Fresh Market Corporate Office Headquarters

Fresh Market Corporate Office Headquarters
The Fresh Market Inc.
628 Green Valley Road Suite 500,
Greensboro, NC 27408 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-336-272-1338
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-336-272-1338
Employment and Jobs: 1-336-272-1338 ext. 1533

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  1. every time i visit the fresh market in augusta mr cawley always has a bad attitude towards me for no reason. I was looking in the jail report and i came across him in it. Arrested for battery. He was still in his fresh market uniform when his arrest was made.I continue to shop there 2 to 3 times a week and still see him working there. My question is whats the fresh markets policies on hiring violent criminals? Arnt yall afraid of work place violence? Thanks.

  2. I can't believe you took my comments off this page! I must have hit a nerve! Your customers need to know that you have the most absurd check cashing policies, I have ever seen! Especially when they are not posted ANYWHERE in the store! If you decide to shop for different things on different days in the week, your 5th check that week will be automatically declined. Doesn't matter if you have plenty of money in the bank, because they don't call the bank or ask for I.D. (if your checkbook was stolen), they simply decline your check! I asked for the manager and 2 checkers refused to get him for me. They would rather act like you were trying to pass a bad check, despite the fact that there was thousands of dollars in the account. I found this out the hard way, by wanting to buy fresh produce and bakery items each day for my son who was hosting 20 plus college friends for a weekend golf tournament. Apparently, Family Fresh would prefer that I buy Strawberries etc. early in the week, even though they would probably be covered with mold by Friday, when I needed them. This policy is not posted because they would rather embarrass you at the checkouts. So far, I have received a weak apology from the manager, but nothing has changed. We are looking for a more customer friendly store to shop at. Good luck, I hope things will change with the policy, especially since they have a wealth of information about your shopping habits.

  3. The weekend of 10/11/13 was our daughter's wedding weekend in Savannah. I decided to order food for a welcome to Savannah party, Saturday breakfast, and Saturday lunch from Fresh Market. The food was amazing. delicious with eye appeal. We ran into a glitch when I realized the breakfast foods were not in the order picked up on Friday afternoon. I ohoned FM Friday evening and a manager realized the order taker wrote the order incorrectly. ROB personally delivered the breakfast platters by 9 a.m. the next morning. The customer service was astounding. Thanjs Rob and FM.!

  4. On Sunday, February 15, 2014, my mother had sent me and my younger brother to the Food City Store in Oliver Springs, TN 37840. I had ankle surgery and I'm still recovering from the skin graph surgery from October. Since last week I started to walk on my leg without the use of crutches. The Oliver Springs store is the only grocery store close enough to purchase food items and alcohol beverages in one place without traveling 15 miles out of town into Oak Ridge. My brother and I had retrieved the items needed to make dinner tonight. They had called over an employee named Dwight Cross to check my photo ID and before he asked for mine, he asked to see my 16 year old brother' ID. I informed him he was 16 and had no ID. He then told me he could not sell me the alcohol with my brother there because of company policy. I left my food items and beer at the registered and called my mother to inform her of the situation. The manager, Shelia Bowlins, was walking across the entrance way and I grabbed her attention. I then asked if my mother came to pick my brother up and if he was not with me if I could then purchase my items. Shelia then told me "yes". So I told my mother to come get him and sent him outside off of the property to get picked up. I came back in to try to retrieve my items before they was put up because I am disabled and did not want to get in a motorized vehicle to obtain the same items my brother helped me gather. Dwight Cross went to retrieve my beer and the Manager, Shelia Bowlins, came back and told me ", I am not selling you the beer because it has been two minutes since you left". She also stated that it was illegal for me to purchase alcohol and transport it with a minor in the vehicle. I told her my mother was coming to get my brother and he would not be in the vehicle with me. She then told me that," It was her discretion to sell alcohol to a person and she will not sell it to me". I was not intoxicated, I was not transporting beer with a minor, and I am disabled. The way she handled the situation was rude and I felt as if she was discriminating me because of my disability. Tennessee's laws state, “TN 55-10-416. Open container law.(a) (1) No driver shall consume any alcoholic beverage or beer or possess an open container of alcoholic beverage or beer while operating a motor vehicle in this state. (2) For purposes of this section: (A) "Open container" means any container containing alcoholic beverages or beer, the contents of which are immediately capable of being consumed or the seal of which has been broken; (B) An open container is in the possession of the driver when it is not in the possession of any passenger and is not located in a closed glove compartment, trunk or other nonpassenger area of the vehicle; and Metro Davidson County code: 7.24.04It shall be a violation of any person , while in or on a street, alley, sidewalk, parking lot, parking garage or other area generally open to the public, except (1) enclosed structures, (2) premises owned by scientific, religious, or educational institutions, or (3) premises specifically permitted or licensed for the on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages or beer; to have in their possession beer, ale, wine or other alcoholic beverage for the purpose of consumption in a glass, aluminum, or metal container unless such container is commercially sealed. We drove 15 miles, into Oak Ridge, and purchased the same items and beer at the Wal-Mart. My brother stood right beside me and there were no discrepancies during the alcohol transaction. Personally I believe she needs to take the TABC exam It's a shame my family and I will now travel out of our way to receive better customer service to acquire the needs for every day conveniences. My six year old son was at home with my mother and we did not eat dinner until 10:00 PM due to this inconvenience.

