PetSmart Corporate Office Headquarters

PetSmart Corporate Office Headquarters
PetSmart, Inc.
19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027 United States
Corporate Phone Number: 1-623-580-6100
Fax: 1-623-395-6517
Customer Service Number: 1-888-839-9638
Email: Online Only

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  1. Currently PetsMart Sponsors Peace For Paws Ohio and information you should know below:

    Unfortunately, I am in the process of learning that Rescue Organizations are not regulated. Due to the recent incidents in my current situation I have been in contact with the ASPCA and they suggested speaking out to my local representatives. I have now made it my personal mission to speak with my representatives about regulating rescue organizations to insure best practices just as the ASPCA suggested. The only way to help these animals is to insure that these organizations are regulated. Do you have any information to offer in regards to possible legislation on Regulating Rescue Organizations?

    I copied and pasted the story I sent to the ASPCA below just so you know what I am going through. I am about to lose a very important part of my family all due to politics and power which is in no way shape or form in the best interest of the animal. I am outraged that these rescue organizations can act in such a manner and I am ready to change our legislation!

    The Story Sent to ASPCA Below:
    I want to know who holds dog rescues accountable? I am a volunteer foster through Peace For Paws Ohio and began fostering a dog in July 2012 with severe separation anxiety to the point this dog was an extreme crate escaper. This dog was continuously harming himself and on one occasion the rescue group denied emergency medical treatment. After getting no assistance with them with regards to helping the dog I completed an adoption application on October 6th 2012. I personally enrolled the dog in training at my local petsmart and personally consulted with a veterinarian regarding the dogs anxiety. On October 14th i received in writing an email stating I was approved to adopt the dog they just had to verify he had been microchipped prior to finalizing the adoption. I then provided the microchip number that was attached to his collar. On October 20th i sent an email to them asking to be removed from all future foster correspondence based on the fact their organization was unethical at best and I had no desire to ever foster again . Unless it was about my adoption they were to cease contact. I received a response October 20th from them they looked forward to finalizing the adoption. Of course still waiting to determine microchip status as they had no records of this dog being microchipped. November 3rd they arrived at my home with the local police to try and remove the dog from my home. Per my attorney's advice we have not answered the door. Does the whistle blower act apply with rescue groups? These rescue groups are a joke and its about politics and power, not the animals. I have cared for this dog for over 4 months now and provided 100% of his care physically and financially including food, toys, crates, training etc. I have provided a stable home in which he is thriving. This dog is now a part of my family but they want to make this a personal vendetta now and they are not taking the dogs well being into consideration.
    Where is the accountability for these animal rescue groups? My dog went without emergency medical care which is unethical at best. I chose to not be a part of such an unethical organization. Now the dog suffers?
    Any help or advice is welcome. How can I keep my Emmit forever? How can they be so cruel?
    Helen Rose

  2. Janelle worland.

    I went today to petsmart in greenwood indiana to get my dog groomed. We have
    Been going to petsmart for almost two years for food and other supplies for our dog and cat.
    I told them she gets allergy meds and anxiety and she gets benedryl daily. They immediately refused to groom her
    Bc I try to sidate my dog. Arw you kidding me this is recommended by our vet and I was treated as if I was a person who medicates my dog to try and hurt her. I have never been so livid and rudly treated by the grooming center. I drove 30 min to have my dog groomed and no one told me before we showed that you don't take dogs if they are on medication. I then talk to the manager and was treated the same way, and told since my dog gets meds this is not the place for her to get groomed. I told him I will never go back for anything I would never do anything to hurt my dog and I don't appreciate being treated like I would. They have groomed dogs that have to take medications bc I knew people who went there and have the same issues petsmart just didn't know. I will def tell everyone I know to not go to a petsmart bc of how rudely you get treated. I'm extemely offended and I am going to a news station to make sure your business get some light shined on how you treat your customers. And how rude the staff is a the greenwood in location.

    1. I feel your pain because I recently had a bad experience, issue with a store located in Buffalo NY. And if you left your ph # with the corporate office to contact you... I wouldn't hold our breath because they haven't contacted me as yet about my situation I had at their dog salon and to top it off the store manager was just as rude too.


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