AFLAC Corporate Office Headquarters


AFLAC Corporate Office Headquarters

AFLAC Incorporated
1932 Wynnton Road
Columbus, GA 31999 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-706-323-3431
Fax Number: 1-706-324-6330
Customer Service Number:1-800-992-3522

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  1. My name is Isaac Mullins and I am a new AFLAC agent here in beautiful Anchorage, AK.Thank you all for your comments both good and bad. I'd like to point out that the lack of service in certain areas of this company does disturb me and I have made alot of headway in righting wrongs from that lack of service. Please keep in mind that the concept behind AFLAC benifits and the what the company does stand for is right on track with how every corporation America should do business. Right before 9/11 we started enrolling the firefighters in New York. Well being as huge as the New York fire department is we had to start from the outskirts of the city and work our way in. As a result we did not get to the central stations who happened to be the first responders that day to the towers. Well Dan Amos, top dog at AFLAC, decided to pay death benifits to all the fire fighters who lost there lives that day just because it was the right thing to do. I'll follow that kind of leadership.In the Japan catostrophe many bodies were swept out to see and never recovered. Standard life insurance practice is that death benifits will not be paid without a physical body. So what does Dan Amos do,pays regardless and donates millions to the recovery effort on top of that. With any large corporation you will have the good and the bad (most of the bad I've noticed came from lack of service on an individual agents part) but coming from a small town where insurance is the devil's work (no offense to anyone) to actually being excited not only have insurance that I believe in as a consumer but as a budding business owner being able to mirror Dan Amos's vision with my own clients by doing the right thing while helping people in their time of greatest need. And I am not alone in that vision either. So please continue to express your concerns and I will be reading. Thank you all and appreciate yourselves. Sincerely, Me P.S. Isaac Mullins P.S.S. Did you at least smile. Just kiddin, take care all.

  2. Aflac is not a trust worthy company. They owe me money and each time I contact them they get all my information s nd say they going to take care of the situation and it is never resolved. Mary Swift really surprise me.

  3. I had been a Aflac customer for 15 yrs., who only had two claims submitted in those fifteen years. I had a procedure done and was out of work for three weeks. Sumbitted my claim and was given three
    different excuses for not paying. So guess what, I CANCEL THE POLICY. I refuse to allow my money to be sent for another premium with this company.

    Patricia M. Moore

  4. Aflac is a rip off!

    I have been a loyal customer since 2007 to date. I currently have 3 policies. I was recently taken out of work and submitted my claim. Initially , the doctor's nurse completed the claim form wrong but once made aware. the corected information was submitted. Aflac asked for my doctor's treatment notes to support the claim. I faxed the requested documents in and Aflac denied the claim again. I called in complained and they re-opened the claim this time they are asking for a note on the doctor's letterhead confirming and clarifying my condition. My doctor wrote the note on his prescription pad and i faxed it in. I called today to follow up and now they are saying they still need a note clarifying my condition. I made them aware that it was faxed in the previous day.... the supervisor claims the fax was light and they can't read it. I demanded an email address and I sent a scanned PDF of the prescription/note. I am still playing the waiting game for my claim and I have been out of work for 30 days. i feel like i wasted 9 years paying for insurance. Totally ripped me off!!!

  5. I am an Aflac agent soon to be no longer. I did not get along with my DSC who was the father of the RSC who was a good friend of the state director. The whole family worked together in this office and was fed very well if you know what I mean. If it was a cruise the family all won. Well I am being terminated because I do not get along with him and without cause. I asked to speak with the state director to no avail. so I will go to the next channel the Vp of Territory if they will give me the number to which I can call. This is protocol. I do not think they will. Very shady company. They want to take your money to work for them, ie testing if a new agent, ect.

  6. my name is ahmad tounisi I have filed a claim on or a bout 2/16/2016
    and my claim is still not paid I called so many times. it sound to me like no one knows about this claim ,I have called the hospitals they said that no one asked for any thing in regards to this claim . mishandling is an understatement. It does not take 2 month's to pay a claim if the reps
    are doing their jobs right . please help me get this claim done somebody anybody please .
    my phone number is 312-459-9067
    my name is Ahmad tounisi


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