KitchenAid Corporate Office Headquarters

KitchenAid Corporate Office Headquarters
Whirlpool Corporation
2000 North M63
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022-2692 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-269-923-5000
Fax Number: 1-269-923-3525
Customer Service Number: 1-800-422-1230
Small Appliances: 1-800-541-6390
KitchenAid Canada: 1-800-807-6777

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  1. I am so disappointed with the Kitchen Aid Service. I have a brand new refrigerator whose internal temperature went to 61 degrees and when I called warranty service they told me they couldn't get to my home for a week. What was I supposed to do with my food??? The supervisor, no less, suggested that I buy an alternative small refrigerator to keep my food. What chutzpah!!! This isn't like a dishwasher that didn't work (we could wash dishes by hand, even an oven (we could eat out). It was an appliance that contained food that would spoil.

  2. 10/3/2012 - Presidential debate between Obama and Romney. Kitchenaid execs tweeted an insulting remark about how Obama's grandmother (who raised him) died before he became president, implying it was a mistake.

    How dare they say such insulting and hurtful, mean and petty things about our fine President? I am disgusted by this company, and will boycott their products forever. I'm getting rid of my Kitchenaid fridge and will not buy their mixer as I had planned to! BOYCOTT KITCHENAID!!!

  3. I am outraged over your tweet about our president! I have many Kitchen Aid products and can not believe your would support such a disturbing and inappropriate comment. I hope you speak out against this tweet and terminate whoever made such a statement on behalf of Kitchen Aid...if not i will not purchase another product of your for myself or gift for others. Incredibly disappointing!

  4. KitchenAid does not care about the end user. Sold me a fridge that doesn't work and a dishwasher that flooded my home. They will attempt to "repair"...will not replace or refund my money. Refrigerator is less than 14 days old, dishwasher 13 months old. Buyer Beware!!!!

  5. WOW!!! We bought a Kitchenaid dishwasher last August and at first it was fantastic it even dried the bottom of my coffee mugs but then little by little not drying that or my dishes so we had to hand dry. First visit they blamed the jet dry dispenser so a week later it was installed. Dishes still wet. Next visit was told water not hot enough when it was about 140 degrees. Next visit was told I will may have to pay for this visit as it was more of an instructional visit, I laughed. Now he was saying we prerinsed with brush on sink that had dawn liquid in it, not the case. Then said maybe water (hard or soft) could be the problem so I asked what should it be and he didnt know. We have a water/softener set up. We bought a $800 dishwasher but a used one would have been just as good. I will never buy another kitchenaid either but arent all appliances made outside the USA now?

  6. I have a stainless steel dishwasher that isn't even 2 years old and it keeps breaking down. Will never buy your products again. when you pick a name brand the appliance should last a lot longer than it does.

  7. I purchased a kitchenaid professional HD stand mixer last may. I have used it 12 times and on the 12th use it stopped working and it sounds like a motor is disentigrating. I counted KitchenAid. When I first purchased it they had a promo for their pasta attachment. I sent them a copy of the sales receipt along with the upc off the box and the form they supplied. I registered the product for the one year manufacturers warranty. I even ordered the meat grinder attachment. I haven't had a chance to use either attachment. I babied my mixer and they asked me questions about it's use, making me feel like they were trying to lay the blame of the defect on me. I gave them the info they requested except another copy of the sales.receipt. I told them to check their own records because I sent it to them at the time of purchase. I was informed.that it went to another department and they don't have access to.those records. I asked.them if they all worked for the same company. I didn't.receve a response to.that. I said that I registered the mixer at the time of purchase and was informed that registering the product did not guarantee service. I asked then why do you bother asking your customers to.register their appliances if you have no intention of honoring your warantees. I.didn't receive a response to that. My husband placed the mkxer back in it's original box to get it out of my sight because ot upset me so much. I.told him what upset me was that I Chose the mixer based on the brand names reputation and they did not live up to that reputation. After reading all the complaints on KitchenAids twitter site I was appauled by their lack of customer support. I was.informed by kitchenaid that my situation was a rare one and my response to them was that is not so. They should read their own twitter account because I did. They have not contacted me since and I am left with a piece of equipment that doesn't work. I am thoroughly disappointed in KitchenAid and will never buy another kitchenaid product. Since they are part of whirlpool I am boycotting whirlpool as well. After my experience, a couple of friends who were going to purchase the same mixer decided not to.

  8. I thought I was finally ready for "high end" appliances and bought all KitchenAid for my newly remodeled kitchen. Within 2 years, the refrigerator had to be professionally drained. The repairman, said he gets a lot of calls for this particular problem and he thinks it's a bad design by KitchenAid. You think? Every few weeks I have to get on my knees, spread out a towel and literally crack the sheet of ice that forms (up to 3/4" thick) on the bottom of the freezer. Now, after 4 years, the seal around the freezer door no longer works. So, within 4 years of owning a KitchenAid, I'll be calling for its 2nd service. I'm so disappointed that such a large company has such a poor regard for their customers. You can bet I will NEVER recommend this product to anyone. It is no longer high end, and that's sad.

