Meijer Corporate Office Headquarters

Meijer Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 
2929 Walker Ave. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544-9424 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-616-453-6711
Fax Number: 1-616-791-2572
Customer Service Number: 1-877-363-4537
Meijer Platinum MasterCard: 1-866-789-6041
Meijer Credit Card: 1-866-763-4537


  1. Found GLASS in meijer salad at your birch run location. My husband broke it in his mouth while believing it to be a odd tasting crouton until he discovered it was glass!! We are going back to the store immediately to let them know about this! Contact

  2. I went to your Meijer store in Richmond Ky with the intention of purchasing items listed in your sale ad. This became a bit difficult because there was not a sale item to be had. Everything was gone. This sale is supposed to run through Sunday and everything was already gone on Thursday morning? With the price of gas being what it is and the fact that I drove 20 miles round trip for nothing is very frustrating.

  3. corporate really needs to think about taking out the first row of parking closet to store ;you cannot see cars coming without having front end of your car in traffic it is very annoying and very dangerous why have they not seen this

  4. Dear Meijer Pharmacies,
    We have recently heard that Meijer pharmacies dispense the 'morning after pill', an abortifacient which destroys a newly conceived human being.
    Our country's first founding principle was to recognize, guarantee and defend God-given, inalienable rights, the first of which is the right to life.
    Killing innocent human beings is wrong. Whether they are elderly, mentally handicapped, unwanted, conceived in rape, terminally ill, it is still wrong!
    Our family purchases about $6000 dollars worth of Meijer's food and merchandise each year. We will shop elsewhere until we hear that Meijer pharmacies no longer sell these deadly drugs.

    the Lindgren family

  5. Meijer in White lake michigan needs such help. There are some really good cashiers who get taken advantage of all the time. The lady who does the shifts is on such a power trip its riduculous. I have asked for transfers twice and have been told no no no I only transfer a select few and your not it. She plays favorites to no end. I have complained numerous times about her pets to no avail, its just really sad

  6. My 77 yr.old mother in law Betty from Ky. was shopping in your Hurstbourne store when 3 items were taken off the bill ( 2 cake mixes and a cooking oil ) but were not taken out of the cart because her husband already walked to the car and she was into her coupons to remember to take them out. She paid the 80 dollars and for the 7 dollars of the 3 items she was taken back in the office and yelled at and said she was a thief! Told she has to pay a $250 fine and on probation. NEVER stole a thing in her life and have spent thousands of dollars at your store since it opened. Common Sense took a back seat for 2 cake mixes and cooking oil. She will never step foot in a Meijers again and she is afraid of the terrible 2 managers that were mean to her and she was shaking and just shut down. Shame on that store. The new cashier never said oh we have to take those 3 items out so Betty didn't remember. A Innocent senior citizen. No record EVER! All major shopping her and her husband have done there since that store opened how foolish. My question is will the store take the high road and apologize to Betty?

  7. i had a real bad experience at your store in lincoln park mi. when i purchased what i thought was a hormel cure 81 half ham. sticker price 18.99 and ham was supposed to be 1.37 per pound. went home and thought bill may have been high so i took reciept out to find out i was overcharged on this advertised 1.37 lb. ham. went back to store in record below zero temperature to return and get refund as well to complain at customer service desk to employee lynette that called back to meat dept at least 3 times. i finally walked back there and then saw meat clerk on phone with lynette. i took the sale sticker to this very inapproite decieving employee that should at least be fired but he wasnt even spoken to at the time. the clerk took the sticker looked at it called customer service back when i went back up there only to hear this lying clerk tell lynette the sale was for a bone in half ham which do NOT EVEN EXIST. hormel cure 81 have no bone in them IDIOT he thenthrew the sticker in the trash and i confronted a manager and he found the sticker ,we went back to customer service and he told lynette to refund my money as she very gracifully did when i showed her the sticker that was 1.37 a lb. and didnt say bone just wondering how many other customers paid the full price for this sale item and didnt catch it as i did. sorry but you lost a customer that spent about $3500.00 a year heads should have been rolling but corperate just says thanks for your complaint. my money was refunded

  8. Your kalamazoo , gull rd. store is unacceptable. And that's the nicest thing i can say. When an employee is fired and needs to get verification for foodstamps from dhs and your managers flag out refuse to sign the form from dhs, and cang manage to update the website that dhs goes through to verify this, there is a major problem. 2 weeks ago my husband was fired, fine no problem, but when we needed to verify this with our dhs worker we were told that he was still in the work one website as active. We have tried calling corporate, and get hung up on. We have asked the store director and she refuses to sign or even fax over a verification to our dhs worker. My next step is to get a lawyer. We could potentially be cut off of assistance because of this and neither the union, store director, hr , or corporate is responding. We are given one phone number after another which leads us to the work one automated system which does nothing for us. For something so simple we are being put through alot of unnecessary bs. Im giving it a week, if i hear nothing back and the work one site is not updated to show he is no longer there i will have a lawyer contact you and maybe then a simple signature on a verification of termination will be attainable.

  9. Your Meijers store in Waterford #53 needs a lot more cashiers. Every Sat. morning I shop early and today there was only an express open along with the self scans, as is for most mornings. When they finally opened a regular lane there were so many people lined up I asked the cashier at the express if I could slide through. She said no problem since she had been ringing up large order all morning.
    Two people left carts because they were tired of waiting. There are a lot of grocery stores in this area so I am surprised this happens so often


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