Sleep Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Sleep Inn Hotels Corporate Office Headquarters
Choice Hotels International, Inc.
10750 Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20901 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-592-5000
Fax Number: 1-301-592-6157
Customer Service Number: 1-877-424-6423

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  1. Do not try to use the hotel coupons at Sleep Inn, Jessup, Md. They will only honor them if they are not "almost full". We were denied a room even though we walked in and there were rooms available. It's a rip off.

  2. I highly recommend Not staying at sleep inn hotel in the Denver Tech Center area. I booked via priceline. Upon arriving I witness a young man literally cursing and badgering a hotel guest as she nervously tried to get to her car. I entered the lobby area and he comes bk in. OMG, the same guy returns and walls behind the counter. I inborn him and pd via priceline. He disputes saying I have to pay him. That's the way it wrks, although I showed him my confirmation and receipt from priceline. I told him I wsnt comfrtble with him or this hotel and think I shld go elsewhere. He responds”Good, Go!” As I walked out the door I heard him say to the housekeeping attendent in spanish ”American Bitches”. I simply went next door to the Extended Stay who's service was impeccable. More than 2 guest shared with me the antics and problems they've witness from Sleep inn employees (including the elderly lady that was involved in earlier incident, which she infrmed me she only asked for a Cleaner room) since they've been there. I will Never in my life go near a Sleep inn hotel again!

  3. Sleep Inn on Belle Grove Road in Baltimore----------NEVER again. Lap top stolen from our room. Our door was open when we returned to our room and the maid had been in to clean the room for check out 3 hours prior to our check out time. Shady stuff going on behind the front desk. Cover up for manager who would NOT see me. Lied about him not being there. Watch your back if you even think of staying there.


  5. I have stayed at several Sleep Inns in the Midwest and found that everyone of them adds a daily charge for an in room safe whether you request one or not. They will take the charge off but only of you call it to their attention.

    I would suspect that most people do not realize they are being charged.

  6. We stayed in the Sleep Inn in Amarillo, TX on Sept.2, 2012 After checking out on Sept. 3, I got home to Lubbock, TX and realized I did not have my watch or 2 of my rings on,what an oversight!!
    I called the Sleep Inn to see if I had left them in the room. I spoke to Olaf, he said jewelry had indeed been left in the room and he was holding it. I described the jewelry and he said they would mail it to me by priority mail. I received the jewelery 2 days later at my home. This jewelery could have not been turned in to management or just kept by anyone so inclined and no one would have known. Such HONESTY is so greatly appreciated. Everyone there deserves recognition for honesty and integrity.
    I hope this letter will be passed on to Olaf in Amarillo,TX
    I have nothing but good things to say about our room, the people working in the hotel, the food and the cleanliness of the dining area.
    I thoroughly appreciate the honesty and kindness I received by the employees of this hotel and will highly recommend it to anyone and will stay again myself...VLB

  7. We stayed at the Sleep Inn (Woodbridge VA.) from Thursday to Monday and was devastated when I found "ROACHES"in our room. I called the front desk and complained and was instructed that once a complaint was made they had to automatically move us to another room. They upgraded us to a king bed and gave us a 15% discount for one night. It made it very difficult and I was very uncomfortable throughtout the stay!

  8. I stayed at the Sleep Inn in Grand Island NE. last week. On my way home, I noticed I did not have my wedding ring on. I thought maybe I had put it in my jewelry case. As soon as I got home I looked for it and realized I had left it in my hotel room. I went to the phone to call the Sleep Inn and I had a message on my phone. One of the employees had found my ring and turned it in, plus called me to let me know they had found it. I received my ring within the next several days. Thank you to the staff person who found the ring and turned it in. Your honesty is greatly appreciated.
    My husband and I found our stay at Sleep Inn a very pleasnat and comfortable stay. The continetal breakfast offered a geat variety of food. Thank you again to the staff at the Sleep Inn in Grand Island NE. KT

  9. The manager at the Sleep Inn in Mt. Olive N.C. is very rude and Disrespectful I would recommend anyone planning to stay here to go to Goldsboro instead and stay at another hotel chain. I've stayed at this hotel hundreds of times and never had problems until now. Im disappointed to be treated this way after doing so much business with them!

