Champs Corporate Office Headquarters

Champs Corporate Office Headquarters
311 Manatee Avenue West
Bradenton, FL 34205 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-941-748-0577
Customer Service Number: 1-800-991-6813
International Callers: 1-715-261-9588
Fax Number: n/a
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  1. 34205 is the correct zip code - no FL zip code starts with a 2, at least not south of Orlando that I am aware of...

  2. Hard to get anyone on the phone that can actually help you!

  3. Patrick Dotman, Store Manager of the South Shore Plaza in Braintree, Ma. is the rudest, most unprofessional person I have EVER delt with! I am going to do everything in my power to make sure the Corporate Office knows exactly how you treat Champs Customers and the huge mistake their making by having you as their Store Manager!

  4. sawgrass mills store. Rep named Amit was rude and unprofessional, as well as his manager, telling me he's having a bad day and doesnt want to deal with me, finishline or footlocker, but never again

  5. Vladimir at the dadeland store is the reason foot locker is top of the shoe chain ....his professionalism is elementary he doesn't take his job serious and doesn't put the customer first...I'd suggest when at dadeland don't shop at CHAMPS.......

  6. Champs sports at the tucson mall jas yhe best customer service ive seen . My personal favorite is sarah . Shebis the nicest sales assoviate ive come across .Everytime my family enters she there with her kind heart .shes so welcoming . She is sincere about her sales. She doesnt just try to make a dollarfor the company . The whole staff there is wonderful .

  7. Today, December 12, 2014, my wife (April Douglas) and I shopped at the Champs store at the Spokane Valley Mall for Christmas gifts in Spokane, Washington. We like that store as the people there are professional and friendly. Today we were served by Bryan Newbury. We bought three pairs of running shoes and some other clothing items for Christmas. Bryan really impressed us. He was very friendly, cheerful, went out of his way to assist us to get the right shoes and the proper sizes, and in general, did an excellent job of servicing our needs. He did not just rush us out the door for a fast sale. Bryan took the time and made the effort to fine tune the transaction so that we got the right shoes and other things. What a gem he is. April and I wanted you to know what a special sales associate you have in that young man. He has also waited on us other times, too. He is to us a great asset for your business. Because of him, we got the right shoes and feel that the money we spent (we spent over $500 in the store today) was money well spent for Christmas. We just thought you should know. Thank you and please have a Merry Christmas.


    John (Jack) R. Douglas
    Boundary County Prosecuting Attorney
    P.O. Box 1148
    Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

    E-Mail: [email protected]

  8. On Friday, December 20, 2014 I called the Champs at Arrowhead Mall in Phoenix, Az and was told they had a size 6 in the Legend Blue 11's. I was at the mall at 6am and was second in line. The other two ladies wanted a size 7. So, how lucky was I? When I arrived at the counter to purchase my 6, I was told they did not have a 6! HMMM! What? How did that happen? When I asked about it I was told that they never received the size 6 in kids. I was told that cashiers that answer the phone don't know what they have in stock. Really? YOUR cashiers don't know what you have? I missed getting the biggest drop of 2014. I called Nike and was told "Sorry", in a very nice way, but sorry none the less. The store did nothing to make up for their mistake. I emailed the company and the only thing they addressed in their email back...they are not responsible for security opening the doors of the store. NOT the issue, Champs! Get employees that give accurate information and staff that can read a complaint and address the issue! If I ever do shop at that Champs again, I will make the cashier go check and see if they have my size in the back room.

    Linda Spencer
    Age 56 and yes these were for ME sneakers
    Phoenix, Az

  9. My family and I went to Champs located at The Avenue in Murfreesboro, TN. The employees were rude and did not greet us upon arrival, nor did they offer us any assistance. Instead they chose to argue. This is the third time that I have been in this store and the service was horrible.

  10. Your so called VIP program is a joke. If you can't spend 100, 150 or 200 dollars at one time the VIP program does you no good. I've spent thousands of dollars at Champs and Foot Locker over the past year. It seems like to me, my money is only good when I spend it all at Champs or Foot Locker in order to use the VIP. It's time to revamp the VIP program and be like Finish Line. Spend 200 dollars no matter how you spend it, 10, 35 or 60 dollars it all adds up until you reach 200 and a reward is sent to you. Seems like I'll take my 6000 that was spent at Foot Locker and my 4000 spent at Champs, I'll take that over to Finish Line and feel like they appreciate the money that I spend. Thank you, but no thank you to your joke of a VIP program. Change it and I'll bring that business back.

