Nissan USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Nissan USA Corporate Office Headquarters
Nissan North America, Inc.
1 Nissan Way
Franklin, TN 37067 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-725-1000
Fax Number: 1-615-725-3343
Customer Service Number: 1-800-647-7261
Nissan Finance NMAC: 1-800-456-6622
NMAC Lease Customers: 1-800-777-7018
EV Electric Vehicle Support: 1-877-664-2738
Roadside Assistance: 1-877-647-6281

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  1. please experience for yourselves, watch any of your commercials on a PC. The loudness of them is extremely offensive. Sitting infront of a computer and having the loudest commercial blaring in your ears only makes me so very frustrated and angry! its offensive to your ears and there is no reason on this planet to have your commercial's soo loud.

  2. First I lease 2 Maximas a 2011 & 2012. Tonight I went to Massapequa, Nissan, NY and went to turn in the 2011 to lease a new 2014 and was out right scammed by the dealership, sales person, and especially the finance manager. I went to the dealership and spent 3 hours there and in short, was told a $1000.00 down and $378.00 per month would be the price to drive the new 2014 Maxima vehicle out. After 3 hours when I went to the office to sign the lease agreement I was told I needed an additional $2400.00 more to complete the lease. This was even after the dealership called my insurance company to change vehicles (which I had to even do myself over the phone there) This is an outright scam and I will never buy or lease another Nissan for the rest of my life and neither will any of my family or friends. You have lost a loyal customer forever it you care. This was not only the worst car purchasing/lease experience I have ever had but probably the worst purchasing experience of my life! This is in addition to the degrading and condescending attitude exhibited by the finance manager when letting him know I was on to his scam, with him stating that "he did not know what his sales person agreed to with me," (this is after he went up to speak with him 3 times about my lease and hard to really believe). I will write all executives in Nissan and the NYS State and local chambers of commerce to let them know how underhanded this dealership is.

  3. I own a 2006 maxima and have replaced just about everything under the hood, the car has never been wrecked. Its in the shop replcing the 2nd motor. and have already replace the transmission & timing belt, which your dealership charge me 6000.00 dollars to do. I believe your company needs to own up and take reponsibly for producing defect car. Everyone i know that has own a 2004 to 2007 maxima has had nothing but problems. I will never own another and never refer a nissan product to anyone.

    1. I will never go to another Nissan dealership as long as I live DO NOT BUY NISSAN. Bad cars and crooks work in the garages.

  4. This is my second time posting a blog about our 2013 Nissan Sentra. As of today's date, I have yet to receive a $150.00 referral fee from Nissan South in Morrow, Ga. I feel that this is very sad in that we have already made one payment and we are in the market for a full sized pickup truck. I can assure you that it will not be a Nissan Titan. I

  5. New Nissan 2014 Altima SL 4 cylinder not getting even close to the 31/27/38 mileage I do more city driving with about 15 % highway car is getting only 16,17,18 miles to the gallon. I drive slow and don't accelerate quickly!

  6. Nasty garages and liars, Brooklyn Park Nissan Morries Anita in service liars. They can not fix a car.....

  7. It took a non nissan garage to fix my Nissan Sentra. The Morries garage told me the noise in the front was bad brake pads put on by another garage, not Nissan. They said live with the noise. The brakes went out on the rear, and the noise was ball joints and control arm... Never buy NIssan. I will never again.

  8. Elaine 4-07-2014 at 3.42 pm
    I bought a 2012 Nissan Altima on May 24, 2012. The paint color is super black. This is the worst color paint of any car I owned. It scratches easy, smudges, chips and spots when wet very bad. I have to wax it very often so it looks half way decent. It already looks 6 years old. It's not worth the cost of the car.

  9. Over the years I have purchase Nissan and the reason for that is, I have never had any problems until I traded in my two year old Nissan with nine thousand miles for a newer model. The first thing that happened, I was given a car with six hundred miles and was told it was a new car. After seeking advice, I return the car and was given a really new car. However, they really meant to get me in some way. What they did was for my trade in, they documented up the mileage from nine thousand to seventeen thousand plus. I also purchased the MPG for mostly dings and scratches but having my first ding, I found out I did not have that coverage in the contract. When I asked to speak to the person who did the contract, I was told he was terminated. They are not done with me yet. I notified them to stop the draft from my account in early January and to bill me by mail. The next month (February) they took it from my account. I was billed for March and sent the payment way before the date due, but March 24 they took the money from my account again. Now having two payments for the same month, I have asked for my money to be replace into my account since March 25th. I was told it would be there in ten days. I have spoken to ten different people including supervisors and as of this day April 16, 2014 I have not received my money. Every time I spoke to someone I was told something different each time. Liars, Liars, Liars`. I do not know what has happened to Nissan but it has lost that great standing it had for so many years.

