Petco Corporate Office Headquarters

Petco's Headquarters and Corporate offices are located in the San Diego, California. The address and phone numbers are below:

Petco Corporate Office Headquarters
Petco Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, California 92121 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-858-453-7845
Fax Number: 1-858-784-3489
Customer Service Number: 1-888-824-7257
Email: Online Only

Petco is famous for their animal supply stores. Petco's products include pet food, pet beds, leashes, cages, aquariums, and cleaning supplies. Petco is one of the premier pet store and supply stores in the USA.

Petco's toll-free customer service number is 1-800-922-0204. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.


  1. Petco stores are very clean and I feel that they are well managed.

    1. Today I went to the public restroom in Petco, Hendersonville, TN. It was among the filthiest I have ever seen. The toilet, floor, sink, even the walls were nasty. Under the sink which was visible there was at least 6-7" of cobwebs.
      Soap dispenser didn't work. Cleaning tools rusty and nasty. Didn't tell Gen. Mgr., no need; this didn't happen in a day, week, or even month. If this is what we can see, what is there that we can't see?

  2. Store in Parsippany, NJ is very bad about returns. Salespeople tell you returns ok with receipt for original credit or ok for store credit without after 30 days. When I actually tried to return with receipt, they do not want to take back. They always find something wrong or past 30 days. Also, that it was bought at another Petco. Store in East Hanover is great about returns, but far from me

  3. went to new store opening in Corpus Christi Texas at 4101 US Hwy 77 Suite K1. The store is ready almost and I have been trying to contact somebody in construction or real estate side of Petco. I would like to see if our Compnay can provide quote for Communications and Sound Systems. The GC has not responded and we have done work for your comopany. Can someone call me

    1. Call corporate office in San Diego. 858 453-7845.

  4. I have been trying to order a Boneheads raincoat/medium, for my friend's dog. Mine already has one and I love it! The delivery dates and prices have changed almost weekly, but the raincoat remains "out of stock." I have emailed and received just a generic response. "We will have the problem researched." I have called the only phone number available (Phillipines) and the poor people there can only read from their script and tell me the same thing I can read off the web site. Amazon had the coat in October, but it was priced higher and the s/h was higher AND the coat still came from Petco, so I could not even use Amazon's free shipping if I spent $25.00! It seems that Petco has an exclusive on this coat, but I am getting sick and tired of the two month "out of stock," changing "in stock" dates and price changes - even though the coat remains unavailable! When I requested to speak to a manager - once again the person was from the Phillipines, and couldn't tell me any more than the customer service people - in the Phillipines - could tell me. Doesn't anyone at Corporate care if they are ignoring, frustrating and angering their customers? Lauren, Vancouver, WA.

  5. Got that right! Just try to contact PETCO "Management," what an oxymoron that is! Their employees are rude, the managers are of the same ilk; "customers" cannot get through to CORPORATE MANAGEMENT .. they have illiterate STOPPERS all along the way, and even their online "option," an email format .. the Capsco or whatever defying deciphering required to "send." Some genius working for them? Returns? $130 for Frontline that not only did not work, but because it is "monthly," no other product could be applied, while the flea bites caused a painful dermitites and cost some $250. The snippy clerk/mgr couldn't bother to validate the purchase given the boxes with their ID, and I had a copy of the Receipt with all verifiable information but she didn't bother; Store credit is FREE MONEY!! Don't go there!

  6. I have been a Petco customer for quite a while now, buying my cats' food there plus using their grooming salon to have the kittys' claws clipped as needed. We use the store in the "Old Colonial Plaza" located at Bumby and E. Colonial Drive in Orlando. Ashley who works in the grooming salon has always been very good with the kittys. I don't know about ALL the Petco stores in the entire country, but no one in this store has ever been any way but polite and helpful.

  7. We've bought cat food and used the grooming salon at the Orlando store on the corner of Bumby and E. Colonial now for quite awhile. Ashley in the salon has been very good with the cats clipping their claws when needed. We've never encountered a rude employee or had a smidgent of trouble with Petco.

