Sun Sentinel Corporate Office Headquarters

Sun Sentinel Corporate Office Headquarters
500 E. Broward Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33394 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-954-356-4000
Customer Service Number: 1-877-732-3786

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  1. Hello,
    On Sunday I went with my family to the Florida Home Show, Sun Sentinel had a booth set up in the back. The man running the booth was nasty, rude and abusive. When we came up on the booth he said "do you get the Sun Sentinel?" my sister said yes he then said "you can get out of here then" My other sister was looking at the materials set out at the booth while this was going on and picked up a Sun Sentinel little bandage sample, he grabbed it out of her hand and said it was for new customers only. Another man came up and he asked if he got the paper he said no, but was not sure if he wanted it he told him to get the F out of here. I was appalled, I notified the manger of the trade show whi was going to talk to him and told me to contact corporate. He was behaving this way in front of children and people passing the booth. You would think Sun Sentinel would want their name out here in a possitive manner, not like this. I told him I was going to complain about his attitide and he just laughed at me.

  2. i had signed up for a 13 week subscription to the Sun Sentinel last April. By June, I decided I was though with this newspaper & did not renew delivery of the newspaper. Months later, I got a call from them saying I owed them
    37 Cents {20 cents for transportation & 1 Cent for Sales Tax. I gave them my credit card number and it was charged to my credit card account on Nov. 6, 2013, months later. About a month ago I was harassed getting voice recordings saying my credit card was declined & I still owed them 37 Cents. After numerous phone calls, the charge was taken care of. Just after the 37 Cents was cleared, I began getting Voice recording phone HOUNDING me for the 37 Cents; sometimes 4 times per day. To this day I am still getting those phone voice recordings early in the morning, sometimes at 8:30AM. I tried contacting them to stop with these phone calls. The voice recording comes from a different department within Sun Sentinel. I wish they'd get their act together & stop harassing me. I feel like filing a complain with the State Consumers Affairs - maybe then Sun Sentinel will get off my back. How many times must I call them & tell him, I don't want their stinking newspaper?


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