  10. Gezon Nissan
    3985 Plainfield Ave NE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49525
    Ph: (616) 361-7361

    To whom it may concern,
    I recently purchased a 2012 Nissan Versa, Vin# 3N1CN7APXCL801788, “Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle” on 4/28/14. Since I have owned the vehicle the following issues have happened:
    1. 2 days after I purchased the vehicle, 4/30/14 the transmission failed. Gezon Nissan said, “the transmission had an internal failure” and had to be replaced. The vehicle was at Gezon for 2 weeks
    2. After 2 weeks of vibration I took the car in on 7/25/14 to find out the front rotors were warped and needed replaced. The service personnel said he did not know why the rotors warped, but thought the pads were replaced and the rotors were not prepared properly. I had to pay $135 for this
    3. On 8/1/14 the check engine light came on. I took it in and the error code had something that pertained to bad gasoline, but it was half full from a full tank???
    4. On 8/8/14 the check engine light came on a stop sign and a “clunk sound” was heard. This clunk sound seemed to be coming from the transmission. The error code indicated a faulty electro-mechanical transmission shifting module.
    5. On 8/29/14 the check engine light came on again at a stop sign and the same “clunk sound” was heard as on 8/8/14. When the accelerator pedal was pushed, the car was very sluggish and it seemed as if the transmission was slipping.
    I am very disappointed in the plethora of unusual issues I have had to deal with in the few short months I have owned this car. We have also purchased a Nissan Rogue in the last year. This vehicle has also had to be brought back to the dealer due to check engine light and transmission problems. The Rogue’s battery was also depleted by the ECM malfunction. We chose to buy two Nissans because of the reputation the company has for providing a quality product that encourages quite consistent customer loyalty. After this experience, we are tempted to never purchase another Nissan again.
    We are hoping that the Versa we purchased is a “lemon” and that you will be able to resolve the extremely frustrating and disappointing situation we are in now. We have put more miles on the Versa driving it back and forth to the dealer than we have in using it for personal use, which is absolutely ridiculous. This letter is being sent to both the dealership we have been working with on Plainfield in Grand Rapids, MI as well as to Nissan USA customer service.
    Our hope is that between the two of you, some sort of resolution will be reached. Whether in the form of returning the vehicle with an $11,500 refund or in the form of a replacement vehicle.
    Kord Daniels

  11. My girlfriend had steering issues with her 2014 Nissan Versa note. When she had it towed to the dealership she was told it was a bent tie rod and it would cost $1400 plus to repair it. I told them to put it up on the rack and it was the inner tie rod to the steering rack which can be replaced without changing the whole steering rack. It's $149 part and they sit there and lie and tell her she hit something. The rod is so flimsey and tiny in diameter, it's no wonder why it's bent. It's about as big around as your pinkie finger. They won't cover under warranty and the car has extended warranty and only has 7300 miles on it. The dealership is crooked and I think they would file warranty claims to screw nissan and also screw the customer by overcharging by not changing the rack at all. Don't trust these scumbag losers one bit and I have 35 years experience working on massive jets and cars. And then to have some insulting BS service manager and mechanic trying to blow smoke up my ass is just unbelieveable.

  12. Why to do choose to air a commercial with your car playing music so loud everyone can hear it and sing along? What happens when people follow your lead but play racist,curse filled music that children can hear. Or play that bass filled Hip Hop Rap that shakes the car, do you want everyone to listen to that. You surely missed the mark on this one. It's like you can see the Dorset thru the trees. I like your cars, but not your commercials.

  13. On October 2 I requested my GAP insurance be canceled and a check cut for the remainder (around $600). It is now Dec 24, and I still have not received my check from Corporate. I called the insurance company 3 weeks ago, It had been canceled back in October. The dealership sent a letter to corporate around 2 weeks ago. How long does it take to cut a check! I refuse to pay 2 more months for GAP insurance that isn't there.

  14. I just tried to trade my 2006 Nissan Altima to a Nissan dealership and when they came out to give me the news they told me that the car couldn't even go to auction because of the rust on the floor boards and that I wouldn't even be able to sell it. Now I am stuck with a car that has rust and not to my fault. I just saw a bunch of postings regarding this matter and that Nissan will not do anything about it. You liked my money when I bought the car. Something needs to be done.

  15. I took my car in to get the leather fixed, bubbling AGAIN. This has already been replaced once. My vehicle is barely a year old. They told me it's because of the oil I used. The first and only time I have ever even attempted to clean my car was 3 days ago. It is NOT because of the oil. I have already been to arbitration because the top scrapes the seats when it goes up and down. Now while my car is under warranty something that was already replaced once they aren't going to FIX! I will be calling the BBB again and maybe this time I will hire my own lawyer. I have never owned a Nissan and this is the worst car owning experience I have ever had! Very Disappointed!

  16. Horrible service. Shane at Concord Nissan in California told my husband the drivers airbag was not covered under warranty. And it was. He failed to follow proper guidelines and laws in customers concerns when writing the customer copy of what was discussed during visit. We tried to get the air bag fixed a couple of months later again under warranty. After diagnosis the car should have been fixed promptly but was not. Nissan Concord wanted to charge for something under warranty. Opened a case and after review from Nissan the RUDE AND VERY UNPROFESSIONAL case manager stated they would not cover the airbag. I will never purchase another vehicle nor use a Nissan dealership again. Nissan failed to stand by Warranty and product. The message has been sent and being a very active member in my community I have informed the Mother's group and all those in my community of my horrible experience and the lack of safety measures by Nissan. Please do not ever purchase a vehicle from this company because you will be disappointed.


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