Honda USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Honda USA Corporate Office Headquarters
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
1919 Torrance Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90501-2746 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-999-1009
Fax Number: 1-310-783-3023
Customer Service Number: 1-800-999-1009

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  1. Be careful with Honda cars of Katy, TX

    1. I have owned four Honda's over the years; and have been very pleased with Honda products. I am in the market for a new 2014 CRV manuel trans. I see Honda thinks that their is not enough demand for 5 speed stick SUV's. Well, I think your wrong! I am going to buy a stick shift SUV from another dealer that will meet my needs. I hope Honda reviews its supply and demand views in the coming years. Stick Shift Man

    2. The rudest salesperson I ever encountered in my life is this aggressively rude, condescending and very angry salesman mgr at Honda of Santa Monica, named Flo -yes that is his nickname, but he laughs and ridicules customers and buyer beware-- I know of a number of customers who have been victims of the "switcheroo" so check your purchase order before leaving-- ie signed up for a basic warranty for about 950.00 but noticed it was "switcherood" to one for over 3K, of course I had them take it off and out of principal remove the 950 one as well, plus I qualified for .9% financing this place tried to switcheroo to 1.9% until I asked for my credit report and they claimed it was inadvertent, while pointing out such errors, the Flo guy will stand in a huddle with one or two other salesmen and grin or laugh at you. I am an educational psychologist, not a medical doctor, only a master's degree in behavioral science but clearly the guy appears disturbed; one would think Honda could do better

  2. It must be embarrassing to be a Honda salesman. Those juvenile, unfunny, annoying television ads featuring Honda sales people in long blue nightshirts are enough to make me change channels every time I see one. Why would Honda executive HQ approve such demeaning ads? It makes all Honda salespeople look like fools.
    Raymond Stone La Habra Heights CA

  3. I need to get in touch with the head officer for HONDA America.

  4. I'm shocked by the Honda ad in which a woman asks the Honda salesman for urine. The rest of the ads I categorized as silly and some of them corny, but this one is not just vulgar but discriminatory. If the roles were reversed and it was a man asking a woman for urine, there would be an outcry from the feminist group. I suggest the ad be removed from TV!

    Mamie Patin

  5. Hello:

    I personally would like to stress how dreadfully ANNOYING the Michael Bolton singing commercials are. They all sound like he is SCREAMING. I am glad to see the end of the holiday season, if it would speed up the end of these piercing commercials. What bean brain selected this form of "entertainment"

  6. I want to share my disappointment in O'Hare Honda in Des Plaines Illinois. The treatment of the sales staff leaves much to be desired. They made the buying experience a long and a unnecessary experience. The lack of professional manner with the sales person was unacceptable, Lied to me twice with no follow up from the dealership.

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  8. Hi Frank,
    Yesterday I made an appointment for today at 12 pm. The SRS light of my van is always on. When I came there today at 12pm, your representative said Sunday is only for oil change. That;s why Ii came back with out servicing it.
    I have a humbly request to you that please don't make people fool. I have three kids and and full time job including Sunday. I made a lot of arrangements to come your service center.
    - Thanks


    Appointment Confirmation
    Confirmation Code: X01MH3CXY1
    Date and Time: 06/08/2014 12:00 PM
    Service Advisor: Erik Holumn
    Vehicle: 2002 HONDA ODYSSEY
    Maint./Repair Services: Tell Us More

    Dear Max:

    Thank you for scheduling your appointment with our Guaranteed Online Service Appointment system. It's just one more way we hope to make your ownership experience as convenient as possible.

    Your 06/08/2014 12:00 PM appointment for your 2002 HONDA ODYSSEY has been confirmed. Simply click Appointment Details to manage your appointment information at any time.

    Thanks again. We look forward to seeing you soon!


    COLLEGE PARK, Maryland 20740
    (301) 441-2900

    Map to Dealership

    The following services are scheduled:
    Tell Us More - SRS light is on - $0


    I took two appointments 12 pm and 1.30 pm. I would like to stick with 12 pm appointment.

  9. Saw 8/23/14 LA Times article on Honda Fit bumpers needing to be redesigned. Not just the Fit, but also the Civic which I have. Bumper is poorly made. Side screws easily broke off and sides of the bumper keeps popping out. Was told by the dealer, it'll cost $600+ to fix or keep pushing it back in, which I do.

  10. Do not go to Big Star Honda!! Houston Tx. This is a survey answer relating to a recent visit to that dealership; I get a call stating you wanted to buy my car because you had a regular customer that was looking for a particular year, make and model. I was told you would give top dollar and I explained it was not in top condition. The girl insisted I came down and I would not be disappointed in the offer and they could set me up in a new vehicle of the same model for the same payment. I took my valuable time to drive an hour from work in traffic to be there and everything changed when I got there. I have to say you are running a good scam. I did not fall for it though. I had been up since 6AM that morning and was very tired. Of course my car was what you wanted but it needed more than expected, surprise!!!!! Bullshit!!! You then offer to buy it for $6,000.00 less than what I owe and proceed to try to put me in a newer model with less options for a payment of $220.00 more than what I am paying!!! Now I have to drive 50+ miles home and I am not happy at all, I did not even want to sell my car but your people insisted I would be in a newer model and paying the same amount. Like I said what a scam!!! I have told all my friends and relatives about your dealership and believe me not one thing is positive. You took my valuable time and wasted it and I used close to a 1/4 of a tank of my gas, thank God it's a hybrid wasting my time. I thought it was to good to be true and it was!!! Your people are misleading, dishonest and most of all they don't even have knowledge of the vehicles. Very upset and very displeased!!!!! You are a terrible dealership and should not being selling "Honda Vehicles".

