Holiday Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Holiday Inn Corporate Office Headquarters
InterContinental Hotels Group IHG
3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000
Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555
Reservations: 1-888-465-4329

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  1. I have been a priority club member for MANY years and have been a loyal Holiday Inn stayer - I am not platinum but I am a gold member and have been for years. I recently had a hotel in Puerto Rico change brands and no longer a holiday inn. I was NEVER notified of this I just saw that my reservation looked wierd in the priority club website and I was never credited back my 50000 points. so I called. Yep I can't stay there with my free points any more cause the hotel is no longer a Holiday Inn flag. what? no one contacted me when this happened. Who knows if anyone ever would. I called corporate office and each person I talked to was as rude as the next...i climbed the ladder to find them NOT at all willing to help me either. I booked a trip with free nights and now I have no hotel to stay at. I asked to be moved to the other hotel in the area that was an intercontinental hotel and nope that hotel and manager won't work with us to let you stay there 2 nights with your free points. really? so I asked what they will do to compensate me for this stress and hassle - nothing! I am just livid with the rudness and how non valued they treat their priority club members. I am done staying at holiday Inn... Radisson or hilton here I come!!!

  2. To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing this letter to express my concerns with your organization. I was an employee at the Holiday Inn Calgary Airport positioned as a Duty Manager. On February 25, 2013 at about 1:00 pm, two hours before my scheduled shift I received a phone call from the General Manager (Noel Marcello) to let me know that I will no longer be employed with the company. When I asked Noel why I was being released his response was “you’re not a good fit”. At this point I have been working for the company for almost five months. First, I was confused because there had been no previous meetings or concerns regarding my performance, in fact he had always praised my work. When I asked if I was going to get any notice his response was “No, you don’t get notice.” When I asked if I would be receiving severance pay his response was “No.” That also caused a little more confusion, since he was a “professional” and should be aware of the employment standards and legal rights in the province of Alberta.

    I would also like to point out that I have a degree in International Hotel Management from the C&E American University (Educational Institute, American Hotel and Motel Association). I have worked in this industry for over 12 years. I have asked a few times to meet with the owner in regards to Noels performance, but never seemed to get the opportunity too. Here are a few things that I have encountered while working at the hotel:

    1) Noel asked me to create the Front Office schedule but then asked me to tell the employees and the owner that he was responsible for creating it, not me. I assumed that it was so he can take credit for it.
    2) One afternoon I was asked to come into the office and watch a security camera recording of a staff member (server) having disgusting sexual encounters with a guest that was staying that evening at the hotel. When I asked Noel if he was going to discipline that specific employee his response was laughter and “no, let him have his fun”. I was completely shocked at the lack of unprofessionalism of this Manager. He then asked me not to say nor repeat what I had saw to any other employee, but later found out he had already spread the word and that it was a funny story to tell. Again shocked!
    3) Staff meetings were a joke; they were announced the same day. As well as Noel would show to the meeting 45 minutes late only to announce changes that would be happening in the hotel that he had NO details on. So in my opinion a waste of company time. Why call a staff meeting when you can’t organize and plan every aspect of the meeting and how the time of the meeting is played out?
    4) Any time I asked Noel for assistance or have asked him about issues that have happened in the hotel regarding housekeeping, customers, kitchen, front desk etc. his answer to me was “I don’t know”. If the “General Manager” doesn’t know then who should know?
    5) On the same day I was dismissed I received a phone call for a reliable source stating that Noel let me go because I asked a staff member out on a date? This type of disgusting immature gossip/rumors is something I would never expect from a General Manager. I am a married and respectable man and see my fellow co-workers as professionals and nothing more. Noel likes to play employees against employers with his gossip and in my opinion this is no way to run an organization.

    These are only a few points from what I have seen, there is more. I am requesting a written personal apology from Noel first for his immature gossip and second for his lack of unprofessionalism towards myself.

    I have a lot of respect for the Hotel Industry and I have worked for many privately owned and chains, and this Hotel by far has been the worst experience. I am very disappointed since the Holiday Inn has a great name for itself. My hopes were to learn new skills from this Hotel, but I was left with much disappointment and disregard with the Holiday Inn Calgary Airport.


  3. Fuckin waaaaaaaaa

  4. I worked for the Holiday Inn and they never sent me a final paycheck. I have called and called....and nothing what a horrible establishment.

