Winn Dixie Corporate Office Headquarters

Winn Dixie Corporate Office Headquarters
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.
5050 Edgewood Court
Jacksonville, FL 32254 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-904-783-5000
Fax Number: 1-904-783-5235
Customer Service Number: 1-866-946-6349

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  1. Please Help, I am just beside myself due to the fact that I am disabled. I am SO hungry and I am Out of Food. I know that there are Places Who Donate to people in my Situation. I DO own my home and Have Shopped at Winn Dixie for Many years. I DO not even have the Gas in My Car to drive to ask anyone for help for Food. I am Beside myself and Do not know who to get any help for Food From but I am asking to Please help if You can send a food voucher to my Home to help me through this hard time in My Life. I have never been in this situation and this is my Very first time Every writing for help. I am on my Last amount of food today. I will be eatting corn in a can or even Beans next so Know anything that can be done to help me would be The Best thing anyone could do for me. I cannot even Drive to get food and will have to have someone drive me to get the food if you do Send me a food voucher. I DO Pray you find it in your heart to help me as this is my last resort. I do Not know what else to do. Please.. Gerri LaGrange Address, 32307 Pine Road Eustis Florida 32736 Phone 352-551-9498 Thank You to All of You who find it in your Heart to Help me. This is not the Way I planned for My Life to be. I have been trying to sell all My World possestions with No one coming to buy anything so I have been trying So hard to get help for Myself. Thanks again. 5/28/2012 I Always Thought that American's Cared and It used to be So neighbor's helped Neighbor's and People were Real. I have written to a Few Places in the Hopes that Someone will hear me and Help. Know that Our World is in a World that is Just Not the Same. I have seen So Many Of my own Friends suffer. I DO Not Drink Or Even use Drugs and I am Suffering What has Gone wrong with Our Country Today? I DO hope Someone finds it in there Heart to Help for there is NO where to go and Nothing else I can DO but see who Comes Through. Gerri

  2. I recently wrote a complaint to the office about the current WInn Dixie in Immokalee,Fl but I vowed to reach out to every outlet,even those not associated with this company until this matter is resoved. Therefore I am also writing a brief note here hoping consumer at the very least will see this. I will not go into complete detail here as I did in previous letters and phone calls. This is just a warning for customers and/or a request for assistance from management. I will never return to that store even though it means driving miles out of my way. Every time I visited the Lake Trafford Winn Dixie it has been horrible in every aspect of the word and in every way,cleanliness,staff,product,etc...but today's experience has me hiring a lawyer,contacting the CEO and visiting my physician just to make sure I wasn't infected by something I may have touched or breathed in. And no I'm not exaggerating,it's really that bad. I almost left in tears,had only a few pre-planned items to grab and because of staff I was in there over an hour,they got EVERYTHING wrong,I tried to correct ALL their mistakes,hence the hour and when I left,exhausted they till had ripped me off according to reciept. My email is phone number 239-200-3042 and my name is Theresa Quail. I will not stop until someone contacts me,this issue is resolved,I'm compensated to the fulliest reguards and something is done with that store in Immokalee. Thank you for your time.

  3. Went to 2 Winn Dixie sotres on July 19,14 in Jacksonville Fl on University to purchase some items. Got to the self check out and some of the items didn't ring up bogo. Manager came over and said we don't take bog coupons, which is not stated in the coupon policy. So I left all my items there. I went to another store. Got to register and the cashier needed help so she called team leader to help her out. I started to hand over my internet coupons and she's like we don't take printed coupons which is a lie. Not in the policy either. They over here making up there own rules. And you wonder why I Winn Dixie got bought out by Bi-Lo. That's why I love shopping at Publix.

  4. Help!!!!! Applying for work @ winn Dixie is like a Trip to area 51!!, I have years of time in the business and why should I have to take a test to get work? Make the "experience" much more friendly. We are not equal, contrary to popular belief. On the site, under education, things do not apply to me, who cares if you went to the university or not. Some to the places I had never heard of and nobody else has either. I was not allowed to save and do later, why? What happened to a one page deal? This would safe a lot of time and effort for those of us who have time in. why am I looked at like every other robot?
    What does a test prove? Maybe you paid a lot of money for something that is useless, this is par for the course with Big Business. For example the wipes for those who think that the germs are going jump up and bite them.
    Why does a 40 or 50k person get to aggravate us by computer?
    Want to hire more people?
    1. Bring back the paper resume', have a meeting and then upload all the persons info. if you hire them. Is this not something that "HR" is supposed to do? Is this not what flash drive is for. You are not supposed to be asking for the SS number upfront, this is only to be used IF you hire the person and not before, taco bell got sued for this back in the 80'.That number is just a legal fiction anyway.
    2. A face to face will eliminate more people first and that will waste less time. Why should I have to waste an hour or more, for a job that does not pay much? Are you going to pay for the legal cost if the system gets hacked? This is all too real today, besides are you protected from being hacked? you should explain to the customers that a safety net is in place or being worked on.