  10. Yet another unhappy customer. Stayed at the sleep inn in Kenner la. checked in payed upfront then the day I checked out another charge for 85$ showed up onmy account. the guy at front desk was a complete jerk to say the least. tried callin corporate to resolve this they wouldn't help either. had to report this as a fraudulent charge with card company before they were willing to try and resolve this issue. I WILL NOT STAY AT ANOTHER HOTEL RAN BY THIS COMPANY.

  11. recently we booked aroom at sleep inn in temple terrace fl. when we arrived it was outdated dirty even elevator floor was dirty. room numbers had been removed and added new numbers on sid. room need repair painting and complete renovation. we cancelled and left. this was on 2/6/13

  12. wow! a normal 70.00 per night room jumps to 139.99 per night because the ihsa wrestling tournament is in town, urbana illinois. what did we get in return for the double rate? nothing, what did they get in return for the double rate? $$$$$. i think they should be happy that their hotel is booked for once. i can understand a 20.00 upcharge for large events coming into town, but doubling the price is just rude. never again!!! if you want to charge what the bigger chains charge, then you better have the ammenities to go along with it. enjoy your cash now because your going to loose in the end.

  13. Sleep Inn in Henderson, Kentucky....NEVER AGAIN! Black mold on shower doors, cooked on food inside the microwave, something unidentifiable on hairdryer is just for starters! Motel was very empty when we checked in, was put on 2nd floor furthest rooms from the stairway. Then they put a kids basketball team in the rooms next to our party. Kids/parents were slamming doors, running up & down the hall, hollering in the hall till about 2am. Complained the next morning, as we had drove over 7 hours to get there...very tired & should have called front desk asap (our fault). Then at check out we were charged for the room safe that we never used! IF YOU DO NOT TELL THEM WHEN YOU CHECK IN THEY CHARGE YOU! Front desk pointed to a sign off in a corner that says they charge. I missed it on the check in paper that we had to sign. The sign at the front desk (which was on the handicap check in area) is very dark & blends in with the counter top & it was turned in such a way that you couldn't see it. But the sign for NO Pets & No Smoking was a bright colored paper....GO FIGURE! One group of our party got a Room Safe refund, our other group had used the room safe 1 day. When getting refund, front desk called manager, then she doubled the charge their credit card, finally got the charges off, the other group of our party got a room safe refund from her (front desk person) own wallet after getting flustered by her manager....THEN SHE TOTALLY IGNORED that's customer service!!!! This is the first of my letters!!!!

  14. I stayed at the Sleep Inn In Lynchburg Va so that I could take classes at Liberty University for a weekend. I am in a wheelchair and Paralyzed from the waist down. When I arrived I was not placed in a wheelchair accessible room for which i reserved 3 weeks prior when I went to the front desk the people there sated well its a Queen Size bed as though that was the reason i needed the accessiblity when I kindly stated that It was due to the bathroom I was told they were all booked after complaining they placed me in a accessible room that another costumer had that did not need it. It was on the second floor feel that I was unsafe as to the fact that I could not get out of the building I went to management the manager than told me that they only thing that she could do would be ask the first floor handicapp room to move for which those customers did move because they did not need the room nor did they need the accessiblity. I was notified of this after class for whicht he front desk stopped me and gave me my new key and room number and than informed me that they had already moved my belongings to the new room. I did not ask nor expect them to go into my room get my belongings and remove them to another room. I found this to be very invasive and uncalled for.

  15. Orange beach Al. 5/3/2013 they are 200 dollars plus for a night and they only offer bed bugs and roaches. When the front desk was apprached they swore up and down that they don't have roaches and moved us one door down which has the same problem. We recorded the roaches and looks like a suit for being bit by the bed bugs. This hotel sleep inn has poor customer service please book your room else where!!!

