Regions Corporate Office Headquarters

Regions Bank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Regions Financial Corporation
1900 Fifth Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-205-944-1300
Fax Number: 1-334-832-8419
Customer Service Number: 1-800-734-4667
Regions Online Banking: 1-800-472-2265
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    05/29/2012 FEE OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE $5.00 $11.93
    05/29/2012 FEE OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE $5.00 $16.93
    05/25/2012 ATM DEBIT HSBC BANK PLC SMETHWICK HIG $15.73 $21.93
    05/25/2012 ATM DEBIT HSBC BANK PLC SMETHWICK HIG $31.45 $37.66
    05/25/2012 FEE OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE $5.00 $69.11
    05/25/2012 FEE OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE $5.00 $74.11
    05/25/2012 FEE OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE $5.00 $79.11
    05/25/2012 FEE OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE $5.00 $84.11
    05/25/2012 FEE OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE $5.00 $89.11
    05/24/2012 ATM DEBIT 20-93-15 06 OLDBURY $473.13 $94.11
    05/24/2012 FEE OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE $5.00 $567.24
    05/23/2012 ATM DEBIT LC26Z31 BHAM EDGBASTO $475.44 $572.24
    05/23/2012 FEE OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE $5.00 $1,047.68
    05/22/2012 ATM DEBIT TE38126 TESCO BEARW R $475.23 $1,052.68
    05/22/2012 FEE OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE $5.00 $1,527.91
    05/21/2012 ATM DEBIT ALBS1055 HARBORNE $158.37 $1,532.91
    05/21/2012 ATM DEBIT ALBS1055 HARBORNE $316.74 $1,691.28
    05/21/2012 FEE OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE $5.00 $2,008.02
    05/21/2012 FEE OTHER BANK ATM WITHDRAWAL FEE $5.00 $2,013.02



    1. I am sure you get letters like this all the time but I truly hope you read this one. My daughter, Dena Marie Head, has worked for Regions West Memphis, AR for seven years. Today she was abruptly fired for poor customer service due to an incident on Sept 26,2012. She was at the drive up window alone. She was helping a customer in lane 2. A car pulled up into lane 3 and started continuously pushing the call button. My daughter asked lane 3 to please wait, she would help her as soon as she finished lane 2 customer. Lane 3 customer got out of her car and walked up to the window, cussing my daughter with finger waving. When my daughter finished lane 2, she went to get the head teller to help her with the irrate lane 3. (Sherry, the head teller, has worked at Regions for only a few months and because so many tellers come to or call Marie for help due to her lack of knowledge, she has been vindictive toward Marie. However, Marie has walked on 'egg shells' around Sherry to keep peace in the 'family'.) As I mentioned before, Marie has worked at Regions for Seven Years but check my daughter's record, she does not use sick days as extra vacation, she is always on time to work, balances regularly, stays late if need be. I do realize there are two sides to every story, but I truly believe corporate needs to investigate these branches. Not necessary because of my daughter, but just in general. These branches are being handled with incompetent people and are truly hurting Regions' reputation. Our family has lived in this community for decades. Not that this will matter on your spread sheets, we will certainly suggests to all our friends and businesses in this community to rethink banking at Regions. [email protected]

  2. Regions bank is very dishonest company the fees are ridiculous and should be against the law.they are just as bad as the guy snatching purses or stealing cars I would not recommend regions to anyone I would urge you don't do business with these people.the way they treat customers makes me sick.

  3. The local regions bank is just terrible I was charged $236 in overdraft fees for 7 $0.99 charges that posted on the day before my direct deposit hit my account. Convenient for them. When I went to dispute the charges I received my help so for $7 I was charged $236

  4. My account was at a zero balance, which froze the account for 48 hours. My paycheck was auto drafted into the account (within 12hrs of the zero balance) and no one would unfreeze the account. So I am with no gas, food or meds for this whole week-end. As soon as I get my money on Monday, I will close the account and run from this heartless company!

    1. good luck closing your account. I've been trying for 5weeks. They will have a "soft closing' for 3-9-6 months, depending on what part of thier sentence they are in. worst customer service ever!