  5. I paid 1499.00 for an eight day vacation package at the Holiday Inn resort in Kisseemee, FL. the package was to include a 400.00 voucher to use within the resort. I never received the voucher. Everyone said he or she could not help me. I was told the company director was the only one that could help and that she would give me a call. I have not received a call from anyone from the company. I was offered a timeshare at the end of my visit, although everything sounded great, I did not believe what they were offering.

  6. Follow-up regarding Sept 6, 2013 complaint. Holiday Inn Corporation has refunded me 400.00 for the voucher that I did not receive.
    Thank you,

  7. I am writing because I stayed at the holiday inn express in Johnson City Tn on April 5th and checked out on the 6th. We where there because my Mother was in the ICU at the hospital. I myself am sick with 2 lung diseases (Interstial Lung Disease & BOOP Bronchiottis Obliberations Organizing Pneuminittis) I called because my card was charged for my stay and then another $200 dollars. I am on a fixed income and live on a very strict budget. I called the hotel Tammy answered the phone was very rude and hung up on me twice. she said that we smoked in the room because there was cigarette stuff in the trash. I tried to explain to her that I don't smoke and my husband smoked outside. he did bring a cup inside that had some butts in it because the can outside was full we didn't think anything bad about it. My husband has an electronic cigarette that he smokes inside, cause at home he goes outside because I am on oxygen. I called back asked to speak with someone over her, she said hold on and someone answered and said Hello, then hung up I called back she answered the phone and said this is Kathy, but tammy had told me she was the manager, then Kathy said she was the manager, she was getting me very upset I was having trouble breathing, which happens when I get upset, she screams at me and says she's mad I told her if I had to go to er I would send her my bill, she didn't even ask if I was okay. She screams more that's she mad and upset then hangs up on me again. I have worked in many management positions and If I or one of my employees would yell at someone that person would be let go. I believe I should receive my $336.00 dollars back considering how rude they where with me and that they should be let go. because I believe they where lying about their positions. I really believe that I was treated wrong today. The hotel stay was awful. The bed was so hard it made my whole body hurt, and the pillow would go flat. I forgot my pillow I have to sleep almost sitting straight up in bed. I had to do 2 nebulizer treatments after I got off the phone with Kathy. I really thought I was going to have to call 911. I want some one to get back to me via email at ruthaguy about what they are going to do to fix this situation. I will never stay at this hotel ever again and we travel when we can and go to Texas, but I will find another place to stay. Thank You Ruth Guy

  8. The diseases that I have are very serious, the interstial lung disease is where my lungs not get enough oxygen so I can't put out a lot of air. The BOOP is a rare inflammatory disease of the lungs I think sometimes that places of business are out just for the almighty dollar and don't care about the consumers that pay that are actually paying their employees salaries, Also the food at breakfast was awful I actually had to ask for a banana and she got me one but she pulled it off and didn't even let me choose for myself, the orange juice was watered down and she was wiping the counter with a rag picked up some trash put it in the can something spilled on the floor she use the same rag to clean it up and then got up and wiped the counter with it again. that was disgusting. All these things should be looked at cause I can always pursue other avenues I'm not a rich person, but I do deserve some RESPECT!!! Ruth Guy

  9. Majority of the women working at the Holiday Inn Express in Calallen, Corpus Christi, TX are sluts that party with the railroad guys that come thru. Including the manager Renai and Asst mgr Heather. Lots of Homewreckers in CC Holiday Inn. Thinking about notifying the rail co corporate heads as I know they would not be happy about this.

  10. I had a horrible customer service experience with three different front desk associates at the holiday inn champaign/urbana. Working in the customer service field myself i believe that better training is necessary for these associates on how to handle an upset customer and better resolve issues!

    Gloria, Laura, and Nicole should undergo a training session immediately!

  11. Thank you to Kayla the Asst GM who resolved my issue withing minutes of receiving my name and phone number!

  12. My husband and I stayed at the Holiday Inn City Center in Fort Smith Arkansas on June 7th and ate the breakfast buffet the next morning. There was a conference there and only two people to wait on a lot of people. The food was bad and the service worse. I sent an e-mail giving specific details and requested a refund or voucher to cover breakfast on another stay. I received an e-mail back saying that a voucher would be sent to me if I would e-mail or fax a copy of the receipt. I did e-mail a copy June 10, and gave my home address to send it to if she was unable to e-mail it to me. I also sent an e-mail reminder that I had not received the voucher. It is now June 19th. It appears that the poor service is in more than one department at this hotel.