    1. Same issue here...Whirlpool continues to deny there is an issue. I'm trying to move up the chain of command but get stonewalled at every turn. This is almost fraudulent since it is obviously a widespread issue and a design flaw...frost free has been around for decades so its amazing this can be an issue. A hole in the bottom of a freezer that water drips in the world can Kitchenaid mess that up?

  9. I have been a consumer who believed that Kitchen Aid appliances, large and countertop, were the best. I own a Kitchen Aid countertop mixer, hand mixer, dishwasher, etc. Well I also own the albatross of blenders also made by Kitchen Aid. Although my blender is about 7 years old the problem with it is a recurring one that began not long after the purchase. Today the "coupler" dissolved again for the nth time. We previously took the blender to a service center to be repaired, however, we refuse to invest any more money into this recurring defectively designed product. I called the company today and was told that my blender is out of warranty which I knew. I guess I wanted to inquire if they were aware of a design flaw. The person that I spoke with told me there was no "recall' so there wasn't a design flaw, HOWEVER, the new blenders no longer have the black plastic/rubber coupler. When I said that sounded like a redesign for some reason the person from Kitchen Aid said the top was redesigned not the bottom. The top now is one piece so there is no separate coupler. She was unaware of any problems with it. She suggested I call a repair place and get the part.
    I contacted a service center who said the part was $3.95 plus shipping and that instructions come with it. The service center said it shouldn't be too difficult to replace as they sell "thousands of them." THOUSANDS!!!! Wouldn't you think there was a design flaw that accounted for THOUSANDS of couplers being sold. I refuse to purchase another Kitchen Aid product as they clearly don't own up to inherent problems with the designs of their products. Service department was useless. Of course my blender was out of warranty and of course they may not have many complaints about the blender as people have no idea how many break. The first time we thought it was just a fluke. Clearly it wasn't and who can anticipate that it will break again after the first repair. We certainly didn't. Poor product and lack of response to consumers means beware of purchasing Kitchen Aid.

  10. I returned home after a short 3 day vacation to find my $3200.00 one year old refrigerator had stopped working and lost everything inside amounting to over $600.00. We spent hours emptying and cleaning up the mess. I called Kitchen aid the next day. I received different answers for the same questions from numerous people. Twice service techs came to my home with few tools and no parts. Both had to call the factory for assistance. I could plainly hear the factory rep saying on the phone to the tech in my home that the compressors have been found to be defective due to being overfilled with oil, and the evaporators develop leaks. So naturally the refrigerant is gone as well. I have been promised reimbursement for the food loss by one person and told by others they never do that. I have been told that since this is a catastrophic event "we will just exchange the unit since it's only 1 yr. old". The refrigeration system/parts/labor is warranted for 10 years. Now I'm told they don't do exchanges. I talked with a supervisor and not being satisfied with her I asked for the number of her supervisor. The number she gave rang at JC Penny's service evaluation program and asked for me to enter my code number. I could continue. Bottom line, Kitchen aid has the worst customer service I have ever heard of. They don't back their product. They are not making any effort to correct their issue with my refrigerator. I have had no refrigeration in my house for a week and am told it could be another 7-9 days, (not a promise though). Not only the loss of food, I have missed two days work to have "factory trained and authorized service techs" come to my house and do nothing. Kitchen Aid Sucks top to bottom. We will NEVER buy anything they sell. Buyer beware. Kitchen Aid is also Maytag and Whirlpool. Don't buy their crap

  11. We purchased our first Kitchenaid appliance ever two years ago, a stainless steel dishwasher for about $1000. And after two years of operation, we have decided we will NEVER buy a Kitchenaid appliance of any kind again! It is worse than the twelve tear old Kenmore we replaced at the time.

    I never completely dried the dishes, even with the extra HEAT button depressed. I know about puddling water in depressions, but on ordinary dishes, half of them were still wet. I never had that problem with my twelve year old Kenmore, even when replaced it.

    After one year the cheap, poorly designed utensil holder in the lower rack warped, allowing he cheap top covers with slots to fall through to the bottom without any support at all. We removed the slotted covers. Then about three months ago the top rack fell out of the sliders because the wheels kept falling out and the slide tracks were loose and jiggly, providing NO solid support after less than two years.

    I am posting this here and every other internet site I can find about experiences with appliances. I will state the facts and nothing more, the reader will decide on their own.

