Maggianos Corporate Office Headquarters

Maggianos Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Maggiano’s Little Italy a division of Brinker International, Inc.
6820 LBJ Freeway
Dallas, TX 75240 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-980-9917
Fax Number: 1-972-770-9593
Customer Service Number: 1-800-983-4637

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  1. Abuse of power in the workplace
    Workplace bullying can negatively affect an employee's work performance, home life, and health. Seventy-one percent of bullies are bosses. What constitutes an abusive boss, and what can employees who are abused do to correct their harmful working conditions? This article lists different types of abusive bosses and offers tips for combating the abuse.
    What constitutes an abusive boss, and how do you deal with one? If you're a boss, do you exhibit any of these behaviors?
    Portrait of an Abusive Boss
    According to the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI), in the workplace, slightly more than half of all bullies (58 percent) are women. Half of all bullying is woman-to-woman. Women comprise 80 percent of targets. The vast majority of bullies (71 percent) are bosses.
    In "How to deal with a difficult boss,"Tristan Loo wrote: "Difficult supervisors vary in personality from being a little pushy or rude, all the way to being downright abusive."
    "Dealing with an abusive boss,"by Gerri Willis, stated that there are all kinds of abusive bosses and noted that the WBI groups them into separate categories:
    Constant critics, who use put-downs, insults, and name-calling. They also may use aggressive eye contact to intimidate.
    Two-headed snakes, who pretend to be nice while trying to sabotage you.
    Gatekeepers—control freaks who allocate time, money, and staffing to ensure their target's failure and ultimately want to control your ability to network in the company or to let your star shine.
    Screaming mimis, who are emotionally out of control and explosive.
    I'd like to add two categories of subtle abusers to the list: flip-flopsand ghosts.
    Flip-flops are inconsistent in their direction and management style. Working for a flip-flop, you may never know from one minute to the next how to proceed with a project. For example, one moment you are directed to proceed on your own, and the next you are asked why you did so.
    Flip-flops foster a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" environment that stifles initiative, creativity, and productivity.
    Ghosts are supervisors who are seen so seldom that workers wonder if they really exist. You know the type. You leave voice mail messages and send e-mails requesting a meeting and never get a response, or sometimes you'll get "I'll catch up with you next week," which turns into months.
    Ghosts may totally ignore employees' questions and concerns or put them off by being too busy to get around to dealing with them. Yes, managers have to prioritize and allocate limited time and resources, but meeting and communicating with those who report to them should be a priority.
    The ELA poll found that more than half of U.S. workers have been the victim of or heard about supervisors or employers behaving abusively by making sarcastic jokes and teasing remarks; rudely interrupting; publicly criticizing; giving dirty looks to or yelling at subordinates; or ignoring them as if they were invisible.
    Sixty-four percent of respondents said that they believe an abused worker should have the right to sue to recover damages.

    1. That's BS ,lazy enployees cause their own pressure.


    RIP OFF.

    RIP OFF.

  3. I have changed my mind regarding the dirty silverware complaint I made earlier today for the Chilis at Village Crossing, Skokie, IL....I have decided to put in a complaint to the local Health Department and let them shake you up. Sorry, but what must be, must be. Dirty silverware is not a good sign that the restaurant is being run properly for the good health of all of the customers. There are a lot of children that eat there. Someone WILL get sick if they haven't already. There is that Stomach Bug and God knows what else going around. Why wait until someone gets sick unless the Corporate Office likes law suits! How will I know if you did anything at all to correct the situation?