  13. I had made a reservation on line 1/13/14 for the holiday inn Goodyear az for a trip I planned for march 16 thru 19 but due to my sister having surgery I needed to cancel and did so on march 9 got a cancellation number but never got my money back being told my reservation was non refundable!! What a bunch of bullshit and what a rude general manager in az.I or family or friends will never ever stay at a holiday inn property again

  14. My family and I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Arkadelphia, Ark. earlier this month. While we were out one day, the cleaning staff threw out my daughter's retainer that was on the counter (in a cup containing blue cleaning solution) in the bathroom. The room had been cleaned when we got back, and the cup and retainer were gone. When my daughter told the staff that the retainer had been thrown out, she got the run-around, saying that it was not their responsibility, and that any "valuables' should have been placed in the safe. REALLY?! I cannot see placing a paper cup containing cleaning solution and a retainer in the safe overnight. They said that the staff empties any liquid in the sink before throwing a cup away. If that was the case, the retainer would have been in the sink, and they would have seen it, or felt it when they cleaned the sink! Many calls and contacts later, the people at the Arkadelphia Holiday Inn have been VERY sarcastic and rude. When asked for corporate #, they said that talking to them was as far up as it went. So very disappointed in Holiday Inn. My husband was there on business for his company, checking out the deer lease for the upcoming season. NO ONE from the company or their business customers will be staying at the Arkadelphia hotel when going to the deer lease! And I expect reimbursement for the new retainer that we had to get immediately once we got back home!!!

  15. Me and my boyfriend stayed at the Holiday Inn in Fayetteville, NC from 7/4-7/6/2014. On July 5 at 6am we were awaken by phone and told when have to leave, when asked why, we were told that we were smoking in the room. I explained it's 6am we are sleeping and neither me or my boyfriend are smokers. At 645am someone tried to enter the room, my boyfriend shouted and they stopped. At 8am, we were awaken again by banging on the door. My boyfriend answered and we were told we had to evacuate because the fire alarm was going off and they did not know where it was coming from. We complied. When we returned the back door was left wide open. We complained to management and was given a credit for $44.55 for our inconvenience. Upon returning to Atlanta and unpacking I realized that I was missing several personal items, including a brand new bottle of very expensive perfume and several pieces of jewelry. I called the hotel immediately, as well as the local police department. I was told that it would take them 21 days to investigate, which turned out to be today. I logged into my online bank account and realized they had charged my credit card for $50.34, talk about adding insult to injury. When I called the hotel the manager stated this was the first she had heard of my complaint about the theft, and told me she would look into it an call me back. When I asked why would there be a charge to my card for the additional money,22 days later when my bill was paid in full at checkout, she had nothing to say, and rushed me off the phone, I tried to call customer relations to get answers everyone transferred me, they seemed empathetic, but I could tell it was a brush off. After being transferred several times I realized I needed to take this to the corporate offices. I'm still waiting, in the meantime I'm out of my things and now my money.

  16. After reading all the above complaints, I am certain I will never stay at another Holiday Inn. I am a Platinum member and use HIE very often. I booked a room in Mansfield, Ohio due to two sporting events my daughter was to participate in. Unfortunately, she became ill and the Dr. took her off sports for several weeks. When trying to contact the front desk, one employee told me he would do everything possible to make this right. (I knew paying in advance would result in no refund, but I thought I would try since I am/was a loyal patron, and our circumstances were unforeseen and couldn't be helped). I called back today to see what was going on and I was told a refund could not be done but could rebook for another time. I explained we were going up for sporting events that won't be attended and won't be going back up that way. Needless to say, I am out money that doesn't come easy to my family, AND I took the higher road and donated the nights stay to anyone coming in needing a room. (They weren't even going to do this). I did rescind this offer fearing if someone trashed the room I would be financially responsible. So, being a loyal customer doesn't matter, making money is top priority. Well guess what!! I will use my rewards membership with a competitor from now on AND, when I get my email asking how my stay went, it won't be nice. But I'm sure no one really reads them anyway. Very disappointed.

