Pep Boys Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Pep Boys Corporate Office Headquarters
3111 W. Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19132 USA

Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-215-4309000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-737-2697
Email: Online Only

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  1. To Whom It May Concern,

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your recent grand act of humanity during our car wash fund-raiser this past weekend at the Pep Boys Automotive Center at 9605 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida. We are very appreciative of your store and service managers gestures of kindness and generosity. May they both repaid in kind many times over!

    We at Paxon School of Advanced Studies, Public School #75, Jacksonville, Florida aim to instill a sense of pride in our youth and strongly encourage them to develop principles and character traits of discipline, dedication and commitment. That combined with a strong work ethic where they help themselves by earning their pay and working their way toward a better life while not forgetting others in need.

    We provide them avenues to give back to the community that enables them to learn and grow from everyone within it. For we understand it truly does take a community to raise a child. They learn life lessons from all those around them. To be the person that others strive to emulate every day. Rather than the one that NO one should ever want to be or act like during their lifetime. Any lesson learned is a lesson none the less.

    Your managers exhibited those positive role model traits that we encourage when they came to our aid by allowing us to continue our car wash fund-raiser when their neighboring business (Baileys Powerhouse Gym) recended their previous autorization to utilize their parking lot. An event that was originally scheduled with them in May 2012. Your managers went further by advising our group to return to have future events at your place of business. ☺

    Again, Thank you and please accept this message as a symbol of my deep gratitude for your thoughtfulness, caring nature and charity toward our goal of teaching and molding our youth and leaders of tomorrow.


    Aaron Wayne Mason, Sr.
    P3 Industrial Engineer Technician
    Fleet Readiness Center Southeast, Code 63111
    Building 101, Mezz 8, 2nd Floor, Room 223
    NAS Jacksonville, Box 16
    Jacksonville, FL 32212-0016
    904-790-4605 or

    PFBC, Inc. is a non-profit tax exempt organization recognized by the IRS under 501(c)(3). Please consider this letter a receipt for your contribution provided at our fund-raiser event on August 4th, 2012. This confirms that no goods or services were received for this contribution, which is completely tax-deductible. Our EIN is 45-5336610.

  2. Dear Pep Boys Headquarter/Management Team:
    I've never been soooo frustrated in all my life! My car has been inoperable (at your San Leandro, CA location) since Sunday November 18th and STILL NO SPECIFIC DIAGNOSIS of EXACTLY WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY VEHICLE. If spoken with six staff and three managers in the Auto Repair Dept. I've been a customer for three plus years, but THIS IS IT! I'm getting the "run-around" constantly and I'm soooo ticked off about it. Wanda K.

  3. I'm sure you won't publish my previous comment as you probably publish ONLY positive comments & NOT complaints.
    Right???? Wanda K.

  4. Please Beware, I had work done on my vehicle, store#69 in Raleigh, Nc. The job was not done properly and it caused my engine to lock up. No one wanted to take ownership of the problem and washed their hands of it. Corporate did nothing, no follow up nothing, once the proof they asked for was shown. all contact stopped and I was left with no other choice but to take it to court and they didn't even bother to show up and I was awarded a default judgement. Still I have to go after them for my judgement to get my car fixed. I will stop at nothing until everyone is made aware of the practices of pep boys, it was never about the money I just wanted my car fixed. Please Beware, document everything before you get your car serviced and please keep all service records and know that whenever you have serious issue, PepBoys corporate will never take care of it. So Please take your car elsewhere.


  5. Hi,

    I would like to acknowledge the excellent customer service I received at the Pep Boys in Culver City, Ca by service manager John McGowen (#894) & the other employees.

    The simple fact of being acknowledged even while on the phone with someone else speaks volumes......especially compared to the other Pep Boys location I walked into & walked out of.

    I cannot express to you the impact it made to me that everyone I came in contact with at that location was kind, helpful, cheery, respectful etc.
    They also spoke & interacted with each other in the same manner. You could tell that this was the way they interacted on a daily basis so it came naturally to them.

    As a professional who deals with customer service on a daily basis (usually customer service recovery :)) must be very refreshing to you at the corporate level to not have to deal with customer service complaints at least at this location.

