IHG USA Corporate Office Headquarters

IHG USA Corporate Office Headquarters
InterContinental Hotels Group
3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000
Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555

Customer Service Address:
PO Box 30321
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0321

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  1. [email protected] hi, upon staying at candlewood in manhattan ks.
    >last year 4-2015 I worked out a price with melanie, the business mgr at the
    >hotel, at a price of $1,540.00 per month as I stayed 7-months, which was
    >perfect and was treated good,I came back 5-15-16 and I was informed i still
    >had the same price as last year, and im still here and was planning to stay
    >for another 2-months,last sun.the room cleaning had never been done,first
    >time this has happened, I figured they were busy,monday came and still not
    >cleaned and i was out of towels, tues,midday i called the office to find
    >out if they were going to clean my room and i was informed my stay was over
    >and i was suppose to be checked out!, to my surprise i told the desk mngr i
    >never told anyone that! so she tranferd me to the bus.manager she told me
    >the same thing and they were going to raise my rent $240.00 per mon.to
    >$1,780.00 if i was to stay longer, just feel this is un just way to do
    >buisness and to treat a loyal customer,as a lanlord my self with a small 12
    >unit apt, building i would rather have a decent rent coming in than a empty
    >room bringing in -0- which this hotel is rarely full, btw/ they did bring
    >towels and changed my bed sheets tues. but didnt clean or sweep, no paper
    >towels, not even bag in the trash can!! just having a hard time getting
    >over this, i am a 55yr. old man that works 12-14hrs. a day and am very
    >respectful of all the employees and not caused any problems with anyone. ken

  2. I have been a loyal customer since the early 1980's, but recently was told that my hard earned 500,000 reward points had been cancelled just days prior. Just recently retired, we had planned to be able to finally enjoy these points. I can find no evidence of a 2015 email pertaining to a timeframe for keeping these points. Had I had ANY idea that these points could be lost, I would most certainly done whatever was necessary to retain them.
    These facts have fallen on the deaf ears of any customer service representative I have contacted, with absolutely no sympathy.
    That is a damn poor way to be represented to anyone, and particularly to loyal customers. W. S.

  3. Last year after I booked a hotel I was asked to be transfer to get a good deal for me and my family. By then, my experience with IHG had been great so I said yes. This lady over the phone seemed to be nice and offer me a deal for $249 dollars for 3 nights in a nice totally renewed Holiday In or any other Holiday property there so I took the offer the only thing I needed to do was to go to a presentation and I said yes. This year in January I called to book my hotel and found out that the only hotel I was able to get was the Holiday In Universal Orlando and that I needed to go with my husband or I was going to be charged with $300.00 and I had no idea. I still booked my hotel and schedule my appointment for March 8 At 8 am. A week before my reservation I called Holiday in Universal and I was told the hotel was going to provide the transportation to go to that presentation.
    The day I arrived to the hotel I wasn’t told nothing about it so at 7 am on the March 8 I went to the reception and talked to Rafael and he said there was no information for me from the Orange Lake, he had the information for the other guest they were going to the presentation but nothing in my name also informed me that transportation was not provided. I asked him for the location where we needed to go and he wrote it and also put it on my phone and it was 8505 W. Irlo Bronson Mem. Hwy. Kissimmee so rushing we went there and got there at 8 am but the receptionist said it was not the right place so I needed to go to the convention center so we got there 10 minutes late ( I asked to the receptionist to call them and let them know we had the wrong address and that we were on our way but she said it was not a problem for them if I was a little late but she did not called) so when we got there they said that I had to reschedule because they could not do it. Besides all, the lady was very mean and the only thing she was interested to know was how much money my husband made and she called my husband to tell her (it was vey bad, we were treated very bad and the lady was super rude to me, my husband makes between 75K and 100K, we are a normal family but we were treated worse than homeless people) and after she was very rude she gave me a number to call to reschedule. So I did called and told the lady the only day I was able to go was that day because the other days I had schedule and prepaid for discovery cove all inclusive and that was a lot of money. But she said the only day she had was the next day and had no other option so I took it and then after talking to my husband I called them again to see if I had any other option and she said no and she was just going to charge me $300. After that, I realized this is all a scam your company has and get people with lies and then just charge them. There is no flexibility of any kind, there is no customer service help, it was the most terrible experience I ever had, I learn that big companies just want to get more money by scamming people. Just got back from vacation and I’m going to make sure nobody falls into this lies and suffer what my family and I suffered. I will post this in all the social media and I will make sure my friends, at the school reunions, at work, at church and every were I go people will know about this.


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