  17. I just recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Biloxi, 1686 Beach Blvd. Biloxi, MS 395301. I am also a club member. When I check into my hotel room I literally walked into my room, took a quick pass around and initially everything looked fine. Later that night like 1:30am, my husband and I got back to our room. I proceeded to start my shower and to my surprise when I turned on the shower, rusty water proceeded to come from the shower head (how disgusting). My husband called the front desk and as a courtesy they moved us to another room.

    Now here is where it got really disgusting...

    After being moved to another room. I figured that I better check this room out more throughly particularly the bathroom. As I conducted my checked I immediately noticed that housekeeping had not cleaned around the outside of the toilet bowl becuase I saw dried urine and what looked to be dried feces on the outside botom of the toilet bowl.... and yes it had been there... Oh btw..... I took pictures.

    because it was so late I went to the front desk that next morning and spoke with a manager.. who immediately offered apologies and a 50% percent discount as that was her highest level of authority, however, she was also able to talk to the GM and get one of my 2 nights free.

    I say all this to say that I WILL NOT use another Holiday Inn going forward. This was one of the most discusting experiencing that I have ever had at a hotel and yes I still had to pay $144.48 for the second night which I thought was a complete insult after having been in two seperate rooms both of which had issues.

    I personally think that my whole stay should have been free and I should have been offered some additional points for my inconvience.

  18. Thr holiday inn in denver colorado on quebec st is horrible!!!!! Customer service is absolutely horrid!!!!!! They are rude and inconsiderate!!! They charged me 3 times for 1 room!! I checked in, went to look at my bank account and 3 charges of $163 were pulled from my account!! I was on the road traveling with limited money already and they pull this on me!!!!! They tell me theres nothing they can do to give me my money back for 3 days!!!! I check into my room, my air conditioner doesnt work, they move me to another room, theres spiders and ants and not clean!!!!! The bathtub wouldnt drain, the sink wouldnt drain!!! Pathetic, nasty, NASTY place!!!! I am very very unhappy with holiday inn and I will never ever stay in one again and I will tell every single person I know to stay away as well!! At this location in denver colorado a front desk employee named jose should be fired!!! Most rude person ever!!!!!

  19. I am just a little confused. Our Military men and women, some that have retired have not gotten there ID"S to show that they are retired military. My husband has it on his driver license, he had to show his DD214 to get it put on there, yet Holiday Inn's say that you have to have the ID... That to me is just wrong, and sad to say the least. These people fought for our freedoms and yet it is made mandatory for them to have there ID card after it has been yrs sense they retired. I just don't understand why it is not good enough to have it on your driver license... I would have thought that a busyness such at yours would be more respecting of the ones that fought for all our FREEDOM !!

  20. Hello my name Judy, I'm really disappointed at this point I have been staying in the holiday inn in rolling meadows for over 10 yeasts as we speak. I have never been treated like this or disrespected in so Manny years until march of 2014 when I took my daughter to celebrated her fifteen birthday with some of her girl friends. I was in my room in a master suite which I played a lot of money for until there manager came to room banking on my door to list the music cause it was loud mind you i had a mini wireless speaker connected to my phone so it couldn't b so loud. Anyways i listed it to were we couldn't even hear it so we stated talking among us in the room. So therefore he came up the second time asking me to open the door and let him which i thought it was rude n uncomfortable cause we had a room full of girls and it was a male manager by the name of Ryan which had know been replaced. Anyways ate he asked to do that o told him no and he starred calling me a liar and i thought that was really disrespectful and i told him i will not take that kind of disrespect from him or anybody so he gotold up set n stated pushing my door open and i told him you know what i don't want to stay here so give me my money back cause I'm leaving and he said sure i will b out of here in 15 min and i will give it to you so i told him no u need to give me 30 min. And i will b out of here and to make sure i got full refund so that's what i did. After this incident i went to stay in June and was able to check in find had a good time with friends and family when we got up to go home i had 3 of my girls with bits so i went to the front desk and reports to the manager on duty which it was Cristin the person who took over Ryans position and also to corporate. After this I went back in July and Ryan was still there so when I went to check in he tells in a lobby full of people and Cristin add a witness that I was restricted and an banned from that holiday Inn and I asked why n he said stree not gonna talk about this your just gonna get your reservation cancelled and I told him OK no problem I will let corporates know what your doing and if I'm not mistaken you never told me not to come back cause I wasntt kicked out I asked my self to leave if you had gave me my money back but OK Mr.Ryan. so I went to the holiday inn express they had next store and he had send Cristin to rush over there and tell me that there was no vacancy left but i had seen Cristin telling the lady in the desk so she kicked me out of that one has well cause he told her too and I thought that was really rude about him.. so on November 15 I did reservation and when I called Cristin had answered the phone and told ms. Martinez I'm going to cancel your reservation cause i embeber mr.Ryan telling you not to come back over here and I told her I don't understand stand what's going on if he didn't kick me out i asked to leave and she refused to listen and give me the time to explain she just cancel and told me he was no longer the manager there that she took his position but i was still not allowed so i asked her for the general managers name and she told me Sam And I said OK and his last name and she was like I'm not giving you that just with the first name is good n I asked for gets as well n she said Cristin and just hung up. She is a really rude young lady and so is everyone else in customer service cause it starts with management and you already seen how he was. I a customer for so many years had never seen how rude they could b. And to mind everybody my whole family goes there now cause I have talked really nice about thme over all this year's but not no more. There may in house keeping nasty with attitudes and nasty in customer service. ..