  8. i was just hired as an inventory manager for a new location. my first couple of days of training was cleaning cages. when i asked about getting gloves to clean i was told that no one uses them. couple of days later when i asked when i would be learning my job of price changes i was told its only 2 hours of my day the bulk of my day wwould be cleaning cages , giving meds to sick animals, and running register. this upset me because its noting that i orginally thought my job was i mean come on they hired me as a price manager.the interview process was extremely unorganized there was persoal issues plus a new store so i rode with it but then the training process was worse. im still waiting to hear back from someone.i gave up a lot to work there believing that i could combine my love of animals with my retail expirence instead i was a glorified cage cleaner with no gloves.

  9. I am a multi-pet owner living/working in Portland, OR. Last week (believe Wed, Jan 23, 2013) by accident, I ran into and chatted with a PETCO employee who apparently was here (Portland) temporarily from the PETCO Corporate Headquarters based in San Diego...I believe her name was Kara or Cara...but feeled compelled to pass along the fact that she was/is a terrific PETCO rep...she was very busy but took time out to chat with me briefly. She was extremely polite, focused (on our conversation) and an advocate for the full service pet care which PETCO can/does provide. Very professional yet personable and extremely knowledgeable about PETCO products. Realize you normally get "bad news/experience" chatter on these types of sites so I thought I'd take 5 min out of my day to provide some positive feedback. Thank you PETCO and thank you Kara/Cara could have also been Karen but from your San Diego PETCO Corporate Office. Thanks again...go PETCO!!

  10. Petco cost me over $100 in bank fees because they use Telecheck and apply service fees to checks that have been presented twice. Paid but presented twice. I called and tried to talk to someone but they gave me the runaround. i spend more than that each month at Petco but won't anymore because of their poor customer service.

  11. Personally I will never step into a petco again. The treatment of the animals is horrible. I have always gone to petco for dog food, cat food and supplies. I decided to get into fishes again. I got a big tank, and off to petco for some fishes. Visit one. I ask for some Cory Cats and the caveman that they hired killed about two fishes while he was trying to catch them. He even put one of the injured fishes into my bag because it was now easy to catch and then got angry with me when I told him I didn't want that one. Visit two: I go in for some cardinal tetras and the lady helping me squishes one of the cardinals between the net wire and the tank. I'm thinking what kind of people do they hire here. I tell her to just forget it and I'll come back later (which I didn't) The next time I go in for some dog food and another dog collar and I'm browsing around the fish tanks and they have three Discus fish in with the koi. They weren't in the same tank but they were on a side tank that was planted and sharing the water. The Discus looked so miserable. The next time I went back the 39.00 Discus are still there dying a slow death as they are still freezing to death in the 74 degree water. I brought this to the attention of the lady in the fish section. I tried to explain to her that Discus really need to be in a lot warmer water to live and she got offended like I was attacking her personally. She told me that this set up was well thought out and they put them in there because it was planted and dark. Well thought out? Isn't that murder one?
    You know, I know that they are only fish. But, if you are going to do something, why not just do it right.
    I will not go into another Petco EVER. Not even for a piece of dog kibble.