  12. Sounds like a LONG line of dissatisfied customer that I am joining with my complaint. I received a KitchenAid "stainless steel" knife set for Christmas last year. The second time I used one of the larger knives to cut soft cheese, the blade broke in two pieces. If the knives are not washed and dried by hand they begin to rust and spot terribly. I guess they must be using quality steel from China!!!!! Lesson learned. No more KitchenAid for me. P.S. I'm a kitchen designer and after reading the list of appliance complaints, I will be advising my clients to steer clear of KitchenAid products across the board. Sure wish things could be made in the good 'ol USA!

  13. For almost 40 years we have faithfully purchased Kitchenaid appliances; a dual-fuel stove, a dishwasher, a microwave, a refrigerator and so, we in the fall of 2012 purchased a stainless steel French door fridge. Since owning it, the control board failed ($400 repair) and the ice maker died three times. The seal at the freezer bottom doesn't work properly and has ice crystals forming weekly that we have to continuously remove. Repairman after repairman appear empty-handed and then return with parts a week later to attend to repairs that are not fixing the seal problem with the bottom freezer at all. We have recently purchased an extended warranty for an additional $500 and are totally frustrated with this fridge problem. Furthermore, customer service is totally frustrating in that hold after hold, stalled computers, one after another at call centers with slow processing computers are nothing but delaying tactics designed to put space and response between consumers and corporate ineffectiveness. We will NEVER again purchase your appliances. You have lost loyal, constant-supportive consumers in this family and we will spread our experiences far and wide to all we know about avoiding your products in the future. We have never been so disappointed in a company or in their poor excuse for reliable products and service to American customers. You should be ashamed for hoisting this travesty on consumers who purchase your products.

  14. Isaiah W.
    As I stated in my email, I have contacted Kitchen Aid's as well as the Rebate Fulfillment Center's customer service and called those numbers you have listed prior to my original email and have gotten no where!!! Customer Service has no solution! Your solution is for me to contact customer service, after me informing you that customer service is of no help? This problem needs the attention of upper management!

    Me being a contractor, imagine how would you feel if I were remodeling your house and I told you that it would take about eight weeks to complete (in time for the Thanksgiving holiday), eight weeks goes by and the job is not done? You want to know why and when am I going to be done. I tell you that I'm waiting on a back order to complete the job but not sure when the back order will be shipped out to the job. A week goes by and then another and still the job is not done, waiting on the back order. Now after 13 weeks ( Xmas around the corner) the job is still no closer to being complete and you ask when is it going to be done? And again I respond with no time frame, only that it will be done when I get the back order in. Is this acceptable to you?

    Does Kitchen Aid expect the customer to wait indefinitely?
    Is this how Kitchen Aid handle customer service?

    This problem needs the attention of upper management!

    -----Original Message-----
    Sent: Fri, Oct 3, 2014 7:23 am
    Subject: RE: ice cream maker rebate

    Dear Valued KitchenAid Customer,

    Thank you for visiting the KitchenAid website! We appreciate the opportunity to respond to your inquiry.

    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing a delay in receiving your gift with purchase choice. Rebates take approximately 8-10 weeks for processing. This is the 13th week!

    All inquiries regarding our Gift with Purchase Promotions should be directed to our Rebate Fulfillment Center at: Done that, no help.

    1-800-324-5808 and/or 1-800-589-3720: Called these numbers and spoke with a supervisor, no help.

    Please contact our KitchenAid Customer eXperience Center by calling 1-800-541-6390, so we may discuss the specifics of the problem and determine how best to help you. We are available 8am to 8pm, Monday through Friday (EST).

    Thank you for choosing KitchenAid and allowing us the opportunity to respond to your inquiry.

    If I may be of further assistance to you, please feel free to respond to this email. You may also contact our KitchenAid customer eXperience center at 800-541-6390. Hours of operation are between 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday thru Friday.


    Isaiah W.
    E-Solutions Specialist
    KitchenAid Customer eXperience Center

    1. Nothing but problems with this company. solutions to issues are a 0. I have never dealt with a company as this. How can anyone employed with this company have a clear concious.

    Model # KSC24C8EYP02
    SERIAL # HR33719638

    DELIVERED 5/20/2014

    Service Company #1
    June – Ice maker stopped working – diagnosis was to replace freezer door.
    August 8, 2014 – New door installed but has cosmetic damage. Ice maker made 2 batches of ice & stopped working. Fill tube is freezing up. Another new door ordered.
    August through Sep & into October – 3 new doors all arrived damaged & not installed.
    October 23rd – new door installed – made 2 batches of ice & stopped working – fill tube frozen
    October 24th – service person defrosted fill tube – ice maker made 2 batches of ice & stopped working.

    Service Company #2
    October 29th – diagnosed fill tube frozen – heater defective – ordered parts
    November 6th – Service company could not figure to how to install parts – broke fill tube & left

    I have talked to customer service at Kitchen Aid 20+ times and I get is I have to be patient & understanding through this process. My patience & understanding was exhausted months ago.

