Olive Garden Corporate Office Headquarters

Olive Garden Corporate Office Headquarters
Darden Restaurants, Inc.
1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32837 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-245-4000

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  1. On 7/19/2012 myself and my sister in law and neice were planning on having dinner at the Olive Garden on Route 211 Middletown NY 10941. As soon as we walked in we detected a god awful smell, it was a total turnoff, I can't really say what this smell was but I have smelled it before in this particular establishment but not this bad. The hostess went to seat us, thought maybe it would be better in the other room, but it was not! we left immediately,and went to a different restraunt up the road. I called the Olive Garden and spoke to a manager "Jose", who was simpathic to our plight, and suggested maybe it was the carpeting(Maybe it was), but they really need to do something about this problem, I can't believe I am the first person to complain about this. PLEASE DO SOMETHING with this location,its BAD.

    1. Referrring to Olive Garden on Rt 211 middletown NY. Hello. Well... I had a very bad experience today there with my family and I ate almost an entire bowl of zuppa tuscana soup then realized there was WORMS in my soup. Yes worms. OMG i immediately started gagging. our Waitress was embarassed she took the bowl of worms to the kitchen and then the supervisor came to me and applogized and said it came from there vegtable supplier and appoligized and OLIVE GARDEN PAID FOR THE WORM SOUP. CAN U IMAGINGE!!!!??? How many have i already aten prior to noticeing? Just literately sick over this. I can deal with hair but PARASITES REALLY???? I am furious and want to take further action. NO APPLOGY from the female supervisor whom said "no not our resturant we dont operate like that" then the male supervisor just applogized as if it was no big deal!. Ive been mentally ill all day and have vomited several times. I can assure you i will never eat there again.Poor customer service.. Have tried reaching coorporate but no response.ANY SUGGESTIONS ??


  3. my daughter and i visited the olive garden in inverness fl.the noise was unbareable.before we ordered we deceided to leave.we stopped to tell the hostess why we weould be addressed about the noise.thank youre leaving.after we left the register i turned around to see the hostess sticking her tounge out at us.i love your food but now i am not sure if i will ever go back.the one in the villages is also very noisy.something should be addressed about the noise level.thank you

  4. On Aug 19, I had the opportunity to host my daughter's bridal shower at Olive Garden in Kansas City, Kansas.(Legends Speedway ) It was truly a wonderful experience. I had called ahead a week before, and the manager I spoke to made me feel everything would be in place on that Sunday. It truly was. That morning the manager called me and verified that we would still be visiting that day.That was a nice touch. When we arrived the manager Juan came and spoke to me , assuring me that if I needed anything for me to feel confident to ask. We had a party of about 20 and the staff couldn't have been any more attentive, friendly, professional and ready to serve us with anything we needed. I can't express enough how welcomed we felt and how enjoyable our visit was. The setting was beautiful and all of our food and drink was above exceptional. We definitely felt like family and we look forward to our next visit.

  5. Today is October 29, 2012, i live in Rhode Island and we are in a state of emergency due to Hurricane Sandy. Everything in our state is closed, but low and behold, THE OLIVE GARDEN IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Shame on your company for putting your employees at risk. No one should risk their lives to HAVE TO WORK when no fools will be going out to eat. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR COMPANY.

  6. My friends took me to the Olive Garden in W.Spfld Ma. for my birthday recently. Sadly, when i got home i realized that i had left one of my gift bags containing a jewelry box with two pair of earrings on the table. When i called and spoke with the manager i was told they didn't find any bag but she would call me back tomorrow. Tomorrow came and she never called so i called back and spoke with another manager and explained to him what happened and he said he would speak to the other manager and one of them would get back to me. Well, i never heard a thing from either of them. You can imagine how i felt having lost my birthday present just by leaving it behind on the table. It should have been obvious to the waiter or bus boy, who ever cleaned the table could not miss it. We used to go there at least once a month and now i will likely never go there again. Your staff should be trained to look out for things that may have been left behind and turn them in and your managers should be taught to be more respectful and follow through. The patron is already feeling bad enough. So, it's important to remember if you eat at an Olive Garden be sure not to leave anything behind or you'll never see it again!!!!

