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Old Navy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Two Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94105 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-952-4400
Fax Number: 1-650-952-4407
Customer Service Number: 1-800-653-6289
International Callers: 1-614-744-3908
TDD: 1-800-449-4253
Old Navy Card: 1-877-222-6868
Old Navy Visa® Card: 1-866-450-5294

OldNavy.com Customer Care Address
200 Old Navy Lane
Grove City, Ohio 43123-8605

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  1. Aaron Bennett, Army Veteran, Banned From Old Navy Store After Uniform Scuffle Looks like I can take the Old Navy store off my list of stores to shop. It is a shame because my entire family has been loyal shoppers at Old Navy. We have always found the products to be high quality and resonably priced, but we WILL NOT support a store that takes our laws and freedom forgranted. Apparently Old Navy has decided to join the ranks of stores that have no respect for the freedom that the military provides. Just remember that if there were no military your stores would be selling government approved/issued clothing like in North Korea. Bon voyage Old Navy Kenneth W. Lodge

  2. I dont know who I need o speak to but I would like to have a one on one. Old navy at mcain mall are treating their employees like they are dirt. The managers are coming into work Hung over and yelling at the employees infront of their customers. I was fired a few days ago and I was told the reason was because no one wanted me there and I wasn't good enough.. I believe that is discrimination and I don't think you want your company representing people like that or you will be out of business. I know I have never in my life been spoken to like that and something needs to be done.

  3. I went to Old Navy at the beginning on December to purchase clothes for my 3 year old. I am a LOYAL shopper but have had second thoughts since leaving the store that day. I had a coupon for $15 off the purchase of $50 or more. They were running 2 promotions at that time. The coupon I had and a like coupon except you must us your Old Navy credit card. I tried to explain to the cashier and the supervisor and they would not listen. They blew me off and tried to basically ignore the question. They were rude and embarrassed me to the point I called corporate office the following Monday. After speaking to customer service they sent me a Customer appreciation card to make up for the $15 coupon. So I went back to Old Navy AGAIN and tried to use the card. Cashier stated there was no balance on the card. At least they were polite this time. So I called customer relations back on Monday. Supposedly the manager from the store would call me back after she returned from lunch. Here it is Wednesday an no phone call. Again a call to customer relations(do they know what their title means???) I am now being told that if I take the card and receipt back to the store they will reimburse me my $15. So let me get this straight $250 worth of clothes, 120 miles later(3 round trips and 4 calls to corporate office there going to give me $15????????????????? Good thing my car gets good gas mileage!!! I am thoroughly disgusted at the amount of poor customer service by Old Navy. I hope corporate reads this because the other $400 in clothes I spent at Osh Kosh B'Gosh Prices and the quality of clothes are pretty much the same. Quality of service they acknowledged me as a human!!! I'll le you know if I actually get my $15 when I go back on Friday...........................

    Tawnya Martin

    1. That is sooo true...OLD NAVY sucks!!!!

  4. @TAWNYA MARTIN.... OMG! I experienced something similar except I didn't use any cards but pretty much same response from 2 different locations. OLD NAVY SUCKS!!!

  5. I went into a store and purchased a pair of jeans for my boyfriend that was tagged as a damaged item and asked if I could return it later if they didn't fit because I was unsure of the size and the cashier said yes. Unfortunately the jeans didn't fit and when I went to take them back they refused to give me any sort of credit for item I would never be able to use. I was told my an employee I could return it so why should I be punished for their wrong doing?

  6. Very disappointing shopping experience at the Old Navy store in Plainville, CT today. Upon entering the store we were greeted by a yound lady who offered us a tote bag and told us that everything that we put in the bag would get a 40% discount. When I asked her to clarify she assured us that everything would qualify and did not mention that we needed an Old Navy store card or any other requirement. At the checkout I was informed that we would get the 40% discount only if we had the Old Navy card, which we didn't have. The clerk offered to set up one immediately so we could get the discount. After asking for my license and major credit card they asked for my net income and social security number. This is unnecessary info for a store card and I requested to speak with the manager. After dicussion with the manager she finally told me that I was not applying for a store loyalty card but was, if fact, applying for a CREDIT CARD. The management of Old Navy should be embarassed that any of their stores act this way. They should be doubly embarassed if this is directed by Corporate Headquarters. This is an absolute scam and we will never shop there again.