  4. My boyfriend works at the Tysons Corner location. This morning he was let go due Dave a cation he was told by management was Approved. He could not get into access is hot schedule and block his days off so he was scheduled when he wasn't supposed to be. Management was going to take care of it and somehow there was a miscommunication. When he got back and showed up for work in the morning they fired him Which is absolutely ridiculous you don't tell somebody they can go on vacation and then fire them when they get back due to management not being able to communicate. He had done a lot to help improve that location. When he got there the bar was a mess no beef or procedure and the employees were stealing. Not only did he find a way to help stop these problems and sold them But he also figured out a way to generate revenue in a more efficient way and increased sales. He was fantastic it customer service love by all the regulars and I don't think most of them will come back after they learn what happened X

  5. Have been going to Maggiano's St. Louis Mo since they opened here ...has gone from great to not so great. My fave used to be eggplant parm...the sauce was the worst! Tasted like a jar sauce loaded w/ way too much oregano. Also, couldn't even find the eggplant because of the excess amount of sauce. Consistency is key my friends, get back to basics. Also, are you in cahoots w/ the drug companies selling meds for high blood pressure? What is w/ the insane amount of salt used in your food?!?! No one needs/wants that much sodium in their food . This was a very unpleasant dining experience for my dad & me. Thank God you haven't ruined the chopped salad...yet.

  6. Hidden Charges- we have always been a big fan of Chili's in Noblesville. I electronically received my receipt and noticed an entertainment cost. The waitress explained that the new devices/ tablets now have a charge but it sends you a message to accept charges(3 times). She explained to me that children usually just hit accept really quick. However, I was the one who played the football extra point game and never received any sort of message. If you add 1 dollar to everyone's meal that adds up. Though it's only a dollar, I think this a disturbing way to generate additional profits. Being an 80s child, dad only gave me a few quarters to play PAC Man- But the game wasn't in my face at the dinner table.
    We live in tough times- don't try to be sneaky. I can easily take make a 65 dollars a week somewhere else-

    For those mathmatitions out there- that is over 3300 dollars- Yikes

  7. Server was very sweet but I was very dissatisfied with the fact that you guys did not have the peanut butter and ice cream cookie. It ruined my whole meal and also my night. Please fix this problem.

  8. While waiting for my transfer at Chicago Airport I grabbed a bite at Chili's on concourse G. It was the worst service ever. The employee was eating and watching TV! I had to ask three times for a glass of water! The manager was engrossed in conversation with a friend from another company. My elderly waitress with dyed red hair actually had food on her lip while chewing. The only one hustling was a Hispanic lady.

  9. We visited the new Maggianos in Springfield VA. The quality of the food is consistently good. It is better for family and group meals. The service is good on the whole and the staff are helpful. We knew our server Hisham from macaroni grill and we decided to visit him . Hisham is very good on establishing rapport with his guests and find something in common. He gives a mazing service. We will definitely become his regular again in Maggianos. The management is doing a great job in this location. Good luck.

  10. Maggiano's is now just an expensive Olive Garden without free salad. They have gotten rid of all of their good items and now are focused on either pasta with alfredo sauce or spaghetti marinara.

  11. I visit your restaurant frequently and I enjoy your food. I notice that you have chosen to adorn your walls with countless pictures of Old World and Immigrant Italian families. My family is among the many that made the arduous journey only two generations ago, and I find some comfort in seeing pictures that look so much like the ones that hang in my mother’s home. This seems in stark contrast to your hosting of an entry for a lesbian couple – "Love is Blind, Nicole P.” – among Maggiano's Bliss List finalists.

    Does Maggiano’s really believe that all families are equal? If so, why do you confine your support to a little viewed part of a web site? Why don’t you adorn your walls with pictures of homosexual couples in addition to the traditional family photos that hang there now? How long will you hesitate between two opinions?

    1. Are you serious!
      So now your going to be telling people to take down the Italian Flag in an Italian restaurant - or a Mexican restaurant to not serve beans because they give lesbians', or anyone else for that matter, gas - and then scold these establishments for "confining" YOUR opinion.

      Its not about you - its about creating an authentic environment to the cuisine served.