  21. I worked for holiday inn in England and moved to Canada for over 20 years in a lot of hotels all over.
    I worked as a chef and this company looked after me and I feel great about the company.
    the Canadian company was sold and westmount took over....very poor company with it new attitude with staff.
    I stayed in a lot of hotels and I have checked the cleanliness and standards of every one....and I mean I check under counters in washrooms ....very close and I was always looking for the perfect room....I never found it until I went to holiday inn 51 Nassau st new York city lost for words .
    clean ....not a mark in the room....not a thing out of need to say something to the housekeeper. she is the best ive ever seen....second to none.
    I am writing this after 32 years in our business because no one has ever surprised me (no one.)
    new York city must be a massive pain to get people to do a good job. but this housekeep went way above that. congrats and well done holiday inn usa...a fine well run operation.
    alan boden

  22. I recently stayed at a Holiday Inn in Mobile AL and it was the worst experience ever! When we arrived, the lobby smelled of cigarettes and the music from the bar was blaring! When we got to the room, it was filthy. There were tiles falling off the shower wall, the carpet was coming up, the curtains had stains, wouldn't close and were covered in a thick dust. The A/C unit was so dusty you could write your name in it and the floor was covered in dog hair. I would have gone somewhere else except for spring break and no other vacancy for 75 miles.

  23. I am currently looking for employment and after reading these reviews and comments, I will not consider Holiday Inn for my Management level employment search. I would rather stay on unemployment than work for people like this.

  24. I am staying at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Milford, Ohio, at 301 Old Bank Road. For the $139 per night cost, here is the service I am receiving: When I arrived earlier today, the room was dusty with strands of hair scattered about. I complained to the owner, and he and his wife (I assume she's his wife) came to my room with a bath towel and wiped a few of the tables off. Later, I went to the fitness area for a workout, and the machines are old and do not work. In addition, the elevator is not working. Right now, only one person is stationed at the front desk (not sure where the owner went). This individual is trying to fix the elevator, check guests in, answer the phones, and handle a zillion other tasks all by himself. I'm in town for my daughter's sporting event and have tried to relocate to a different hotel, but on short notice, we're having challenges finding quality hotels with rooms at rates we can afford, given all of the expenses surrounding this trip. That said, we've purchased Lysol and cleansing wipes so that we can at least disinfect the room. I usually don't stay at the Holiday Inn Express but did so this weekend because my daughter's team coordinators selected this facility for our group. Although I don't have any previous experience with Holiday Inn Express, I always thought they were a reputable chain that offered quality service. This experience taught me that I was wrong, at least where this particular hotel is concerned. I wouldn't recommend that anyone stay here.

  25. I KNOW for a FACT that Holiday Inn Corporate Office MUST take a trip to all the privately owned franchise Hotels in TEXAS as well as everywhere else. Need to without a doubt. Must and should be REPOSSESSED by Corporate due to the fact that the owners of the Holiday Inn name HAVE NO MONEY! To run your business. For your well being of the Corporate name I suggest that you reclaim your ill funded franchises. And save what little face you have. If I was the CEO I'd fire the riff raff and hire ONLY the COMPETENT and up most professional.

