TJ Maxx Corporate Office Headquarters

TJ Maxx Corporate Office Headquarters
The TJX Companies, Inc.
770 Cochituate Road
Framingham, MA 01701 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-508-390-1000
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-926-6299

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  1. Hi,

    I recently visited your store located in Fresno and was treated very rudely. I was embarrassed by one of your associates who basically insinuated that I replaced a price tag on an item I was purchasing. He had an associate double check on the price and when he confirmed that it was incorrect instead of apologizing and saying that one of his staff might of tagged it incorrectly he said “are you sure you didn’t switch the tag?” Then stated that it was weird that the only one that had a different price was my item. Are you kidding me! I do not steal, nor do I do anything that would be dishonest. I was very offended by this and hope that you train your employees on how to handle these situations. I’m not sure if I’ll be going back to shop with you.


    Very hurt!

  2. Hi

    I recently visited your store in Cuyahyoa Falls Ohio. I was looking for a bathing suite. I chose one that was hanging on the rack together top and bottom. I tried it on in the dressing room perfect fit and come to find out it was a Jessica Simpson. I loved it on me. The top fit perfect. I proceeded to the register and the lady at the register said we don't sell separates. I looked at her dumbfounded and said no really I want the top and bottom. She said no the bottom is a large and top is medium. I said that is how it was on the hanger. You see I am a breast cancer survivor and it takes a long time for me to find a perfect fit in a top for bathing suites or anything for that matter. I loved this suite and I told the lady obviously someone switched the sizes but I want this one it fits perfect for my top. She informed me, no we don't sell separates. I was very disappointed with this store. I will not shop there again and I hope others with breast cancer will do the same. I will make sure my friends and family know about this. Bye the way, the lady said, I can hold it for ten days to see if someone brings the other size back. Are you kidding me, that is what they did to get what they wanted I did not. Very disappointed customer.

    Paulette from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

  3. I just moved to Granbury, Texas from San Antonio, Texas. I miss TJ Maxx, The Home Goods Store, and Marshall's. Is there any way the you could put a store in Granbury, Texas? Your stores are where I do all my shopping, and having to go to Ft. Worth when I could do my shopping in Granbury, Texas would be wonderful. I have had many comments that it would be wonderful, as the two retail shops that they have here are more for old people and fashions that me and my friends would not be seen in. I miss not having your stores in our town.

  4. I recently visit your TJ Maxx store at 2350 S. Parker Road, Aurora, Colorado and was very disrespected by one of your cashier. Her name was Annalisa, she was very rude and disrespectful as an employee to a customer. I would have not posted this email, however I think TJ Maxx would appreciate knowing who they have representing them, plus when I asked for her name, she said she didn't care about losing her job because this was a second minimum paying job, I was really taken away especially since so many people need jobs these days. As I totally enjoy shopping at TJ Maxx with great experiences at other locations, I will never shop at this location again.

  5. Very disapointed with TJMax merchandise i bought apair of boots and wear them ones and the zipper broke, they will not exchange merchandise with out the tag who will wear anything with a tag on it, I will not shop on any of you stores including Marshalls, we use to spend good amount of money every month. so long tjmax and company.

  6. Judith Anne ThompsonFebruary 25, 2014 at 8:04 PM

    I too was treated very disrespectfully by Michelle at your Cleveland, TN, location. When I walked into the store, no one was in line and she was at the first service counter with her back to me. I stood there for several minutes while she pretended not to see me. I cleared my throat a couple of times. While I was waiting, a couple came from the back of the store and got in line. She finally turned around, looked over my head and asked "Who's next"? I said I was. She countered that I didn't go through the aisle. I said there was no one here when I walked in. She continued to maintain that I was not first and I told her that the couple came up after I came in and that I had been waiting for several minutes. Then I said, "Why are we having this conversation"? Her reply was that she didn't want the other people to be upset that I was there first. So now, thanks to Michelle, I am cutting up my card for all three of your stores, and will not use it again. BTW, I'm not finished with Michelle; I'm also going to write to your corporate offices with this info as well. People like her should not be in customer service positions. Bad Michelle, shame on you. BTW again, I'm 69 years old, so I think she was discriminating against me based on my age.