  5. I am tired of buying things on sale in sale paper and and it rings up full price and have to go customer desk and wait for adjustment.
    this has happen me several times past month. Think how many people that do not take time check reciept. THEY ARE SCREWED.

  6. I have been trying to get my w2 for over a month and winn Dixie has done nothing to help me get it. I tried calling multiple times and the last 2 times an employee at the winn Dixie in Naples, fl hung up on me each time.

  7. On 4/19/15 I contacted you both by phone call (case #05547850) as well as an e-mail on this web site. To date I have not received a response back? This is very disturbing as I have taken my additional time to bring to your attention what is going on in your store #0317. This is the "customer service" you are offering.Not getting back to the customer when they make complaints (if it takes this long then really there is a problem within your company) PS it would be nice if this site did not...have issues in submitting form.Please try after sometime...REALLY????

  8. I have also tried for the past week to send you a message on your "contact us" site to no avail. There is another post here where someone had trouble with your site, I wonder if anyone cares enough to fix these issues. This is my message about my complaint.

    I thought I should bring to your attention the service I received on Saturday at your store. I tore 2 ligaments in my ankle a few weeks ago and am using a "boot" on my leg so getting around is not easy. After spending quite some time shopping I went to the check out and met your cashier Debbie. Debbie was very nice and very helpful. She informed me that I purchased 3 bottles of wine and could get a discount if I purchased another bottle. I thanked her and said I really appreciated her telling me but that I ankle was bothering me and I couldn't walk back to get another bottle. She asked the girl who was packing my items and she said NO. That she didn't know anything about wine. I told Debbie not to worry about it and quite honestly, if I had the strength, I would have called for the manager and asked if someone could do it for me. Debbie assured me if she didn't have a line full of people she would have taken care of it for me.

    I am appalled that this person wouldn't help me and it really didn't bother me until I got home and thought about it. I am just letting you know as Winn Dixie is a really nice store which I don't frequent much as I live closer to Publix but I doubt this would have happened there.

    Thank you for your time.

  9. I went to the Winn Dixie store in Sun City Center, FL. this morning 6-13-15. As this is a retirement community and has a lot of people who use the scooters in the store I would think the store would be more alert to providing service to the disabled customers. I went through the fast lane, one with few items and after I had paid for my groceries the checker pushed my bagged items to the end of the counter and proceeded to check out the next customer. I know that he had seen how much trouble I had getting out of the scooter to put the items on the counter, yet he made no effort to put my bags in my cart. I had 3 bags and some were heavy so I had problems lifting them up to put in my basket. Since this is a 55-year old age restricted community it seems to me that they should be a little more aware of the needs of the handicapped customers. As I rode the scooter out the door one of the ladies who has worked there for quite some time followed me out the door and to my car where she proceeded to put the groceries in the trunk of my car, shut it and take the scooter back into the store. That is an example of the service handicapped people should expect from a store like Winn Dixie.

  10. My comment concerns the Carrollwood FL Winn Dixie at Northdale. Regarding Asst. Director Bill, This man should not be in the service industry/Customer related position. This man is lazy, rude, disrespectful, spends his time sitting in the office, taking personal calls during his store hours, he walks by customers with legitimate questions to go to his vehicle to talk on the phone, this man needs to be replaced he does not have the personality or professionalism to work for a company like WINN-DIXIE, I am a teacher in the area and we are all taking our business to PUBLIX because of this one man. Thank you

  11. Went to Winn Dixie in Bessemer, AL around 11:00 AM to get Saturday only specials to be told they were out of all the meat items advertised and they REFUSED to give RAINCHECKS because it was a Saturday only sale!!! So what- if you are out you should give rainchecks!! I'm not talking about rarely ordered items, either- they always have chicken breasts, sirloin pork chops, and bacon, sowhy refuse to give our rainchecks- must be they DO NOT CARE about customers!! You wonder wht they are closing more and more Winn Dixie stores?? It's bad enough that the stores are not clean and the managers are worthless, but this is the last straw!! I have a choice where to shop, and, after 20+ years of their being open, I will NOT be going back!!

  12. I went to my Valrico Winn Dixie this morning. To my dismay they had removed most of the gluten free products from the aisle and marked down others. Many people in Brandon, Valrico locality shop the Winn Dixie's 2 stores which used to be Kash n Karry. Kash n Karry stocked that aisle for years and people knew and shopped there. I for one cannot find such a selection in all this area. The other grocery stores only scatter some gluten free here and there, and it is hard to find. The aisle Kash n Karry had that your store assumed should have left it the way it was. So many people get sick from gluten these days....more than most realize. Wheat, barley, and rye are poisons to our bodies as the growing process is laced with pesticides and make people sick. The seeds of the grains in the US are first soaked, as Round-up Ready before they are planted. Other countries do not even allow their grains to be laced with pesticides. Why is America doing so? Please, keep the gluten free aisles in your stores in Brandon and Valrico, Fl.


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