Boston Sports Clubs Corporate Office Headquarters

Boston Sports Clubs Corporate Office Headquarters
Town Sports International Holdings, Inc.
5 Penn Plaza -4th Floor
New York, NY 10001 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-246-6700
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-212-246-6700

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  1. BSC sucks can't get ahold of anyone in billing they overbill can't freeze a membership they are too stupid been on hold 6 x's over 10 min they still don't answer dumb incompetent and their headquaters stinks not to mention most of their equipment is broken with signs temporarily broken of course these are there for 6 months at a time then tehy just get rid of it and don't replace it just wonderful!!!!

    1. I agree...BSC is a scam!!! I canceled my membership they still charged me...They continue to increase your membership fee and send you a letter in the mail after doing so. Corporate # is not listed on the website. Give you such a hard time canceling your membership... I don't recommed going to BSC....

    2. TOTALLY agree!

    3. Still a scam in 2015. I wish everyone would wise up and quit en masse. Get class pass the app or join barre. Just never waste your money on a scam joint like this that has a corporate headquarters website entirely devoted to people's complaints (since they don't pick up the phone)

  2. To whom it may concern:

    I have a complaint against the Boston Sport Club in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The Regional Manager is Scott Morris. I have requested that there be swimming lanes available for the elderly and handicapped. Each time all requests have been ignored. The Teacher for the Master Swim Classes takes over every lane in the pool and refuses to let other members (who are not Master Swimmners) to use the pool. At $86.00/month, I think I should be able to use the pool. Well, this week (wk of 7/8/12), an elderly handicapped lady was in the lane that is supposed to be reserved for non-Master Swimmers. She was doing exercises with her knee, that by the way was damaged due to a Fitness Instructor pushing her too hard, and the knee was swollen. While she was doing her exercies for her damaged knee, a 14-15 year kid jumped in the pool, swam towards her, did a flip under water and KICKED HER IN THE STOMACH. THE LIFE GUARD DID NOTHING! I WAS A WITNESS AND I WENT TO THE ASSISTANT MANAGER, he didn't do anything either.

    1. I have a similar type issue in that I have complained that there is no safe area in the weight room for an older person and the gym has been rude and unhelpful in response to my concern.

  3. I agree w/ others. BSC SUCKS. Impossible to get Member issues resolved. They billed me in error and I've made numerous calls to get it resolved to no avail.

    1. BSC is showing how desperate they are to raise revenue.

  4. Agreed. Especially Sean, the manager at BSC Government Center, he is the wooooorst.

  5. Dear BSC Management and PR,

    I am working in 500 Boylston Street Boston and used the BSC across the street.
    Our offices are moving to the Prudential. I asked to move my BSC membership from Boylston
    to Prudential as my main club.
    The manger wanted me to pay a $50 for transfer. The argument was that it is a change of plan. I did not ask for any change of plan.
    This is ridiculous that after so many years of using BSC facilities, I have to be treated as a new member.
    Thanks for your treatment,

    Please cancel my membership from May 1, 2015.

    Please also cancel my membership a



  6. The Franklin Branch closed on April 1st and yet they are STILL charging my credit card. I can't get anyone on the phone and we did cancel before they closed. Grrr.....

  7. First week of visit, I found the shit in the shower room. I think they suppose to have someone checking in the bathroom every 15 mins to make sure there is no crazy activity going on in there. After that for two weeks, my lock got cut in the locker room in the club. The robber took my wallet and money. I filed the report. It took them about 10 days to call and apologize. I am not sure what is manager doing over there except just hanging out at the reception and boasting at the reception area. I do not feel safe to go to BSC watertown after all.

  8. Nicholas FerraraJuly 9, 2015 at 8:11 PM

    Re: Westborough BSC, July 09, 2015

    I have been an active member at the Westborough facility for a number of months. In general the staff (G.M., Trainers, front counter greeters, etc.) are professional and courteous. The facility is top notch and many of the staff are absolutely delightful. However, there is one glaring exception, Miss Beth Nalley. This person is in charge of customer relations! She is the most unprofesssional, arrogant and discourteous staff member I have ever encountered in my thirty years of membership at various clubs thoughout the nation.

    As a retired Senior QA executive (Biotech) I have had the necessity to repeatily travel thoughout the U.S. and Europe and have interfaced with people of various cultures and organizational levels. I have utilized Sports Club facilities throughout the world. Therefore my knowledge base is substantive.

    Although the General Manager, Pam Walcott, is the antithesis of Miss Nalley (pleasant, professional, and always has a smile and good word to share). It begs to be questioned why someone as curmudgeonly as Miss Nalley holds a position which is focused on enhancing the member experience!

    My expectation is very simple: I expect to be treated with courtesy and professionalism at all times, by all members of a club's staff, at any and all BSC locations I may so choose to utilize. If BSC upper management fails to assure a universally pleasant club experience, your reputation should suffer the consequences.

    I plan to actively share my negative experiences at BSC with my neighbors and fellow athletes. In simple parlance: get your act together! One weak link compromises the entire BSC experience, not to mention the staff members that are professional. People respect my opinion on a number of subjects, not because I have a Doctorate, but because I have vast experience within the health club industry.

  9. I was the member of BSC at franklin MA and paid 16 hours private swim class for my daughter ( over $700). After my daughter took about 12 half hours class (total 6 hours), the swimming instructor left the BSC. I was informed by the club manager that they could find another instructor or refund me the money. However we couldn't find the right time working for us. So I thought that it is ok to keep the money under the BSC as we thought my daughter might come back for the class later. Until yesterday, I heard that BSC-franklin closed a few months ago (don't know prior) and called them to ask for refund, but I was requested to provide the proof of conversation with the manager. Right now, they have the record that my daughter took the 12 half hours lessons and I found the payment of $750 paid from credit cars to BSC-Franklin. any suggestion will be appreciated.
    thanks ,

  10. I had first spoken to front desk about cancellation and they told me Manager will call me back. I did not hear from then, I had spoken to Member Services in May 2015 and had complained that I am getting charged for membership even though it’s supposed to be cancelled. They have this documented in the account that I had called. I had mentioned to them that I would like to talk to sports club to ensure I do not get charged for April/May and instead they noted I rather resolve the membership cancellation with the office directly and they never cancelled my and my wife’s account and kept charging $149 every month since then.

    Now when I called to ask why I am being charged they say that service was never cancelled so even though I had called but don’t have conformation there is nothing that can be done about the charges. I told them to pull up the recorded conversation ad they do record it and they said we will not be doing that. I cannot understand even though the notes show that I had called and we have not used the service why would they still want to charge.

    I use to love the place and use to recommend to any friend but cannot believe when had to cancel the membership they would do it this way.


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