Tilly's Corporate Office Headquarters

Tilly's Corporate Office Headquarters
10 Whatney
Irvine, CA 92618 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-609-5599
Customer Service Number: 1-866-484-5597
Email: customerservice@tillys.com
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  1. I would like to complain about your return on watches I was going to buy a watch but decided to go to beach works instead because u can return watches I bought the 499 Nixon for my son birthday I would have bought it at tillys but because of your policy I didn't

  2. I purchased items from Tilly's at 8800 W Charleston Blvd, Ste 8, Las Vegas, NV 89117 in the amount of $82.12. The store clerk, swiped my credit card, then proceeded to advise me the card was declined. She then swiped my credit card a second time. When I checked my bank account on-line after shopping, two transactions in the amount of $82.12 cleared my bank account. I immediately called the store and spoke to Emmanuel Tolentino who stated he was the store manager. I explained the double charged to my credit card and he stated there was nothing he could do to reverse one of the charges to my account. He proceeded to advise the corporate office was closed and I would have to wait until Monday to attempt to resolve this.

    I will NEVER shop at any Tilly's store again. The store manager is either incompetent or the company runs a crooked operation or both.

    1. I agree my shoes came torn and they don't want to exchange them only because i have used them

    2. ^^ if they came torn...why would you wear them? common sense is that any retail establishment won't return something when you have clearly worn it. Definitely don't think its the company's fault that you are ignorant and wore a damaged product.

  3. 12 calls later no one at the corporate office can help! Train your assocaites to answer the phone, including the receptionist. No body likes telling their story a half of dozen times and transferred from department to department. Hire someone with education and with people skills - All I wanted was help to see if a gift card had been spent.

  4. My son has worked part time for Tillys for months now and we have been amazed at the number of labor laws broken during his employment. Since this is an entry level job, it makes it difficult for a student to ask for fair treatment, as it seems no one is auditing the store management. He has worked many 5-8 hours shifts without lunch or break. He has also been asked to work until 11pm or even later on school nights, even though this is a breach for minors with a work permit. He receives txts at 2am in the morning mandating that He report to work in the morning on a non scheduled day. Perhaps this explains why they have 100% turnover in employees and managers. Such a shame. We love shopping at Tillys and wonder why they treat their employees so poorly. Beware!


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