Tires Plus Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Tires Plus Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC Address:
333 E. Lake St.
Bloomingdale, IL 60108 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-259-9000
Fax Number: 1-630-259-9158

Tires Plus Total Car Care Consumer Affairs
2021 Sunnydale Blvd.
Clearwater, FL 33765
Customer Service Number: 1-800-440-4167
Employment Fax Number: 1-727-441-3795

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  1. Please see my letter of December 3, 2012 to Tires Plus, Credit First N.A. and the Better Business Bureau. Call me at 856 to discuss a reduction in my 10/9/12 bill for overcharges. And an additional charge on 11/12. Perhaps the overcharging of a female is company policy or maybe it is not. Thank you for contacting me. Jo-Ann

    1. I also have expirenced over charges and was very disappointed during my last visit at the tri-county store in Cincinnati OH. I'm not sure if theres a certain quota a shop has to make but its simply unacceptable to have product under warranty (a battery) and be charged the labor to replace. In addition I was also told i needed an alternator $400 with labor but went to another shop and test showed i did not. Im deeply shocked I've been coming to Tire Plus for 10 years. I wish I could find someone to talk to about this ordel. I will never likely go back.

  2. 2/13/13 Store Manager Jim Melvin, Tallahassee, FL runs a great shop and provided unprecedented customer service. I also witnessed that many of the customers in TPlus Tally, were return types. He is a good guy to have on the team.

    GP C. Invoice: 109817

  3. horrible service
    FI am very very disappointed with the language That your employees use while on the job. I am also offened. I will never take my business To your plant city store or anywhere else If people like your employee Brent work for your company. If something is not done about this person I will be sure to contact the BBB & tell everyone I know not to go there. !!!!!Feb. 16, 2013-by Michelle

    As a former employee of Tires Plus I wanted to let customers of Tires Plus know that they are nothing but a company that wants your money. Being in the parts industry for a while I've learned that a profitable business is a business that treats you fairly and gives you the best possible prices, Tires Plus does not do this. Their markup on Tires and all parts related to your vehicle are ridiculous. They get parts from local vendors at 10% above cost and charge the customer 3.5 times more. I regretted working for a company that does this to customers because it is unfair to charge such ridiculous prices on work most techs can get done in a matter of no time. To replace your brakes and rotors they charge you an astronomical amount of money and don't quote you with any of their specials they had going on, to me that is a shady business. Overall Tires Plus is a company you should avoid working for and going to because all they want is your money.
    Feb. 14, 2013 -by Anonymous
    customer service and information

    2/01/13 i was at tire plus my customer service was horrible i was not inform on chargers that would come to me before service i waited 2 hours more for horrible customer service while the techs laugh around and ate pizza i'm not sure why this happen but i been a customer for since 2005 getting all my cars repaired there, not anymore this is the second time i will never go to another tire plus ever Feb. 1, 2013 -by alaine fowler

    I am highly disappointed with services I received from this location. I have taken my car them two times within a week of each service and now a week later I need for the same issue to be taken care of; car running hot. First time I was told that they changed my overflow container which I questioned because I had just gotten one in Sept.. Second time I was told that my heating hose was linking. They could not find the hose so they used one that they had to adjusted. They broke a part and had to replace it. Within a week I am running hot again. Took car to another of their locations and was told that I had a part that transferred water to the motor that was forced out due to the pressure builld up. Was told that they don't work on engines but the advertisements states that they do repairs on engines. The second time I went to Tires Plus I arrived with my car via tow (both times) at 7:45am and did not leave until 4pm. Truly disappointed. I do believe I should be compensated with repairs and tow without cost.
    Jan. 9, 2013
    -by Gloria

    Was contacted by Tires Plus about my complaint, regarding the pricing and them being so high on their cost to the consumer. When the call came in to me he was rude and argumentative I hung up the phone. No need to talk any more with people like this. So if you can afford high prices for work to be done on your car, please by all means go to them. And good luck
    Oct. 4, 2012
    -by kim

  4. if you ppl do not know firestone and tires plus are no longer american copany
    you all are making the japanese rich

  5. The treatment your so called district managers give Tires Plus is very unprofessional. I've seen and heard your district and assistant district managers in South Florida straight up cuss and insult employees. Now I understand why your turn over rate is so high and out of three people I've known that work there have all resigned in less than a year. What does that say about your company? If you treat your employees like garbage it would be safe to assume you treat your customers the same. No one has the right to disrespect and cuss an employee regardless of the matter this would be considered a "hostile work environment". I will never buy any of your products and will advise everyone I know in my area my experience with this company. This isn't to blame the entire company simply point out the mass amounts of hostility and "fear" your district Managers are trying to instill in your Employees in order to make a sale and fatten up their wallets. Ridiculous.

