Ymca Corporate Office Headquarters

Ymca Corporate Office Headquarters
National Council of Young Men's Christian Associations of the United States of America
101 N. Wacker Dr.
Chicago, IL 60606 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-312-977-0031
Fax Number: 1-312-977-9063
Customer Service Number: 1-800-872-9622

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  1. I am very disapointed with how the Chicago Metro Ymca at 801 N Dearborn has basically ignored the complaints and misconduct of one of there employees that has been on going for over a year and a half. Its a shame how others cover up for this employee in the HR department there even with all the evidence that there is against this employee.

    1. I agree I am going through the same thing at the YMCA that I work at.

    2. This sounds familiar at the YMCA Los Alamos, New Mexico except the "problem employee" is the daughter of the HR Representative and the Vice President covers it up. Hmmmm, what is wrong with an institution that allows an 18-year old to run the organization? Dysfunctional and Unethical.

    3. I am just terminated for stating up and asking corp. to come in. We have claims of sexual harassment, Legal documents being destroyed, threats by management, personal proterty damage, and serial bullying... Anyone know a good attorney???
      When does it stop.
      I have never seen such corruption.

  2. I am also having a the same problem at the YMCA of Greater Long Beach in that at there is bullying and mobbing occuring at the Fairfield and Los Altos YMCA. The Director does nothing to stop the problems as a matter of fact she is one of the main problems. The Director seems to protect certain individuals who does the bullying to other employees going as far as to even fire one employee. Many employees have left and quit citing that even though they love working for the Y they can no longer deal with the mistreatment. No one wants to say anything because they feel as if thier jobs are on the line. We all continue to suffer in misery and its just not fair. This matter has gone to human resources time and time again with them assisting with the covering up of the bullying and mobbing of employees. Mobbing in the workplace can be difined emotional mistreatment, abuse, committed directly or indirectly by a group of co-workers directed at anybody. People who have been affected by mobbing are suffering immensely. Mobbing is as a serious workplace issue most often leading to voluntary or nonvoluntary resignation or dismissal. Although mobbing and bullying behaviors overlap, mobbing denotes a "ganging up" by the leader--organization, superior, co-worker, or subordinate--who rallies others into systematic and frequent "mob-like" behavior. In contrast to bullying, mobbing is clearly a group behavior. Bullying, on the other hand, denotes a one-on-one harassment. In a mobbing, management is often tacitly involved in which our Director seems to go along with and is the ring leader.

    I hope that someone reads this post and investigate the seriousness of this issue. Mobbing--the emotional abuse--is a form of violence. In fact, in the book Violence at Work, published by the International Labor Office (ILO) in 1998, mobbing and bullying are mentioned in the same list as homicide, rape, or robbery. Even though bullying and mobbing behaviors may seem "harmless," in contrast to rape or other manifestations of physical violence, the effects on the victim--especially if the mobbing is happening over an extended period of time--have been so devastating for individuals that some have contemplated suicide. And, we cannot exclude that some cases of the "going postal syndrome" may not also have been a consequence of what those individuals perceived as emotional abuse on the job.

    In 1991 C. Brady Wilson, a clinical psychologist who specializes in workplace trauma, wrote in the Personnel Journal (now Workforce Magazine) that real or perceived abuse of employees amounted to a loss of billions of dollars: "Workplace trauma, as psychologists refer to the condition caused by employee abuse, is emerging as a more crippling and devastating problem for employees and employers alike than all the other work-related stresses put together." The actual costs in terms of lost productivity, health care and legal costs, not to speak of the psycho-social implications, are yet to be measured.

    I pray that something is done soon because the employees at the Greater Long Beach YMCA Fairfield and Los Altos are tired and can no longer take much more. We don't know what else to do.

    1. Please contact me because this is happening to me. Email: snavon4@yahoo.com

  3. I hope someone actually takes the time to read this comment. I am a member of the YMCA in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Athenaeum location. I brought my girlfriend, Amanda Peterson, into the gym to have her become a member. She has had a rough year and I hope her enthusiasm for life will improve when she feels better about her self image. Her father died this year, her mother is struggling, her sister has gone through a divorce with 3 kids and Amanda is working as a waitress at Shoefly restaurant. To help Amanda save money and help her mother pay her bills, Amanda moved home. Now it is Amanda, her mother, her step brother, her sister and her sisters 3 kids. They are all struggling. Her sister was injured while working a shoe company distribution center and her disability has been suspended. Amanda's mom got a job at the school working on the serving line for $12 an hour. Anyway, I hope you get the point that these women are struggling.

