TracFone Wireless Corporate Office Headquarters

TracFone Wireless Corporate Office Headquarters
9700 NW 112th Ave.
Miami, Florida 33178 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-305-640-2000
Fax Number: 1-305-640-2070
Customer Service Number: 1-800-323-2366

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  1. Do your employees track and disrupt,cancel emails and phone calls, block phone calls, charge extra for phone calls and texts by re-submitting the text at a later date or cancelling/dropping the call. Or is someone else controlling my phone. This is what is going on with my phone and it has been since I have received it. What is going on with my phone.

    1. Dude- Get a life or at least learn a different saying

  2. i have been with straighttalk thru 2 previous phones with no problems with service. wanted to upgrade because of battery issues on old phone. ordered online, when received i got on line and entered i fo to port from one straighttalk phone to another straighttalk phone. waited and waited. nothing happened just kept saying no service. so got online since old phone was not working and new one either. told them what happening. prevoius to taling online with them to battery out trned off on so many times. so i tell them that. first thing they want me to do is that same thing. then try more things. keep looking at my account. got disconnect
    online had to sign on again and get new persozn and start emails from start again. that happened one more time. this went on for hours. then finally someone said you need to call in to fix. i am disabled and do not get out much, and we are having snow storms but i need my phone on incase something happen to me. so found someone to let me use their phone. i waited 45 minutes on hol and finally hung up. so came home and got on ipad again and started whole story again. talked to several people again take out battery turn off and again. finally last girl says the new phone is off sprint toer. old phone off verizon. that was the problem. i need verizon. straighttalk website does not tell you what provider tower it uses. so all in all i should not have ordered that phone. then someone to,d me dial #22890 instead of *22890 to finish setup on old phone to get back in service. now sent straighttalk to tell me how to get new phone returned to them they should at least put on their website who is service provider towers used. it has been a really bad experience and very stressfull. it has taken me 2 days to get back to my old phone in which the battery does hold a good charge anymore. i need a reliable phone and wanted to upgrade to android or something with a slider keyboard. easiest for me. new phone i got was an lg optimus q. it was a good looking phone with slider keyboard just doesnt work in my area because of sprin and not verizon. 2163469513

  3. I just upgraded my phone with Straight Talk, from an Lg to Samsung Galaxy Centura phone...was excited at first...then I realized that the phone, for whatever reason, cannot accurately identify where it is physically located.
    I live in St. Augustine Florida. Any location specific application thinks that the phone is located in Tallahassee FL, some 200+ miles west of my location.

    I tried finding a movie with my Redbox app yesterday...and my only choices were in Tallahassee FL and couldn't change it.

    If I ask Google for my current shows me a map of Tallahassee.

    The operating system has crashed multiple times. The
    phone cannot maintain an accurate time of day.

    I'm fighting with Straight Talk now..who is saying it's not a problem with the phone...really?? A smart phone that doesn't know where it's at is pretty dumb to me?
    Not sure what the problem is...Samsung...I've sent you guys an email discussing the problem...and didn't even get a "we'll get back to you email"...
    Overall...furious...bought the phone as a Christmas Gift to myself...I could have purchased a bag of coal at Dollar Tree for a Buck...and saved another $98.00.

    I have tried all of the location settings available on the phone and @ Google...nothing fixes the problem permanently. The Phone default to Tallahassee as it's location.

    Just what everyone needs... A smart phone that doesn't even know where it lives...much else, be able to find it's way home...and the customer service people @ Straight Talk have been absolutely worthless...they're now telling me that the phone is functioning properly...Really???

  4. Horrible customer service! Spent over 30 minutes waiting for a supervisor or the number for corporate and never got either one. Went online and looked it up myself because she took 15 minutes trying to find a number. Had to make multiple calls just to activate a phone because the old one has water damage and wouldn't come on. How many different ways do you have to say "it won't come on" before they understand? Just terrible!

