Mattress Firm Corporate Office Headquarters

Mattress Firm Corporate Office Headquarters
Mattress Firm Holding Corp.
5815 Gulf Freeway
Houston, TX 77023 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-713-923-1090 by Phone: 1-877-384-2903
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-866-942-3551


  1. I would like to extend my gratitude to Kyle Creviston at you new Cortaro Store in Marana, Az.
    I met Kyle at your Broadway store in Tucson, Az. He made sure that I had a solution to my concern.
    Even though it was his day off, he made sure that Mr. Dan Roach handled my exchange. I am very happy with my Stearns and Foster mattress. Kudos to Kyle and to Dan for taking care of my exchange. Sincerely, Karen Arnold

  2. We are customers and recently visited the Morrow Ga location of Mattress Firm. We would like to take this opportunity to commend Foster Smith for his understanding of our situation and his expertise in helping us get the perfect mattress for our needs. Foster is excellent, knowledgable and very patient. We ended up purchasing mattress, box springs, frame, pillows mattress cover. We even came back the next week and purchased two more frames for our grandchildren. Foster is an asset to your company and we will continue to support the Morrow Ga location and Foster Smith.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Jerry and Tracey Cepull

  3. I purchased a memory foam/gel mattress in September 2012 from Mattress Firm.
    Within the customer satisfaction 100 days I returned it. That type of bed was not for me.
    I then paid an additional $200 plus transportation fee for a different bed (Oasis) on
    December 10, 2012. I visited the location that these transactions took place yesterday because
    this current Oasis has broken down. One corner of the bed slants making it difficult not to roll off the bed.
    The box spring boards have bowed out and when you get into bed it cracks and sounds like the old spring box beds.
    I am well within the 100 days customer grace period, but the store has told me that the 100 days starts from
    the first mattress. This was never told to me when I switched it out. If that would be the case I would
    have asked for a refund instead of trying make due with another choice.
    I now have been asked to file a Warranty Form which takes 4-6 weeks and pay an additional $25 for transportation.
    The is not good customer service. All I want is it visit Mattress Firm and pick another bed, which I'm sure
    will be an upgrade $ and transportation fee again.
    I have attached my receipt for the Oasis.
    Please respond.

    Jackie Naples, FL 3/8/13

  4. this is the worst customer service ive ever delt with, in feb,2012 i moved into my place evrything i bought was brand new, a month later i bought a mattress which was from mattress firm!! then i got bed bugs??? like really omg i hate any kind of bugs... so here they are going back and forth blaming each other so i left it at that and just got the treatment done and threw my $1000 bed i slept on for one month, i was 7 months pregnant going thru this crap too. they couldnt give me a letter stating that the bed bugs did not come from them, so that makes me think did it or not?? i hate this company now they can kiss my ass and i will NEVER refer NO ONE TO THIS PLACE!

  5. This company has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Clarence is rude and condesending and should not be in the customer service field. He might be more suited to a prison or somewhere in another country where he can take his rudeness out on someone who deserves it. My account was accessed by a store employee who added $1176.00 in charges without my permission. My lawyers will have a ball with this one now that Clarence has pissed me off.

    1. I too have experienced Clarence's rudeness. This company is a Joke!! Selling used mattresses and claiming that the word clearance means used. NOT IN MY ENGLISH DICTIONARY IT DOESN'T!!

  6. My name is Joseph Allen Williford I went to the mattress 2times. Both employees that work those days treated me like a trashy.I ask for the no credit check well after telling Cory witch worked the night of 11\13\2013.He put an application and told me what part to fill out so I did and he ran my credit witch wasn't the no credit check form,He Gave me the wrong form so I got turned down.He also wasn't even in the store when I got there .I could have stolen stuff like those 120.00 gel pillows but I don't steal. He was outside the back door for about 5 minutes. I have a terminal illness I bought a bed 1 year ago I go to bed hurting and don't get no sleep.I am begging for help so maybe I can get a good nights REST before I die,a casket would be better than what I have now. From the reply's I read not to many customers did not have nothing good to say about all mattress firm stores. PLEASE HELP ME WITH A MATTRESS.YOU CAN CALL ME AT 919-623-4980

  7. I am a very dissatisfied customer. Until this incident I have been a repeat customer; however, I will never purchase from Mattress Firm again. I am having issues with a return. Part of the issue is my fault because I did not read my receipt after purchase; however, it is incumbent upon the sales person to ensure the customer is aware if something is non-returnable. Especially when the customer specifically asks the question of may I return this item. Apparently mattresses are returnable but adjustable frames are not. This is completely contrary to almost any other mattress sellers. In the state of Louisiana a mattress cannot be resold unless it is sold as a used mattress. The reason given for accepting the mattress is that they have a sanitation process for the mattress but not the adjustable frame. I personally do not want a mattress that has been used and I would venture to guess there are other people that feel the same way. I don't understand how a mattress can be sanitized but the adjustable frame cannot. It seems to be a little disinfectant spray would do the trick. While I understand company policies, I also know that most companies allow their employees to make judgement calls to satisfy the customer. Apparently no one in the Mattress Firm Corporation is allowed to use their brain. They apparently have a script and will not deviate from it. It is a sad day when there is no value in pleasing your customers.

