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  1. Thank you for your condescending Email.
    I take it you will have no problem printing my reply to the customers review. (I don't think so)

    The review was both incorrect and insulting.

    We have had no one taking this very serious so far from within your company and would like you to have a look at the situation for us please.

    We have had a very good relationship with booking .com over the years and when something like this happens it would be nice to have your support .

    We put everything in to making our inn a lovely place to stay and fully agree with constructive feedback , but when this kind of attack on us happens we would like you to take that part of the feedback off.

    You can understand what this kind of remark makes us feel like after all the hard work

    We try to make people's stays as nice as possible and in most cases that is exactly what happens.

    You realise how this remark would hurt us and our business.

    We are a business and when people are libellous about us and your policies do not protect us then we have no alternative than take them to court and seek damages.

    This is bad for the customer bad for us and bad for bookings.

    Maybe you should review your policies to protect us who are in fact your customers.

    We are going to take this up with your head office and directors.



    > From:
    > To:
    > Subject: Queen Mary Inn (384860) (404891642)
    > Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2013 13:26:13 +0200
    > Dear Hotelier,
    > Thank you for contacting us here at regarding a recent guest review.
    > We would like to point out that all the opinions, whether they belong to guests or to hoteliers, have an important place in our company and represent a valuable contribution in our constant effort to improve the quality of our service. Even as we understand your concern on this matter, we would like to clear up that the guests’ reviews are at the core of our website and the whole philosophy in which customers trust. Having said this, we find that the comments expressed in the review do not fall within our parameters for removal, and that they are the subjective and relative impressions of the guest based on their experience. Given these, we find no reason to suppress the review and will have to keep it displayed on our site.
    > Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
    > Kind regards,
    > --
    > Gerry Umali
    > Content Team

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  3. I booked a hotel through Priceline Property name Empyrean Towers Address 344 13th Street Oakland (California), CA 94612 United States of America Phone +15106632001 Fax +4157388119 E-mail reservation # 403355907 Sept 29 through oct 2nd. I reache the hotel at 2:30 PM but no one was there at hotel counter for next 6 hours. i called priceline before 6 pm and the told me it was booked through They transfered my call to but they said i called after 6Pm so they can't do anything. Buttom line is I booked a hotel Through priceline and it is non refundable. If i would not have shown up they would have taken my money. Now I am here and there is no hotel for me after paying money. Who is going to be responsible for this? I am frustrated and booking other hotel and it ruined my budget. I end up paying more money wasted my time and frustrated. I want you guys to reimburse all my expense for next 3 nights Else I am going to take a legal action on this. Thanks Kalyan


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