  12. This is a very sad situation for a corporation. The positive comments are slim to none and not a single reply or acknowledgement. Tsk. Where has customer service and pride in services gone?
    Sadly, I am here to add to the negative comments as a warning to all. I recently had the chance to start a brand new fresh water aquarium and having had a good sum of gift money available to me from the holidays I went off on my new venture enthusiastically.
    My first batch of fish all died from ick. Two oscars and a pleco. I thought it was just bad luck. Return to the store and the tank my fish had been chosen from is under quarantine. I told them what happened; no sympathy. I accepted it, after all they are fish. Ick happens.
    Bought my next four after sterilizing my tank. Three were the same generic "cichlid" (I later identified them as mbuna), and the other another pleco. First, the gentlemen who helped me, and terrorized the fish frantically trying to net them, later tells me he works in the dog food department.
    All of the new fish died within a week except for one of the mbuna who lives on but is constantly fighting one fungal or bacterial infection or another. Usually both at once. I am perpetually adding water treatments (that I have chosen to purchase elsewhere) to keep him healthy. Again, no sympathy or recompense from Petco.
    Now, before you think that I am just an aquarium novice, I assure you I am not. I have had aquariums consistently through my childhood and adulthood. I even went so far as to try saltwater aquariums. I had two very successful ones that I maintained for a few years.
    My aquarium is healthy now. I have found a local pet shop that is both knowledgeable and helpful; they have helped me to test my water and repopulate the tank with healthy and happy fish. My mbuna is still sick and still constantly fighting an infection. I will be buying water treatments for the rest of his life. Personally, I think Petco should supply me that free of charge until he dies.
    I can't speak for all the Petcos out there but the ones I have been to that appear nice, and pet friendly, usually have no aquatic section. All the ones with a fish section I would never recommend as a viable source of live tank mates. Their flora is perfectly acceptable however.
    I am done venting now.
    Oh, wait, one more thing, I wish I didn't have to use the Petco near me at all for some supplies but, my local pet shop is small, and though they have a small and dedicated space for fish, it is limited in supply selections.
    To summarize, find somewhere else to get your fish and other aquatic friends.
    Buyer beware.

  13. i was going to buy some saltwater fish from petco after reading all the negative comments i guess not

  14. Petco's customer service is terrible. I ordered an electronic dog collar trainer (shock collar) online. I received an email with a bad UPS tracking number. I contacted Petco and that said that they would investigate and then contact me back to let me know what had happened and when I can expect delivery. NO SUCH CONTACT OCCURED! I emailed them the situation and they sent me back an emai stating the same scenario, to check warehouse and wait for an answer. Again, no further contact made to me by Petco.

  15. The problem with inconsistency and poor customer service has to do with hiring as cheaply as possible, without investing to train or adequately supervise their employees. So few employees are actually knowledgeable about pet products, those who are often have little incentive to stay and/or burn out. As long as they show a profit why should they invest in changing their system? Sadly, everyone (customers and employees) could benefit from an overhaul of the way they conduct business....

  16. Well it is 7/28/2013, and I bought a fish on the 19th that has killed my whole saltwater tank with a case of ich. I wish you had a place for pictures on here because I'd show you what a happy tank "was", to a bunch of floating friends. I have just spent over 800.00 to make my tank the way I wanted it, and poof, gone over a week span. I now have an anenome and 2 snails that I am guessing don't get this illness. Hmmmm geeee what to do? No exchange or refunds on saltwater fish,.....even after we have killed all yours. Well not that it matters but I am a single mom that was trying to make a home, and this extra money was not something I just wanted to "throw away". When my daughter wakes up, and I am at work today, and she goes to see the fish, she is going to see a once playground, is now a morgue. You want me to explain this how? I am very depressed now, thanks for the adventure. I now get to come home from work today and empty both tanks, wash them, and store them, after saying good bye to what once was happy land. I see there are no replies on here, so I am guessing petco doesn't care, but at least I have voiced my opinion.

  17. A friend gave me a $25 gift card for Petco. So, for the first time ever, I purchased Purina brand cat chow from your Nashville-West store in Nashville, TN. It will also be the last time ever. To say that I am EXCESSIVELY disappointed with the condition of the product would be an ENORMOUS understatement.

    I bought 3 bags (7 lbs. ea.) last week. It struck me curious that there were moths flying in and around the food shelves. When I started opening the bags (2 of the 3 so far), I was a little more enlightened as to why moths were present in that part of your store. Both bags had larvae in the glue area of the packaging as well as in the food itself.

    I went to target (where the same food is around a dollar cheaper AND larvae-free) and bought a bag to feed my cats. The third bag I purchased from your company remains unopened. When I feel that I can open it without gagging (to see if it is also infested), I will do so. Though, I am confident it too will be yet another full bag of food to wind-up in the trash.