  7. I have been treated really well at the Old Navy in Mira Mesa! The stuff flies out quickly. I returned a dressd that was too big and the clerk, ellye gave me better service than nordies!!!

  8. If Old Navy can employ clerks wearing military uniform is a disgusting trait. I am a 25 year veteran of the USAF. If those sorry asses you employ want to wear a uniform send their sorry butts down to the recruiting office. I was repeat: WAS a Old Navy shopper.

  9. I went into the mall on 11/30/2013 in Jensen Beach Florida, I went into the Old Navy store there and I will never shop there again the Managers are rude and I overheard one Manager putting down one of their employees to other managers and employees, she even had the nerve to put that employee down to customers. A bunch of other people heard it also and I couldn't believe how IMMATURE they were. My friend who was with me decided to return the stuff she bought there because she couldn't stomach going into that store every again either, when she return the stuff she purchased she heard that the employee they were talking about had Quit because she didn't want to take their crap anymore. Does Anyone in these store or in Corporate positions actual care about there employees? No wonder their business is failing.

  10. Old Navy is a billon dollar company that doe not give a crap. they charge top dollar for merchandise that is made real cheap. was put out of an old navy for defending a handicapped child who mother was being severly harassed by staff for being obnoxouss in their store the child was making noise but not loud
    they are the most ingnorent SOBS I HAVE EVER MEET



  13. After discovering that I had fraudulent charges placed on my Old Navy credit card, I immediately contacted Old Navy to report the fraud. I spent 2 hours attempting to report the fraud with most of that time spent trying to explain the situation to people who couldn’t understand or speak English (call center in India), being placed on hold, and then hung up on. After finally reaching the fraud department I was advised that it could take 30 days and the charges would stay on my account until the investigation was completed. The charges were placed online with a NY shipping address, I live in GA it isn’t hard to see a problem. Next issue, I caught the fraud while the charges are still pending; the order shows to be from 08/03 I reported it as fraud on 08/05. How about stopping the order before it ships, then Old Navy wouldn’t be out of their product and I wouldn’t be out of my money; seems like an easy solution while they complete their investigation. Worst customer service ever…

  14. I recently bought 4 men's polo style shirts, to try them out. I buy at least 2 dozen of these a year. It is a pity, the fabric is OK, the sewing is OK, but the fit is not for any known human spec. You have a bad pattern. Done by a monkey.

  15. Hi, I am the brother of my sister whom recently got employed at one of your stores about two weeks ago. I decided as a good bro and role model, that i would visit her at work. Lo and behold, i got her in trouble. Apparently talking to your family members for more than 15 mins is a distraction. Not sure why, when i walked in at 8:50, 10mins before closing. I am extremely dissatisfied with this store, walnut creek, cary NC. Store number 330. It is so sad that you can't invite your family members over for work.
    Another complaint, my sister told me they don't have enough money for name-tags. Wtf?! You all are a multi-millionaire business. The least you can do is acquire name tags for your employees.
    Another complaint, i would like to know when it is unlawful for me to kick the soccer balls with my little brother. An employee cursed me out for doing this. If i can't do it, then why do you have them for purchasing?
    My apologies for complaining, but the store located in Walnut Creek shopling center in Cary,NC sucks. It shouldn't be like this. Someone needs to take a look at this. I will be calling later on to see if it can get resolved.
    - Michael

  16. Hi, My family and I went to the Old Navy at the Shoppes at the promenade in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. At check out an item was not ringing up correct. I went with a store employee to show her the sign which showed the item as 20% off. The employee walked away from me and walkied the register person that the sign was incorrect and the item was not on sale. You would think that they would have given me the 20% and fixed the sign afterward. I guess the $2.00 off the item would have broke there bank. Then the cashier gave me the wrong change back. She couldn't comprehend that $100.25 minus $51.23 equals $49.02 . My receipt was dropped on the counter instead of handing it to me. The cashier turned away from me and couldn't look me in the face and even say sorry or thank you for shopping at old navy. Customer service at that store is the worst I have ever seen. No one at the store even gives a damn when you complain. I have no plans of shopping there anymore.