  7. I tried to upload to send this message through marshalls website through the message form but it didn't work with error. As I couldn't find any email address for Marshalls custormer service or employee management, I'm leaving the message here.
    This is about a store manager named Chris V. The Marshalls store located at 5895 Lincoln Ave. Buena Park, CA 90620.
    I hope my message will send to employee management or Dept. of Human Resource Management.


    As I was so hungry, I stopped by starbucks where is in the same mall with the Marshalls. I got a venti size-caffe latte after waiting a long waiting line with my baby. (It's really hard to stop by, wait, and get a coffee at starbucks with baby). Then I walked straight into the Marshalls.
    As my baby wouldn't sit on shopping cart, I let him walk. While I look men's shirts, my baby started to crawl. So I put my coffee on the ground to hold my baby and put him in a shopping-cart seat. Then I turned back to pick my venti size-latte where was next to me. My coffee was gone! Holding him and putting him in shopping cart took only a few senconds; within 10 seconds. So I asked one of staffs and found it's in staff's trash can located inside of cashier line and for staffs. I was so baffled that one of staffs or manager discard the new venti-size coffee without any asking/saying, right behind my back.

    The staff told about this to the manager who was near there. The manager, named Chris V., disrespecfully said like she doesn't care above my situation at all. she saw my coffee on the ground. No matter what, it's a matter of course to discard drink on the ground becasuse of other customers' safety. Plus, she advised me that just more care of my baby instead of saying/complaining it here.
    I was really frustraited because she made me ugly-mom in front of many people around there, and i felt ignored due to her totally disrespectful and chilling answer. So, the manager cares much about one did not happen yet for other customers but she doesn't care at all about the one happened already to me? I'm not a customer??? I couldn't believe she is a manager of a store. In addition, it's a common sense and manner, especially to staffs and manager, to ask/say, 'Is there someone who put this on the ground?' before discarding customers' things. Say Again, I was next to there where I put my coffee on the ground to hold my baby. It tooks only a few seconds. It was venti size-full and fresh new coffee (I drank just one sip). If the staff would ask/say so, then I could hear that and pick it up right away. It doesn't make sense if employee throw the big and new coffee away without intention, even I was next to there. I was upset because of this point when i found my new coffee in employees' trash can, and I was shocked and more upset by the 'disrespectful and I don't care at all attitude' of the store manager. She,Chris V., seemed me not a customer, or maybe she wanted my baby and I to go out...
    I want the store manger, Chris V., to apologize.
    I'll wait for your reply.

    1. I want to remove this article that I uploaded. I received an email from the tjx customerservice team that the #240 store manager Ray want me to call and talk. He is the actual manager of the store. (He was off on that day) He nicely explained about the position of the female- assistant manager, understanded me from my situation, and appolized indeed about what she did wrong. So i want to remove it, but it can't be removed; there's no button to modify of remove T.T Anyway, Thanks Ray manager for saying that gently.

  8. it's Monday October 13 2014 i was about to enter your store to purchase my grand children some outfits to wear and a fight started in your store in Syracuse New York Destiny USA, with one of your employees and a customer that said she was pregnant, and i believe he was the night manager not sure but he started swearing at me, asking me why i Didn't break it up, and i said to him that's not my job that's your employee you should have more control over them, and there was a heavy set woman that works there to and she was swearing at me also because i wouldn't get involved I'm 51 years old I'm not gonna get hurt there was other people standing around that was a lot younger than me , why didn't they swear at them all i wanted to do was to buy my grandchildren some clothes to wear, and they told the security that they didn't want me back in the store because i ask what there names were and that i was going to call their manager. p.s i hope something get's done about this because I'm closing my account as of tomorrow with you guys.

  9. Your website advertises that your Waterville, Maine store opens today at 9am...but I drove FROM OUT OF TOWN because of the advertised time, just to find that the store, in fact, doesn't open until 11am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Three websites are incorrect! I want to be compensated, or I will close my account and never shop TJMaxx again.


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