    The $25 gift card has been thoroughly wasted. My first and lasting impression of Petco is that your company has a HUGE disregard for cleanliness and safety of pet food (let alone reasonable pricing [as stated above: same product is a dollar cheaper elsewhere]). For those reasons, I plan to NEVER visit a Petco store again . . . just thought you people should know for your (lack of) quality control purposes.

  18. pffft....PETCO... that has become a bad word at my house. i tolerated petco at one location. but then i found one that was closer to my home. i went there just a couple days ago. OH MY GOD!!! it was small. it had at least 4 employeees there and at the time, i was the only customer. BUTT.... i could not get any one to help me... but one..and only for a minute. i told them when i walked in that i had not been to this store before. one guy i say, i asked him where the dog food was. he took me to it , handed me a couple cans and started to leave. i grabbed me about 20 more cans while he stood there and watched and did nothing to help. oh yeah.. i do walk with a cane and could have used the help badly. then i asked where the treats were, ;he mumbled something and walked off. i never saw him again. on the way to look for the treats for my dog, i saw the ramp for them. i needed one of them. so i looked for some help... not too far way since the place was very small. so i hollered ... could iget some help back here please?! no one... nota single soul came around. i tried to get the info off the box about the ramp. the box was fairly big. i tried really hard for myself. couldnt do it. so i hollered again... could i get some help back here please. NO ONE. NOT A SINGLE SOUL AGAIN! now im preturbed!! so i go walking to the front of the store... only to find the cashier..who turns out to be the manager.... and 2 guys up front. they are standing around making jokes and laughing...while myself....the only customer in the store, is askign for some help. so i told her..there y'all are. wow i was hollering for some help and THIS is what y'all are doing instead? well guess what PETCO.... you lost the 180 dollar sale on the ramps and i wont be back and i WILL tell others all about the horrible experience at this store in decatur, GA. so go ahead, send all the work overseas. they cant even speak our language over there and have no clue what to tell anyone when they call. go yourself out of business. i see lots of people will help you out! your store was horrible!!! and i can tell... there wont be a reply to this one either will there? NO ONE AT PETCO from the top down... CARES!!!!! BUBYE PETCO!!!

  19. I just started a volunteer job with the local Humane Society who unfortunately has animals in kennels up for adoption at a Petco store. It NEVER fails! Almost every time I walk in there to start my shift, the manager has something negative to say to me about how I'm doing my volunteer work. And he ALWAYS blames it on corporate who happen to visit the store. How does corporate feel about hiring managers covered in tats (I'm just saying!)? I play and treat these animals as if they were my own. I'm giving them love, playing with them, don't yell, smack or mistreat treat them. I've been an animal parent since 1981, so I think by now I would know how to take care of a pet! I'm not working for Petco, actually it's a non paying labor of love service I thought I was providing. I shouldn't have to end a tour and come home to my pet in tears.

  20. Last Saturday. December 7, 2013 I took my dog to Petco where innoculations were being provided by a vendor-Luv My Pet. While on line another talk attacked and bit my dog on the nose. The staff from Luv My Pet were wonderful! But the Manager of the store, Barbara, was HORRIBLE. She was MORE concerned with a public relations project going on, than MY BLEEDING DOG! Is that CARE? Is this following the so-called benevolent animal-friendly POLICIES of Petco??!!!! She was smug, unconcerned and the regional manager David offered no help....I also contacted CORPORATE and after one week, there is STILL NO RESPONSE!!!!!!! I will NEVER shop in Petco again and return to PETSMART where I ALWAYS AM WELCOMED and there are BETTER, More PROFESSIONAL, and MORE CARING people!

  21. I worked for Petco for 8 years. I have never seen, in my life, such unprofessional management than I did at the several locations I worked at. Sexual harassment is rampant. Backstabbing and lying. Cover-ups and inconsistent policies. I was threatened by two separate General Managers in two separate states. None of my concerns ever made it up the corporate ladder. I was punished for any time I spoke up. You're basically treated like an indentured servant. There are no incentives, just "do it, or else". Petco fosters an environment of unprofessional "shit talking". Management is allowed to get away with mass abuse of those under them, unchecked.