  11. Hello. My name is Jose Baskins. Augusta mall champs Augusta,Ga. use to have the most playful employees. But my last few visits to champs in Augusta ga., an employee by the name tag "shanta" is all you can ask for in customer service! She friendly,fast,and accurate! Offer me the whole store deals and all! "How can I let this get recognition I asked?" And the other employee said write cooperation. Employee also mentioned that all customers loves her! I then asked her full name and it was pronounced Asia Steward....Good job dear! She needs her own store!!!! Please contact her boss and notify them that Jose and Emily Baskins are pleased with her!!!!

  12. Champs is crap. There were a pair of sneakers that hadn't been out since I was in grade school. I made sure I purchased them ahead of time. They took forever to arrive. I got them and one size was right and one was wrong. I was told Champs had no more. During that time they also sold out at all other sneaker chains i.e. Footlocker. They also don't allow you to delete your own account you created with them. I'll never purchase from them again. Champs . . is crap.

  13. I went to champs in southland mall and was not happy at all seen a sign on some jogger pants buy one get one free Manger of the store said he could not honor that price then he took the sign down and said to me he can give me 50% off but not the buy one get one free went to another store found joggers better quality and buy one get it free I will never shop at champs again and I will tell friends and family about this store.

  14. Dear Champs Sports,
    I am dissatisfied with the services you have/haven't offered.
    Here is what transpired:
    10/19/15 - I ordered online Item Number 648866F, size 6.
    10/20/15 - My CC was charged $30.57; Breakdown as follows:
    19.99 Subtotal
    2.59 Tax
    7.99 Shipping and Handling
    30.57 TOTAL
    10/20/15 Received email with my Champs Sports Shipment Confirmation Customer Number ---0284, Order Number ---9568
    10/21/15 Received the package

    Unfortunately, the shoes did not fit and needed a size 4. So after reading and re-reading your website stating "Return Policy: Satisfaction Guaranteed" I felt assured my issue would be resolved. However, upon reviewing the "Return Instructions" your website indicated that a "SMARTLABEL" would have been attached to my invoice. There was not a "SMARTLABEL" attached to my invoice.
    10/26/15 - I contacted Champs Sports Customer Service and the young lady told me it would take too much time, "like three weeks" to get the correct sized shoes to me. She said to just return them to the store. I was not satisfied with this solution.
    10/27/15 - I contact Champs Sports Customer Service again to see what other options I may have. Initially, I thought I would return the shoes to the store and get a full refund. Then I would go online to purchase the correct size shoes. However, I noticed the price of the shoes ...


    Please explain to me how the shoes were priced at $19.99 online and one week later they are "ON SALE" for $44.99?

    The gentleman told me he was unable to adjust the correct sized shoes price but I could still return the incorrect sized shoes. This is not an option. Period. I asked to speak to a customer service manager who listened to my complaint then "Ashley" stated, "She understands my frustrations." (Champs Sports - You REALLY need to retrain your CSD with more empathy and less routine memorized one-liners!) Her option to me was that I would purchase the new shoes at the current price ($44.99) and then once they receive the returned shoes, I could call back to get an adjustment made for the difference.
    No, I will not do that. That does NOT sound at all like a viable option for me.
    10/27/15 - Called and left a message at your corporate office's customer service department; Have not received a call back yet as of COB today.

    I have brought my business to you rather than utilizing your competitors all due to the fact that your website appeared "friendly" and serviced the "customers needs" and promises of "Satisfaction Guaranteed" and "WE PROMISE THE ITEM(S) YOU ORDER WILL FIT RIGHT OR EXCHANGE THEM FOR FREE!"
    All false advertisement! This needs to be reviewed by the Better Business Bureau (that your company is not a member of hence the "F" grade that has been associated with your company name), reached out to consumers via social media that your promises are meaningless, and spread via word of mouth to friends, colleagues, and family to not waste their time or money for providing highly fluctuated pricing from one week to another and not honoring your own business mission statement. Thanks for the runaround and poor customer service and trying to bamboozle honest customers.
    Shame on you and shame on your greed!

  15. my ex-husband told me today of an incident at a tennessee champs store in rivergate mall. a female cashier whom he approached to handle a shoe strap, which broke in a 1 day purchase through mail order. the basketball shoes in total of 168.00 were returned in-store. she was so mad she actually kept his original receipt, and vowed she wouldn't sign any document that she handled the transaction in any case!

