Capital One Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Capital One Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Capital One Financial Corp.
1680 Capital One Drive
McClean, VA 22102 USA

Phone Numbers
Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-720-1000
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-955-7070
Rewards Center: 1-800-228-3001
Prepaid Card Customer Service: 1-866-532-9632
Online Banking Support: 1-866-750-0873
Report a lost or stolen ATM/Debit card: 1-877-547-8003
Banking Customer Service: 1-888-810-4013
Auto Loans: 1-800-946-0332
Small Business: 1-800-867-0904
Home Loans: 1-888-497-6278
Personal Loans: 1-800-926-1000
Health Care Financing: 1-800-926-1000
Canadian Customers: 1-800-481-3239
Capital One UK: 08444 812 812
Commercial Banking Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

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  1. customer service are freaks! All they do is appologize for not helping with a problem

    1. thats exactly right. no one knows how to get a hold of corprate either...

    2. All dealing with Capital one is nothing but frustrating. They will do anything to stall you when it comes to giving you your own money back. The insurance department is a joke.

    3. Anonymous April 10, 2013 at 12:50 am
      All dealing with Capital one is really frustrating. They don't want to accept verifications or documents to verify your situation. You get a different representative or Account Manager each time you call or they call. Every reps. notes are different. One rep. will tell you one thing while the other will tell you something totally different. Their corporate office is located in McLean, Va.

    4. I agree. 5 accounts are visible on-line. 4 are on the paper statement. Customer Service has been working this for 3 months. The most recent call I was told "I see all 5 accounts on-line and if you only have 4 on your statement it is because they do not share the information with us. You have to request it." What? You just told me you saw that account on-line. I'm now on the phone with a VP and if she doesn't fix it my 600K+ is going somewhere else.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. I was approved for one of their cards and after the ten day waiting called customer service. The agent said the card was mailed to the wrong address. after cancelling that card they issued a new one. So I asked the agent what was the wrong address they had on the first card. She said the one you just gave me for the new address. I did not say anything realizing they were all a bunch of IDIOTS

  2. I am using "Anonymous" as a name right now because I have no other to use without getting spammed to the ninth.
    I did not know of this site, ran across it by looking for their security department's e-mail address. I keep getting e-mails from capital one, but when I phoned them I was told they do not e-mail clients nor ask for surveys to be filled out. I was told to forward the e-mails to "abuse". I did and asked a couple of questions and as of now have heard nothing. Maybe you all have something there in regards to customer service and so on.
    Hey Capital One, maybe you of AUTHORITY can find out what is going on at your lower levels because all that will happen is eventually people will find more concerned banks.

  3. too late!!! wish i had seen this site earlier. only thing to do now is close all accounts and hope the loss is sustainable./

  4. My reason for contacting you, is to seek your sponsorship for a new Reality Show I have that I would like to pitch to you. I am in need of start up costs, as cameras, web site and other expenses for traveling to various car shows in the US and Canada. The amount is to be discussed between us. This will be less then $30,000.00. I will tell you the nature of the business and we can work from there.

    Chuck R Crose
    PH: 727-488-9607
    [email protected]

  5. I have charges on my Capitol One credit card from a foreign country that I could not fly to if I wanted to nor would I ever visit this country. Capitol One called and sent me an e-mail regrading these charges and I called them to tell them I could never go there since I am on oxygen. Well Lo and behold this stupid company billed me for the charges after I reported them as fraud. When I called their company all I got were people with severe accents that a hearing impaired person would never understand. I had to go thru three people and the end result was that person also had an accent who was the in-charge top honcho. Well if all they can hire is out of country speaking customer service people they are only getting what they paid for cheap labor. It was the same problem I had with a computer purchase they hired people as troubleshooters from Pakistan or some other Eastern/Western country, who knows, again could not understand. I never purchased any computer from them and now deal strictly buy American made products with American accents. I am sick of these companies hiring cheap non-english speaking people. I respect all minorities but when it comes to clear diction these companies should be on the other end of the phone with a hearing impairment and see what it sounds like. It is sick even the person who they said could speak English had a thick accent. They could not send a revised bill "too cheap" for me to pay my bill whatever we pay them is too much and they are not customer service oriented at all. As with all of us that are dis grunted I will be looking at another credit card. I am sick of poor service and the fact they cannot generate a proper bill. You would think they have people hopefully that can type and use a computer. Well if the hire people who can't speak English correctly they probably can't spell or write. Sick of this type of service. New card application with my AAA credit rating is a guaranteed applicant. I have always paid in full even up to thousand of dollars on the card. They will be stuck with suckers who do not pay and lose out on the credit worthy clients. Good bye

  6. We paid a truck pay off 2 months ago. Capitol one is still taking payments out of the account for a paid off NOTE!!. Cannot get them to stop. I will contact the Attorney General and the banking commission today. Not only will they not stop but the keep putting off sending refund for money that they should not have!!. I will be removing all my account from Capitol One this week including my investment accts.