  6. Lawrenceville, GA tires plus is so slow. It took them 2 hours to patch a tire. The manager is not customer service friendly. They were worried about volume sales instead of customer service...horrible service! The manager could not figure out his computer system to take taxes off for a government sale. Government sales are tax exempt.

  7. Just wanting corporate to know that Jeff(rey) from your 10510 wiles Rd Coral Springs Florida is an awesome person and many places need more like him. I took all my vehicles there and recommends all my friends and anyone who ask me I send them to Jeff.
    Keep up the good job Jeff!

  8. I would like to compliment one of you employees (may be in a managment position) located 1209 W. Brandon Blvd in Brandon,FL. Unfortunately I only know his first name,Russ. What is extaordinary of your empoyee Russ is that I went into his facility and discussed how dissapointed I was with the Plant City, FL facility where I toke my For Taurus on 06/16/2012 that installed a defective tire and broke a wheel center cap,The technician did tell me he broke it and I looked at my car and said it doesn't look right with one missing go ahead and remove the other 3. Unfortunately 2 of the 3 broke during removal and I became very disappointed at the new crappy look of my alloy wheels. On 06/22/2012 I went to your facility on Brandon Blvd and spoke with Russ. He was so compassionate and understanding and immediatly started making phone calls to find the caps to replace on my vehicle, again, his facility did not install any tires or break my caps and he took matters into his facility to safisfy me. Russ said he would find caps and give him a call in a couple of days. Well, my fault on June 26th, 2012 I had recieved the call from my doctor and my life changed (diagnosed with cancer, went through surgery, radiation and 9 months of illness.) I totally forgot about my caps. I am almost back to being myself and able to drive again and remembered the issue with the caps, so today, 07/29/2013, I went to see Russ, to my amazment he remembered me, mentioned he did get caps last year but unable to contact me so he returned them. I was already telling myself, this wonderful employee did hold up to his words of replacing my caps and it was I who failed to follow up with it. So now I am ready to accept my loss, but NO, Russ has just called me to tell me he will have caps for me tomarrow. Your Russ is an awsome and caring employee that should in my opinion be recognized for all his efforts of going above and beyond job title. I am going to be blogging Tires Plus in Brandon, Fl. Russ is a valuble asset to you corporation and I hope upper management can see his potential and dedication to customer satisfaction and giving Tires Plus an A+++
    Thank you Russ and congrats Tire Plus
    Lydia Miles

  9. I recently purchased two new sets of tires for my daughters cars at a St.Petersburg Tire Plus store. One of my daughters was starting college in Miami and I wanted to make sure her car was safe. She had a flat tire that was changed by AAA. I told her that I also purchased the road hazzard and all she will need to do is take it to the nearest Tire Plus store. I phoned ahead to alert the store of my daughter's situation. The manager was as unprofessional as I have ever encountered. He said that he could not honor my service warrantee without the reciept. I suggested that he could look it up in the system and he said that maybe I would like to run his store.He began to bark orders to me to contact the St.Pete store and have them fax documents to his store. After more unprofessional words were exchanged I contacted the St.Pete. store where I was informed that this was not neccessary but they agreed to do it anyway and that I should report that manger to corporate. I then called the Miami store back and was greated by the same manager with overtalk and then he hung up on me. If something is not done to this manager none of their stores will ever get any of my business again and I will make it a point to tell my story to as many of my friends and coworkers as possible.

  10. The location at 7861 Tara Blvd Jonesboro ga has a real problem with Healthy competition. I own a female owned tire shop a block away from this location and on several occasions I have called to get a particular tire for my accounts (Primewell's mostly) that are only carried by your locations. The manager should not be so jealous of some healthy competition and be willing to sell a tire to there competitor's and not be worried about me taking their customers. My customers would not step foot in their location in the first place. No worries I will go to the Tires Plus in Newnan to buy this tire without the exception of buying a mount and balance which is what he tried to sell me when I OWN a tire shop.

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  12. Do not go to any tires plus in the Md Dc Va area the district manager and the assistant district manager i heard them in the office say black people always trying to get somethibg for free dame niggers.thats what i heard so i told them stop workibg on my car and guve me back ny keys.their name is chuck smith and john rispoli

  13. My husband brought our Acura MDX in for a service check on 06/26/14 @ the Gaithersburg,MD Location. He left the car there for three hours. When he went back to get the car there were things that were wrong that were not wrong before dropping it off. The alternator was loose, The battery light came on, The brake light is on & the ABS. This is the second time that this has happened. I spoke with the Manager Hugo who thought that my complaint was humorous. I asked him to give me the number to your corporate office & he provided me with his manager John Risollis Number which was not in service. It is unbelievable what people will do to get customers to return to make more money. My husband is now sitting on the side of the road , this car has NEVER broke down & really NEVER has any major issues until after bringing it to Tires Plus.