  16. Hotel manager in Albemarle, NC rented the pool out to a private party for someone's birthday party and denied me and my 6 yr old child the right to use the amenities that I paid for. 103.00, stayed their for the pool alone, had tons of food in the car, new bathing suits, floats and toys, all this money spent for what? Then, after the party was over the new front desk associated that came in was letting people that lived in the area from back behind the hotel have use of the pool. They came in splashing my 6 yr old child, sreaming, yelling, jumping in fully clothed with jeans and t-shirts on. My childs toys for the pool was stolen. Worse experience of my life. This manager rented the pool out to these other guests for them to have private use. He is doing this to bring in extra money into the hotel, and taking money from the guest that reserved a room and paid for the amenities as well. They refused to give me my money back because I rented my room through, a third party. Needless to say, my child and I went home and I will never stay at Sleep Inn in Albemarle, NC or any other one ever again. This could have been easily resolved or I could have been accommodiated somehow. They made no offers. The receptionist told me I had no common courtesy because I didn't ask the ones who rented the pool out privately. The police was called out by me. A huge scene was caused in front of my child. Never ever in my life have I ever seen a manager operate a business like this one.

  17. Stayed a Sleep Inn in Oklahoma City. The Assistant Manager used his key to enter room with us in there in the early morning hours. Not once but TWICE! Note it was myself and my 19 year old daughter. No reprimands on the Manager, just excuses from the Manager. Note: we were at the College of World Series and were in the room to sleep and shower only. We also had no parking at the hotel, they told us parking was not guaranteed to the guests. Below is the emails that I sent. Never again will I stay at any Sleep Inn hotel
    "That Assistant Manager can use the excuse of walking in on us one time but not the second time. Whether he thought the room was unoccupied is not acceptable because it was occupied and there are more ways to figure that out than just opening the door with his key. He should have communicated with the person the night before to find out the circumstances or even the person who checked us in on Saturday. When I checked in at the hotel on the first day (Saturday), the lady at the counter confirmed the room was for two nights, she didn't ask me for credit card to pay for the second night only for the incidentals. I was unaware of the reservation mix up on your part.
    I gave no phone number when I checked in and also if I had, it would have been my cell phone and I had my cell phone with me and had no missed call from the hotel. The only thing I gave when I checked in was my car plates and if he would have looked that up and looked in the parking lot for my car he would have known we were in there. He wouldn't have had to gone far because it was parked right by the front door by the canopy. If your guests are paying for a room at your hotel, there should be parking available and suggesting to your customers that they come down after the bars close in the middle of night to move their car is the most uncourteous thing I have ever heard in my life. Your customers should take priority over the customers in the bars."

  18. As if anyone out there in the world of Sleep Inn La La Land cares but here goes:
    Sleep Inn # 439 Lake Bluff Ill. Located at 3250 Bittersweet Ave.

    Stayed there to attend the graduation of our grandson from Navy Basic Training at the Great Lakes Training Center.
    Room 201....Sink did not drain, Wireless network did not connect. Moldy looking substance above the bathroom door. We changed rooms.
    Room 203...air conditioning did not work. Wireless not working. Dirty and had an odor of who knows what. We changed rooms.
    Room 209...Wireless worked most oft he time and did not shut down too many times. Dark area above the bathroom door that was half way cleaned by personnel.

    None of the three rooms had an iron. Coffee pots in rooms 203 and 209 did not work. The breakfast area was a joke. I am not one to be very particular regarding what is provided but I would at least like the area where food is being served to be clean. The toaster oven had not been cleaned for weeks. No hot water for tea. Fruit was old and the same items were being recycled each day rather than putting out fresh fruit. Ants enjoyed the freedom of the food area and I would imagine they had a good time at night when everyone was asleep.

    Our daughter experienced the same wonderful fuzzy feeling as we did but she got an additional bonus with her room....bed bugs. She put one in a plastic cup and gave to the person on duty at the desk and they said they would take care of it.....sure they will.

    For a place that basically caters to military families the place was a dive and should be closed down. If you are unfortunate to have no choice but to stay there be sure to check your room before you even take your luggage in. My suggestion is to go to the trouble of driving a few more miles and staying someplace nice. The other motels in the area....Ramada, Days Inn looked like dives.

    Do NOT stay at this location if at all possible!!!!!

