Holiday Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Holiday Inn Corporate Office Headquarters
InterContinental Hotels Group IHG
3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000
Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555
Reservations: 1-888-465-4329


  1. I have been a priority club member for MANY years and have been a loyal Holiday Inn stayer - I am not platinum but I am a gold member and have been for years. I recently had a hotel in Puerto Rico change brands and no longer a holiday inn. I was NEVER notified of this I just saw that my reservation looked wierd in the priority club website and I was never credited back my 50000 points. so I called. Yep I can't stay there with my free points any more cause the hotel is no longer a Holiday Inn flag. what? no one contacted me when this happened. Who knows if anyone ever would. I called corporate office and each person I talked to was as rude as the next...i climbed the ladder to find them NOT at all willing to help me either. I booked a trip with free nights and now I have no hotel to stay at. I asked to be moved to the other hotel in the area that was an intercontinental hotel and nope that hotel and manager won't work with us to let you stay there 2 nights with your free points. really? so I asked what they will do to compensate me for this stress and hassle - nothing! I am just livid with the rudness and how non valued they treat their priority club members. I am done staying at holiday Inn... Radisson or hilton here I come!!!

  2. To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing this letter to express my concerns with your organization. I was an employee at the Holiday Inn Calgary Airport positioned as a Duty Manager. On February 25, 2013 at about 1:00 pm, two hours before my scheduled shift I received a phone call from the General Manager (Noel Marcello) to let me know that I will no longer be employed with the company. When I asked Noel why I was being released his response was “you’re not a good fit”. At this point I have been working for the company for almost five months. First, I was confused because there had been no previous meetings or concerns regarding my performance, in fact he had always praised my work. When I asked if I was going to get any notice his response was “No, you don’t get notice.” When I asked if I would be receiving severance pay his response was “No.” That also caused a little more confusion, since he was a “professional” and should be aware of the employment standards and legal rights in the province of Alberta.

    I would also like to point out that I have a degree in International Hotel Management from the C&E American University (Educational Institute, American Hotel and Motel Association). I have worked in this industry for over 12 years. I have asked a few times to meet with the owner in regards to Noels performance, but never seemed to get the opportunity too. Here are a few things that I have encountered while working at the hotel:

    1) Noel asked me to create the Front Office schedule but then asked me to tell the employees and the owner that he was responsible for creating it, not me. I assumed that it was so he can take credit for it.
    2) One afternoon I was asked to come into the office and watch a security camera recording of a staff member (server) having disgusting sexual encounters with a guest that was staying that evening at the hotel. When I asked Noel if he was going to discipline that specific employee his response was laughter and “no, let him have his fun”. I was completely shocked at the lack of unprofessionalism of this Manager. He then asked me not to say nor repeat what I had saw to any other employee, but later found out he had already spread the word and that it was a funny story to tell. Again shocked!
    3) Staff meetings were a joke; they were announced the same day. As well as Noel would show to the meeting 45 minutes late only to announce changes that would be happening in the hotel that he had NO details on. So in my opinion a waste of company time. Why call a staff meeting when you can’t organize and plan every aspect of the meeting and how the time of the meeting is played out?
    4) Any time I asked Noel for assistance or have asked him about issues that have happened in the hotel regarding housekeeping, customers, kitchen, front desk etc. his answer to me was “I don’t know”. If the “General Manager” doesn’t know then who should know?
    5) On the same day I was dismissed I received a phone call for a reliable source stating that Noel let me go because I asked a staff member out on a date? This type of disgusting immature gossip/rumors is something I would never expect from a General Manager. I am a married and respectable man and see my fellow co-workers as professionals and nothing more. Noel likes to play employees against employers with his gossip and in my opinion this is no way to run an organization.

    These are only a few points from what I have seen, there is more. I am requesting a written personal apology from Noel first for his immature gossip and second for his lack of unprofessionalism towards myself.

    I have a lot of respect for the Hotel Industry and I have worked for many privately owned and chains, and this Hotel by far has been the worst experience. I am very disappointed since the Holiday Inn has a great name for itself. My hopes were to learn new skills from this Hotel, but I was left with much disappointment and disregard with the Holiday Inn Calgary Airport.


  3. Fuckin waaaaaaaaa

  4. I worked for the Holiday Inn and they never sent me a final paycheck. I have called and called....and nothing what a horrible establishment.

  5. I paid 1499.00 for an eight day vacation package at the Holiday Inn resort in Kisseemee, FL. the package was to include a 400.00 voucher to use within the resort. I never received the voucher. Everyone said he or she could not help me. I was told the company director was the only one that could help and that she would give me a call. I have not received a call from anyone from the company. I was offered a timeshare at the end of my visit, although everything sounded great, I did not believe what they were offering.

  6. Follow-up regarding Sept 6, 2013 complaint. Holiday Inn Corporation has refunded me 400.00 for the voucher that I did not receive.
    Thank you,

  7. I am writing because I stayed at the holiday inn express in Johnson City Tn on April 5th and checked out on the 6th. We where there because my Mother was in the ICU at the hospital. I myself am sick with 2 lung diseases (Interstial Lung Disease & BOOP Bronchiottis Obliberations Organizing Pneuminittis) I called because my card was charged for my stay and then another $200 dollars. I am on a fixed income and live on a very strict budget. I called the hotel Tammy answered the phone was very rude and hung up on me twice. she said that we smoked in the room because there was cigarette stuff in the trash. I tried to explain to her that I don't smoke and my husband smoked outside. he did bring a cup inside that had some butts in it because the can outside was full we didn't think anything bad about it. My husband has an electronic cigarette that he smokes inside, cause at home he goes outside because I am on oxygen. I called back asked to speak with someone over her, she said hold on and someone answered and said Hello, then hung up I called back she answered the phone and said this is Kathy, but tammy had told me she was the manager, then Kathy said she was the manager, she was getting me very upset I was having trouble breathing, which happens when I get upset, she screams at me and says she's mad I told her if I had to go to er I would send her my bill, she didn't even ask if I was okay. She screams more that's she mad and upset then hangs up on me again. I have worked in many management positions and If I or one of my employees would yell at someone that person would be let go. I believe I should receive my $336.00 dollars back considering how rude they where with me and that they should be let go. because I believe they where lying about their positions. I really believe that I was treated wrong today. The hotel stay was awful. The bed was so hard it made my whole body hurt, and the pillow would go flat. I forgot my pillow I have to sleep almost sitting straight up in bed. I had to do 2 nebulizer treatments after I got off the phone with Kathy. I really thought I was going to have to call 911. I want some one to get back to me via email at ruthaguy about what they are going to do to fix this situation. I will never stay at this hotel ever again and we travel when we can and go to Texas, but I will find another place to stay. Thank You Ruth Guy

  8. The diseases that I have are very serious, the interstial lung disease is where my lungs not get enough oxygen so I can't put out a lot of air. The BOOP is a rare inflammatory disease of the lungs I think sometimes that places of business are out just for the almighty dollar and don't care about the consumers that pay that are actually paying their employees salaries, Also the food at breakfast was awful I actually had to ask for a banana and she got me one but she pulled it off and didn't even let me choose for myself, the orange juice was watered down and she was wiping the counter with a rag picked up some trash put it in the can something spilled on the floor she use the same rag to clean it up and then got up and wiped the counter with it again. that was disgusting. All these things should be looked at cause I can always pursue other avenues I'm not a rich person, but I do deserve some RESPECT!!! Ruth Guy


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