  5. My mother went into her long time Regent Bank, on Marrietta Hwy, in Canton, Georgia, two weeks ago and made a deposit (cash). The young lady took her deposit and did not recorded it. My mother asked her for the balance on checking and savings account. The young lady wrote the information on a bank sheet of paper and handed it to her. My mother returned back to the bank today to check on her account because of discrepancies in her accounts. The assistant called the young lady to question her about what transpired and she denied everything. My mother questioned the young lady about what happened to her deposit and she denied it. The supervisor was not very helpful at all. She told my mother to go home and find her statements. My mother is 76 years old. She has ailments that leaves her very tired. I was very upset to hear the frustration in her voice. It was as if no one cared. I told her to report it to the police department if nothing further is done.

  6. Someone need to investigate the Regent Bank, Marrietta Hwy,Canton, Georgia. The assistant manager by the name of Beverly has a very poor customer service attitude. Instead of helping the customer, she tells them to write Head Quarter. My mother banked their for 20 years and is thinking of moving her account.

  7. Last week tried to access the safe deposit box of the decedent.
    Florida statues clearing state you may check for the Will.
    The decedent son who is mentally challenged, was told to prove he is the son, even though he is listed on one of the accounts as the son
    Told to get a birth certificate for the son, which is in safe deposit box.
    Had to pay $$ to get certificate.
    Regions was rude, uncaring and I am pulling out all my accounts, plus our office will never reccomend them

  8. been with regions for three years now . great bank at first as I do not like hassles but for the last year on the first of every month when I go to my local branch to collect my military retirement check and deposit it in my account . there is always some hassle they can't do this or that for me. I always get about a thousand dollars back in cash and because I carry that in my wallet for expenses through the month I ask for all back in one hundred dollar bills so it will all fit. and every month they tell me they don't have that much in hundreds ? not the case turn out the tellers are just to lazy to go back and get it from the vault. but like I said just always some issue. this month they said I had to remove my hat new policy. I asked if this was some new federal or state law that passed that I was unaware of . no just new policy. so I said so what if I don't? you not going to allow my transactions. no but had to speak with the manager . after a brief conversation where i was told "why dont you just use the drive through if you dont want to remove your hat", now i would love to be able to use your drive through but i does not accomidate my vehicle ,so he said he would allow it this time. well if you have the power to disreguard the poicy this time why bother me anytime. his explaination was they had been robbed by a man wearing a hat . and that the tellers where fearful of hats? Now I dont mind listening to the tellers complain about there job like the types of shoes they have to wear instead of sneaker which would be more comfortable for them or there personal questions about where i get so much money and why do i get small amount checks through out the month. or why another teller does not do her job like she supposed to that it just makes her job more difficult. just not very perfessional in this branch until you dont want to comply with there request. every month for yrs i go this branch and conduct my transaction on the 1st of the month . and every month it is exactly the same. i told her that was my military account and you have conducted the transaction every month for years with no concerns? the teller also made the transaction as difficult as possible by her demeaner and aditional questions that i had never been asked before today. i asked her if she was upset or something and why she was being so difficiult. she said she was just doing her job .i also could not find her name tag anywere. i asked if you are doing your job then your saying the other tellers have not done there job in the past?with all these new question, with that i got a dirty look . and just wanted to get done and out of there.

    Now as to the hat policy due to the robbery, as your mananger told me that if the robber was desribed as a man with a hat and i had a hat on then i could windup walking out of the bank and be held at gun point as a case of mistaken identity ? really? and that the branch had been robbed by a man in a hat and the tellers where fearful of hats now and had i ever been robbed at gun point ? as to inqurie if i coulds understand there fear . I said yes and worse and left it at that. i served in or military in war time I know fear. the top of my head is misshapen due to a bullet and by wearing my hat that says retired army i dont have to deal with people stairing . nor should i have to be harrased to remove my hat in your bank in my country and be shamed in public by doing so at your request!