  19. Sleep Inn
    Location: 109 City Circle, Peachtree City, GA 30269
    Manager: Yvonne Durant

    My father is trying to apply a job at that location as a housekeeper/janitorial. Manager Yvonne told him to come on 5/28/13 to meet with her. Then she told him to come again on 6/8/13 to meet with her again. Then she told him to come again the next day on 6/9/13 to show him how to clean the room. It turned out that Manager Yvonne never showed-up like she promise and told my father to work that day to clean the restaurant, bathroom, mop floor up and down stair, clean the window, empty trash for almost 4 hours from 10am to 1.30pm.

    6/10/13 I called in and follow up whether my father get the job or not but she said that the owner is out of state ( somewhere in Carolina )
    6/24/13 I called and talked to her and still got the same answer from her.
    7/2/13 I talked to her again and this time want to get the payment for the hour that my father worked. She said the owner won't be back till after summer. She said she can't issue a check. For that moment, I knew she been lying to us for the whole time. As a manager, you can cut a check,especially when the check is only aorund $32 dollar.
    8/7/13 I email to Yvonne and still no respond for her.
    8/20/13 I email again to Yvonne and still no respond for her.

    After what happened to my father, I will let him to work with any Sleep Inn. Poor management and they treat us like a garbage.

    Yvonne - If you read this, you know how to contact me. I have been really nice and patient about this matter. Thank you, Cindy Elder

  20. I Checked Into The Sleep Inn On August 30,2013 In Newark Delaware Around 11:30pm the staff member at the front desk Ms. Sheri was very nice and pleasant. But The Motel was the pits when we opened the door of our room #213 there was a moldy smell and cigarettes smell that was very bad, the carpet of the room was old, dusty, stinky, and dirty. I just wanted to grab my luggage in rollout but I notified the front desk she did all she can to help but the other room was just the same so I decided to stay in the room where I was at first. around 5am the next morning I woke up because I was itching very bad. so I got up turned on the light and discovered I had been biting all up by something all over my upper body. so I then pulled the covers back on the bed and discovered BEDBUGS was crawling all over the sheets and bed. I called the front desk she came up and took a look in said those are BEDBUGS and offered to move us to another room but we got our money back and checked out.

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    1. October 5th, 2013 stay. I recommend not staying at the Marion, Al Sleep Inn. The walls are paper thin and if the room next to you has a party at 2 in the morning the front desk is no help. To make matters worse the morning manager refuses to believe you called and complained because the night help did not record your calls. Also, she informed me it was impossible for the room next to us to have disturbed us because it wasn't even rented out. Our deduction is that the night crew had a group of friends over and didn't record any thing to prevent management from knowing what really happened.

      The sad thing is we stayed there around a year ago and it was nice. Now it seems the management really doesn't care. The interior of the hotel has went down considerably since last year. This is a rather new hotel in a small town such a shame they don't care.

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  23. October 5th, 2013 stay. I recommend not staying at the Marion, Al Sleep Inn. The walls are paper thin and if the room next to you has a party at 2 in the morning the front desk is no help. To make matters worse the morning manager refuses to believe you called and complained because the night help did not record your calls. Also, she informed me it was impossible for the room next to us to have disturbed us because it wasn't even rented out. Our deduction is that the night crew had a group of friends over and didn't record any thing to prevent management from knowing what really happened.

    The sad thing is we stayed there around a year ago and it was nice. Now it seems the management really doesn't care. The interior of the hotel has went down considerably since last year. This is a rather new hotel in a small town such a shame they don't care.

  24. Sleep Inn another comment from October 5th, 2013 stay.....don't try to fax corporate the fax will be kicked back. There might be a reason there isn't an email address to send concerns, they would need to man it 24/7.

  25. Sleep Inn in Esterville, Iowa- BED BUGS HOTEL- I was bite over 50 times and across the room another relative had multiple bites and bedding pad stained- when brought to hotelss attention was told bed bugs are only on east and west coast along with "do you know what this means for us" "we have to call ECHO labs" no mention as to the MD appointments, medication and hassle for the customer- Very poor customer service by worker and manager asked for copies of report when told NO bed bugs- was sent a hand written report- and said fial report would take up to a week- Contacted several times with no response- Rooms were credited but terrible follow through- rooms were moldy smelling and not cleaned well- Years ago management was fabulous- It clearly has gone down hill since that time- Will never stay there again!

