Edward Jones Corporate Office Headquarters

Edward Jones Corporate Office Headquarters
Edward D. Jones & Co., L.P.
12555 Manchester Rd.
Des Peres, MO 63131 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-314-515-2000
Fax Number: 1-314-515-3269
Customer Service Number: 1-314-515-2000

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  1. In 1997 I had $90,000.00 wired to a trust account in Bank One Columbus OH from Parker Hunter in PA no one at the bank questioned what I intended for the money so i called the bank to ask for a Sharon Bloom her name was on my trust papers I was told she now worked at 5th 3rd bank I called this bank but was told no Mrs. Bloom worked there. I went to Edward Jones on Hill Road North in Pickerington OH not being able to read all the ins and outs of the numbers I though sure someone at an investment firm could find where the money went into the account. A Mr. Coffing said he would do it as a favor. When I got my bank statements back 2000 through 2005 were missing if questioned he will tell you I never gave him these statements but I did why would I lie I don't have a reason to lie. I noticed Mr. Coffing continues to work for Edwards Jones. Mr. Coffing however does because there was figures on the statements to prove money fraud at Chase Bank Trust department. I called to report this and thought someone would look into it but I realize how easy it is to lie. Florence Pesce

  2. With the ever changing insurance options HSA are becoming more popular with insurance carriers, I was surprised Edward Jones did not offer this service as they handle all most every other service for people that are retired or just want to manage their money smarter. Could this be considered as a another service offered by Edward Jones as I would like to keep all my financial transaction under one roof. Thank you

  3. We have been nothing but lied to and grossly mislead by Edward Jones. PLEASE AVOID DEALING WITH EDWARD JONES, they are ONLY interested in lining their pockets as the cost of investors. BEWARE

  4. Our brother in law was our account manager, my name was on the account, now it's not, I never signed off the account, he is now retired and no longer with Edward Jones and new manager is not doing anything because it was done before she took over the account. My wife won't talk to her. Who can help with this before I take it to a legal advisor?

  5. Your company needs to do drug background checks on your employees!!

  6. Mr. James Weddle,

    I respectfully request that all mailings to my home be stopped. Recently they started back up. They go unopened into the trash. My concern is the contain personal information including account numbers. I admit to being computer illiterate and could not use your Link. The locale Edward Jones rep. could not help.

    So, with no one to turn to, I decided to go to the boss. I would appreciate your help in clearing up this matter. Together we will save trees.

    Warmest Regards,

    Robert M. Cover, Jr.

  7. They do far worse than this . Stealing with the northern trust is their fortayyyyy. Susan j ladd and Margaret leicht


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