is doing. I called and after being told I owed a certain amount and I made arrangements for payments and was thinking everything was set, now I receive another statement from a collection agency so I call the billing dept and after quit sometime was told that the payment plan I made with them in September was "NOT in their payment Plan".
    I replied: I guess I have to speak with Corporate Office again... then was told they'd connect me with someone who may be able to help. I even asked that they remove this out of the Collectors hands and she said they couldn't do that.
    After about 20 minutes on hold I got disconnected... What is a Payment Plan ... with them they don't stand behind their own agreements. I told the rep that and they are in breach of their own agreement with me for payments that I've already made.
    After about 20 minutes on hold I got disconnected...
    I should never have been billed in the first place... Medicare told me APRIA needed to re-submit and they refused to do that.
    I am now with another company and will never go back to Apria. And still trying to get this off my credit and figure out what my next step is so what I owe can be taken care of.
    This is No Way To Run A Business... Call the Corporate Office maybe with any luck someone there can Help.

  27. This was my experience with a Cleveland, OH branch:

    I, also, am changing companies. Stay away from these crooks! Over a year ago, I was told that my c-pap machine was paid in full. I then get statements saying that I still owe 5 more payments. The "itemized" statement I received was a joke, impossible to read and they threatened to turn me over to collections if I didn't pay it. Corporate extortion at its finest.

    Six months ago, I requested replacement supplies, including a mask since my old one was leaking. After 2 weeks I still had not received the supplies. When I called, they first had no record of the order, then changed their lie to say that I needed to get insurance authorization first. I called the insurance company and was told that no authorization was needed. It then took them another week to fill the order.

    This week I called to get assistance as my hose was allowing water to come back from the humidifier and into the tube and mask. I told the brainless wonder on the phone not to have the therapist call me during the work day. Guess what? She called exactly in the middle of the work day. She expected me to find something to insulate the hose from condensation, so I should modify the equipment rather than expect them to provide supplies that address the issue. I told her that I was not happy with the way I've been treated. Her response was that I should probably find another company. I told her that I guess that this is their way of dealing with unhappy patients...just tell them to go elsewhere. When I tried to call their "Customer Dis-service" line, they told me that there was no one I could speak to and that I should write a letter to the branch. What is this, the 1940's? Who has to write longhand letters these days? On top of that, the letter would be thrown away once received!!

    I found the corporate office number online. Guess what again? The number was connected to their fax machine! I called my insurance provider and was given several other in-network choices for equipment. I'm going back to a company I initially used years ago before my then-insurance company didn't have them as in-network providers.

    Run away from Apria. They don't care, they see their patients as cash cows and appear to be totally incompetent.

  28. worst company ever,they are totally incompetent.I have tried to get a c-pap machine since 08/20/14
    It is 12/0514 still no machine.don't do business with this place,calling my insurance co,to find a new place to do business.My husband ordered supplies for his c-pap machine he got a hose,mask,chin strap
    worthless and filters fro charged insurance 700.00 no joke.run from this company as fast as you can


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