    If you weren't aware of how great they are & how they interact with customers, now you are. Other Pep Boys should take notice......there is no excuse for anything except excellent customer service delivery at ALL TIMES!!

    Thank you John!!!!!


  6. [Work order numbers: 0090 2088738 and 0090 2088987]
    Horrible Service! I took my car on 3/9/13 because my brake light was on and I heard some screeching, so I asked for a Brake Inspection - I paid $108.17. On 9/10/13, the Brake Light came back on and the faint screeching noise came back. Since I had to go to the tidewater area, M-W, I drove my other car. So today, I had to take off work (leave) and took my car back in for what else - another brake inspection - I paid $277.86. Somehow either somebody did not correctly diagnose my 2004 Nissan Altima or something - but the bottom line is that I took my car in for the same issue - used a leave day - and ended up paying more money. Somehow, it seems I am being wronged.

    On top of that, when I was trying to get an explanation of the situation, Mr. Quintis Mason had the nerve to get smart. He took it as far as to say, "YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN YOUR BUSINESS SOMEWHERE ELSE" and "YOU ARE PLACING ME BEHIND..." because he was the only person at the desk to help customers. He did everything but curse at me. When I asked to speak to the manager - HE TOLD ME HE WAS THE MANAGER. If he said those things to me then he must be saying it to other people. I will do everything in my power to have this unprofessional person fired! Being retired military and a high-ranking government civilian, I will take this all the way to corporate if I have to.
    When you openly say you, in front of customers and use this explanation for their long waiting period because you tell CUSTOMERS..."I have 1 technician working on 3 vehicles" - is unacceptable! Mr. Mason NEEDS TO BE FIRED or highly REPRIMANDED!

    I shouldn't have to go to PEPBOYS for the same issue and get charge for that issue. On Sat was ok because I did not have to miss work...but to take leave. Because I needed this matter fixed before, I got my car inspected.

    Mr. Quintis Mason said me also worked at the Manassas PEPBOYS location. I will alert them along with regional and corporate. HOW UNPROFESSIONAL!

    I deserve some type of compensation for what I have endured! I have praised PEPBOYS over the years with my business. Only giving them my automotive business - hundreds to thousands of dollars - check the service history my phone number is 7573449935. I am wasting my time and now my money…enough said.

    Ronald Graves

    Work order numbers: 0090 2088738 and 0090 2088987

  7. They are the worst... Do NOT use them ever. Poor service, bad attitudes and my vehicle took a week to fix when the estimate was one hour and 2x the cost they quoted. I'd hire a child to fix my car before this company.

  8. Pep Boys' employees suck!

  9. Pep Boys, West Los Angeles, CA - They are NOT experienced but are experimenting with your car - on the job training...
    Hard lesson learned. I brought my car to this location where they diagnosed a simple fluid leak. Upon arriving at this service location the mechanic knowing I had this hydrolic leak force drove my car in the neighborhood. When I arrived it was perfectly clear that the hydrolic fluid was emptied unable to engage. But the mechanic still hot rodded my car and then returned. Long story short - the stress placed on the hydrolic system damaged the transmission. Naturally Pep Boys did not want to take responsibility. But after meeting with the Pep Boys district & area management - who viewed the evidence of this incidence - they verbally accepted the responsibility but then retracted when I submitted the receipt for the repairs. I will see them in court!