    I appericiate your help in this matter as i will not remove my hat in your bank. and as far as members of the VFW and DAV as well as friend and family i have talked this to, agree it is ridiculus and over reaching . whats next . Will the next robber be wearing long sleaves, conceling a weapon, will you then require us to roll up our sleaves or just wear short sleave to bank with you? Sun glasses i completely agree.

    1. I agree with the Service man Completely. I had to pay a $100.00 fee to close my checking account.

  9. Is Regions Bank Online Down today?

  10. I call customer service they told me that I was in line charges get charged if I make a payment for $20..and guess what I still got charged for overdraft fee after out of the 5 $20 then..that's not cool..I was told to make a payment before 8 o'clock tonight and I won't get charged overdraft fee..and I was still charged

  11. I got ripped off from the bank I'll call the day before I made my deposit for $20 and they told me I wasn't going to get charged for it and guess what day did overdraft my account which is not cool..this is unacceptable I will report this to the Better Business Bureau..I was told that my bank account was going to get over drafted..if I make the payment before 8 o'clock and I made the payment and I feel that will drive

  12. not good I don't recommend this bank anybody

  13. Your corporate phone # is disconnected. What is your new number?

    1. They probably know it is disconnected because they probably had it disconnected due to all
      the COMPLAINTS from their customers.

  14. Worst bank ever. I used the ready advance feature and was told my due date was 11/22. So, I went on line and transferred 749.00 to pay back the advance. Well, the bank also transferred 749.00 to pay back my advance leaving me overdrawn, no money for gas or THANKSGIVING dinner for my family. Heartless, they said it could take until Friday to get my own money returned to me. Mike Shaw was the supposed supervisor who could do nothing. All the other supervisors were on vacation for the holiday week. Nice!

  15. Attn: l know people, poor customer service at Regions Bank in my State where l resides is really bad
    the so call manager ,are really obesity and are rude incompetent and unprofessional. l went in my locator
    Bank to sign a affidavit for funds that stolen from my accounts,l was told to leave and were booted out by a security guard,l talk with law enforcement
    and legal professional, they told me that the so call obesty manager were out of line,and should be fired, just for (being an
    customer )l automatic should have sign the affidavit,l smell a Rat, l believe someone were covering up for somebody.
    if you ask me,The headquarters should clean house, clean out some of those rude hoodRats
    those people make ,the entired REGIONS BANK INC. look really bad,

  16. the hoodrats managers;
    at downtown branch madison ave .mem,TN>
    over weigh and rude.

  17. to all of you that I have just read about, I am so very sorry any of you including myself ever did any banking with regions, I would like to find and email address directly to their headquarters, or I just may send them my story,,,,,,,,i am a widow, on disability, trying to find a part time work from home, so I saw this email from home secret shoppers, yes, it was a scam, they sent me a cashiers check drawn on sun trust bank,,,,looked alright to me, until I deposited in my regions bank,,,,,,then I found out it was fraud, I was now the criminal. they closed my account, atm card, and of all things tried to make me pay towards this fraudulent check, in which I never received one cent, imagine that, yes, I went off then, how could they take my only income towards something I had nothing to do with, except trying to work,,,,,,,i had no idea this was all a fraud,, and at the time when this was happening, one lady at the branch told me since I had a ready advance of over 400.00 they would try to set me up a payment plan,,,,,,i was so upset with all of this going on, so I called the bank, talked to a Jessica, she laughed at me,,,,,told me I would have that amount taken out of my direct deposit,,,now I only had half of my monthly check to live on and with food and bills to pay, I was really in a fine mess, they are a none caring, selfish people their at regions, I truly wish I had did this research before opening an account with them, so I am warning anyone,,,,please try to find another bank to do your business,and if ican I will email their headquarters, if not, I do have their physical address, and I am also working with the federal trade commission on this fraud, sure hope I can help them catch these crooks,,,,,thank you for your time in reading this very important information before banking with regions, kg


  19. All you get is "we're sorry, but thanks for being a loyal customer!"

  20. No Im done with this bank!!! First Thing in the morning Im pulling all my money out and getting the hell away from this horrible bank! I'm telling everyone I know to stay away...this bank is the most unprofessional bank I've ever seen and the tellers are just as hateful. This is the straw that broke the camels back