  26. We stopped at Sleep Inn, Riverplace Dr. in Macon, Ga. It said100% rennovated in 2013. We went to our room and it smelled like mold very badly. The air conditioner/heater was covered in mold and the bathroom ceiling was moldy. So went to the desk and got another room, moldly in the same places and the shower door was broken. Also hall floors had big huge stains on it like someone threw up on it. So we got our money back and left and went on to Kennesaw, Ga. Sleep Inn and it was very nice and clean and the lady at the desk was very accomodating

  27. I stayed at the Sleep Inn in Dripping Springs, Tx and could not believe it when I realized who the Asst. General Manager was. Bridgette Glosson is nothing more than a lying, drug addicted alcoholic who will STEAL ANYTHING FROM ANYONE. Way to go Sleep Inn.

  28. A group of us stayed at the Sleep Inn in Ormond Beach, FL.. We had a football game in Daytona and after the game (we won) we celebrated in the parking lot to keep from disturbing the other customers. It was a very nice stay the rooms were clean and the staff was very pleasant to work with. It was also close to resturants. The front desk people were wonderful and patient. Way to go Sleep Inn.

  29. Beyond pissed right now!!! My Mom's friend Debbie went to the Sleep Inn in Center 5 different times to go pick up the IPhone that was left. Each and every time they couldn't keep the appointment that THEY MADE to simply hand over a cell phone. So after those failed attempts the agreement was made for it to be mailed out to me. The lady finally called last week and got all the information that she needed to get it back to me. So yesterday it still hadn't arrived in the mail. I call them and the lady that answers the phone tells me that she personally mailed it.Today, it still hasn't arrived so I call back to make sure that they mailed it to the right address. IT IS STILL SITTING THERE!! THAT STUPID B***H LIED TO ME!!! I am so livid right now. So I call their corporate office to explain my situation. They say I am sorry there is nothing I can do about it. DO NOT STAY AT THE SLEEP INN IN CENTER!!! OMG I AM LIVID RIGHT NOW!!!

  30. I do NOT recommend staying at the Sleep Inn in Coffeyville, Ks. I stayed one night and when I arrived home the next day found the desk clerk had charged my card 3 times I have called 3 times and every time the front desk clerks tell me they don't know what to do and will have management who is apparently only there for a few hours a day contact me. I have yet to hear from the manager at this place and when asked about corporate location or a number to contact them no one knows. I suggest they look into training their staff and the management be available or return phone calls. I have never experienced such practices. Now I have been on hold with customer service for almost 30 min after being transferred already twice trying to talk to someone to get my money back. SHAME ON YOU SLEEP IN!!!

  31. On March 5&6 we were traveling from Florida to Illinois. While we had planned on making it to the Clarksville area before spending the night, but ran into an ice / snow storm and ended up deciding to pull over in Manchester, TN. Glancing around at the available hotels in the area we decided to check into the Sleep Inn as the property looked very clean and well maintained and the door entries to the rooms were via an internal hallway rather than the outside as many of the other hotels in the area had.

    Upon checking in we were greeted with a very friendly staff who checked us in and recommended a nearby restaurant with which they have arranged to offer their guests a discount on food - which was much appreciated.

    The following morning we quickly came to the realization that we were not going anywhere. The ice storm had turned 65 into an ice rink that had many accidents being reported; some with fatalities and 24 was closed south of Clarksville through to Paducah. Anita Torres, the Front Desk Clerk, did a fabulous job of keeping all of the travelers informed of the road conditions, so all could make their decisions. Through discussions among the guests the vast majority of us decided to stay.

    Through it all, Anita and her staff did a great job of taking care of us. They kept the coffee flowing while folks were gathering to discuss our options. She kept the TVs tuned to the channels which were providing critical information, and pulled up appropriate websites for those who wanted to check road conditions. In addition, she was very helpful with all of us who ended up taking an extra day of travel to ensure we had everything we needed.