  26. To whom it may concern,

    We live in Denver, Colorado. We've stayed three times in the past six months or so at the Holiday Inn Express/Weslaco, TX. I'm writing to give feedback to the management staff and owners as I think so few people today actually take the time to write about the positives of an experience.

    Our reason for the trip to Weslaco, TX. was because my husband had extensive dental work performed in Mexico.

    My husband searched hotels online and found your pricing to be reasonable and the guest comments showed your services come highly recommended. One never really knows until they check in, if those comments will be valid or not. They, in fact, were true. However, there were things I noted and was grateful for during our stays which are important for you to be made aware of. Two staff members in particular who stood out for us from the rest. The first was an older woman whose name has slipped my mind by now. She runs the breakfast set up. I spoke to her enough to know she holds down two jobs. She greeted us (as busy as she was) each morning, making small talk while she worked at super high speed. What an asset she is! Foods were kept in stock, the coffee was kept fresh and hot at all times and the dining room was immaculate no matter what time of the day or night that I entered it.

    The second person I'd like to mention is the desk clerk who worked at night, Chris Marcum. If I live to be 100, I'll never be able to thank him enough for all he did to help us get through such a traumatic time in our life.

    There's all the actions one would expect such as: Knowledge about the surrounding area. Neat/professional appearance. Ready to assist or direct us towards any additional services we might need, etc. Then, there were the efforts he made during our 1st trip which caused us to want to return and stay for the 2nd and 3rd time.

    Chris showed us a tremendous amount of compassion. My husband had 27 teeth pulled and 12 dental implants installed in a four hour period of time. We were in a city we didn't know and had no family or friends to lean on afterward. I was very concerned about his well being when we returned to the hotel after the procedure. Chris made sure we knew no matter what, we could count on him should we require any help whatsoever. As you can imagine after such extensive dental surgery, I had my moments when I thought my spouse could end up in the emergency room! One assurance I had, was that Chris would help me get through it if that turned out to be the case and I wouldn't have to fear not getting prompt medical help.

    Chris also made sure while my husband was trying to recover, he would be as comfortable in the room as he would be if he'd been in our own home. I told Chris that my husband refused to lay down completely because he was afraid his surgical sites might bleed a bit and he could potentially ruin a pillow. Chris suggested that I might want to lay a towel over the pillow but, said it was far more important for him to sleep well, then to worry all night and slow his healing process down. His compassion was real as he also asked each day following and each trip after, about his progress and well being. Our comfort was his top priority at all times!

    Therefore, I'd like to thank him especially and want him to know we've decided to return to Weslaco once a year and when we do, we will stay there again because of Chris!

    You have our unending appreciation!

  27. I have two small children. We currently are staying in the Atlanta GA branch. First of all they charge us almost $300 fee for emergencies. A fee not a deposit. Second they book us in a smoking room. Moved to another room where housekeeping service had neglected to clean dirty towels off floor. Moved third to a room with leaking ceiling above shower. Last move was the only kindness shown by man named jaimie who helped us move our things into new room. He gave us one voucher for breakfast. One voucher does not cover four people. So here I am my chip is crying because he is stressed from moving so much and they have the nerve to threats to move us yet again for a few complaints. That is not how me nor my children should be treated. I will NEVER stay in another one of your hotel chains again ever. For all the stress and zero sympathy to a single mother and her children, I deserve a refund or compensation for the many inconveniences we had to endore until 2am in the morning.

  28. Recently we stayed at your Holiday Inn and Suites Phoenix Airport North, in Phoenix, AZ. The evening of the day we checked out, we realized that we had left an expensive camera and case in our room. I called the hotel right away and a message was taken by the front desk to give to the housekeeping manager. Since then, I have called five different times, including leaving a direct message with the housekeeping manager and the hotel manager. No one is returning my calls. I know the camera was left in the room so I have to assume that someone from the housekeeping staff has decided to keep the camera. I am becoming very upset about the situation, because of the lack of customer concern and the theft of the camera. The camera has pictures on it that are special to my parents and can never be replaced. I have tried to do my part, contacting them repeatedly, but to no avail. We will never stay at this hotel again or recommend that anyone stay.


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