    1. I work at a Honda Dealership for 1 month now. They want each sales person to telemarket that same pitch to 50 people in the system Per day to get them in the door. Plus sell cars on the lot. They havent paid me a dime yet on 60hr weeks and 8cars sold. Manager just says "Sorry i dont have anything for You" 4ppl have quit in 4wks. Crooks that use Hondas reputation to fleece anybody that listens.

  11. According to the Fox News, American Honda contributes to Al Sharpton's NAN fund. Not only does American Honda give money to Al Sharpton, but Chrysler, FedEx,WalMart, Sam's Club, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi, GM, Anhauser Bush, Macy's and other companies. Al Sharpton is against the police in the United States and is all about the criminals. These companies should be boycotted unless they stop giving to Al Sharpton

  12. My family purchased a new 2013 Honda Civic and after only driving the vehicle for approximately 3000 miles on the odometer we noticed fading and discoloration of the panes on the doors and some fabric. The dealer refused to correct the problem and the manufacturer Honda refused to correct the cosmetic deficient areas as well. After filing a claim with the National Center fro Dispute Resolution (NCDS), they disapproved my claim and ruled in favor of Honda. I appears there is no recourse for the consumer even after filing a claim under the lemon law. I would never purchase another Honda and in the future whenever I make another purchase for a new automobile, I will not finalize any purchase until I have a written guarantee that includes the interior of the vehicle cosmetics.

  13. When purchasing a new vehicle always get an additional guarantee by the dealer and/or manufacturer instead of relying on their warranty in your handbook. Many things are not considered a safety issue, mechanical, or electrical issue. Items such as panels, fabric, and other cosmetic issues are not covered in the manufacturers warranty. Insure you get what you paid hard earned money you are spending. Many manufacturers only care about the money and could care less about you!!

  14. Patrick Guess of Honda of Paris, at the time, now Orr Honda in Paris, TX puled a scam on me in January 2012 and I still have the texts to and from him on one of my cell phones. He even called me one night, crying and apologizing but, I hung up on him because he ruined my life. He put three vehicles on me, he and the lady wouldn't let me read what I was signing, the lady kept pulling them back and insisted I sign them. I have witnesses. I had perfect credit and they took advantage of it and it ruined my life. At 51 years of age, I had never had anything like that happen to me before and had always maintained stellar credit. No way would I have bought three cars purposely, I live on disability!

  15. We are grandparents with permanent guardianship of 3 of our grand kids. I had cancer surgery in Feb. of 2015 and am on disability. My 11 year old grandson has Ewing Sarcoma cancer and our 12 year old grandson has a bone disease. We are in need of a 4wd or awd suv or minivan that gets good gas mileage to go back and forth between Indiana and Tennesse for special radiation treatments to keep his heart from being affected by radiation.

  16. Debbie BurghduffApril 5, 2016 at 5:49 PM

    Just spoke to corporate about brakes on 2008 accord,replacing for second time at 55,000 miles. Nothing they can or want to do about it as they have not heard from any one else but me about this problem. I find this very unlikely since there was a class action law suit. I can not be the only one mad enough to call them. I feel if it was a poor design on the breaking system on this model they should be responsible for it. Maybe everyone out there should let them know since they have not heard from you! Or maybe time for a new claim.

  17. I just had an opportunity to buy a new 2016 Honda Africa Twin motorcycle today. Its been a long time since I have owned a Honda motorcycle. Exceptional Honda dealerships are truly the backbone of the brand and Hawkeye Motorworks in Davenport, Iowa is no exception. What a fantastic purchasing experience from start to finish ! If you are in the market for a Honda motorcycle be sure to give them a call. Thanks JOSH B.

  18. I have a 2007 Exl V6 Edition Accord and I am aware of the "recall" on the powersteering mechanism.
    I have taken my car to Union Park Honda , Wilmington DE ( Delaware Ave) for years, however the care is slipping.
    The staff seems to NOT be aware of the national recall on the power steering mechanism.
    PLEASE up date this location as this location is the best for me as repeat Honda Accord owner.
    This last service ( 7/8/2016) the service was for oil change and up keep.
    However, I was informed of " battery fail" test and then was informed of warranty and was told of an update- I beg to differ.
    Just wanted to mention that as well.
    PLEASE send me the update information on the power steering recall
    thank you ,
    Ms. Tamitha Williams
    417 W. 3rd Street
    Wilmington, DE 19801

  19. I write this knowing full well that I will hear nothing from Honda. But since 2001 and again in 2012 dealers were warned that the power converter if used to charge cell phones, laptops, etc. could cause the sensors in the seat back to send false DTC. If I had been advised of this I would NEVER have used the charger in my car. I paid $100.35 to Appletree Honda in Asheville NC for this diagnosis and was told for $1409.80 they could repair. Now there is no way I will be able to afford this and further I would not be willing to spend that kind of money on this obviously concocted "expenditure" by Honda. I am disgusted with the entire automobile industry. They should be ashamed for all their schemes and lies to their customers who purchase in good faith and then are deceived.

  20. How can I order a new Honda Ridgeline? As a long time Honda customer - it would think Honda would go out of the way to take care of me - but no such luck? The dealer is perplexed?


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