  16. I was denied an exchange today in the the Deptford Mall Champs in Deptford, NJ. I had my receipt and an obviously defective issue on a Nike shoe. The shoes are only 3 weeks old as they were a gift to my son for Christmas. Because I didn't have the original box, they would not allow me an exchange. The salesman actually had the nerve to say that the shoes looked dirty and accused my son of climbing a tree in them. I'm insulted and disgusted by the lack of professionalism. I am now stuck with trying to get a voucher from Nike Corp. I have to spend my own $ to ship them back to the manufacturer. I will NEVER spend another dime in Champs Sports for as long as I live. The best part is that I really don't need to. There is so much great competition out there that I have many other choices to select from. Bye Bye Champs........I just bought my son a $200.00 pair of shoes at Kicks USA. I didn't even have to leave the mall.

    1. Good for you.

    2. Good for you.

  17. Yeah Champ employees are very rude and obnoxious. I was just doing a return. Two people were working both young. I had asked the girl can somebody help me with doing a return and she said he's the only one that's authorize to do that and he'll help you in a moment. I wasn't quite sure who she was talking about but I said ok and i went to the register to wait for whoever was going to help me. I stood there for a good 3-5min and then I asked the girl again and added I'm in a hurry and this time she actually pointed to the rude ass that was helping another customer and actually he wasn't doing anything but standing there talking and I asked him can you help me and of course he replied VERY rude and OBNOXIOUS and said I'll be there in a minute BUT it's not what he said it's how he said it and he couldn't even look at me and kinda waved his hand like to say whatever. So I said I'll go get my husband and my husband chewed his head off very politely. It was nice to have my husband stick up for me so this guy acted like it was all my doing about being rude but my husband knows me so he didn't believe a word he said then the sales guy tried to hold a conversation with my husband and my husband Rollin I'm not interested in talking to you good bye. My husband will not ever shop there again .

  18. Oh yeah the comment above this one took place at the Riverside Gallaria Mall in Riverside, CA.

  19. I hope Champs go out of business cuz who wants to shop in a place full of rude OBNOXIOUS customer service employees. Champs need to train their employees in customer service. Because obviously they have no clue on what good customer service is. I've worked in customer service for over 15 years and what they're doing is a shitty job in customer service if you can even call it customer service.

  20. April 30, 2016 Store #14586

    I had a very disappointing customer service at the Champs in Wichita, Kansas in the Towne East Mall, your employees first were very rude and snickering all the time. And then they charged me and my son for an extra pair of shoes but we caught it before we left the store. I am a Disabled Veteran and I will not be spending my money there again. You have very poor management there and very poor customer service. People spend there hard earned money and I would not recommend going back to Champs again. Do not worry I will write a letter on my whole dis-respectful customer service experience with all my personal information, why have a site to comment if we cannot even who we are and why we are so upset, yet again another way to suppress the customers

  21. My mom, my finance, and I were at your Stoneridge mall store and purchased a pair of nike shoes and an underarmour back pack and the back pack and shoes had pincher bugs (earwigs) all over your merchandise and inside the shoes and the shoe box. It seem like the employees of that particular Champs store at Stoneridge mall do not thoroughly vacuum and clean up the store, cause as we were leaving I saw another pincher bug on the floor, and the sales associate didn't want to kill the pincher bug until we told her to. I think you really should send someone from corporate to make sure there isnt a pincher bug infestation in your Stoneridge store. We were rather disgusted that there were pincher bugs in a shoe store and on your stores merchandise and that could be a health hazard.

    Jhuvie Sabal

  22. I received the worst customer service on Saturday, 02/25/17. I woke up early and purchased the Alternate 8s from your site. Payment was successful and I received my order confirmation. Nine hours later, I received an email saying that my order was cancelled due to verification. No other explanation. Can you say LIVID?!? I just purchased something from both champs and footlocker a day prior using the same payment method so why suddenly there's a problem???
    I called the verification number and spoke to a rude rep and even more rude supervisor! No one could tell me what needed to be verified and had the nerve to accuse me of fraud and told me to next time use PayPal!! And of course my item is sold out! And of course there's a hold on my money! Is this how you treat your customers??? Accuse them of fraud and cancel their items without notice??. I am speaking with corporate and I have told everyone to take their business elsewhere! DO NOT patronize Champs, Footlocker, eastbay, or Footaction!!!


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