    I finally left Petco when the blatant sexism became obvious at my new store. I watched the male manager in his early 40s, only hire girls 18 to 21. Who he would berate and intimidate by screaming bloody murder at them. He denied transferring me to another store as a manager of my department based on the fact I had stood up to him about meeting numbers under unrealistic expectations. Prior to that he had been, (underhanded), trying to have me replace the manager in my position, at his store. But he caved when she started flirting with him and flashing her breasts at him.

    The store prior to that store I had worked at had a General Manager who was demoted from corporate for sever unprofessional reasons. Who was severely bipolar and would call her employees "lazy", "stupid", and "useless idiots".

    There is no Morale at Petco. Just threats and harassment. All complaints are swept under the rug. You are fired for imaginary or untrue reasons. You are treated with disdain for any original thought.

    Not to mention the amount of "shrinkage" the company runs. 70% is from dead animals.

  22. I should have realized when I called customer support that it was offshore, and scripted. I placed an order in January, In about a week I checked on it as I had not received notification of it shipping. I saw tracking numbers, but only one of them actually showed that part of my shipment had gone out. So I called Customer Service and was told that K9 Advantix was out of stock, and offered a refund. I refused the refund because the reason I ordered it online in the first place was because Petco offered free shipping and 30% off, which is a huge savings for this item.

    When I told them that I saw the product in stock at the local store, and requested a voucher to go to the store an pick it up their, they said that they couldn't do that. To me this is a joke, if they have it at the store than I'm pretty sure they have it instock at the warehouse.

    Based on how I was treated, I'm taking my business to PetSmart, or one of the smaller competitors. Oh, yeah and Im telling all my friends.

  23. My first experience with online ordering was DISAPPOINTMENT! I ordered a cat tree on sale for 114.00 free I waited for it I tracked my UPS # seen it was delivered in FTW ..Im in Mansfield, TX..and was refused then return to sender! I contacted PETCO right away...they did nothing to help but tell me once they get it back, they will refund m money. I want this item , so then Im told it can be reordered but its not on sale however they would give me 25% off which made my item still $20 more plus my money is tied up still with original order! I had to talk to ppl in Philipines as well whom said they were corp! Ya right! I know it was UPS FAULT but Petco don't help with it either..Im very frustrated right now, Due to weather conditions system down too??? I did contact UPS too. They at least will have someone contact me on it!..
    PETCO you need to post your warehouse # so customers can call with issues! Not Philipines
    Mad Cat woman!

  24. I have recently visited several of your locations - the most recent being on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, CA and, must say, I am completely dissatisfied. The store is never well enough staffed, which, to me, personally, is an enormous concern. I have several dogs and work in wholesale and retail, so am aware of the challenges and obstacles each facet of life present, however, as a patron, I can assure you, those presented by your company do naught to help me in my daily endeavors. The staff, at this location, is phenomenal. Unfortunately, which I am sure is due to bottom dollar costs, they are few and far between.

  25. I purchased a gift card online several months ago, Anyways it clearly states on the card it can be used online which is partially why I bought it because you are not convenient to where I live.It would not give me the balance or allow me to use it online. I called and was basically told by the representative too bad, that it was a merchandise card and kept telling me it couldn't be used online, when it clearly states it can be directly on the card. I demanded a manager. She also would not help me and kept demanding to know where I got the card. I couldn't remember the gift site domain I bought it from, but it was just a normal giftcard website and I used it in store a couple months ago so I know it works and I only used about $12, so I knew I had at least enough to cover my online order. I kept asking for them to just take my order over the phone then. I think I was pretty patient after being on hold and basically treated like my business was highly unimportant. In the end, no one helped me and considering I can go down the street for the same dog food at a much cheaper price I don't think I will be shopping with petco anymore. I'm insulted by your associates, they acted as if the card was stolen or I was trying to hide something. If thats how you treat a customer of 15+ years then consider my business gone. I know some might think who cares it's just one person, but you would be surprised how much of an impact one person can make.