    1. My name is Ashley Davenport and this was one of the worst visits I ever had when dealing with customer relations. I can understand the laws of the company, but when you decide to follow their guidelines and policy procedures, they still will refuse a sell. I can understand if I had bought beer only, but wouldn't it be a wiser decision to purchase the beer at a gas station if I had the intentions to give a minor alcohol? I guess I should have left a 16 year old boy who can not legally be left at home with out adult supervision at home with my six year old son so I can follow the guidelines that Shelia Bowlins had made up so I could transport and buy beer. It is legal to have beer in the vehicle but not legal if it is an open container and in the possession of the passenger if they are a minor, not having alcohol in your vehicle. If that is the law, then over half of the county should be locked up and no sells should be made to anyone purchasing alcohol. What is the difference if the child is in the vehicle waiting on the parent to come out of the store and them coming inside. Wait, it is child endangerment to leave a child in the vehicle while entering a store for purchases and child neglect for leaving an underage child at home alone while leaving the property! I guess disabled people should hurt themselves and forget about safety because of the rules and regulations associates want to make up because they are mad in a situation.

  5. Dear The Fresh Market Company,

    I am a regular customer that goes to The Fresh Market located 20771 North Rand Road, Kildeer, IL 60047, USA. The store itself is amazing, all departments, but one. The Deli department. I have been going there for a few years now and have bonded with some of the employees. The last couple of times I have seen very unsanitary actions from an employee named Linda in the Deli department. She would sweep and touch the garbage using her bare hands, but she didn't wash her hands after she was finished her dirty task. Then she continues to touch food and help customers. Another situation is that she wears heavy jewelry. She is also constantly touching her face and armpits. When I see Linda, she looks like she hasn't bathed in a few days, the oily face, and the crusty eyes are also very noticeable. I wonder if Janet, the Deli manager sees her as an employee who can get away with it, or a friend who has a few flaws. I think that Janet thinks both.

    Today I went to The Fresh Market, and was near the Deli department but was in produce section.. and I saw Linda yelling at another Deli employee named Carla. Linda was acting “smart” or as if she was “bigger and better” than Carla. It was the look I saw on Carla’s face; the fact that she didn't deserve to be yelled at. Carla claims that she was just trying to give her a few positive pointers. But you know what really shocked me? First of all, Linda’s voice was so loud, it attracted my attention all the way from the produce section to the Deli department.. and secondly I saw Janet, the Deli manager, just standing there watching the whole thing. She didn't step in and stop the conflict. I was just shocked. I also saw a few other customers watching Linda scream at Carla and gasp. I have bonded with Carla as friends from going there often, and she has told me that she had complained to the store manager (several of them) and the Deli manager, Janet, that Linda has been trying to control her, and get her into trouble, the fact she is very unsanitary, wears heavy jewelry (which she really does, I see it every time I go shopping at The Fresh Market) and how she had run off some of the past employees there because they couldn't stand it anymore.