  8. I'm gonna be a person i never thought i would be , but Mattress Firm in Plano (closest to Plano Pkwy) is the shadiest place i have EVER dealt with!!! I went 09/10 to get a mattress, Wilkie was my sales person, he said i would pay a $40 processing fee, I told him i don't get paid till 09/13 and would come back then, to make a sale he lied and said they could hold the check till the 13th, my account was hit with an NSF on the 11th! I called and spoke to him and his manager Alex, they said there isn't anything they can do but offer me a free pillow!! I talked to a district manager who said they would give me back the NSF, by sending me a check, two weeks go by then i find out they sent my credit to the financing company since they didn't get the $40 processing fee (09/25 and they still had not run my check again when i was told it would be done on the 13th) so I just left it alone, they got their money and it was not worth the fight! 11/18 they run my check from 09/10 for $40, 2months later, when they have already been paid (mind u i paid the bed off early at the end Oct) spoke to a manager Lawrence who basically said they really don't owe me a refund but will send me a check as a courtesy!!! 11/26 they charged me a $30 return check fee!!! All from 2 MONTHS ago!!! Do NOT EVER EVER do business with Mattress Firm!!!!!

  9. I went to Mattress Firm with my Mom (witness) and spoke w/ Ryan Love. I was told the bed I would purchase would be on sale. I bought this mattress and box set. I was overcharged by $100. He said I would be refunded after the bed was picked up. I picked up the bed on 12/14/2013. After sleeping on it for 1 day my back was in horrendous pain and I had been having difficulty breathing. I went to the store on 12/18/2013 and walked to the floor model bed that I bought and confirmed that the bed in my condo was not the same bed that I had purchased. I spoke with Barret and told him the situation. He asked for pictures and I gave them. After seeing the pictures where my hand was bigger than the bed at my condo compared my hand being smaller than the bed at the store he confirmed that the bed that I had was the incorrect bed and he "no idea which bed they had given me." At first he said that I would be charged for delivery but I said that would not happen and if so I would contact the BBB. He immediately changed his mind. On 12/19/2013 I was delivered the incorrect bed again. I knew it was the incorrect bed because it was the exact same size bed as the one in my condo. On 12/20/2013 I went to Mattress Firm and spoke with Barret. I gave him 2 options: (1) I would write the BBB and ask for a refund or (2) the correct bed would be delivered to the store where I would confirm and then the bed would be brought to my condo. He chose the refund. However he and his area manager said that I need to bring the mattress to the warehouse. I said that is not happening and that I would be contacting the BBB. My back and neck are hurting every morning after waking up on this bed.

    I was initially overcharged by $100. Then, I was given the incorrect bed. Then, a sales representative, Barrett, confirmed that the bed that I had was incorrect. Then the delivery men brought the exact same incorrect bed to my condo.

    ******This is currently a complaint that I sent to the Better Business Bureau. As of this posting, I have waited 2 weeks and still no response from Mattress Firm. I am assuming that they would like to have these negative reviews up and about on yelp and any other website I can find. Any suggestions on where to re-post this review would be helpful

    It is 01072014 and it is 7:20 P.M. as of this posting. i was told by Ryan Love yesterday as well as 20 minutes ago that the driver will be here from 8-11 P.M tonight to pick up my mattress and box. I will up update if and when the delivery driver gets here.

    1. I am interested in speaking to you personally about your story. I am going through a similar process with them. They are extremely rude and unwilling to help. I was wondering if I could have some advice from you. I will provide you with my contact info if/when you reply.

  10. To whom it may concern:

    I am so displeased with the customer service I received at the store in Covington La. While shopping I picked out the Tepur Pedic Luxe Cloud bed. I asked the salesman who was helping if they had a price match guarantee and he advised me that if I could find that mattress anywhere else cheaper that he would match the price plus give me 10% below that price. He also advised me that the only place he would not match the price was from Amazon due to they sell used furniture and are not authorized dealers. So I made a commitment to purchase the mattress with them and was told when I come to pick up the paper work would be ready to sign. That evening I looked around on internet and found the same bed $1000.00 cheaper. I called them the next day and advised the sales person I was working with that I had found the mattress cheaper and gave him all the information that I found. The website guaranteed the mattress and was a certified dealer and the mattress had all the law tags and was confirmed to be legitimate. Once they seen that they called me back and I was advised that they could not match that price as stated at the store and that if I wanted the bed on internet buy it from there to save myself some money. So I called the district manager of that region and he gave me the run around and had someone from Tempur Pedic call me directly to advise me that Tempur Pedic controls the price of their product and they cannot sell the mattress at the store for that price. I advised her that I was following what I was told by the salesman and that it should not be my loss due to the inadequate salesman's knowledge of the Price Match guarantee. She said well the only thing I can advise you to do is buy it from the internet.

    This is sad. Poor Customer Service. If I was anyone that was considering a mattress I would not buy a mattress from this company. I am considering applying for a permit and standing out in front of the store and holding a sign conveying such information. The best advertisement is word of mouth and its a consumers responsibility to make these companies pay for their actions by not purchasing from them.

  11. Mattress Firm sells beds produced Corsicana Bedding Inc. Corsicana employs what's believed to be one of the largest number of illegal immigrants of any company in the US. Corsicana works these people under extremely unsafe conditions. Of course they pay these people at such a low rate that 80% of their illegal workforce lives well below the poverty rate. Shame on you Mattress Firm.

  12. here i am waiting on my mattress since 6pm untill 10pm i was wondering what took so long to get here well it never did get here because the person who helped me out with my purchase jason rich actually got my information all wrong after i repeated my name and number over and over again still got it wrong because of the fact he was making all kind of perverted jokes in bed well my first time shoping there and i have to say im very disapointed will make sure i never step one foot in there again because of him here i am without a mattress after i paid same day delivery..


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