Forever 21 Corporate Office Headquarters

Forever 21 Corporate Office Headquarters
Forever 21, Inc. Address:
2001 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90058 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-213-741-5100
Fax Number: 1-213-741-5161
Customer Service Number: 1-888-494-3837
International Callers: 1-213-741-8257

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  1. Last night I purchase a few items online, but the forever 21 wesite was having techincal difficulties, so my order did not process. So......I tried one more time to purchase my items, and again, my order didnt go through. This morning I checked my bank account and them suckers took my money. TWICE!!! And this what i dont understand, how in the world forever 21 online would have techincal difficulties when it comes to customers purchasing their items but not have difficulties taking the money, twice! Yall need to get it together Forever21 before they get rid of this business, forever!But now im on hold now...but reading every one comments makes me want to hang up the phone and deal with my bank. SN: I think these people who owns this business are Christians, and one of the 10 Commandments, is thy shall not y'all better give me my money back!!!!

    1. wOW.. o.O i think YOU need to get it together! HA!

    2. I'm experiencing the same exact thing right now as I type! I've been on hold for 15 minutes now. I think FOREVER 21 needs to get it together!


    4. A couple of days before Christmas I went to the great mall in Milpitas Ca.
      I purchased 5 coats from different stores and forever 21 was one of them.
      I did this because I didn't know which type of coat the person I was buying it for would like.
      So the day after Christmas I returned the ones the person didn't like.
      All stores but forever 21 returned the money to my card.
      Forever 21 says they will never return anyone's money and the sales person in the store actually had the balls to say how do you think Forever 21 makes so much money and has so many stores.
      I am too old for the type of junk clothes they sell and the person I bought it for lives in another country so a store credit is useless to me.
      They say it is their store policy, they say it's posted in their stores in little bitty writing that no one ever reads and on their receipts after you buy!
      So why in the hell don't they tell the customer before you buy.

      I build web sites for a living.
      So if they don't return my money I am going to build a web site much bigger and better than theirs, a Facebook page, Twitter and every where I can so older people like me never get Screwed over by this store that sells Garbage and keeps getting rich by stealing people's money as told to me by one of their own sales people.
      You can reach me at my_spam_mail_box at yahoo

  2. Online Shopping Nightmare! I spent over two hours trying to navigate the Forever 21 website, and in the process spoke with five different Customer Service Agents only two of whom knew what they were talking about and could assist me. I it hard to understand how a retail business can be run so poorly. There is too much competition to endure this torture! I would recomment anyone reading this site go somewhere else! Unhappy

  3. I am extremely disappointed in the way my order was handled/canelled. My daughter ordered 10 shirts online for an upcoming performance. I gave her approval to use my credit card, because she does not have one. I was initially impressed that they flagged it and wanted to talk to the cardholder (me) before finalizing the order. After talking with me, the person on the phone promised they would put the order through and it would ship the next day, Friday, or at the latest, Monday. We had requested 2-3 day shipping to guarantee they arrived in time for the performance. On Monday, the ordered showed as pending on my credit card, but when my daughter called, they said it had been cancelled and they couldn't get it to her by Friday. When I called them, they said the order had been cancelled and there was no way to reinstate it or resubmit (I am inferring that at that point, they could no longer get the order to us by Friday. They said a supervisor was not available to speak with me. I asked them to have one all...they never called. My husband called and they did refunded our credit card right away, after being threatened with a lawsuit. My complaint is with the ordering department. Apparently the lady I talked to on Thursday did not send the message to the correct department letting them know the purchase was approved. By Monday, it was too late to guarantee the merchandise would arrive on time, so their solution was to simply say the order could not be shipped and had been cancelled. There was no indication that they were sorry they had messed up the order or regretted the position they put us in. When I asked if they could tell me what stores in my area carried the shirts they said no, I would have to call. Which is what I did and was able to find them at a store 50 miles away. If they had been helpful in anyway or shown concern for my daughters position (no shirts and 4 days to the performance), it would have helped. I do not recommend ordering from your company and suggest you work on your customer service. From reading comments here and on other blogs, you do have a problem with the way you handle orders and customer service. It will eventually affect the companies profit and success. I doubt we will be ordering again and I have a feeling my daughter's sorority sisters will not be ordering from you. This is a shame, because she like the clothing and your prices are very reasonable.

  4. Forever 21 used to be my favorite store but i will NEVER EVER buy from there again!!!!! I placed and order & 3 months later, I still have not recieved my items. I have called & emailed & I get the same response. The Customer Service is an absolute joke!! Then on top of that they use both UPS & USPS. its not like they tell you which, so sometimes My order is delivered to my door, and other times its returned back to their warehouse b/c I dont have a mailbox. I never knew that having a mailbox mattered WHEN YOUR ITEMS WOULDN'T FIT IN IT ANYWAY. SO I've recieved no refund, none of my items, and no assistance on how this matter can be resolved........ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS!!

  5. Forever 21 is limiting all employees to part-time. This is due to Obamacare.

  6. I've always been going to the forever 21 located in arowhead mall in Arizona . At first it was great it had new clothing each week very nice,neat. But lately fore the last 2 years its been horrible,the girls who work there have been rude they think its their business they don't clean it up I've gone 3 times a week and things I saw the first day have still been there its like they don't do their job all they do is chit chat . But that's not the problem anymore because usually I've noticed it new workers each time I go, like they change employees each time. The problem is that this forever 21 is sooooo clusterd it looks tremendously horrible makes all forever 21's look bad. They have had a sale section for so long it looks unpleasant its starting to look like a thrift store half of the things in the sales section isn't from forever it just had forever 21's logo sewed on it. They do not bring out new things out anymore it seems as if they brought out all the old stuff from last fall that I can point out and just want to get rid of it and they keep the new clothing in the back. I'm a shopaholic and I love forever 21 but I will no longer be going to any of them because of this disappointing location.