  7. I would like to report that Olive Garden located at 1710 Old Fort PArkway, Murfreesboro TN 37129 has illegal immigrants working there. I know for a fact there is a Mexican employee there working as a server and sometimes as a bartender that goes by the name of (escribe todos los nombres que usa) and he does not have a valid working permit to be able to work in the United Sates. He is using someone else's Social Insurance and he also uses a false alcohol permit when he operates as a bartender. When he works as a bartender he offers other services to customers for an extra charge and steals coupons to sell/use for his own benefits. It's a disgrace knowing that Olive Garden is a prestige American Restaurant and knowing that hires people that have no permit to work in the country and are stealing the jobs of many other legal Americans (Citizens and Residents).

  8. I was at your restaurant at 532 Jefferson Rd in Rochester NY on 31/05/14 with my daughter's soccer team. While everyone else had a good meal I was the lucky one who had the worst meal ever at a restaurant and I'm Italian. What I got looked like dog food. Pasta with sparingly placed tomato paste and hunks of sausage. The restaurant' s saving grace was that they agreed that I did not have to pay. This was my first time AND my last at the olive garden.

  9. I was at your Myrtle Beach restaurant on highway 17 in South Carolina with four other family members. It was a special occasion celebrating my cousin coming to visit from California. Olive Garden was our first choice for our celebration because we always make a point to visit when in MB. Following 5 delicious dinners and great service my engagement ring slipped off my finger. When I searched everywhere I thought about the restaurant and was relieved when the manager assured me the ring was safely locked away in the safe. The waitress had found it and handed it over to the manager on duty that night. I collected it the next day and was very gratefull to the wonderful staff. Hugs were exchanged all around. I have never been disappointed at any of the Olive Gardens I have dined in. I have eaten many of the the top restaurants in NYC and Europe and don't understand the undeserved bad rap that Olive Garden receives. Keep up the good work!

  10. I was at one of your Olive Garden locations last night for my daughters 12th birthday, and it was the WORST experience ever. I was truly disappointed as I truly cannot afford your restaurant as it is, but that is what she wanted for her birthday and my oldest daughter and my mother have never been so I thought it would be perfect… Well it was nothing BUT AWFUL.
    Our party of 6 people arrived 10 minutes before our reservation which was fine as the host was very nice and sat us right away as it was not busy at all. After sitting at the table for about 10 min our waitress finally came over and greeted us and took our drink orders. She walked by again with a try and put down a basket of bread sticks “She said oh I only have a small basket, but I’ll be right back with more” I realized after my girls ate the rolls that it was a tray from another table and she actually gave us the left over bread from a table that left it had 3 bread sticks in it. About another 10 min went buy and she finally came back with our drinks and asked if we are ready to order. I said some of us have never been here so we will need a couple min, but can we have some bread and I asked if we would get the salad now with the bread? She said UMM that usually comes with the meal but I will check. STILL NOT EVEN A BREAD STICK WHEN ALL THE PEOPLE AROUND US THAT JUST GOT THERE HAVE BREAD STICKS AND SALAD.
    She came back again with NO bread or salad and took our order and left. Another 15 min went buy and I finally called out to another waitress. “I’m sorry I know you are not our waitress, but we have been here 35 min and have not gotten bread salad Nothing” She had a look of OMG are you serious, and asked if she had at least taken our orders, and I said yes. She said I will be right back and brought us some bread and salad. 10 min later they bring my daughter “the birthday girl her food and No one else” 10 min go buy and the waitress comes back oh she was supposed to get that with all the other meals…. I said UM YEAH I know.
    We finally get our meals when the birthday girl was done with her food. The waitress comes to check how things are and I said I am just trying to get this dry chicken down, but can they have more salad and bread.. my chicken parm was dry and tasted burnt. At that point I needed to excuse myself to the bathroom before crying right at the table and made a seen.
    As I was walking to the bathroom my waitress pulled me aside and said she took my meal off the bill and did I want anything else. I said NO this is the worst experience I have had here 35 min just to get FREE ALL YOU CAN EAT BREAD, and just wanted my daughter to have a good dinner and it has been NOTHING like it should be. The manager over heard me talking and asked what was wrong…. Long story short they thought that they did me a favor by taking my food off the bill “which I only could eat a couple bites it was so bad, and giving my daughters her app free and a cake, but NO. I went without eating… It was her birthday we are supposed to get a free app, and the cake was frozen. That was the worst


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