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Whirlpool Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Whirlpool Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Whirlpool Corporation
2000 North M63
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022-2692 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-269-923-5000
Fax Number: 1-269-923-3525
Customer Service Number: 1-866-698-2538
Email: n/a


  1. see my 2 youtube videos by typing arthur paquin. the videos are on the farm tractor profile. I want a brand new washing machine or my 558.00 back. the wtw4950xw1 that you sold me is junk. from here on out I will publish on uou tube your producy for the world to see. When you come with my new washing machine or my 558.00 refund check dont forget to add 2000.00 to the 558.00. This machine has become a part of my life now and me and her plan to take the whirlpool on with the truth about your product. Course, for 2558.00 I guess I could let you have my evidence back. No washing machine, no youtube video. Having fun in knoxville-see ya

    1. I have the same problem, did anyone answer you?

  2. I bought a duet washer and dryer. I love my dryer. However, the washer works good but I can't use due to it makes my clothes smell like mold and or mildew. I've had to throw items away. It got to t he point I was washing the machine almost as much as washing clothes. I used to put frebreeze on all my laundry. Therefore causing another expense I should not have to incurred. due to your product not doing what it was made to do. I do feel I am entitled to a refund or a new washer. (One that won't make my laundry smell).

    I have other whirlpool appliances and never had a problem.


  3. Dear Jeff Fettig CEO Whirlpool Corp,
    My name is Melanie Breech I purchased a Whirlpool Washer from Lowes in Millsboro Delaware 2 years ago. From the get go there was problems with this machine, Instead of replacing this Lemon people in your company decided it would be better to replace the drum cost of this repair was over $900.00 dollars now the pump has decided not to work. Your companies customer service is TERRIBLE, I have been waiting on hold for over 1 hour now. It is hard to believe that Whirlpool is still in business considering your customer service department sucks as well as this front load washer that I purchased, not to mention the money that is wasted on repairs that should in fact be replacements. I am very disappointed with Whirlpool and doubt I will ever buy another of their proudcts .

  4. Jeff Fettig CEO Whirpool Corp,
    My name is Henry Lopes and I purchased a Kitchen Aid French door refrigerator this year for $1699 (less than 6 months ago). Awhile I was away from the house electrical board failed thus the refrigerator was down for 2-3 weeks. When I contacted the dealer he had an appliance repairman come over and he determined the electrical board had failed. The problem was that the meat and fish and the rest of the food spoiled we got this smell in the water, the ice maker and al over the fridge which is so bad we can not use the refrigerator. I contacted the dealer again and explained the issue and he gave me the number to call Whirlpool Technical Department. After spending countless time with various people in the Tech Center and having one of their assigned technicians (repairman) come over to look at the problem we were told that if the technical repairman determined we had a legitimate complaint that they would replace the fridge. He came back twice called Whirlpool from our house and explained the problem only to be told by Whirlpool that they would not replace the fridge. I contacted again after that episode and was told to take the fridge out and air it out for a few days????? are you kidding me we live on a high rise building on the 14th floor....They stood firm and would not replace it. Worst customer service ever encountoured....DO NOT BUY ANY WHIRLPOOL PRODUCT AS THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS.....They did pay to replace the board but the damage had already been done due to the downtime with rotten food in the freezer compartment. They should actual be responsible for my food loss....I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANY WHIRLPOOL PRODUCT AGAIN and since I live in high riser and have access to mass emailing to all the owners I emailed all 112 owners stating my issues with Whirlpool...I will post it on Facebook and tell all my friends....BUY LG, SAMSUNG not WHIRLPOOL...any of their makes which now include Maytag and Kitchen Aid...

  5. To MR Jeff Fettig CEO of Whirpool Hi My name is Lida Farhad From CA I am very ubset abut this dryer and washer I got I had Whirpool for almost 15 years 2 month ago I but new set we r poor and I but dos on my credit card the Washer's starts shaving from the top in small pieces in my closing and dryer burnd my 2 comforters which I keip ted I did not get any insurance. and I but that from sears from bay area was closing down like 2and half month ego so I need some budy help me and tell me what to do I am relly sorry but this set is bad from now what I am going to do in future? please respond me my email add is and my cell 209-485-1220 tank you very much 09/30/2014


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