    She even went so far as to make a food run bringing back pizzas for some of the guests and making calls to determine what restaurants were open to ensure her guests had dinner.

    The hotel itself was very clean and the decor was nicely done. The rooms were comfortable and noise levels were no issue at all! We were across from the ice machine and we never heard it. The amenities provided everything that we needed. The breakfast was very good and included the standard continental breakfast items of cereal, pastries, yogurt, well as a waffle maker, fruit, and bisquits and gravy and sausage. The kitchen staff was friendly and did a great job of keeping the serving area and tables very clean with food and coffee kept full for us.

    Dispite the fact that they all had families to get to and were going to need to be driving home in the icy conditions, the guests were made to feel like we were the ones that mattered and not once did any of them say a word about their own issues in dealing with the storm.

    In future trips we will be sure to stop in Manchester if it works out in our travels. I would also recommend this facility to anyone going that direction. Anita and her staff were fabulous!

  32. I stayed at the Sleep Inn in Cullman, AL on Saturday, March 21. We were headed to Florida for vacation. Unfortunately, I left my glasses and my identification card there. As soon as we realized we left them behind, we called, and they said they would be sent the next day (which would have been a Monday). When my stuff didn't arrive Tuesday, I called just to be sure they had sent my belongings out, and they were still there!!! This process went on until Thursday, when they finally weren't "busy" (as said by the hotel manager). COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL!!! My whole trip has been ruined due to them not sending my stuff the day the said.... four days later they finally sent it and now I will not be receiving my belongings until the day I leave to head back home. Do they not have outgoing mail every day??? Why did my package not get sent the day they told me it would be sent??? I will never be staying at a Sleep Inn and Suites again.

  33. Sarah Gilbert-ShueJune 1, 2015 at 1:36 PM

    My husband and I stayed at the Sleep Inn in Flat Rock, Mi on May 30th and I have two complaints, first of all I tried to call the motel direct to make the reservation and got a recording that said I had to call another number which I did and was charged $79.70 for one night and a service charge of $19.99 so when I checked out my bill for the room was $60.61 and when I questioned it the clerk said on you paid on line and I told her I tried to get thru to the motel and what had happened and that I paid a total of $99.69 for a room that was $60.61 and she said there was nothing she could do about it. If that wasn't bad enough we were not able to get any sleep because of a wedding party and the noise they wee making I called the desk clerk at 1 am and asked could she please tell these people to be quiet and she said she would well they were quiet for about 15 minutes and right back to knocking on doors and yelling again I complained when I checked out and the clerk said yeah everyone that had rooms on the first floor had a rough night???????? Guess she couldn't ask them to leave. And we were put in a handicapped room and we are not handicapped, she didn't know why that happened. We are both tall and had to stoop down to use the mirror. We are retired an travel a lot and we will never use a SLEEP INN or Choice MOTEL AGAIN

  34. Diana Unhappy GuestJune 23, 2015 at 2:00 PM

    Do not stay at the Sleep Inn Sarasota/Bradenton Airport.
    We rented two rooms for two nights.
    We had what looked like dried up vomit on one of the bed skirts, maybe baby diarrhea on one of the comforters, someone's dirty sock on the floor in the "closet" from gosh knows what previous stay. There was a napkin in the corner of the window to stop bug or water from coming in. A crack in the shower floor, one of the headboards were chipping, and there was a rusty razorblade on the windowsill outside of the entrance to the hotel.
    I contacted the front desk and let them know about it, Chelsea said the GM Debbie Berry would get back to me and that I shouldn't have to pay for my stay for the room that we had issues in. I sent Debbie an email with photos of everything, she didn't respond, so I called her and she said she would call me back, that was over a week ago. I called customer service at corporate and they said if I didn't hear from Debbie in 72 hours to contact them back. Didn't hear from her, called them back and they gave me a measly $30.00 back.
    Horrible business. I will NEVER stay at a choice hotel again. So if you end up with 2 different bodily fluids from goah knows whos body in your bed it's ok. Nasty!!!!!


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