Yogurtland Corporate Office Headquarters

Yogurtland Corporate Office Headquarters
17801 Cartwright Road
Irvine, California 92614 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-265-8000
Fax Number: 1-949-265-8000
Customer Service Number: 1-949-265-8000

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  1. I was so excited when I heard that Yogurtland was opening in Salinas. I was going to the San Jose Yogurtland when I was in the area. The young people that work in the Salinas store are friendly, helpful and kind. Recently when I was in the Salinas Yogurtland (buying 5 large Yogurts), I commented to the person checking me out, "Today must have been busy because your tip can is so full. Good for you". The response was we don't get the tips. I asked where does the tip money go? "If the cash register is short the tip money is used to makeup for the shortage." I asked, "where does the rest go?" Response was "I don't know". WOW! It sounds like the owner is cheating the young people out of their tips. I am a big tippers and never dreamed the owner would be getting them. I went to MYO yesterday and asked the young man "who gets the tips?" He said they are divided between the employees who are working. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN! Something is not quite right.

  2. I hope so. I'd be pissed if some greedy owner who makes his own fair share of money is ripping off his employees over nickles & dimes just to supplement his fat belly. It would be more of an outrage to say the least!

  3. Recently, we learned that Yogurtland Corporate Office (Irvine, CA) is near our office so we stopped by to try out new flavors and to learn more about the franchise opportunity. To our astonishment, my coworker and I were impolitely greeted at the lobby steps by a man (named Michael – I found out his name from the receptionist). He asked if he could help us so I excitedly told him that we were here to try out the new flavor(s), and he quickly stated that ‘This is not a store and I’ve seen you here many times’. To date, I’ve only been there twice, and on each occasion, I was able to try 2 different flavors: Peanut Butter and Macadamia Chocolate, which I prefer more than the former. I would strongly recommend the latter flavor to friends and family.

    During our previously visits, we asked the staff receptionist if there were any restrictions on coming in to try out different flavors. She informed us that Yogurtland welcomes tasters and that there is no limit. With my recent encounter with Michael at the Corporate Office, I want to submit a complaint that he was very rude and condescending towards us. His attitude towards visitors and/or potential customers was very uncalled for and left a very negative impression of Yogurtland. He needs to adjust his attitude towards people visiting Yogurtland and learn about building relationships and providing customer service.

    There’s a Yogurtland close by where I live – it’s located in Huntington Beach (Brookhurst & Adam Sts). The owner and staff working at the Huntington Beach location are so nice and friendly. The store is superbly clean. I cannot say the same about the representation that I got from the Corporate Office.

    Thank you.

  4. I am so furious with yogurtland right now the took off my taro root and let me tell you that's all me and my team came for it was my favorite it made my day but you know what I hate this place so much now.

  5. I just had an extremely rude encounter with the manager at the Solana Beach Yogurtland. I wanted to log the points from buying two big yoghurts into my Rewards card. Had been told I could still log in points (but not claim rewards) even though I had not had time yet to register the card. I handed the card to the cashier, 2 days on the job, and was told I could not log in points becuase card was not registered. I said that was not what I had been told, or I would have taken the time to register before I came in. I then decided this program was more troulbe than it was worth, bent the card, and discarded it. She called the manager to explain the program, who, instead of clarifying that I could still rack up points, but not claim rewards, (same as my understanding) berated me, accused me of throwing the card at the employee (not true) and lectured me abou not being an adult. She first offered to put tyhe points from my purchase on the card, then instead handed it back and said, "I don't feel like giving you any points!" I believe Yogurtland has a good product, but is expanding so fast, they are hiring the wrong people. The employee did the right thing by calling the manager when she did not know the answer, but the manager picked a fight instead of resolving the situation. Not my kind of store. To top it off, before writing this, I tried calling the corporate office to complain, but the main number to this business was repeatedly busy! What a way to run a company.

  6. I took my grand kids to yogurtland Carson ca it was so nasty the floor needed mopping the whole little place needed a lot of attenion. After I purchase yogurt I was charge twice for the last cup. I went back inside the cashier Ramon was very rude he told he charge me twice because behind me customers look like we were together. Why? Because we were the same race. He got the Manager Jody had a attitude too late was refund but no apology, no happy customers. Training is needed!!!! This the worst yogurtland !!!! Outside table were not clean cups, tops on floors. Stay away!!!!!!

  7. I want to say that I went into Yogurtland on Division and state. I walk in and immediately the young ladies Shaquanna and Madelin greeted me with offer a free sample taste. They offered rewards card to me. The store look clean and girls were awesome..We need to see more of this in evening hours ..


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