    I convinced Amanda to join. Last year she made under $20,000. She only agreed to join because the Y called and said they would suspend her $75 sign-up fee today (cyber Monday). I was told that a person on the lowest level of income will pay only $35 a month. I did not go into the area when Amanda was signed up but afterwards I found her in her car crying. She was told that they would look at her household income and that they needed her mom's proof income. Amanda is 30 years old. I find this rule of household income confusing and subjective. Amanda is paying rent. She is helping her mother pay the bills. They are a very strong Christian household. Her mother also works in the church kitchen. I don't understand why what her mother makes (very little) plus social security should affect Amanda? She was told she would have to pay $51 a month. She's devastated and will cancel her contract.

    I feel the YMCA needs to reevaluate how they judge people's income. Nowadays, young people graduate from college, they have 10s of thousands of dollars in student loans, car payments and can't find a decent job. They end up moving in with their parents. Their parents are not giving them money. In many cases they do pay a stipend for rent. Maybe my thinking is old school but I always thought the YMCA was in the christian business of helping people in need or is that just your advertising campaign because I can tell you that the way you treated Amanda today was not kindly in the eyes of the lord. It was pure corporate greed. I see poster up in the gym with scripture and yet you turn away don't have an open heart to let that sliding scale be adjusted case by case?

    I work with many younger adults and they often tell me they cannot afford the YMCA. Tonight I did research and the Y is the most expensive gym in downtown Indy. LA Fitness is only $29 a month, Better Bodies $39, NIFS $47.... I know you are going to say you offer classes for free but what about those who don't do classes? Why not have a separate billing for those who want that? At the very least you should look at cases with Amanda, a girl who has been hit hard by life and not penalize them for moving back home with their parents. Especially, if they are back home helping her widowed mother. How about those who have roommates that share bills and utilities? Do you ask for their tax returns? No! What about couples who are not married but live together? The whole situation is disheartening.

    Will Howe

  4. Employees of YMCA please contact me because I am having the same problem and I want to do something.
    Email; snavon4@yahoo.com

  5. There is strength in numbers and the bullying of employees at the YMCA has to stop. I did not realize that this was happening in so many YMCA's.

  6. This is a complaint involving the YMCA in Ipswich Massachusetts. This YMCA does not allow members of our YMCA's to use their facility without having to pay. They are forcing people to pay a "visitor fee" when people should not have to. This is shaking people down for money and a violation of YMCA contract requirements for ALL YMCA's.

    When a new employee of the YMCA in Ipswich YMCA told me and a family member we had to pay and we said we did not because we were members of another YMCA, the new employee would not allow us to use the YMCA in Ipswich MA. This is discriminatory as I am legally handicapped.

    When I asked to speak with the supervisor or manager on duty, the new employee said NO MANAGERS or SUPERVISORS work weekends. It was a Saturday morning and there were plenty of people using the YMCA including young children in the deep water pool. The only people watching out for safety in the pool were a few teenage lifeguards. This is a serious violation of safety standards.

    When I asked to speak with the manager or supervisor on duty, the front desk new employee said "managers don't work weekends". She said they are not present. Another YMCA parent and young child heard the receptionist say this clearly several times. I told the receptionist you cannot have a YMCA
    public pool, open to the public and being used by the public, without an aquatic director or assistant aquatic director on site. The receptionist said the manager was available by cell phone and I requested to speak with them. The receptionist tried calling the manager three times with no answer. What if there were an emergency in the pool and there is NO MANAGER ON SITE AT THE YMCA OF IPSWICH MA???

    It sounds like the management of the YMCA in Ipswich MA don't want to work on summer weekends even when their facility is open. When the manager finally called back, they seemed more worried that I was planning to call their corporate office than worrying a group of teenagers and a newly hired receptionist were in charge.

    The YMCA of Ipswich is part of a smaller group of YMCA's in Northeastern Massachusetts. I have heard there are problems at the other YMCA's in this group. Something is happening that is deceptive with charging people money when they shouldn't have to pay and management staff being paid to work and not being on site when they should be.

    when the public is using it.

    If you are a member of another YMCA, you are This YMCA had NO SUPERVISOR OR MANAGER ON DUTY ON A SATURDAY MORNING WHEN THE PUBLIC POOL WAS OPEN. The new employee at the front desk said "management is not in the building on weekends" but can be reached by cell phone if needed. The new employee tried to reach the manager on duty three times by cell and the manager never answered.



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