      These are Italian Family Photos - there is no hesitation, in showing respect for our (I'm Sicilian) Italian ancestors that paved the way with their memories of time passed by putting their (Italian) photos in an Italian restaurant - get over yourself. ~ ciao bella

  12. My wife, son & I dined at your GW village location just now! We got there at 5pm, you were on a 30-min wait, decided to sit in the bar pub table area.A VERY nice cocktail server started us off with waters and said our server would be right over that it was not her section! SUCKS FOR US! She was even SO nice to offer a mistake beer Mic Ultra to me on the house as the bartender accidentally opened it! Server, ?Blue framed glasses? never introduced herself to us!?RUDE.. FINALLY came by after IGNORING US for 14-minutes straight! THEN, she finally came over and asked "If we needed more time on the menu or if we were ready to order yet?"SHE was VERY RUDE, and seemed to have stereotyped us and decided we were not worth her time! BAD MISTAKE on her part. I am a VERY easy going person when it comes to dining out! I ALWAYS give the benefit of the doubt. I own 2 restaurants of my own in Denver, but her behavior is absolutely what gives good restaurants a big black eye!We had the pleasure of moving to the bar and having Miss Alex and Nicholas serve us tonight! They were both PRONOMINAL! 43% tip for them.. GREAT MOVE on our part. It saved our night out for dinner for sure! That poor server needs HELP IN LIFE! We feel sorry for her!

    1. Greenwood Village Englewood Colorado location! Ticket #30008 5/25/15 !!! Lok into it and help them please!

  13. Just wondering if I can sue maggianos managers for firing me because i didnt sell enough specials so my manager can get his bonus..... it wasnt a permanent special it was a temporary special where a percent of tge proceeds went to chairty..i cant nog force customers to buy the special meal... i didnt get un
    If you are dreaming about someone else being kidnapped, dream interpretation would suggest that this means that you feel that his person is in danger. Let your feelings be known to them so that you can rest a little more easily knowing that they were warned and made to feel more aware. Alternatively, another meaning of a dream like this can be traced back to similar feelings to dreams about yourself being kidnapped. The main difference in this case is that if someone else is being kidnapped in your dream, that you are not allowing the traits of that person to be expressed within yourself. In other words, you may be blocking out their input on certain things subconsciously, or undermining their importance. Make sure to take a dream like this seriously, as dream interpretations that are this well customized should be well heeded to in order to incite change in personality or behavior employment bc i only worked there for 3 months i have 3 kids and a wife to support..

  14. DO NOT GO TO MAGGIANO'S CHEVY CHASE!!! Mangers lie to you and say they will make everything right. DOES NOT HAPPEN!!!

  15. I was recently working at Maggianos At Mayfair Mall Milwaukee,WI. I had a shift I couldn't work due to a fire cadet program I'm in. When I told the managers Jeff Gerber, Todd, & David Sippel, they were completly rude about the situation and took it upon their self to terminate me rather than accepting that I'm trying to be a fire cadet as an Career. At my interview, Todd Told me I would be a stocker, which makes about $8-9 a hour. Instead when I was hired they only scheduled me for Busser Shifts, which only makes $2.33 per hour plus tips. I told them that I had previously been a Busser at spreachers reastaurant & pub and they were paying me $4.25 per hour plus tips. That wasnt enough to support Myself so I had no interest in being a Busser Instead They Scheduled me ONLY as a Busser Not as a stocker. The work team isn't very friendly and the managers show favoritism. Durung my training I Recieved no tips, other bussers i conversated with told me I was supposed to make tips for training and I have to think that I didn't recievev any tips because I am Black/African American. I will take these situations as far As they need to go until Justice is done.

  16. On 3/20/2016 I visited Maggiano's Little Italy, located at 6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd.Woodland Hills, CA 91367, for a birthday party.

    A waiter spilled a food from the dish on my brand-new expensive Ralph Lauren signature jacket.

    The general manager on site – Mark Eisenstein – has offered only to cover dry cleaning expenses, stating that this is a policy of Maggianos.

    I was expecting that part of my bill will be covered by Maggianos as a compensation for ruined an expensive garment and my birthday party.

  17. Dont go to maggianos in scottsdale az there restaurant is really duty their kitchen got flys and roches their cooks got poor hygiene Health Department it's about to close the restaurant down because they can keep the kitchen clean and they keep getting bad Health inspections they treat employees like crap management is always bullying on the little people their coordinators are really disrespectful 2 employees


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