Living Social Corporate Office Headquarters

Living Social Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 
829 7th St., Suite 301
Washington, DC 20001 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-877-521-4191
Customer Service Number: 1-877-521-4191

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  1. Recently I submitted an Ad on 8 Laser treatments to a local rep here in California and was turned down flat. Reason stated was no one would be interested in this type of service. I explained that my colleague Rodney Barnett of Elite Image ran this Ad and was very successful. Gina, his rep for Living Social also sent information to the local rep here in California regarding the 8 Laser Treatments for $99.00. Still turned down without phone contact. I now see the same Ad given to one of my competitors in North Orange County. How unfair and unethical is this. I have tried relentlessly to have my company represented. Where is the integrity. My name is Joanne Washington, Hairoots Hair Replacement. I presented this Ad first. I want to speak to this person's manager. This person is unethical and hope your company will not condone this behavior, I can be reached at 714 674-7668

    1. Living Social has deplorable sales service for Merchants. You cannot reach sales management and the sales rep hung up on me after three weeks of trying to reach her.
      Living Social needs a new business model.

  2. I recently submitted an Ad for 8 laser treatments for $99.00 to a local rep here in California. As a matter of fact my colleague Rodney Barnett, of Elite Image and his sales rep Gina, with Living Social forward this information to the rep also,sending her my name and telephone number. I never heard from this person. Again, I submitted the Ads that Mr Barnett ran, explaining his success and was turned down flat. Her email stated that no one would be interested in this type of service. On July 9, 2012 I saw the same Ad given to one of my competitors, is this fair. This person is unethical. I hope your company will be not condone this type of behavior. I submitted this Ad first and company should have been given more consideration. What slap in the face. I have been in business for 28 years and offered solutions for many people with hair loss problems. This is not fair May name is Joanne Washington and want to speak to the person in charge of this department. This is not a coincident this sheer dishonesty. contact information. or 714 420-7766

  3. Awful - Horrid - Dishonest - Totally WORTHLESS - I purchased three vouchers and the business went out of business, I contacted LivingSocial and they refunded one of the three - Now, I can not reach a HUMAN to resolve this - Their Customer Service SUCKS, SUCKS SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hello - I am generally not one to write a post/blog about things like this but I feel as though people need to know. I too have run into an issue with a voucher I purchased and not only has the customer service at Living Social been awful, the vendor I purchased from has given me the run around. And the only "assistance" I have received is to read the 'Fine Print.' So you can expect a hand written letter from me regarding said issue and please take note I will NEVER purchase from your company again. Word of mouth is the best advertisement there is and I will let all my friends and family know of the issues I have had. What ever happened to the customer being right?

  5. I bought a voucher and the vendor has NEVER returned any of my calls to schedule an appointment. Living Social has even tried to call. The only thing Living Social told me is that they can offer me a credit. What if I dont want the credit? This is CRAZY! Its not my fault they hooked up with a bum vendor.

  6. Dear Living Social: What a shame for the corporate office, especially the vital President to sit by to see his whole wonderful concept is being wasted away. . The Living Social Deals must be watched carefully and be the strong entity to enforce the shady merchants' philosophy. Here in Las Vegas, the corporate concept is going to the dogs with, what seems to be no concern for honesty. . It seems Living Social is allowing some of its merchants to become fraudulent. Again, what a shame and what a waste of a lot of prior ethical bylaws and enforcement. . A Past Strong Supporter.

  7. I am DISGUSTED at Living Social and WIll NEVER do businesss with them again. I too purchased a product, never received it and have gotten the total runaround from Living Social.
    I am filing a complaint with the DC Department of Consumer Affairs.

  8. So now you have not protected our credit card information? What a joke

  9. This is without doubt the worse customer service I have ever experienced. Does anyone pick up the phone? TWO DAYS FOR A REP TO RESPONDS! SERIOUSLY!

  10. I NEVER post anything about people online but I am today. I have tried to have my money refunded back for now three weeks. I was told by a young lady named Jessica that she saw that I had not received my merchandise. At that time she was going to refund my money and send me an email. and today is the 1st of August and nothing yet. These people tell you one thing when you know what they did with you on the phone. They take no responsibilities for their company and just leaves the consumer left without the product and the money. SAD you are no different than SCAM artists taking peoples money and not caring.

  11. Living Social its a fraud, if are thinking about buying voucher from them, do yourself a favor and don't. I purchased a voucher for a weekend getaway at a resort, with specific dates printed right on the front of the voucher. It was open ended dated it was for specific weekend, in fact the voucher specified that I could not use it for any other weekend but that one. The fine print did say to call and make reservations directly through the hotel, but assume it was merely formality. If they sell vouchers, for which I paid in full ($849.00) should they account for those vouchers. They know exactly how many they sold for each specific date why give away the rooms if I have already pay for them? Needless to say I called LS to get my money back, and the manager said that they were solving the issue by refunding my money, of course they had to refund my money, the voucher I was holding was a fraud, had no value what so ever. Here is kick, the manager at Living Social told me that could not hold the room for me because they were not sure I was coming (I called the on August 1st, the voucher was for Aug 23-25). He told me THAT PEOPLE BY VOUCHERS AND 50% OF THEM NEVER USE THEM. Almost ASUMMING OR HOPING that I paid $849 for something and I was going to forget about it. That's basically what the manager implied. So, do yourself a favor and desist from getting emails from them, they are a fraud of a company. (The hotel is at fault too for selling vouchers and saving the rooms for those vouchers sold)

  12. Here it is, I can't get anyone from your company or Sam's club to help me, I tried calling about 15 time and I don't even want to go there, NO HELP at all. You tell me to go to Sam's Club and they said to go to you. You had a offer on my e-mail for Sam's Club $25.00 and a $10.00 gift card and a $100.00 Addition Savings, never received any kind of verification from your Co. on my e-mail Paid you June 22, 2016 $25.00 deal with PayPal. Now I went to Sam's Club in Cookeville TN and they finally gave me a card for the $25.00 that we paid PayPal but did not receive the $10 gift card or the $100 additional Saving, they said you have to Email me this other stuff. It's been over a month and I am beside myself with this whole crazy deal, so what are you going to do????? Please, Please, send me my Gift card and Additional Saving as Soon as Possible. Very, Very Unhappy. My E-mail Address is today is July 30th 2016 and I'm still waiting and waiting!!!!!


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