Manpower Corporate Office Headquarters

Manpower Corporate Office Headquarters
100 Manpower Place
Milwaukee, WI 53212 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-414-961-1000
Fax Number: 1-414-961-7081
Customer Service Number: 1-414-961-1000

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  1. I live in Missouri the office in Fenton is so unprofessional I have worked for many agencies , I would say manpower is the worst. Incomplete assignments details late paychecks and nobody is responsible . I have worked for major Corporations , I have never experienced this level of unprofessionals in all my years .

  2. I am in Imperial CA 92251. I have a cleaning company. I have a complain about your office in El Centro, CA 92243. They are very unexperience, they don't get back to you soon, at times it took a week. Needed someone within a day or two to work and they forgot to schedule an associate, I had to cancel the job. Her excuse was she had a bigger company to take care of first. That made me feel very important. I made a payment and they lost my check. I worked for Manpower many years ago, Waste Management was the client. The office I worked out of was in San Marcos. I thought this company was very professional. That's why I went with Manpower, but I had a lot of bad service from your office in El Centro, CA 92243. I am in the need of a person to work if you can't solve this I will go to Labor Ready. I already talked to them and they are ready to send me person, all have to say is when.

  3. Manpower in spokane is the worst place 2 work for. They are rude and disrespectful to their employees. I hav never been treated so badley. And. I have never been paid the same day of any wwek the 2 monthes I have been with these stupid people. Now I'm am waiting 10 days. Till my next check. They can't figure out how to pay people right. Stat away from manpower in spokane wa.


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