  10. While there certainly are bad mechanics and technicians out there, for the most part, the problem is the service manager and service writers. The service manager is more interested in profits... which bolsters his bonus, and the service writers are interested in selling everything they can to bolster their income by getting a percentage of the parts/work they sell. In other words, the mech/techs are just tools of the service manager and service writers. The mechanics and technicians can complain all they want, all they will hear is, "Are you refusing to do the work?" In other words, "Do you want to get fired?" Or, the service manager will give you a job that you know is wrong, and when you resist, the service manager will give you the ringer, and then, if the job goes wrong, not only will the service manager lay the blame on the mech/tech, someone from corporate will get involved and give the mech/tech the ringer and place the blame entirely on the mech/tech. Doesn't make a good working environment. Look, the mech/techs are expendable in Pep Boys. They are on the bottom of the totem pole. They are EXPECTED to do what they are told, and then take the blame when a job goes bad. And trust me, management is very creative in shifting the blame on the mech/techs. I have personally witness them get creative/change the work orders in the computer system to shift the blame. Another thing, working at independent shops most of my life, we took the time to do the job right. At Pep Boys, you are EXPECTED to turn out jobs like working on a factory line making widgets. ANd they wonder why they get come-backs. If you are working on a car, and run into a problem through no fault of your own, management doesn't want to hear it. You will usually hear things like, "Just fix the damn thing!" For instance, I remember diagnosing a vehicle with a intermittent electrical problem on a temp sensor. The service manager told me to just replace the sensor. I told him I haven't diagnosed the problem yet to determined if it was the sensor, or a wiring problem. He told to just do it which required that I remove the intake plenum. And, he was only going to pay me 1 hour to do it, when it calls for 3 hours. I told the manager that I haven't diagnosed this problem, that it was a flat rate of 3 hours, and I asked him that if this doesn't solve the problem, then what? He said that if it didn't solve the problem, I would remove the intake plenum, put the old sensor back in, and he would apply my labor to the half hour diagnostics. In other words, if it didn't work, I was only going to get paid the half hour diag. I protested this. Well, lo and behold, a visiting Vice President from another district and the Area manager just happened to show up about 20 minutes earlier or so, they got wind of all of this and basically attacked me and the Vice President says, "Are you refusing to work?" He then told me, "Pep Boys isn't for everyone. You know you don't have to work here." No matter how much I tried to explain the situation, they just didn't want to hear it. It was like talking to a blob of grease. Over and over and over again, they just kept throwing it right back at me. It left me wondering, are these guys idiots, and why are they protecting the service manager when it is obvious for anyone who is capable of applying reason and logic that this is just plain wrong. And then they can't figure out why this store has frustrated pissed off mech/techs, because hell, just do what the service manager tells you, and if goes wrong, place the blame on the mech/techs! On and on and on and on. I was laid off my last job. The economy here is for the dogs. Pep Boys called me, I didn't call them. Knowing what I know now, I would have stayed on unemployment. Heck, I was making more money on UNEMPLOYMENT!

  11. Dear pep boys head quaters iam a new customef i am recently in need of brakes normaly i go and do them my self or use other vendors but my wife swares by pep boys .after to day i will no lnger use pep boys in louisana on vetrens niether will my wife i have been waiting four and half hours and mechanics have not touch my car all i see is ciggrett breaks and gossiping i know the work they do is hard but i dont understand why mangement allows this iam a boat engineer by trade i do this kind of work this should have taken two to mabe three hours max i will like to say sorry for the complaing and thank you for your time my name is rock averett my nimber is 501-3633273

  12. These pep boys dont have right numbers to reach anyone. Our car was hit by a pep boy driver and in no way can you reach or talk to their inc company. Thank god police came out and have something .if you r ever hit by them make sure to call the cops. They seem to think they can give you a run around and make it very hard to deal with them. So a nice Law suit might wake them up. Sad very sad company to deal with. Thank god we have the best ins .good luck to anyone that gets hit bya pep boy driver.

  13. so I was just fired from pep boys in Scottsdale today because a manager sent me home because I told him I was getting annoyed with him doubted me he then said oh really ripped the pm out of my hand got in my face and told me I needed to fucking clock out steven ronnebeck 3 days prior I whent back to the parts to ask chad woolery a question and steve got mad I said never mind steve ill figure it out my self the he proceeds with if you don't loose your attitude we are going to have problems, that sounds like a threat to me so then basically the director of HR told chad woolery that I had to be fired because I told a manager that he couldn't send me home because he got mad that I told him I was getting annoyed with him doubting me, so a manager can threaten an employee and keep his job??? then on top of that I cant get ahold of or get a call back from hr to save my life, its nice and comforting to know that employees don't mean anything in the work place if anyone knows the number to the corporate office please reply to this with the number would be much appreciated

    1. all you need do - look up "pep boys corporate hdqtrs" on the net. There's a couple of hdqtrs websites even. Easy Peasy - to quote "Sheldon"...