    1. (CONTINUE)
      I talked with Carla on her break, and she started to cry and break down. She explained everything. Carla says she had reported how Linda was acting demanding and bossy around her, how she’s unsanitary by not bathing, and/or not washing her hands after specific tasks, also the fact that she wears too much jewelry to the store and Deli manager.. The response from the store managers were “You need to stop causing trouble.” The response from Janet, the Deli manager, was, “You need to grow up.” Carla says that she is very unhappy working there, she had admitted that the past employees that worked in the Deli department with Carla and Linda, has quit BECAUSE OF Linda. Carla said that the ex-employees told her that they couldn't stand Linda nor Janet anymore.

      When I talk to Janet, I personally don’t like her personality, even from day one. She’s very uptight, and chooses her friends. Every time I go there, I see Janet and Linda laughing and talking like they’re best friends, (which I know, they 99% probably are from my perspective.) I know that Carla isn't getting what she deserves.. She has helped The Fresh Market in so many ways and hasn't gotten the full benefits or recognition as an outstanding employee because Janet takes sides, of course, Linda’s.

      Carla is truly the biggest asset in the Deli department and only points out the wrongs, to get them corrected. Of all the years I've been going there, I see Carla working hard and quick, it’s amazing to see her still there motivated to work with those two constantly “up her butt.”, but compared to Janet and Linda, they’re just talking basically the whole time not getting any work done, or making any progress. I see Carla doing 90% of the work every time I go there, doing three or more things at once when the other two are in the corner sitting down chatting.

      Linda and Janet on the other hand, are the main problem. Please, help Carla in the Deli department, the store itself and Deli manager, Janet, isn't doing anything to solve this problem. Carla Gaston doesn't deserve this.

      Thank you.


      A Very Disturbed Fresh Market Customer

  6. As a employee at the fresh market , this is not a good company to work for. There are a lot of problems in each department that
    management does not want to address the issues. Employees are aloud to disrespect others. Today I had a situation where another
    employee called me a name out of my name! I felt so disrespected ! So I can only imagine what a customer thinks when they have heard or seen conflict in our stores. This is very unprofessional!

  7. Hello,

    I shop at fresh market in Miami at the falls shopping center. I left whole foods and now only shop at fresh market. However, the grocery department is always lacking something. Whether it be milk then have to go back next day. The customer service SUCKS!!! and so does the management and quite frankly I don't think the employees give a rat but about the customers. I really feel that management nor corporate really cares. I know for sure if things don't change all fresh market will be out of business

  8. Hi My concern is over the bakery > I have called and spoke with employee about ingredients in their items> Ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, AGAP AGAP, (what is that?), ploysorbate 60,( toxic ingredient, European markets have pulled off shelves, ) E453, E491, its seems the only difference between The Fresh Market Bakery ingredients and Walmart is the price. SAD!!

  9. Fresh Market Mt. Lebanon Pa location is quite nice. I enjoy shopping there. However, for the past three times I visited the store an employee named TIM has been very rude and surly. I spoke to the manager and he responded with a weak excuse Tim. With the manager standing right beside me, Tim continued to make negative remarks and just grinned because the manager was not addressing his unpleasant behavior. Will not return to Fresh Market. A Whole Food is opening in a few months just up the road from the Fresh Market and I am glad for that.

  10. I live in Cary NC. We relocated here from Buffalo, NY 10 years ago. I have been purchasing my polish sausage and Farmers cheese from your store for our Christmas Eve traditional dinner. I was extremely disappointed when I was told that you decided to discontinue the Farmers Cheese only to find out from your cheese department as well as someone at the check out had heard the same from several other customers. It isn't usually a highly used product throughout the year. However at Christmas time it's huge. As you are aware there are many people relocating to this area from up north and this decision has ruined Christmas Eve for several of your customers. Please reconsider your decision for next year.

    Thank you

  11. the store in Hilton Head is a joke your day off and management known as PJ will call you in so that he can walk his dogs he goes home after work in 3 hours a day to walk his dogs the employees there are treated like crap and nobody caresit's a shame that everybody knows about it nobody does nothing in this door and nobody cares about their valued employees


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