HCA Corporate Office Headquarters

HCA Corporate Office Headquarters
HCA Holdings Inc.
One Park Plaza
Nashville, TN 37203 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-344-9551
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-615-344-9551

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  1. New director at RMCA in Lafayette, LA (Cindy Langly) is having cath lab recovery nurses admit first two patients that register for cath lab procedures, some patients have been forced to wait up to four hours before going to cath lab...patients DO NOT have any privacy, bathroom,(note:when staff asked where to have patients use bathroom they were told to take them to the patient room across the hall from recovery or down the hall) one of the cath lab nurses done just that one morning (Emily Groetche,RN) she was horrified to fine the toilet was covered with feces) placed on stretcher, no t.v., no phone, limited access to family. Patients and family members are becoming very upset with there doctors and the hospital......LEAN process was put into action at RMCA in 2007 to reduce waiting time in holding area this goes against everything staff has worked so hard on......Patients should always come first there is no respect given to a patient.

  2. I work at the Hampton in Merced an this is the most shady place you can work. They make u work off the clock to finish uncompleted work an the GM an the assistant GM are always coming in late when there suppose to be there by 7 am. The assist GM Veronica sometimes let's her brother that's not employed an only 12 work in the kitchen to help out. The maintenance man comes in drunk sometimes on the weekends an doesn't do anything that's why things are broken in the hotel. We as employees have to suffer with bad management an I think it's wrong they need new managers because Tammia and Veronica doesn't know how to manage.

  3. Director of engineering @ Henrico Dr's Parham campus installed med gas outlets without cleaning, testing, or 3rd party verification. This is a life safety issue. Joint Commission would be very interested in this information. HCA admin was informed and chose to ignore. Photo's and witnesses available to testify. So much for putting patient care first.

  4. I was a good employee for HCA for years. I had to quit my job a year ago because my husband was diagnosed with demintia. He is in a home now and I need to get back to work. I was contacted by the new lab manager to put in a application because he was going to do interviews that week. I did what he said and I was never called for an interview. I emailed him because I was worried my application did not go through.I did not hear from him. There were problems in the lab when I left and on my exit review I was asked about management. I told them about some problems that were on going . I think I must have stepped on some toes because I have been put on a no hire list for no reason other than I hurt managments feelings on my exit review. Does HCA back this kind of behavior?


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