  21. Carolyn HooverMay 1, 2015 at 2:10 PM

    Contacted Regions corporate about an account they took over when they bought out Union Planters Bank. I had the account number, social security numbers and addresses on all of the account holders. I was told by Jennifer Gradhouse, a Senior Banker at the Corporate Level, that they have no idea where the account or money in the account when to. When I asked to speak to anyone higher than her she said, "No one higher is ever available." I couldn't even leave a return call to them. Better stay away from Regions

  22. Regions is as unprofessional as they come in the banking business I was given the wrong account numbers by one of your bank tellers in Houma,La on Martin Lurther king blvd and my check couldn't deposit I have bills that needed to be paid yesterday and I can't pay them wit no my bills are in danger of being cut off due to the carelessness of your tellers....but wen I do get my money you could look foward to me closing my account with your bank and will never ever bank wit you people far worst banking experience I've ever had

  23. Regions is as unprofessional as they come in the banking business I was given the wrong account numbers by one of your bank tellers in Houma,La on Martin Lurther king blvd and my check couldn't deposit I have bills that needed to be paid yesterday and I can't pay them wit no my bills are in danger of being cut off due to the carelessness of your tellers....but wen I do get my money you could look foward to me closing my account with your bank and will never ever bank wit you people far worst banking experience I've ever had

  24. Your bank on 8th Avenue/Rosa Park in Nashville, Tennessee is THE WORST BRANCH EVER!!!!!! You never have enough tellers. What bank on earth only have 2 tellers working doing lunch hours when people try to take care of business during their lunch break. I was in the bank today and 4 people walked out due to LACK OF SERVICE. I guess you run your banks the same way you run your CORPORATE OFFICE. Can't get good service at the bank and can't get any service from CORPORATE. I guess that's why you have a non-working CORPORATE OFFICE phone number. And people wonder why so many people bank with Credit Unions instead.

  25. My account has some fraud charges. I called & spoke to 4 people who tell me its Regions policy to wait for these purchases to clear the bank before removing them. If a charge is pending it can be removed & I know from dealing with several other banks, that a charge can be blocked & the charges then investigated. I find it asinine that I cannot have access to any money, as this charge has made my account negative, I had to cut off my debit cards, and I have no way of accessing any other funds, that I must wait 10-14 days for my money to return to my account??? How does someone live without money for weeks? Why cant my "pending" charge be removes if I authorized it, but WILL NOT be removed when fraudulent?? This makes no sense to me. Every other banking institution on this Earth would not make someone wait for their own money after being compromised! I have been a long time customer of Regions, but I will be no longer. I have opened another account elsewhere & will be moving my funds to that account ASAP. I cannot believe a bank would treat the customer as the criminal & make them jump through hoops for a couple hundred dollars.

  26. I closed on a car loan recently. The processing fee of $150 was added into the loan amount. When I asked the loan officer about the loan amount changing; she said don't worry, you will only be charged finance charge on the loan not the processing fee. Well, that was a lie. When I reviewed my paperwork I found that I will be paying finance charge on the $150 fee over the life of the loan. I could have paid the processing fee outright. That was deception at its best. I plan to tell all my friends of my experience so they don't get caught in the same scheme. I am very disappointed in Regions. My son and I share this loan. His first credit. He saw first hand how lenders will deceive you.

  27. I have been a customer for 7 years with Regions Bank. I have both a savings and checking account (both with rather large amounts in each). I called today to obtain a short term loan of $1500. Was told the minimum was $2500. Ok I will take the $2500 and take the extra $1000 and put back on the loan. (Mind you, I have had 5 loans over the course of the 7 years and always paid off early. The largest loan amount was $3000). I was just called by the branch manager that I was denied for the loan. Really? I have more than enough in savings to cover the loan amount. Just wanted to obtain a loan to keep my, what I thought was good, credit with Regions. This is the second time this has happened in the last year (I went in to obtain a loan for a new vehicle last year - turned down that time as well. BTW, I got the loan elsewhere for the new vehicle). I will begin the process tomorrow morning in changing banks to a more customer friendly and helpful one.



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