Winn Dixie Corporate Office Headquarters

Winn Dixie Corporate Office Headquarters
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.
5050 Edgewood Court
Jacksonville, FL 32254 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-904-783-5000
Fax Number: 1-904-783-5235
Customer Service Number: 1-866-946-6349

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  1. Please Help, I am just beside myself due to the fact that I am disabled. I am SO hungry and I am Out of Food. I know that there are Places Who Donate to people in my Situation. I DO own my home and Have Shopped at Winn Dixie for Many years. I DO not even have the Gas in My Car to drive to ask anyone for help for Food. I am Beside myself and Do not know who to get any help for Food From but I am asking to Please help if You can send a food voucher to my Home to help me through this hard time in My Life. I have never been in this situation and this is my Very first time Every writing for help. I am on my Last amount of food today. I will be eatting corn in a can or even Beans next so Know anything that can be done to help me would be The Best thing anyone could do for me. I cannot even Drive to get food and will have to have someone drive me to get the food if you do Send me a food voucher. I DO Pray you find it in your heart to help me as this is my last resort. I do Not know what else to do. Please.. Gerri LaGrange Address, 32307 Pine Road Eustis Florida 32736 Phone 352-551-9498 Thank You to All of You who find it in your Heart to Help me. This is not the Way I planned for My Life to be. I have been trying to sell all My World possestions with No one coming to buy anything so I have been trying So hard to get help for Myself. Thanks again. 5/28/2012 I Always Thought that American's Cared and It used to be So neighbor's helped Neighbor's and People were Real. I have written to a Few Places in the Hopes that Someone will hear me and Help. Know that Our World is in a World that is Just Not the Same. I have seen So Many Of my own Friends suffer. I DO Not Drink Or Even use Drugs and I am Suffering What has Gone wrong with Our Country Today? I DO hope Someone finds it in there Heart to Help for there is NO where to go and Nothing else I can DO but see who Comes Through. Gerri


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