  17. At Old Navy do customers come first? If so, then someone should speak to the manager at the Hingham Shipyard store in MA. Date: November 25th. Time: 3:30 - 4PM. Only one cashier. While waiting to return something I noticed that a person was folding clothes right across from the cash registers. As the person in front of me had over twenty items to purchase, I asked this person if she could return my item. Her response was, "If you are in a hurry I can get someone." Is that how a customer should be addressed. This person was a supervisor or the store manager as other employees asked her what they she wanted them to do. I decided to shop and found 3 items. Again, only one person at the resisters. There were 3 people in line. The manager left the area and other employees walked by without acknowledging us. We all put our potential purchases down and left the store. You lost sales because your manager and employees thought it was more important to fold clothes than to sell them.

  18. I have an Old Navy credit card and they added a late fee on. I called and they had it removed but they removed it from my total balance not from my minimum balance which was higher because of the 25.00 late fee. I called to ask why I had to still pay the 71.00 they advise Old Navy adds the late fee on to the total balance so pretty much the customer has to pay interest so they were doing me a favor by removing it from my total balance but still forcing me to pay a higher minimum payment. Needless to say this was my last conversation with Old Navy I have been a loyal customer and I buy a lot of my clothes and daughters clothes from there and also from Gap but going forward I will go somewhere else. This is horrible customer service and also I think against the law to force someone to pay a higher minimum payment.

  19. Shame on Old Navy at Riverpoint plaza. 1730 W. Fullerton Chicago, IL. 60618. 773-871-0601. My grandmother was robbed there on 12/12/14 around 4pm and two employees (two women- one caucasian and one hispanic) refused to call police for help. The caucasian woman was light skinned with blond hair and the hispanic woman was light skinned with coffee colored hair. They didn't even give her the phone. Never will I ever shop there again. Shame on you!!! No compassion or consideration. The crime happened on the premises and she had no way to get home and had to ask strangers for bus money. Disgusting!!! My grandmother asked for security, for them to call the police and they said to her in English and Spanish that there was nothing they could do.

  20. Old Navy in Dublin California is poorly managed. There were over 30 people in line waiting and they only had three cashiers - I waited over 40 minutes to make my return. The issue I really have is the three cashiers that were working were still asking customers if they wanted to open up new credit account. That is a 15 minute transaction - when I asked the cashier why she was doing that she said it was "mandatory". That makes no sense at all. I will never shop at the store ever again.

  21. I am plus size and just came home from Old Navy with my purchase. After sharing with my sister what I bought, she convinced me to return everything and not shop here due to the discrimination against plus sized women. So, I will return tomorrow and no longer patronize this establishment.

  22. Do not support a store that promotes Gay Love and Gay Marriage.
    I will no longer shop here and I will make sure my family and friends don't either.
    I don't want my children thinking this is ok. It's not and I will not let them think we promote such disgrace.
    I used to buy a lot of clothes for my kids there but will no longer. I will shop at childrens place their things are cuter and just as reasonably priced.
    What an embarrassment OLD NAVY.
    When you take the Gay products out of the store and not donate money from purchase to an organization making it ok to be Gay, then I will shop again but until then. No way. God made Adam and EVE!!! Not Adam and STEVE!!!!

  23. As a Sales Associate for Old Navy, I am honestly very disappointed about how things are being handled within our store and company as a whole. I used to believe that this company was worth working for, but over the course of two years, I have never seen an employer treat their management team and associates with such disrespect. There are no words to say how truly disgusted I am by the treatment of my former managers and coworkers, and now myself. This company has no courtesy towards it's associates.

  24. I shopped in the Old Navy store (store# 03795) in the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester, NH this evening with my teenage daughter. I was absolutely appalled by the appearance of the store. The shelves of clothing were so disorganized, the display tables were disheveled, with items just thrown on the tables. There was clothing on the floor under the clothing racks. All of this made it very difficult to find the sizes and styles we were actually looking for, having to dig through piles of items that didn't belong on that particular shelf or table. Not one employee in the store approached us to find out if they could assist us. The fitting room attendant was not at the fitting room area when we arrived to try clothes on. When we finally made it to the cashier (#2329310) with the 4 items we actually ended up purchasing, she seemed to not know how to respond to our comments about how messy the store looked. She stumbled over several excuses for the lack of organization in the store, telling us the staff either had to take the time to organize the shelves or ring out the customers in a timely manner, but could not focus on both, even though there was only 1 other person in line behind us and 3 people running the cash registers. When my daughter brought up the coupon she had on her iphone, the cashier grabbed the phone out of her hand, stating she had to type in the coupon code. It would have been more appreciated had she asked if she could see the phone instead of grabbing it out of her hand. I must say I was very disappointed in the appearance of the store and will have to really think twice about going back to purchase more merchandise. I think the lack of cleanliness in this particular store shows a very large lack of pride in the Old Navy chain, and I can only hope that some time is taken by the staff in that store to remedy the lack of organization of the merchandise. I have shopped in several retail stores, and have NEVER seen a store in such an atrocious condition.