  7. Its sad that customer service can not do anything to help and there is no where to send complaints as if everyone working there has no idea what to do or how to fix things. I had auto payments set up and they are being received over a week late by the company I am buying my car from so I get reported as paying late to the credit bureau. I have no control over the day that capital one sends my payment, I can only let them know the date it is due. This has happened to me twice!!! This is beyond frustrating. The only reason I still have my accounts is because I can check them from my cell phone in real time. If I find another bank that can do the same I will be switching.


  9. I got told they don't rejected payment that iis a LIE. They rejected my payment to NewWave on Aug 8. So I'm in trouble with NewWave BECAUSE CAPITALONE IS A ASSHOLE COMPANY

  10. Every comment I just rear about Capitol One Bank is absolutely right especially the one from Deborah Bland! They are the worst bank I have ever dealt with. I talked to approximately six supervisors regarding incorrect credit information they have about me and it was like talking to programmed robots! Not one of them was intelligent, had no common sense, and did nothing to help me.

  11. Stay as far away from Capital One as you can. Absolute Garbage of Western Capitalism. Absolutely no interest in having 'satisfied' customers. This company thinks customers are in dire need of Capital One ripping people off. Do NOT get into ANY KIND OF Agreements with this company. REFUSE to ACCEPT their terms and conditions on any accounts you may have with them. Their TOS is illegal. I have Court Order from NY Supreme Court to have them revise their TOS to protect consumers against their own fraud.

  12. You have a cop hater as your spokesman............i think that says it all. Im retired from a police organization with 1700 members and i assure you that will be 1701 members that will NOT be using capital one as their credit card. How does a company become so arrogant as to use a guy like Samuel L Jackson an avowed cop hater and think the public will not notice??

  13. I wished that I had never gotten involve with capital one credit card, the entire company is worthless. after reporting fraud on my credit cards capital one has made me responsible for the charges, I filed the case in small claims court. I hope I win. I have a police report, a copy of capital one letter stating that I will not be responsible for any of the charges. So explain to me why I have to go to court?

  14. It should not take 30 minutes to pay your bill. DO they really not need the money? If not, they can just forgive my loan ,right? Should I not get a free month every time it takes me an hour to pay the bill? MY hour of time is worth my car payment!


  16. Capital one customer service has the largest group of inept, untrained individuals I have ever dealt with. The only thing they are trained to do is say I'm sorry..................

  17. Sorry Bank ever. I call Capital One to close the account of my decease husband. The account was open years ago in Louisiana where he was from. We live in Georgia. I was told that I would have to physically go to Louisiana to close the account and I could not mail certified couple of the required document. The nearest branch to me is in VA.

  18. I really wonder if anyone at Capitol One ever reads these comments? With the very large number of complaints about them, you would think that someone in the executive branch would notice and at least try to resolve the problems. I have a credit card that I put small charges on from time to time and then pay them off prior to the due date. Tonight I attempted to pay my bill that is due on December the 6th, on December the 4th, and I could not get anyone to take my payment. A company must be incredibly stupid not to except money. Every phone number I called went to another country and even after numerous requests to speak with someone in the United States, I was told that was not possible. So we have an American Bank called Capitol One, but you are not able to talk to someone in America. Someone please tell me how that makes any since at all. I also noticed through internet research that there is no email to send a complaint to. There is a mailing address but most likely all of the complaint letters are never read and go into a shredder. Well I guess they lost another customer for lack of any customer service. I work at night, so I will have to stay up until there regular business hours just to pay them money. After the payment has cleared I think I will put my 2 Capitol One credit cards through my shredder and send what's left to the corporate headquarters with a note telling them where they can put the pieces. I might as well remain anonymous. As far as Capitol One is concerned we are all just a bunch of no bodies and could care less about customer service or complaints. I think I'll find a good American local credit union to do business with from now on. I would suggest everyone else that has had to Capitol One two step do the same.


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