  14. I went to the Tires Plus location at CR 54 & Rowan Rd In New Port Richey, FL on Mar 8 2013, to have my car diagnosed for a engine light on problem. I was charged $ 80.00 for a diagnostic and the store said that I needed to replace major components of my emission system with an expected repair cost of $ 725.00. The store personnel could not provide test results to document their findings. I questioned the service advisor Sean who advised that their engine analysis machine did nor print out reports but it did show that I need repairs to my emission system. I subsequently went to the local Ford dealer who analyzed the car and told me that all I needed was a tune-up. I had the car tuned up and the problem was solved. When I look at this situation it makes me wonder about the competency level or the veracity of the technicians?? Did they just get it wrong or is there something more going on here? Just a little food for thought. Judging by other comments I have seen here, it really makes mw wonder.................??????

  15. I am in Minneapolis, MN. I have brought my car in FIVE times to have my brakes fixed--spent over $500, and they still haven't addressed the problem. I WOULD LIKE TO START A CLASS ACTION SUIT--please contact me at

  16. We had water pump go out in Colorado. Now the vehicle is in Wisconsin and the water pump went out again. The mechanic said it was put together backwards. Now What?? Who is paying for their mistake?? The cost of the water pump was in the thousands of dollars. What a waste of money.

  17. On November 7, I went into Tire Plus store at the Wisconsi, Appleton location on Wisconsin Avenue to purchase 4 winter tires. I spoke to the representative at the store and concluded to schedule an appointment to mount 4 Blizzak WS70 tires for the following day. My appointment was at 9 am and I dropped off my car at 10 am. I called at 4 pm and the work on my vehicle still wasn't started. I decided to go there to see what was going on since the store closed at 5 pm and my vehicle was there practically all day. I finally got my vehicle at around 4:50 pm and when I checked the tires I saw that they had mounted Firestone Winterforce instead of the tires I specifically agreed upon with the representative. They quickly acknowledged their mistake after trying to persuade me that the Winterforce were "alright" tires but it wasn't what I wanted. After a short discussion led by disappointment, they compensated their mistake by putting on the correct tires with no extra charge, along with a free oil change that I can't use since I use full synthetic oil and a free alignment. All of which made me relax and accept their ignorant work until... I started to drive back to Madison, where I am temporarily living, and noticed that my steering wheel was vibrating right away when I got on the highway, indicating to me that the tires were out of balance, even though I specifically said calmly to the representative not to hurry and to make sure they balance the tires. Noting that when they put on the wrong tires and took the vehicle back to put on the right ones on, it only took them 15 minutes to do. The following day, I called Tire Plus in Wisconsin, Madison to schedule an appointment to check the balance on the tires. After a long hour of waiting, it turned out that none of the tires were properly balanced. The rear tires were both two ounces off balance and the front two were a half ounce and one once off balance. So, not only did I wait a whole day and extra time to get the right tires on during my first visit but I had to go back and wait an extra one hour to fix the incompetent work done at the TIres Plus store in Appleton. I was relaxed for the ignorant work done after given a free alignment but I'm not sure how to react and remain calm to incompetent work that put my life in danger and my vehicle at risk.

  18. I am absolutely disgustedin the customer service at Tires Plus in Rib Mountain. I made my appointment to have new tires put on my vehicle over a week ago. They choose the morning of to call us which of course we were at work so didn't get the call so when we go to our appointment they say quite rudely we don't have your tire in stock. REALLY you didn't know this last week when the job order came through. But it was our fault because we should have answered out phone before coming in. What a joke and I will tell everyone I know to stay away from that company. FIRESTONE HERE WE COME!!!!