  7. This company without a doubt is the worst to work for. Ive been employed for this company for 3 years and transferred stores due to schooling. My old store was wonderful but the new store I work at has not gotten or paid me for a month of work and now threatens to fire me because I refuse to show up to work without seeing any money coming in. I called payroll about 12 times as soon as they opened and so on after without getting a response back or anything but the answering machine. never let your friends/daughters or anyone work for this company they'll screw you over and tell you its your fault

  8. Hello my name is Rameeh Scott-Hyatt. Today 1/30/15 around 6:30-7:00 I went to one of your stores in Pittsburgh,Pa down at SouthSide Works; I was looking around in the store for a purchase and previous to my arrival there was four black females who had got caught stealing. I was down there by myself and after the girls got removed from you guys store there was an officer who had approached me saying that management asked him to ask me to leave the store because I was with the girls who was there stealing. I am a black female I told him I didnt know the girls what so ever and if he wanted to check my bag he can but I was not in there stealing and if hey wanted to they could simply check the cameras but no one seem to budge and I told the officer and the employees that I felt like I'm being racially profiled. You have cameras and once the cameras prove I was not with them girls what's so ever they will be in trouble for accusing me. All because I'm black and your employees are lazy and didn't want to take the time to check the cameras.

  9. I really feel offended because they didn't take they time out to check to see if I was with the girls or not so I was really being racially profiled because the girls were African American as of I but that does not mean IBeas stealing as well all black people do not steal that is the most rudest thing I ever been thru in my life! I literally was in tears from anger talking to the officer and asked to speak to the manager because he saidhe was only relating a message from the manager. Then when my step mother whom is white asked her she said she never said that which is weird because she sure was in the store as he kept yelling "I'm just relating a message"! Why didn't she say she didn't say that.

  10. 1.0 star rating 6/14/2015
    hey you"regan", the person in charge blonde about 25 years old with glases next to cashier #1223995 alexander bad customer service is more expensive than you think. companies who want to be in business for the long haul will have to be serious about eliminating bad customer servic,wikipedia will tell you that customer service is "the provision of service to customers before, during, and after a purchase." i vave the most horrible experience trying to return an item with this personshe lack of experience about serving customer she should be removed from her post she needs trainigni love forever 21 but, you quickly ran away, waving a dismissive "talk to the hand" at me yelling "she will help you". you should be in line i said i was already online you haven t finishing with me, she didn t care i was shopping with my 15 years old dauther and my wife they were so surprise how can a person like her is been working and "in charge of the store"????when i asked for her name she said you don't need to know my name?????what ???i ll write to highland park, los angeles, ca
    headquarters: los angeles, ca customer services department, thanK you MY DAUGTHER LOVES TO SHOP AT FOREVER 21

  11. Most of the distribution employees, are drug addicts, alcoholics, and probably sell merchandise on thr black market. Ijs. Cheap labor with long hours.

  12. Most horrific experience trying to simply order something for my past weekend.! I order four items from forever 21 on the 19th of November to have it overnighted by the 20th. My order was placed before 11 am on the 19th so my order should have arrived on time to no avail I did not arrive. I didn't get my package until the 25th of and was told three times that I was going to get my money back and still haven't. I called again and had to ask for a supervisor 7 times before she got on the phone. The original representative by the name of Mary told me that my refund was in process and it wasn't. I called back again I was told by another rep by the name of Bob that my refund in the process and to check again on Friday the 28th or Monday the 30th the latest. I still didn't receive my refund. I called on Nov 30th and the R ( Robert ) told me that it was refunded on 11/24 and to wait 1 to 2 business days to to see the refund. AGAIN more BS I then pressed for more information and he then tells me that it takes two billing cycles to get my money back. I informed him that that was not true and that I work for a financial intuition so I know how the internal side works and that is not true. I then had to go back and forth with him seven times in order to speak to his supervisor. This horrible experience took 48 mins out of my day and life so I'm far from pleased. Once I finally spoke to Joycie ( supervisor ) she let me know that what I was told was incorrect and that my refund wasn't going to be refunded because my package arrived on the 25th. Keep in mind it was ordered again on the 19th with next day air so the delivery should have been on the 20th. I have received all kinds of answers and all I want is my money. Next I will be contacting the merchant corporate center directly through email, letter, and call.

  13. If you live in Canada, you can't do exchanges online. You have to pay for return shipping and then order again BUT you pay full price for the exchanged item. Absolute bullshit. The convenience of online shopping is not so convenient after all.

  14. Message : Presidents Chang: I left this comment at the end
    of an article on Fashion Revolution Week: Great idea to
    make consumers aware of the ills in the fashion industry.
    Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 have retail outlets in my
    city. I notice at a local recycled clothing store, a good
    many fairly new clothes bearing their labels on the racks.
    What a waste of human beings (young kids who make them) and
    natural resources. I stop by Forever 21 on occasion as
    the styles in the window are fun and colorful. Upon closer
    examination, however, the clothing is poorly made, barely
    stitched together, fragile button holes and zippers, not
    hemmed in many cases, aimed to withstand few wearings (to
    encourage future sales). Shame on you Mr and Ms Chang that
    you represent a company retailing such cheap stuff.

    Later this afternoon I received a response from a Customer Service rep who thanked me for my interest and to contact them if I had further questions or problems. It's quite obvious Raymond never read my complaint.


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