  26. We took the four dogs into our local Petco today (3065 California Ave, Signal Hill, CA). We normally have no problems as we always request the same groomer and she does well with our dogs. We had to get a different person than normal to clip their nails (all dogs) and groom one of them (my dog) as Ashley our normal groomer was out on maternity leave. We had an appointment for the four dogs at 11am. After we had finished filling out the needed paperwork discussing exactly what needed to be done for each dog they took my dog Mayo back to be groomed. Then they took a second one of our dogs, Obi, to have his nails clipped. She put an extra leash around his neck that would choke him if pulled (despite the already present harness and leash). Next she slipped two of the restraining collars around his neck. She then walked away from the dog while Obi struggled to get out of the restraining collars. When she could not manage to clip his nails alone (as only an assistant groomer) she called a second groomer into the room.
    They man-handled the dog squeezing him around the middle. One was pushing his head down and covering his eyes while the other was trying to grab his hind legs pulling them back. It took them almost twenty minutes to cut his nails. When he came back we noticed a bite mark on his tongue right at his front tooth from their pushing down on his head.
    The second dog, again about 20 pounds, was dragged into the grooming area when he didn't want to go. He had the two "groomers" manhandling him in much the same manner as the first. It took even longer with this dog to get his nails trimmed. The third dog an older dog with hip issues, approximately 10 lbs and 12 years old, has the “groomers” picking up her hind legs and pulling back to clip her nails.

    We had to leave Mayo there for an additional two and a half hours for grooming even though we had a scheduled an 11 o’clock appointment. The groomer informed us she was going to lunch before starting the work leaving a previously abandon and abused dog in a cage for an additional hour (while we were waiting) plus half an hour (or hour not sure) while she went to lunch.
    We called to complain to the manager around 12:30 as the three dogs were greatly upset. The manager said he would view the tape, talk to the groomers, and call us back
    When I picked Mayo up at 2pm they did not mark that it had already been paid for. I showed them the receipt. When he came out he was cut unevenly, crying, and had a hot dry nose and tongue. He was so upset we could not get his harness back on him.
    AT 3:30pm we called to talk to the manager again. We had to wait as he was on lunch. When he did come to the phone (approximately 15 minutes later) he said the dogs weren't manhandled. He went on to say that the dogs had water and that they checked them. He implied it was not his issue if the dog did not drink due to being stressed out even thought they were the ones causing the stress. He said that if we thought that they caused obi to bite his tongue we would need to go to the vet. The vet would have to say that the grooming cause obi’s injury before they might be able to do something. He said that I said the dog looked good. I said he looked cute which I tell him pretty much anytime he's crying and upset. In addition, Mayo went from the groomers’ hand who brought it out to me (not either of the groomers that worked on the dog) to mine. Then he went to my husband’s when they tried to say I didn’t pay. I was not able to set him down as he was too upset for his harness and I didn’t want anything to happen to him without it.
    I am extremely unhappy with not only the treatment of the animals entrusted to their care but also the incompetence and argumentative nature of the management.

  27. My name is Douglas. I live in California. Today is Wednesday April 16th 2013.
    There is a current T.V. commercial for PetCo that makes a reference to Bonnie and Clyde.
    Specifficly how well some things go well together. "like Bonnie goes with Clyde"
    Bonnie and Clyde were murderers, Killers of innocent people. (circa 1967) they robed banks and tortured law enforcement officers. Clyde was known to kill people and destroy property with a modified B.A.R. (a Browning Automatic Rifle) a machine gun. they were killers (terrorists)
    PetCo Company now has these Bankrobbers as a reference to their Company. This Ad needs to be pulled immediatly. The Managing Director of Advertising needs to be terminated. A public apologie to the people whom are the surviors of the slain, needs to go out on a nation wide broadcast today! Can you spell C-H-E-C-K Y-O-U-R F-A-C-T-S before you broadcast.
    Shame On You Petco Advertising Dept.


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