    Unanswerable questions:
    How can 3 new doors that have spent time on my refrigerator have the same problem?

    How can a new door leave the factory without being tested?

    How can an engineer at Kitchen Aid send parts out that are impossible to install by the service company?

    What's wrong with my ice maker?

    1. After reading the endless e-mail complaints about kitchen aid appliances I am certainly glad it is only the ice cream attachment that I am having trouble with. This will be the third one I returned; the bowls keep cracking and leaking the refrigerant that is enclosed in the shell.
      This last one I only used once and today when I went to place it in the freezer to get ready to make another batch I noticed all the blue liquid on the bottom of my shelf. So I always save boxes and this will get returned for a refund. I think I will just buy a Cuisinart model and forget about using my mixer for it.

  16. Sorry I didn't check this website before buying a KitchenAid dishwasher model KSD201XBL in April 2011 along with an service contract from WarrantTech. Within the first couple of weeks the dishwasher stopped working. The store's repairman came out and fixed a loose wire and kept having to come back five times before July. KitchenAid would not consider replacing the apparently lemon unit. I have had at least another ten calls for repair, and Warrant Tech won't consider replacement until the same repair happens four times in a row. That happened within the first year, but apparently they weren't notified by Stohrer Appliance in Point Pleasant, NJ. I will NEVER buy anything from Stohrer Appliance, Kitchen Aid or Warrant Tech again.

  17. Since May, 2014 we have been given a succession of dates for the control/relay that needs to be replaced on our KitchenAid oven/microwave combination. Regularly, we are told that the part is available on (try May 25, July 6, "after Labor Day", December 19). Yesterday, I was told we'd have it "on or before" February 6. When I asked where that date came from, the (very nice, polite) agent Cheryl told me it came from a supervisor. So I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told a supervisor would have to call me back. I waited . . . In the belief that 24 hours is enough time for a call back, I called again today (1/13). Very polite, trying-to-be helpful Brandy did connect me with Supervisor Kim. From Kim, I learned that Feb. 6 is also a fabrication - an ETA that may or may not be real. Kim also told me that the part is no longer available. After more than 30 hours in conversation with various nice but uninformed people, this is not news we want to hear. He indicated that a Review Team had the issue and would call about a replacement. I asked about how long this would take and was told, "they taken things in the order they get them." I asked if this might be the "on or before February 6" date, but could get no information about how long it takes for them to even contact us to discuss replacement. Along the way, we were informed that the part we need had been added to the extended warranty items, so it wouldn't cost us. Still, free is only good if you get something for it!

  18. We purchased all new Kitchen Aid appliances for our new built home in May. Refrigerator, Range, Dishwasher, Microwave.
    After numerous repair calls to repair our leaking from the top ice maker on the refrigerator and the range not holding up, (Range top and Oven finish) Whirlpool agrees to replace the appliances. Thank You! But, Wait! We come home early from vacation Dec. 29th to have them delivered. We move the furniture, roll up the carpet rugs, unload the refrigerator and cancel all plans. They are here. Hoorah! They unload the refrigerator. Dents! They must have used a forklift into the sides of it to lift it at the warehouse. Okay, just unload the range. Oh no, dents too! Load it back up. Put food back in refrigerator, rearrange furniture and carpet rugs. It will be about 10 days and we will hear something. Day 11, no call. After talking with several agents they said new appliances would be here in about a week. Amazing, next day the phone rings we have them.
    Cancel work and plans, roll carpets up, move furniture, they are coming. Yeah! They unload the refrigerator. Oh no, dents!
    Load it back up on the truck. Reload the food in the refrigerator. Well, at least they can bring the range in. It looks great, no dents. Roll the old (new) range out! Bring the new one. After 2+hours, it's installed. Awesome. No, Wait. The delivery guy opens the oven door. Would you believe it opens right into the oven, rubbing and scratching? A Default. Take It Back! Uninstall the new range, bring the old range back in. Unroll carpets, put furniture back. Listen to husband complain for about the 10th day about all the money wasted on new appliances that aren't any good, the time he has wasted when he had things to do, how much work to move everything. I love my husband and want him happy, but this has become a burden. I am very tired of the whole situation. I can't believe how much money Whirlpool/Kitchen aid must lose with damaged appliances, manpower, fuel and J B Hunt delivery charges, phone calls, etc not to mention loss wages and time consumption on our part. Please Help!!!

  19. Just got our oven with Micro oven delivered , Oven did not even melt cheese, made horrible noise , Micro Burnt my water cup , service man was promiced to be at our house ,March 5th today, btw 8am - 12 noon ,
    at one I pm , called , to hear some one coming , Monday afternoon, :(

    Never again Kitchenaid , you can come pick them all at my house , Small and big appliances, and while you at it , go to my kids houses and get them out 2 , since we paid for it all


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