Nordstrom Corporate Office Headquarters

Nordstrom Corporate Office Headquarters
Nordstrom, Inc.
Nordstrom Direct Inquiries
1700 Seventh Avenue, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98101
Corporate Phone Number: 1-206-628-2111
Fax: 1-206-628-1795
Customer Service Number (USA): 1-888-282-6060
Customer Service Number (Canada): 1-877-794-5304
Customer Service Number (International): 1-319-846-4140
Credit Services: 1-800-964-1800
Email: Online Only

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  1. Great Customer Service! Thank you Nordstroms!

  2. Store 526 doesn't like blacks at all.

    1. I just ordered two pairs of boots on line with my credit card. My order did not arrive so I checked my email to obtain the order information. What I saw was an email from Nordstorm's financial dept. canceling my order. They said it was a high ticket item ($200 a pair) for my zip code. I live in a black community.

  3. Where is store 526?

  4. Terrible customer support. Did not process my order correctly. Routed it to my city and then back to Chicago. Customer Service not interested and blamed the shipper and would not folllow up with shpper

  5. My daughter works for an agent in Horn Lake. My father passed away. The handbook clearly states she gets 3 days bereavement, however her agent is only giving her one day and making her take PTO for the remainder. This is pretty ridiculous that there is no more compassion than this. What kind of company is this?

  6. Based on the experience my daughter has had with a purchase of a very expensive bridesmaid dress we will never shop here again. After 3 attempts to get the dress right they have still failed miserably. She ended up finding the dress at a competitor's store. Not only did they get the order right the very first time it was 30% less then at Nordstrom. Now for Nordstrom to add insult to injury they have charged her credit card again---(6 weeks after she returned the dress and got account credited) for the amount of the dress that she returned. Obviously an incompetent group of folks you are. Based on all the bad reviews I'm reading from customers and employees alike this is not an uncommon experience we're having. I'm sure you won't miss our business but maybe one day you'll conduct your business ethically and properly. Good luck!

  7. I have decided to stop buying at Nordstrom as long as they still continue to carry Ivanka's clothing line. I cannot frequent a company that indirectly supports Donald Trump. I will be contacting the apparel and cosmetic companies that I have been a loyal consumer of,to ask where I can purchase their product other than your store.


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