My Pillow Corporate Office Headquarters

My Pillow Corporate Office Headquarters
920 6th St W
Carver, MN 55315 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-952-442-6199
Customer Service Number: 1-800-308-1299
Email: [email protected]
Sales: 1-855-974-5569
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  1. I unfortunately called your advertised phone number to take advantage of the "BOGO" offer. I can't believe that you don't tell your customers why you ask for their "T Shirt Size". Any normal person would assume that you are sending out complimentary tee-shirts for advertisement purposes when they ask for your size. I naturally thought that having two masters that I wouldn't be caught dead in a tee shirt advertising My Pillow So, I thought I would give the tee shirt size of a impoverished relative so that I could put them to good use. Never in my wildenst dreams did I think that you ask this for measurement purposes. I am a slight woman and received a pillow that a giant would use. It was so hard that my neck is still hurt from this produce.
    . When I called your phone number to order, I had a lovely young lady who couldn't be nicer. The reason why I am emailing you is because I am going to take you to court over this!

    1. Your arrogance must have gotten in the way of your common sense. It does not matter how many degrees you have if your ego is too big to see the obvious.

  2. i have tried repeatedly to reach the shipping receiving dept. to obtain an rma number to return pillows that i am not satisfied with. i realize you may be quite busy but i see the order dept. is ALWAYS available.
    This is pretty poor customer service and may cost you new customers. i certainly wouldn't recommend your product to my friends for this reason.

  3. Hi, I was watching the shopping channel the other day and the my pillow king firm was 59.99. Amazon has it for 54.99. and now you are advertising on the radio and on your web site that it is 2 for 1 pricing, however all you have done is double the price on the website and call it 2 for 1. $109....this is a total sham....if it was a true two for one deal, it would be two pillows for 49.99 for the queen or 59.99 for the king. Very disappointed and will be spreading the word about your scam.

  4. Karen who is your over night Customer Service person is far from "Customer Service" . I think her mission is to turn away anyone who is calling to return, exchange, or even ask a question. She does not live up to the initial announcement from the Michael, the CEO, talking about who great his customer service is. If she is an example of your Customer Service then you need to be shut down.

  5. I just talked to Karen as well and she is a useless person who does not know anything about customer service.

  6. I have had so much trouble dealing with my order of my pillow. I have not had a delivery yet. They told me that they had the wrong email address....what does that have to do with having the correct shipping address? I have encountered rudeness from 2 representatives and have had no luck talking to a supervisor. This is NOT the company that is represented in all those homey, pleasant ads. I feel deceived.

  7. I fell for their 2-4-1 scam as well. One of the pillows they sent me was a used pillow -- it had someone's name written on it. In addition to the name, the binding on the used pillow was different from the other pillow and the package was larger. When I called "customer service" (yes, that is a joke as well) and finally spoke to a supervisor 45 minutes later I was told that I was mistaken that they throw away returned merchandise as they are required to by law. I sent pictures of the used pillow and they immediately refunded my money. The Minnesota office of the Attorney General is going to hear of this as well.

  8. My Pillow is a scam. They never stop the 2 for 1 and push the sale as urgent. How do I know this? I worked for years for this company and the sale never stopped. The company is also big on nepotism hurting employees that are excellent. I have watched this occur several times. Family is always considered over anyone who has experience. The people running the company are mostly family with no degrees. If you stand up for yourself, they make up lies to make you quit. You can't even fight them because they are telling their family lies and who are you going to believe? Family or coworkers?

  9. I called several times and got no answer so I emailed about 6 times and they kept blowing me spent 70.00
    Fora body pillow that was over filled so bad that my back and neck would not line up.I will file a complaint with there local attorney general.

  10. I signed on to this site to look for ordering info to buy another 3 pillows (they are awesome!), but OMG! You bunch of whiner cry babies....quit your complaining and get a life! Are your lives that boring that you have to write complaints and insults to a pillow manufacturer? We all read each of these posted complaints and got a huge laugh! Wow!


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