IMVU Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

IMVU Corporate Office Headquarters
411 High Street
Palo Alto, California 94301 USA
Email: n/a
Fax Number: 1-650-321-7263
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-646-3244
Customer Service Number: 1-650-646-3244 

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  1. hello, my name is rachel jackson and i got hacked sunday at 2:00 in the morning , this girl had invited me to a chat and asked me did i want credits and all i had to do is change my email, which i did now i cant get it back because i dont know the password to the email i had .. so i am really asking all yo help i worked soo hard to get the stuff thats in there ! and now she is trying to play as me and be me =.= please help me i really need all help, like disable it or something because she roaming imvu and runing my family doing that. my account name is LoveAinttWorthADimee

    1. I am sorry to tell you but IMVU will not help you do a dayum thing. They do not care about you Rachel. Something similar happened to me and they basically told me too fucking bad. This game that we play has no heart it is a Money mule that is all. You will NOT be assisted by these ppl. Sorry!! BUT here is your light at the end of the tunnel. If you used ANY credit card and can verify that card usage then you may have some hope. BUT it has to have been used on THAT site IMVU!! Good Luck

    2. They will not help you IMVU does not care about us

    3. You got the wrong PPL!!! HAAAAA GOOD LUCK just start over

  2. my account was stolen from me after I had tried to obtain credits from another site. Anyway, I would like it if my credit card number could be stricken from your company because I do not use IMVU any longer and who knows what the person who has stolen my username "FaithfulVictor" is doing with it right now. How can I please delete my credit card number from this acount? I will wait a little longer and then I will have to cancel out the money for the credit card every month. I would like for my credit card number to be removed off of that account please. Thanks.


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