  5. Very annoyed, I called today to activate a new phone and transfer my number from an old tracfone to a new tracfone. When I called I had a hard time understanding the rep so I had to call back, the second rep that I got told me that my phone will be activated within a few minutes, 30 minutes past and I still wasn't able to use the phone when I called back the rep I got told me that it takes 2 days for the number to be ported, and that there was nothing that he could do for me, so when I asked is this normal he said yes, so I said no where on the site does it states 2 day porting and why didn't the previous rep say this too me, (I know he wouldn't know the answer) he didn't answer so at this point I ask for a supervisor and he couldn't give me one then I asked for his Corporate head quarters # or email and stated he couldn't give me that information. I laughed and gave him the number email and address for future use I said I googled it. He didn't know what to say and hung up. Have to say that I am glad that I took down both names and office I called and sent out an e-mail. Very unprofessional.

  6. Boy this company is going down hill fast. I also was told there was no way to contact corporate and that the supervisor I spoke to was as high up as I could go. That there was no further solution that could possibly be give to address their inability to turn my bring my own phone into a net10 phone and since they activated the sim card while trying, the store I bought this nonsense from wouldn't take it back. I am on the "30 day" wait list to see if they are going to mail me a check. I found this with BING. I will come back and post if the number reaches someone. Then maybe I will post it on net10's facebook page so that other people can find it.

  7. I tried to transfer minutes and my number from one phone to another. First I tried the website and when that did not work I tried customer service. Even thought I still had plenty of minutes and service days left I was told my phone had expired. It had not. I was treated like a liar, as if I was trying to cheat or steal from tracfone. All I wanted was to transfer minutes which I had paid for fro one phone to another. I realized I'd have to transfer the number as well and I agreed to let them do that. Why they would not do that but kept insisting on informing me that they would have to transfer the number too I can't begin guess. Even though I told them that was exactly what I wanted them to do they still would not do it nor would they transfer me to someone who could help.

    I tried contacting customer service through email and still was told my phone had expired (it still had not expired)
    I got an email saying the problem had been resolved. It hadn't been resolved. I tried once more contacting customer service this time with even more details about what happened and was still told the same thing as they had told me before except they claimed I was a valued customer! How can I possibly believe that?

    I've been a Tracfone customer for years and they used to be a good company. Not anymore. What happened?

  8. I have been a Tracfone customer for years myself and have been sending friends to that company. So imagine when the old phone I had also got wash while in my jacket, after returning home from the hospital.Call to get a new Sim card to activate a new phone and a manager told me he would need the old phone that I had trash serial number in order to activate it. I am now out of a phone with no help from this person who said he's a manager and when I ask him for the Corporate office telephone number he told me there were none he would have to give me their address in Florida. What I guess he did not know is how technology now control everything because I went online and found what he did not want to give to me. I will be back here to let you know their response to this serious matter.... Their were a good company maybe Management change ..Who knows.

  9. I am a straight talk user. On christmas eve my phone was deactivated two days early when i called to get it reactivated the rep I talked to named "Reniel" was very rude and disrespectful I asked her to talk to a supervisor to report her at which point she said she was a supervisor at this point I requested to talj to her manager which she just left me on the line for 45 minutes stating she was waiting for the manager I eventually got tired of waiting and hung up the following day we realized my wife straight talk phone wasn't working mind you this was the phone I used to call to get my issue resolved upon calling straight talk to find out why her phone wasn't working we were told we had reported her phone stolen I immediately knew it was bull carp and asked the lady what time the phone was reported stolen and told her I knew it was reniel who did this the rep hung up on me I called back and was hung up on twice more being it was christmas day I had to open gifts with family so I called back a few hours later this time the rep said she couldn't tell me what time the report was made but if I told her when I called she would tell me if it was reported around that time so I did and she confimed the phone was reported stolen immediately after our call ended and she and I agreed reneal had in spite made the false stolen phone report to inconveniece me it would have taken up to 72hours to get this issue resolved had I not put the pieces together but then I asked to talk to someone to get her fired for this and they told me I had yo contact corporate office which I've tried to do and am still trying to do I keep being transferred to a manager which ends up being a answering machine I've left messages but have yet to receive a return call what a crappy christmas gift from my friends at tracphone/straight talk im not letting this go ill call back everyday till im finally heard


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