  19. hello, I just spent over 2 hrs at your Lauderhill, Florida center getting new tires, etc., spending almost $500! Not the first time I have been there but more than likely the last! At this point, not sure what good of job they did with the install or alignment, but I can tell you the customer service was the worst I think I have ever seen in all my years! Alexander at the counter wanted to argue with me about why it took so long on and on instead of apologizing or keeping me in the loop that they ran into a few problems and was going to take 1 hr more than I was originally told. While I waited and he knew I was not happy as the job was taking much longer than told and not one time did he come to me and explain a problem had occurred and it would take longer, all the while knowing I was unhappy. Instead he stood at the counter and chatted with a long time buddy about past mutual friends and enemies and caught each other up on everyone for atleast 30 minutes. When I finally paid and cashed out, he suddenly had a center full of new walkin customers waiting to be provided service. Instead, he continued to argue with me instead of once apologizing. I could not believe he wanted to do that in front of waiting new customers. I told him twice at least I don't know why he wants to argue with me (and in front of new customers) and I just wanted to pay and go. He continued on more....UNBELIEVABLE! This is by far I think the worst form of customer service I have ever encountered. It was not the fact that they ran into problems, it was the guy behind the counter who had better things to do than to let his customer know it was going to take longer than usual and explain what I going on instead of apologizing but in fact chose to argue with me about it in front of new customers as well! I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and other agencies!!!

  20. I went to the Tires Plus in St Anthony MN, and was not satisfied by the service that I had on 12/28/14 to 12/29/14. I called them at 8:30 (1/2 before they opened), and asked if I can bring mine in for repair and to get in done, and was told yes. There are no other mechanics opened on Sundays, so thought I would be able to bring it in and get it back so I had it for work the next day. No one called me throughout the day, and 1/2 before close I called and they said it would not be done. They finally called at 10:38 on Monday and told me the quote. It was for a new starter. I had them go ahead and do the work, and hopefully it would be done after I got off work so I can be dropped off. When I called at 3:00pm they just received the part. I called later to find out if they can pick me up and take me back to pay for it being it was ice cold here, and it was not my fault that they took so long to get it done. (When I dropped it off on Sunday, they told me the diagnostic would only take 1 hour, but they had it all day). They were able to pick me up, (the only plus of the whole ordeal, and I figure they owed that to me.) When I was paying for the service, I looked over the bills that were stapled together, and there was no diagnostic printout of what was ran to prove what was needed done. There was only a hand written note that the starter was needed to be replaced along with the wiring that went along with it. And that fuse #8 was an issue. Based on what was going on with my car, most sites stated it was either a fuse or ignition switch (some was from the Chysler sites stating it was a common issue with the 90's Sebring. When I asked for the diagnostics printout, I was told that their printer has been broken for 6 months. So I only have a hand written note as proof as the starter was the issue. I wasn't even handed back the replaced part for proof that it was in bad shape. Now being a female and not certain of car repair, I had spoken to a few people who worked on their own cars, and some told me it was not a starter issue. The bill was well over 500$ and for that I should of been able to know exactly why and what was needed. We get receipts and other proof of service when we get work done on anything we spend money on, I felt in this case I shouldn't of had to pay for a service I was not able to see proof of what was needed to be fixed on my car.

    The customer service was the worst I have ever experienced at any mechanic. Whenever I asked for proof of what was needed, I was always supplied with such proof. In fact most mechanics showed me the damage of the part that was being pulled to be replaced. Tires plus has never supplied me with such proof. They felt offended that I asked for proof of service, like I should take them at face value. I am sorry, spending over 500$, I like to know how my money is being used to fix my car.

    I will be better off taking a day off of work to take it to a place I can trust vs taking it to Tires Plus.

  21. layne gerhardson willmar MinnesotaMarch 25, 2015 at 7:01 AM

    Yes I'm up set th st willmar Minnesota location of tires plus charge me 353.25 when I have coupon for 79.99 either front or back brakes including labor? Ain't a brake caliper part of brakes plus they charged me another 25.00 to get put one bolt that was rusted in caliper on drivers side ain't that part of coupons requirements? ?? I read the tires plus corporate site n 400 some complaints. .....

  22. Amelia Thomas,Atlanta, GA
    Tires Plus is certainly a rip off, especially in dealing with women. I have had work done in numerous Tires Plus establishments and if you're not careful you'll leave with a big bill of $700 or more even if you went in just to get an oil change and tire rotation. By the way, be careful when they tell you they rotated your tires. The last time I went to them I had marked my tires with chalk and when I returned home I noticed the chalked tires were in the same position as when I arrived at the store. They never rotated the tires and when I called and spoke to the store manager he said I could bring the car back. Also, I paid for a 3 year alignment service and last year when I requested an alignment they never performed the job. So, paying for a 3 year alignment is another rip off. On my last visit to Tires Plus they told me I had purchased the wrong size battery for my car, that was a year ago. The battery is still going strong. I just purchased new tires and I went to WalMart. I have no confidence in Tires Plus, they need to be investigated by one of the news channels. If you must go to Tires Plus"stick to your plan." If you go in for an oil change whatever else they come back to you with, don't do it!!! Also, check the color of your oil when you go in and check it again after they do the oil change. It's very likely they will charge you and not change your oil!They are a terrible auto establihment to do business with!


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