K-VA-T Corporate Office Headquarters

K-VA-T Corporate Office Headquarters
K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc.
201 Trigg St.
Abingdon, VA 24210 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-276-628-5503
Fax Number: 1-276-623-5440
Customer Service Number: Online Only

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  1. I was interested in applying for employment in the new corporate office under construction in Abingdon. I moved to Abingdon 6 months ago from Castlewood, VA and would love to find employment closer to home. I live on Whites Mill rd which is very close to the new construction. Please review my resume I submitted a few weeks ago. Thank you. Kathy Harrison. email address: wrightornot@hotmail.com

  2. https://scontent-b-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/1604565_10152091758365340_1534297972_n.jpg Thuis is what has been seen in thd food city in hazard on jan. 5 2014 I myself as a prior food city worker and prior military know that this is untolerable I don't understand what this world is coming to nobody has repect for our flag it touching the ground and rip to shreds I'm really ashame to say I worked for this company knowing there is no respect for the men and women that fought and died for this flag.SO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT THERE WAS NOT A MANAGER BAGGER OR ANYONE SEEN THIS FLAG LIKE THIS AND DIDN'T TAKE IT DOWN.THIS REALLY PISSES ME OFF!


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