Shi by Journeys Corporate Office Headquarters

Shi by Journeys Corporate Office Headquarters
Genesco Park 1415 Murfreesboro Road
Nashville, TN 37202-0731 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-367-7000
Fax Number: 1-615-367-8278
Customer Service Number: 1-888-324-6356
Para Español: 1-866-322-9099

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  1. Hi I was a customer shopping in the shi store in san marcos tx and there wa a lady working in there with a lot of tattoos on her. She was not friendly she had a ugly month on her... she was wearing clothing that did not fit her, her chest was showing. I let the store with nothing and I was looking for some wedding shoe and I was not happy at all... but I end up coming back in there on that afternoon and a nice black lady help me. I think yall should hire more people like her (so if you can tell the black lady I said thank you)

  2. There are so many druggies in the Journeys stores


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