Jamba Juice Corporate Office Headquarters

Jamba Juice Corporate Office Headquarters
Jamba, Inc. Address:
6475 Christie Avenue Suite 150
Emeryville, CA 94608 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-510-596-0100
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-866-473-7848
Email: n/a

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  1. I had not been to a jamba juice in a while because let’s face it, the smoothies are not healthy but I was desperate today. As I’m getting to the end of the smoothie I almost choked on a piece of foil. That could have been a child choking and would not have ended well. I know things happen but having a piece of foil getting sucked up a straw is not great. I will no longer go to jamba juice and I will tell people what happen.

    1. Me too!! Then I called the store to notify them and they were kinda stand-offish, I called corporate to submit a grivance, and they totally made me feel like they were going to handle it and they were willing to reimburse me.

  2. Hi, I not happy with my order,I ordered a fresh squeezed juice this morning and I was very unhappy that I paid for a large juice and half of the cup is filled with foam because Its blended, so I paid $8 for half a cup of juice this is totally wrong , I feel so cheated

  3. On April 12, 2015 my grandson and I entered your store in Murrieta, California on Clinton Ave and Mc Elwain shopping center to purchase two drinks. Upon entry the manager Carl told us that he will be with us in a minute. We waited, and waited as he was cutting and preparing containers to stock the shelves with his ingredients. While he was doing that another employee had finished two drinks for customers that had ordered prior to the two of us entering the store.
    Approximately, six minutes later I question both employees, “Are we going to get any service.” At first both employees pretended not to hear me. I repeated it again. Carl, then ask me what did I say? I told him again that are you going to take my order. He replied with an attitude, I’ll be with you in a minute.
    At this time I was upset and seven minutes had elapsed so I told my grandson that we will go to Jamba Juice instead. As I was leaving the store a customer came in. I quickly returned and stood outside the door of the store to observe the next customers treatment. Carl asks the customer what he could help the customer with. Took his order and processed with no wait at all.
    I quickly came into the store and asked Carl for his name. He game it to me and I told him that I will report his conduct and professionalism to his Regional Manager and Corporate office.
    It’s a shame that in this day and age the color of my skin has a lot to do on how I’m treated. The fact is I’m an African American man and my grandson is an African American child and it is a travesty, deplorable, and unprofessional the way we were treated. However, a Caucasian customer receives immediate service. I will never purchase anything from your store because of these actions. I will encourage my family, friends, federal service workers, and Marines to never use your products until I receive an apology for the rude, harsh treatment of a paying customer who has served his country respectfully as a Police officer, Federal Employer, and Marine.
    I firmly believe that Carl needs to look for employment elsewhere or be retrained in customer service.


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