    2. Apparently, Pep Boys has a reputation for firing people. I have heard of more people getting fired from there than any place I know of for the stupidest reasons. I have always had excellent service from Scott Hagius at the Santee, CA store. He is always so polite, helpful and knowledgeable. He has gone way beyond what most people would do. When I was in the store the other day I asked for Scott and they told me he had been fired. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Maybe this is why Pep Boys is having problems - they get rid of the excellent employees and keep the crappy ones. I know Scott had worked for Pep Boys for several years. I was a good customer of Pep Boys but I won't be going back!! It's time to re-evaluate your policies PB's. Shame on you!

    3. Yes this is true,they fire all the knowledgeable and professional managers.The higher ups view them as threats to they're positions.No one above a manager has any automotive experience other than Pep Boys.This is true all the way to the top,just read the stock market reviews on Pep Boys.Even wall street knows it is run by people with no automotive knowledge.Is it any wonder why the internet is full of customer complaints.Remember common sense has no place in the corporate world.

  14. Brought our car for oil change and inspection. Car passed with no issues. Paid and got in it to drive Home and the car was barely drivable. If if was like that when we first brought it, it would have never passed. Pep boys you broke my car and you will fix it at no charge to me. I will be calling corporate but from what I read on here doesn't look like I will get anywhere. Never going there again and beware

    1. NEVER hurts to throw hissy fits at someplace's hdqtrs. Net has phone #'s & email addresses for pep boy's corporate office/hdqtrs. As a female - hissy fits work best in person. (guys HATE females berating them loudly in front of others -for future reference). Pet boys refunded me 10% on a repair a couple dys after I'd receiving their coupon. Course I think I've thrown hissy fits there before...

  15. I agree with Anonymous , I called just to get prices for a large amount of work and was blowed off, called another location and no different. Icing on the cake called Victor the Area Manager and all I got was Sorry... call another location....NO thank you if you can not take care of me on the phone WHYYYY would I trust you are going to take care of me and my car... NO THANK YOU!!!

    1. no offense but you can't fix or diagnose a car on the telephone. It would have been unwise to quote on the phone because unless you actually see the issue something else may be wrong as well and you get people complaining about the bill being twice as high as quoted. That being said Pep Boys sux

  16. I sent in a rebate form and waited 2 1/2 months for the rebate check. Come to find out two months later, the staff entered my address into the system incorrectly and mailed out the check to an incorrect address. When the check was returned to pep boys rebate department they did nothing to correct the problem and it was up to me to identify it. In fact, the manager I spoke with could see the original submission and could plainly see that the address was never entered correctly and based on her admission; there are no controls in place to ensure the completeness of address information entered into the rebate system. The lack of internal controls over address information as it relates to insuring the address submitted on the rebate form and the address entered on the system (system used to mail a rebate out to customer) is very inadequate and is borderline fraud. This is especially evident when rebates are sent back because the address does not exist, and pep boys rebate management ignore a glaring issue as it relates to the entry error. No follow-up to determine whether any controls over address entry exist. Then again, if pep boys rebates do not get to the people that it is intended for, pep boys pocket s the money, thereby fleecing the very people that keep them in business. Shame on you. This is especially true when attempting to submit this complaint and being run around. If the complaints are so many that you need to hide, maybe time to change your business model.

  17. besides Not dealing w/pep boys - don't ever deal w/Cost Plus World Mkt. Never getting a credit card from them is best. A collection agency contacted me THREE yrs after I supposedly chgd items there & didn't pay for them. I've not done that sort of thing in my whole life - old w/lots of yrs behind. Many calls/emails to corporate hdqrts fell on deaf ears, but Everyone there was very sorry. My card had been lost or stolen yrs ago. They didn't care, but they were very sorry...

  18. Went into a location on Olive in Burbank Ca, I was told that they would need to do a diagnostic for build replacement....REALL??? Came next door to the dealer to be told that's only need 2 bulbs. SHAME ON YOU PEP BOYS BURBANK!!!!!!!!

  19. Never ever have I been so insalted in my life as I was dealing with jim smilor, manager of pep boy in joliet. Extremely rude, gave pricing without even looking at car. Wes so rude. Was very happy when a mechanic came out of the shop to help me. Never ever will I nor my family bring and car to pep boys do to management

  20. place sucks to work at. employees steal your commission, and they hire pedofiles also. never work here ever again. managers are rude and think they know their stuff when they dont even know anything themselves. company should be shut down. i quit, and they locked me out of my payroll to view my paystubs, i called hr and got a very rude lady on the phone.

