Black and Decker Corporate Office Headquarters

Black and Decker Corporate Office Headquarters
Stanley Black & Decker Inc.
1000 Stanley Drive
New Britain, CT 06053 United States
Corporate Phone Number: 1-860-225-5111
Fax: 1-860-827-3895
Customer Service Number: 800-231-9786
Email:  Online Only

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  1. About a month ago I purchased a 12 cup Black and Decker coffee pot because my Mr. Coffee, which I had used for years and years, finally gave out (and all the water was not coming out near the end of its death).
    So my Mr. Coffee got replaced with a Black and Decker. The first thing I did was put in 12 cups of water and ABOUT 11 1/2 cups came through ... so I said to myself that I can live with that, I guess... figuring some water still in the coffee grounds.
    I am old, retired, and on a very limited budget. Buying a new coffee pot had to be budgeted. Because I only drink one or two cups a day and cannot make that in what I bought, I make more coffee than needed for one day, BUT I pour me a cup the next day, heat it up in the microwave because of the price of coffee, and because I cannot afford to throw it away. I cannot just get a little one or two cup coffee pot, because I need a larger one when my family visits me.
    I started noticing that lots of water condensates on the inside TOP lid and no where for it go except drip down into the already made coffee. The water still stays there on the second and third day. Even when on the third day I am making NEW COFFEE, the OLD WATER CONDENSATION is still there. (Yuck)
    When I take a paper towel and wipe the condensation off, I get a brown/black color which of course is from the coffee.
    I do not think this coffee pot could have passed any rules or regulations. Whoever designed this MUST NOT drink coffee or perhaps never use a coffee pot, or perhaps even SLEEPING WHILE ON THE JOB.
    So now I have to have a NOTE by the coffee pot that says "REMEMBER TO WIPE THE INSIDE LID" so that I don't forget.
    I am not happy to have old CONDENSATED water drip back into my new fresh coffee.
    My sign is NOT A GOOD ADVERTISEMENT FOR BLACK AND DECKER..... why? Well, because everyone who visits asks me "what is this sign about?" and I show them the water inside of the top lid, tell them why and tell them never to buy a coffee pot like this ....... you should hear some of the comments I get .... Black and Decker would not be happy.
    So everyday I wipe the condensation off because some design engineer got paid for designing a piece of CRAP ..... Just so you know.......... I have drank coffee for OVER 50 YEARS so trust me, I know all about MY COFFEE................................

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  3. Last night at your Black & Decker factory in Jackson, Tennessee; one of your well known and liked, long time employees; a maintenance man with years of experience with your machines, was electrocuted to death. -In front of all of the employees. I'm pretty sure, without even an autopsy, that the organs inside his body were burned to a crisp. I'd like to think he passed quickly, but I'm sure there was PLENTY of pain involved in his demise. The employees all saw the blood pouring out of his nose (not a trickle. I said pouring. P O U R I N G!!!), SMELLED THE BURNING FLESH, and saw that no amount of CPR would resuscitate him. This isn't an incident that could have been hidden! Naturally, such a tragic and traumatic event is deeply disturbing to peoples psyche. Young people, old friends, people who have NEVER seen a person die and certainly, for God's sake, never smelled burning organs. Add the unexpectedness of it all, and this creates a very confusing and disturbing place for a mind to return. And IT WILL. Now I can say that Black & Decker treats their employees pretty well there. Although the warehouse workers aren’t exactly living big. In fact, if you figured up the rate of a temporary person (2/3 of the staff) at $10./hr and then looked at just the cost of housing, you quickly see that they’re barely scraping by. Those employees may not be on your direct payroll, but the damage is just as great to them as it is to your full-time regular employees. I know this was a -perhaps unavoidable- accident.
    I know that your men did the right thing in sending all of the employees home after it happened. But these people who were sent home- they should be paid for the hours they are losing. EVEN the temps. In fact, if B&D were a really DECENT company, there'd also be some kind of special monetary compensation for all of those affected.
    In addition, I'm proud of how quickly you got the grief counselors in there! I believe that they must be available to all who were working and all who share the same position as your fallen employee, and any others in need; for A YEAR!!! I’m really concerned about those temporary employees not getting shafted in this. That’s 2/3 of the workforce there and they are just as deeply affected by this. PTSD and other anxieties can manifest later, after the person stops repressing the memories.
    I’m sure that B&D will take care of that poor man’s family, who we are in prayer for. We’re also lifting up the company itself and all of the employees. This is such a sad thing to happen.
    I just want to be sure that ALL of the workers will be attended to properly. They NEED that counseling and they NEED the money. I’m just saying. Do them right, and I will praise your company Keep on doing them right and I will be praising your company LOUD & PROUD to all 1,500 of my social media followers, my church and to the public media for the entire holiday season and after.

  4. Purchased a B&D LD120 VA 20V cordless drill through Amazon August 21,2015.Drill ran fine for about a month, and I just tried to work with it again; the battery is evidently defunct or dead... continual blinking, drill does not function. Out of warranty; do I have any recourse except to buy another EXPENSIVE battery??


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