  25. Cooperate please step
    In and help the ladies at 141 tuckahoe road sewell nj 08080 from the store manager maribel who should not be store manager there they tried going to regional manager but maribel and her are friend

  26. Maribel down grades her managers and makes them feel unwanted as these two managers busy their butts to keep this store clean and successful !! These two
    Managers are doing 3-4 different positions everyday and only getting paid for one !! The one manager asked for a transfer out of that store because of maribel and felt she couldn't move up with old navy because maribel knew that this manger could do better as store manager then her !! Maribel (store manager) is suppose to
    Close the store at least 2 times a week and these two managers are lucky if she even does it once and they are suppose to rotate weekends but maribel (store manager ) feels as if she doesn't have to work weekends ! So after somebody said something now she only works Saturdays and no Sundays she also tell these two
    Managers when they can take their PTO time !! These two lady managers leave their crying sometimes cause all that they do is never good enough for maribel which maribel sits on computer all day and tells them to cut people and make workers leave early so that these managers could finish all the work and then schudule people and hire people and etc,,, these ladies could be store managers themselves but will never get recognized cause maribel won't allow that to happen cause these ladies make her look so good !! Doing 3-4 positions getting paid for even asking if they can have a raise and maribel saying there not ready yet !! They are ore then qualified and reDy maribel !! You just know they are better at your job then you are and only pay them peanuts when that same position was paying 4$ more an hour with less work then what these poor girls are makeing !! How do u sleep at night knowing you are doing this too these girls !! My buddy told me he hasn't spent one holiday with his girl in 3 years cause maribel has her work everyone one of them !!! He has been alone every single holiday could you imagine that !!! He is so saddened that you are takeing advantage of these and makeing them feel
    Like crap !! These two lady managers are so good at what they do and want to stay with old navy forever but ur makeing them double think that cause their great at what they do and can't move up higher in level and position cause knowbody can recognize it but you !! But you won't do that cause then knowbody can do all
    Your work for you as you sit their !! I'm so hurt about these situations with you I can't even look at an old navy and get sick !!! And for them to
    To the regional manager and nothing happens cause your friends with her makes me even more sick !! These two ladies are so dedicated to old navy that they won't leave and continue to try and try and succeeded only for you to bring them down for no damn reason !!! I hope cooperate reads this and investigates this !! Please not the regional manager cause maribel and her are friends and nothing would get accomplished !! Go their under cover if you have to but these two managers deserves to be store managers somewhere cause they give their hearts and life to make old navy and their customers happy as can be !! Thank u for your time

  27. Does anyone in corporate actually see these post and do they ever respond nor doing anything about the concerned situations !?

  28. Old Navy has the worse customer service of anyone I have ever dealt with. Am cutting up my Old Navy credit card and will never step foot in any of their stores ever again.

  29. Start writing letters, it won't do any good if they don't read this page... Also post on social media it time our voices as consumers get heard. I just sent a letter out today... And i will post my bad experience on Facebook. .. All it take is one person to see it and there begins your snowball going down the hill

  30. I have waited all year to buyt my son the corduroy pants he loves. It is now mid November and still NO CORDS. What the heck? Do you folks at Old Navy not plan on carrying Men's clothes any more? I am VERY disappointed. This used to be a great store to shop at. Now It appears I will have to find somewhere else to buy my son's clothes as you seem to be catering mostly to women. whatever hapened to equality for BOTH genders? You are destroying Old Navy!!!

  31. I was at an Old Navy store today on Rosecrans, San Diego. I asked an employee to direct me to the restrooms and she told me they were out of order. another employee herd me & she gave me the password to get in to the bathroom. The bathroom was NOT out of order. Horrible customer service!! I left the store without purchasing anything. I will never shop there.


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