  21. my experience with pep boys has been among the worst of my life. the st charles il store is so bad , 100% of the YELP reviews are one star....everyone thinks they are horrible.....i agree. 800 # customer service, if you can call it that, is just as bad .
    how can they have 7000 stores? i doubt they will for long.

  22. Well I took my Avalanche in for tire balance and rotation. Purchased the tires (which I love) from Pep Boys so it came with lifetime balance and rotation. Work was completed and I was called to come pick up my truck. I did a quick walk around only to find out some Bone Head thought it would be a smart idea to put the wheel weights on my car with....DUCK TAPE!!! You got it...DUCK TAPE!!!! When asked why the answer I received was..."we were out of sticky weight CUZ corporate did not send us any on the truck. This was Saturday morning. So my question to corporate is, if they did this to me, how many other customers that had tires mounted on Saturday, Sunday and whatever part of Monday either had the same thing happen or did the store just charge them for mounting and balancing but never did it. What a buch of IDIOTS.

  23. If the CEO could help us I'm waiting for a tire plug recommend by AAA I should of stopped at the local gas station Pep Boys still charge a fee no one to work they need an express lane a lot of cashiers and customer service representative WOW I NEED SOMEONE TO PLUG MY TIRE OVER AN HOUR AND A HALF WAIT FAMILY CAN'T EAT Or MAKE ACTIVITIES BUT THE CEO IS RIDING MY POOR KIDS AND WE NEED MOM AND POPS AUTO SHOPS,THERE DEPENDABLE PLEASE CORPORATE WATCH UNDERCOVER BOSSSSS PLEASE BROOKHAVEN,PA

  24. Gary Berrier was helpful, the other Lady with him not so customer service is not her thing

  25. To Whom It May Concern,On 12/11/2014 I took my car into pep boys auto store #0459 located at 320 Peninsula Blv. in Hempstead, NY 11550 After the car was checked out I was advised by the auto technician that my water pump was bad and has to be replaced, I was also told due to it going that the timing belt, spark plugs and wires will also have to be changed. I was told I would be called when the car was ready on Friday 12/12/2014 with the day almost gone I received a call from pep boys auto technician saying that there was a miss in the timing causing the car to vibrate after which I went to the location and asked how things was going, I was then taken to the technician doing the work and he showed me that even though the timing points lined up the car was still running bad and he really didn't know why, so by now I'm not happy with what I'm being told, other than the water pump problem the car ran fine, I told them to put the car back together as I waited in the waiting area. A few minutes later I was told by a manager that the car was running even worse and he asked if I would leave the car so I did. On Saturday 12/13/2014 I was called by the pep boy manager saying the catalytic converter was clogged and could be the problem for the miss timing so I allowed them to replace it, Monday 12/15/2014 still no car Tuesday 12/16/2014 still no car, mind you that I have missed four days of work behind this ordeal. The initial quoted price was $1,346.79 not including replacing the catalytic converter. I am not at all happy with this situation and am seeking legal advice.

  26. My son was just fired from a Pep boys in Florida. He was an "apprentice technician" and was supposed to be in training. Well after a couple of weeks they started using him for production and working him about 30-35hrs a week while he's supposed to be going to school. "don't worry," they said, "we'll work around your school schedule." The mechanic he was working with was fantastic and taught him a lot (since he's never worked in a shop before." Then they assigned him to another tech because it was busy and the assistant manager started riding him and rushing him to get cars out faster. He's barely turned a wrench for 3 weeks and he's supposed to be keeping up with tech's that have been doing this for 5+ years. After reading the comments on here I can see that Pep boys is not committed to their employees much less their customers. After 3 weeks he's being rushed to the point that he turns out a car before it was finished and the engine was destroyed. Needless to say he's devastated because he is supposed to be checked by the mechanic... well the manager, (a real piece of work), fires him after reviewing the tapes (they record everything in their shop). Does the mechanic who's over him get fired? no. Well, better check the tapes again because he was seen by several employees, stealing from a customer's car(drugs). What a company. I doubt going to corporate will do any good. This company seems intent on their bottom line (profit) and could care less about integrity, honesty, or character. My son owned up for what he did but I do think the other tech should be fired...


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