Wegmans Corporate Office Headquarters

Wegmans Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 
1500 Brooks Ave.
Rochester, NY 14624 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-585-328-2550
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-934-6267

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  1. I can not belive.Danny.wegman would ever.hurt the.community and shut down the.wegmans on pond st .people on the.northside of Syracuse need this store I would.never go.to.another wegmans again I would never think this would happens they.don't care about the.communty or the.senior citizens wegmans should be ashamed for what they are doing I guess its about the money and not the.people what are we gonna do without this store and for people who.can't get around or without cars this was a bad descion .they can eleast help out and put a store in replace thank you

  2. Please pass this on to the appropriate people:
    Genuardis in Voorhees, NJ, on Rt. 73 is going to go out of business. I would just LOVE to have a Wegman's come in. I have to travel to the other side of town to get to Wegman's now. There is a huge wealthy population in Voorhees, Marlton, etc. Please let the appropriate people know.

  3. My work van has been in their shop 3 times for same problem in less than 3 weeks. And now they tell me at 230 on Sunday that they can't look at it till Monday and the van has been there since Thursday. I was lied to about when they were going to look at it. So now I'm without ac in the van still.
    Firestone at 2802 leopard in corpus Christi,Tx is a crappy place to take any vehicle for any kind of service. You would be better off working on it yourself. I will never go back to this place again.

  4. Indianapolis would be good place to put a wegmans grocery store.Indianapolis has a strong foodie reputation and is very competitive in grocery business.Its geographic location puts it within 70% of US population.The Indianapolis International Airport is the best airport in the nation.Plainfield where the airport is has the best distribution site in the nation.Castleton,Plainfield,Greenwood,Cumberland,Noblesville,Westfield,and laffeyette square area of the Indianapolis metropolitan area is the best place to put a Wegmans grocery store.Other good locations in Indiana is Evansville Indiana on the east side of Evansville where the new promenade development project is.Promenade has lured a outdoor store by the name of Academy Sports and Outdoors.Fort Wayne Indiana would be a good location because it has developed into a tourist town.Richmond Indiana would be a good location because its off I70 and the national road.Lafayette Indiana would be a good choice because its off a major interstate.Avon Indiana Outside of Indianapolis is a good choice because Avon is a high income area. Please come to Indiana because Wegmans is well known as the best store in the United States.

    1. I was very disappointed to learn that Wegman's would no longer be selling the cinnamon buns as well as the boxed kuchens which all of my family has enjoyed for years. A number of years ago Wegman's stopped baking the babka breads which was also a favorite. The new mini pastries do not compare to a box of fresh cinnamon buns or the fruit kuchen. I wish you would reconsider and continue to provide this wonder breakfast food.

  5. Hello, I live in the southern tier and frequent Wegman's at least once a week. I'm writing to find out if Wegman's would consider carrying Terressential Mud Wash in their health food section. It is a hair product that is USDA bentonite clay.
    Many women who have gone natural and no longer want to use commercial hair and skin care products are turning to items like the Terressential Mud Wash. Currently I order the product online, however, the shipping cost is very high. If the product is available in stores it would cut down on the expense of the product. Thank you Martha A Lankford


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